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The following story is fiction about schoolroom spankings.  The story contains scenes of spanking and strapping.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  This story may be thought of as a sequel to Classroom From Hell as the characters might be from that very classroom.

The reference to Casey refers to the poem by Ernest Lawrence Thayer “Casey at the Bat” which is at

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Special Lessons


The final bell of the day sounded and most of the kids crammed their stuff into their backpacks and skedaddled happy to get out and play.  But for Davy, Timmy and Joey things were different.  For those three they might have been in Mudville the day that mighty Casey struck out because for them there was none of the joys of after school but detention.  Although they did not know it, it was going to be worse than usual hour.

Erica, Robyn and Kristi were not rushing for their buses either but heading for the detention room also.  But they were brimming with joy for they were happily going to the lab [hands on] part of their special Disciplining Boys course.  That was really just a euphonic way of saying How to Spank a Boy Effectively.

The boys were surprised that the girls also went into the detention room.  They inquired if the girls have detentions also but were answered with loud laughter.  “Of course not – detentions are for naughty boys like you guys.”  Before anything further could be said, Ms. Magerkurth arrived.  She immediately directed the boys to rearrange the furniture to be more suited for the upcoming event.  While that was happening, she let the girls draw lots to determine the order they would follow in the lesson.

“Boys, you’re probably wondering why you did not get spanked for your transgressions in class but got detentions instead.  Fear not for those missing spankings.  These young ladies are learning the fine art of spanking naughty boys and will be giving you your spankings now.  You already know what your misdeeds were so they will not be scolding you this time.  When you have been spanked, you will politely thank the young lady addressing her as ‘Ms.’ for her hard work in correcting your unacceptable behavior.”

The boys were not pleased but they knew that Ms. Magerkurth never changes her plans so they kept quiet except to reply “Yes, Ms. Magerkurth.”© YLeeCoyote

“Boys, remove your shoes and sit.” she ordered.  “OK now Erica, select your boy and start, please.”

“Thank you, Ms. Magerkurth.” she responded getting into position.  Happily she had first choice and ordered “Davy you have been a naughty boy.  COME HERE for your well-deserved spanking.” indicating the spot right in front of her.  It gave her a thrill that he obeyed.

Davy obeyed not sure if she selected him because she liked him or hated him.  Of course, in really it did not matter for he knew he would soon have a hot red bottom and plenty of embarrassment at the hands of his evilly smiling female classmate.  Actually, she really liked him and thought that he had the cutest bottom.  She hoped that he would become her boyfriend so she could spank his cute bottom regularly.

As he stood in front of her and she opened his shirt he heard her say “Naughty boys get spanked on their bare bottoms.”  She quickly pulled the shirt from his pants and then off him.  Next she opened his shorts and let them drop to the floor.  “Step out of them, boy.” she commanded which he did.

Her smile was now a shit eating grin as she put her thumbs in the waist band of his superhero briefs and pushed them down so he could step out of them leaving him in just his socks which emphasized that he had been stripped naked by a girl just a few months younger than he.  He was unhappy that his junk was exposed like it was but she had seen it before – many times before – in class.

“You are doing very well Erica.” noted Ms. Magerkurth approvingly of her pupil.

Erica guided Davy over her lap with great satisfaction.  As she got him into position she felt so terribly grown up and saw the naked boy of her own age as a mere baby.  She wondered if he felt like a baby.  She got a good grip on his waist and gave him the first spank.

It was a great thrill to see her handprint form on his cute bottom.  There was not any doubt about their relationship now.  She delivered many, many spanks and soon his tail was so very red.  Unfortunately, she thought, so was her hand.

It was then that Ms. Magerkurth handed her the hairbrush.  “Just a dozen with this, Erica.”  After the first whack Davy fully appreciated what the brush could do for he tried to jump up which was impossible with his feet in the air.  Erica saw that the heavy hardwood back of the brush left a firm oval impression on the soft bottom of the boy.  And from the way he reacted to it was clear to her that it was far more effective than her hand.

By the time she had given Davy six hard whacks, he had become vocal and even yelled for the last few to her great joy.  Each whack caused him, for the lack of a good word, to dance on her lap.  When he was standing again she could see a new expression on his face in his wet eyes.  It was some combination of fear and respect.  With difficulty and sniffles while rubbing his very sore bottom he said the required “Thank you for giving me the spanking I deserved Ms. Erica.”

“You did very well Erica.” said the teacher and called Robyn for her turn.

Robyn selected Timmy and started the same way as the first lass had by stripping him.  She had some experience at home with her kid brother so she put him over just one thigh and legged locked him with her other leg.  Also she knew that her hand would soon hurt from the spanking therefore, after a few spanks for the shear pleasure of the dominating intimacy, she switched to one her teacher’s favorite implements – the heavy ruler.

Timmy reacted with a yelp from the first hit.  The ruler made a long narrow red stripes on his rear end.  That gave her guidance so she could get uniform coverage which she was proud of.  Robyn also enjoyed spanking a boy her own age for some sexual reasons (that she did not fully understand) and realized that she was getting wet where it mattered.

She was most delighted that by the time she got to a dozen hits for Timmy was sobbing.  He was confused by this for when Ms. Magerkurth had used that very ruler he had not cried.  She could not help but to think that he was really a baby but she had been cautioned about saying anything like that.  What neither knew was that being in the babyish OTK position biased him to act like a little one.  Timmy was totally embarrassed by this time and had to be reminded to thank her properly.  He was sent to join Davy to watch Joey get his due from Kristi.

Kristi had made a special arrangement with Ms. Magerkurth for she wanted to use a belt.  She had been watching her older brother get strapped by their dad for a several years and wanted to learn that.  She did not tell Ms. Magerkurth how she fantasied strapping her brothers and cousins in their parents’ stead as she – mistakenly – thought she would disapprove.

Kristi started with Joey the same way as the other young ladies had with their naughty boys but then had him assume the position leaning on a sturdy chair.  Joey was afraid (and rightly so) of the belt but he was trapped.  If he objected surely Ms. Magerkurth would roast his tail and then have Kristi do her thing with belt anyway.  That would be many times worse.  He got into position, gripped the chair tightly, clenched his teeth and hoped for the best.

Joey was right to be fearful.  Kristi raised her arm (like she saw her father do ever so many times) and swung.  Joey gave a howl of pain.  He jumped up and started to rub only to be admonished about staying in position.  After ten cuts he was bawling for it was the hardest spanking he had ever received and Ms. Magerkurth stopped Kristi.  Through his tears and while rubbing his flaming hot bottom he managed to sob “Thank you for giving me the spanking that I deserved Ms. Kristi.”

“But my brother gets twice that.” she pleaded and was told to consider the age difference.

As part of the lab period, the girls had to evaluate how each rear end was compared to the other two.  The most obvious measure was the color but they checked the temperature and sensitivity as well.  Naturally, the teacher evaluated the girls’ performances and made several suggestions.  While the boys served their detention time the girls and their teacher discussed the spankings and results.

The girls, high from having stripped and spanked their classmates,  departed floating on air.  They were certain that their relationship with these boys surely was changed forever.  Each boy would surely remember that a girl his age had stripped and spanked him reducing him to a baby.

The boys chose to stand for the rest of the detention period when they were told that they may leave.  They quickly dressed and rushed out stopping to wash their tear-stained faces before leaving the building.  They were very unhappy about having been spanked by their girl classmates.  They did not have any idea of the long term effect of such spankings.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. June 25, 2022

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