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This story is fiction and deals with the strapping of a boy.  If such subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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This picture is taken from a Czech movie, which was occasionally shown on German TV in the 80's and 90's.  As far as I remember, the boy presenting his striped bum to his friend, was caned at home for damaging something at the front side of his father's car.  Shortly after this scene, his friend, who had also been involved in that prank, says to him, that he actually also would deserve a good spanking for it.

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Another interpretation of mine is Caught in the Shed

Spanks for Power


Fourteen-year-old Hans was sulking again.  He was sulking because he had just been thoroughly spanked on his bare ass while held over his father's lap.  He was still in the shed in the alley behind the apartment house where he lived with his family because that is where his father spanked him.  He did it there because Hans' mother did not want to see or hear such an act and it was the closest thing that would do for the traditional "woodshed" used in America.  Hans' father was of the old world, with old traditions and believed in CP.  He did not see any contradiction that the American ways had changed radically in the last century.

It was less than a half hour before that Hans (hoping no one saw) was led, by the hand like a little boy, to the shed.  Once there, his father lectured him about his terrible crimes and then lowered his jeans and briefs and pulled him over his lap.  Hans was held with a vise-like grip, in position as his father had administered hard spank after hard spank.  The spanking seem to go on forever.  Hans was crying when he pulled up his jeans and heard his father order him to remain in the shed for two hours to think about his (mis-)behavior as he always did.

In one way Hans was glad to remain hidden in the shed for it was private.  It was especially private because his annoying kid brother and nasty older sister were forbidden to come near.  Confinement saved him from being teased about crying and being spanked like a little kid.  Hans did not like being spanked nor lectured.  He understood and accepted that his father would lecture and punish him at times.  However, Hans was ashamed that he was still spanked OTK like a baby.  Although most of his friends were not subjected to CP at all they agreed that neither grounding nor the loss of privileges were pleasant either.  The ones that received CP were told to bend over (sometimes even with their pants still up) and were strapped or paddled.  Sure it hurt but they would boast about how well they took it and show off the marks.  Some would even flaunt the marks in the changing room at school.  That he was spanked over his father's lap like a little boy was, simply, humiliating.

As Hans pouted, Franz was elated.  Franz had seen Hans – little baby Hans – being led – being led the hand – to the shed by his father.  He immediately surmised what was about to happen.  Unlike Hans' siblings, Franz was not prohibited from being by the shed at this time.  He would have liked to have watched the proceeding through the big window in the wall but that was very risky.  Hans' father would have seen him, sent him away and told his own father about his spying.  Instead he had to be satisfied with peeking through a crack between the wooden boards at one end.  He had been fortunate enough to have been able to have enjoyed the entire show from lecture through the confinement order.  He was happy that his camera phone was fully charged for he got a few good shots.

Knowledge is power and Franz was not Hans' friend.  He even knew something that Hans did not – that Hans' family had gone off together even though his father had lied to his son that he would be about.  That meant Hans would not dare to leave the shed and it was safe for him to take advantage of this situation.  Now that Hans was trapped like an animal in the zoo, Franz happily went to the window.  "Hi, CRYBABY!  Baby's bottom hurt 'ums after da-da spanky-poo?"  There wasn't anything that could infuriate an adolescent male as disparaging his manliness.© YLeeCoyote

Hans snarled back using some very crude words which made Franz laugh.  "I heard it all, Hans.  How your pa pulled down your jeans and briefs and SPANKED you to tears and bawling over his lap with just his HAND on your bare baby-bottom."  Hans snarled.  "And how you better not leave the shed for…" he looked at his watch, "… for another hour and fifty-four minutes."  Hans frowned but did not say anything.  He realized that Franz knew far more than he would have liked.

Franz knew that Hans knew so he came right out with his demands.  "I want to see your butt – now."  He paused.  "Or else…."  He did not specify the threat for a minute.  "I'm sure a lot of the other guys would like to see it also.  I can call them."  He smiled.  "Or you can show just me."

"If I show you now, then you won't tell?" Hans asked.

"Right – I won't call them.  Now turn around, bend over and drop them.  Stay that way for a minute.  I want to admire your hot, red heinie."

Hans hesitated.  He did not trust Franz.  Hans was too steamed up to note the change in the verb.

"Don't waste my time.  DO IT or I'll go and call."  He was careful not to remind Hans of his cell phone.

Hans realized that he was not in a good position for he did not dare to leave and Franz could get several friends over in just a few minutes who could easily pants him.  Appeasement was his only viable option for the present.  He turned slowly and undid his belt and jeans.  He let them fall to his feet and bent over.  He reached into the waistband of his briefs and slowly pushed them down.

"Raise your shirt; it's blocking my view of your red-hot ass."  Hans did and Franz silently took a picture.

"That's sure a nice red-hot ass and your daddy just used his hand." sniggered Franz.  He decided to risk it and stuck the phone inside and down and took another candid picture.  He made Hans stay that way for the full minute as he enjoyed the great expanse of red butt.

"OK.  I'll see you tomorrow in the locker room to compare the color.  The other guys will want to see also." and with that he dashed away.  He was anxious to see the photos that he knew would be awaiting in his email.

Franz was delighted with the pictures although they were not of the greatest quality.  Most importantly they showed enough that Hans would not like them publicized.  He sent an email to Hans.

Our Moms keep telling us that we should spend more time together since were the same age and are neighbors.  Perhaps you could help me make a website with these pictures?  Maybe you have others?  I'm sure the other guys would like it.

The pictures were attached.

Hans did not sleep well that night.  He was worried that everyone would learn that he was still spanked, bare and over his father's lap like a little kid.  Franz would certainly tell.  It would be terribly humiliating for everyone to know.  The pictures would prove that Franz was telling the truth.  It was certainly an error to have shown Franz his red butt.  What would Franz demand to keep quiet about this?

Franz did not sleep well that night.  He was thinking about what he could make Hans do now that he knew about the pictures.  It made him feel so powerful; so potent.  Hans had capitulated so quickly before he knew about the pictures.  Yes, Mother is right that I should spend more time with Hans.  I'm sure to have lots of fun with him.  Franz's hand moved to the hardness in his crotch shouting for attention.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L., October 23, 2006

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