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The following story is fiction about a bored teen who dominates the man for whom he is doing yard work.  The story contains scenes of spanking, strapping and gay sex.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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Special Summer Fun


I was fifteen and it was summer.  There was not much to do in my lazy backwater town.  Actually, there was not anything to do.  It was so bad that I actually missed school.  In years past one could go swimming in the stream but some irresponsible corporation dumped a batch of toxic waste into it and it was going to take months for that to flush down stream.  My friends – both of them – were away.  Even the web got boring.  It was not a good summer.

It was not a good summer.  I had to find stuff to do.  So, job hunting I went.  I found a couple of lawns to care for and some cars to wash.  It was good to fill the time and I was saving money so I would be able to get myself some nice stuff later especially after my birthday in the fall.

I don't know why Mr. Bill Smith hired me.  He lived alone and seem fit enough in his late thirties to deal with it himself especially as he only worked part time as apparently he had money.  But I was not going to bitch and it turned out that he was the best tipper.

He was a quiet and timid sort and perhaps even geeky but his money was the proper shade of green so it did not matter.  What I did notice was that he looked at me a lot.  More precisely, he looked at my tight cutoffs rather than my face.  It was the same look I saw when a guy wanted to get into someone's pants.  In the hot summer, I just wear cutoffs, a hat, open shoes and sunblock especially when working.

So one day as he was getting ready to pay me, I 'adjusted' my package.  His eyes practically popped out of his head.  As I stuffed the bills into my pocket, I asked: "Like what you see?"  He turned red, bright red!  And vehement denied it.  However, his eyes continued to betray him.  "It's a nice juicy teen cock." I teased.  I was hard and my cutoffs were bulging.  I grabbed his wrist and brought his hand to my crotch.  He was lost immediately like a fish that swallows a triple hook – no way to escape.  As soon as he felt my hard shaft he had to have more and began to grope me which made me even harder.  I knew I had pushed him over the edge.  He was helpless to stop sliding into the abyss where I was waiting for him.© YLeeCoyote

"Take it out." I ordered and he only hesitated a few seconds before he opened my belt, undid the button and lowered the zipper.  As my cutoffs fell to the floor, Junior popped free and stood up proud and tall from my bush.  I pressed down on his shoulders and he dropped to his knees.  His bulging eyes were riveted to my hard pole.  He was licking his lips.  I could feel his heart was racing.

"Taste it." I ordered in a soft voice and he leaned forward.  His mouth opened and I felt his tongue.  It was wonderful.  He engulfed me and I held his head.  He sucked me and I face fucked him and then I exploded.  I made sure he could not back away so my load went down his gullet into his stomach.  I was absolutely ecstatic.

"Stand up." I barked.  "Give me your belt and drop your pants.  You are a very naughty boy.  For shame for having sex with a minor!" I growled (never mind that I seduced him).  He turned pale and started to stammer.  "Shut up and do as I say or you're in big trouble, Billy boy." I snarled.

He hesitated and slowly pulled his belt free and handed it to me.  He opened his pants and pushed them down.  "Undies too, boy."  He complied.  He may have been scared but he was also excited for he was hard.

"Assume the position, boy.  It is time for your strapping." I commanded.  Then I folded the belt, got into position and started swinging.  I loved the crack it made hitting his ass and watching the red stripe form.  This was far better than practicing on a pillow.  I gave him a dozen cuts leaving his tail a nice bright red.

It was just there on the counter.  Exactly what I needed – Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  I rubbed some on my cock and some on his butt hole and positioned myself to lose my virginity.  I had to press very hard before he yielded to my unstoppable force.  I slid deep into him and then started to fuck.  It was wonderful.  A really tight hot hole and although I paused a couple of times, I still came too soon.  Interestingly so did my boy from just my fucking him.

I cleaned up, promised that I would return in a few days to do the lawn again and left.  Mr. Smith was very quiet standing there with his pants still down and trying to rub the sting from his hot red butt.

As I returned home I decided that the summer had just gotten much more interesting.

* * * * * * * * * *

When I showed up again his car was in the garage but he did seem to be about.  I backed it out and washed it.  Then got the lawn stuff and went to work on the yard.  As I worked in the yard I noticed that Billy was peeking out from the upstairs window.  I was careful not to appear like I was watching.  When I had finished the lawn and after returning the stuff to the garage, putting the car back in place I went into the house.

"HEY!  Bill!  Get your sorry ass down here to pay me." I shouted.  "I know you're up there, boy."  I parked myself on the couch with my legs splayed out and my crotch bulging in anticipation of what was going to happen.  Just as I knew it would happen, as he entered the room he stared at my bulge and licked his lips.  I pointed to the floor in front of me and spoke.  "Get down here and get to it, boy."

He tried to protest but he was already addicted to my cock.  "Don't say anything; just go down on Junior, boy." I said. "You want it as much as I do, Billy boy."  He hesitated but I just said: "Now boy.  Don't kept me waiting.  You know you want to."  With some hesitation he succumbed and dropped to his knees and opened my cutoff letting my pleasure shaft free.  That transformed him and he was mine once again.  I let him pleasure me and then I filled his belly with my man juices.

"You are a naughty boy, Bill," I said, "and you have an earned a spanking.  Stand up and drop your pants."  He obeyed faster than last time and I pulled him over my lap.  I started with my hand but that hurt (me) more than I liked so I quickly shifted to the hairbrush I had brought along to obliterate my hand prints.  I gave him a long hard spanking that left him whining.

I pushed him off my lap and got him on all fours.  I came prepared with some lube and used it on my cock and his hole.  It worked a lot better than the oil.  It was definitely bliss and I quickly exploded.  I reach under to jerk him off and found that I had forced his cum out of him without his really cumming.  That was, I decided, his problem.

I cleaned up and left a very happy young man.  I had cash in my jeans and had emptied my balls in hot holes.

The summer had turned good.  I was looking forward to more very soon.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. August 30, 2016

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