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The following story is fiction and contains a scenes of tawsing in a role reversal situation.  If this subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  I was inspired to do this story by a picture that showed a scene similar to the one described.  This is set just down the block from the Bellamy's of "Upstairs, Downstairs" in 1903 London.  See:,_Downstairs_(1971_TV_series)

I did a rewrite making this a mm story which you might also enjoy.  "The Hall Boy's Leathering" is at HallBoysLeathering.html

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

The author would appreciate your comments – pro and con, including constructive criticism, and suggestions.

A Special Event at 175 Eaton Place


The young lady had just been given a long, boring lecture about the proper conduct for young ladies from her aged grandmother, in her mother's absence.  In one way the lass was happy that her mother was away for hanging in her closet was the terrible instrument of correction – a genuine Scottish tawse.  The young lady thought that her mother was extraordinarily fond of using that terrible device.  She was glad, however, that the cane was reserved for her brothers. She was not surprised when she was told to ring for the maid as the tea stuff needed to be cleared.  The under maid quickly appeared.  "Yes, ma'am."

"You may clear, Sarah.  Then go to Miss. Theresa's room.  She will be waiting for you, bent over, with her skirt up and her knickers down.  Give her six sharp cuts with the tawse."  The lass was shocked.  It was bad enough to get beaten like a horse by one's own mother but by a mere lower servant – not even a governess or tutor – was most horrifying and shameful.  It would have even been preferable for her bratty kid brother to do it but he was away at school.

"Yes, Ma'am." the shocked maid replied automatically.

"Mais, grand-mère,…" she started in French so that the maid would not understand but was immediately cutoff by the old lady.

"DO AS YOU ARE TOLD, CHILD!" snapped her grandma.  "Don't make it necessary for me to get Badger and Lennox to deal with you."  The girl gulped at the mention of the two names.  She blushed just at the idea for they were the junior footman and hall boy who always seemed to leer at her.  "Yes, Grandmother." and she went upstairs as if under capital sentence.© YLeeCoyote

Sarah's heart was racing as she collected the tea stuff and rushed it downstairs to the kitchen.  "The old lady ordered me to tawse the young miss." she blurted out to the other servants.  "This is one chore that I shall enjoy immensely."  She dashed back upstairs and then on to the young lady's room.  The other maids followed and so did the hall boy.  Unfortunately for them, the footmen and butler were out.

Sarah did not close the door to Theresa's room allowing the other servants in the corridor to listen and try to see.  Sarah knew where the tawse was kept and how the girl's mother used it.  This would be her first time, however, to wield it.  She happily got the implement, told the lass to count like she did for her mother and then adjusted her skirt to be a bit higher.  Theresa was blushing at both ends.  The hall boy was more than delighted to see not only the young lady's neither cheeks but parts that he had never even hoped to view right between her legs – much like the sows back on the farm.



Sarah felt so good.  The young miss was always a nasty thing.  She put as much as she could into each and every swing.



The stripes were beginning to form as she continued.  The lass was close to breaking and could hardly say "Three." and "Four."  The fifth cut provoked a yell and the sixth brought both a yell and tears.

Sarah hung up the tawse in the closet and most politely asked: "Will there be anything else, Miss?"

The sobbing lass yelled: "No!  Get out!"

"Yes, Miss." said Sarah stepping into the corridor with a broad smile.  All the others took a look as they headed back downstairs.  The hall boy took a long hard look at the well-exhibited private parts of the lass, nicely framed by her brightly glowing bum.  His trousers were extra snug as he returned to his work downstairs with a great smirk on his face.

That evening, even Staddon, the stuffy old butler, could not suppress a smile as he listened to the report and admonished them that this was not to be talked about even here and certainly not to outsiders.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L., April 9, 2008

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