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The following story is fiction about a teen boy who gets disciplined by his younger stepsiblings.  The story contains scenes of spanking, strapping and gay sex.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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Spy Cam Boy


I lost my mother several years ago.  It wasn't that I was careless and misplaced her but that some drunk ran her down and she wasn't even trying to cross the street.  But, as it is said, life goes on and it did albeit with a huge gap in my and my father's lives.  We continued to live in the huge house that had been my great grandparents' on my father side.  Several rooms were not used except if we had family staying over.

I won't bore you with details but eventually Dad met the woman and they decided to get married.  My family exploded to six people from just two (counting me) in the house.  Beside my new stepmother, I was getting a stepbrother, Errol, who was a couple of years younger and twin stepsisters, Jana and Dora, who were three years younger than I.  I had the large bedroom and there were two smaller ones that the four of us would have to share.  Neither Errol nor I were keen on sharing unlike the twins who were so the obvious assignments were made.

It was decided that the redecorating would happen before the marriage and their moving in.  Dad temporally moved into one of the small bedrooms and the other small one and the master bedroom were redecorated.  Then we both moved to our redone digs and the other two rooms were done.  Soon after was the wedding and I had a stepmom and three stepsiblings.  Of course I knew my life was going to change but it did in ways that I never imagined.

It was only a few days after they moved in that Errol learnt something about me that I wished he hadn't because we shared the bathroom.  I'm a late bloomer, as they say coyly, and somewhat shy.  Errol is most definitely not either.  He did have any problem prancing about naked in our quarters and even added that his sisters saw him that way as well since, er, forever.  He explained that his mom believed that "Boys don't need to be modest." and brought him up that way.

It was not very long before I actually saw that.  Errol came home more than an hour late and his (and my step) mom was not pleased.  It was a short time later that she ordered him: "Bring me the hairbrush, young man."  Even if he had not told me, I knew what hairbrushes in a mother's hand were used for.  The twins quickly found seats for the show and dragged me to sit next to them.  I did not expect that Errol would return stark naked with the hairbrush.  His sisters were not surprised and hardly glanced at his junk confirming that they had already seen it frequently.© YLeeCoyote

Mom was seated on a simple chair and after a quick lecture about being punctual pulled him over her lap.  The sound was awful to hear as his sisters and I watched the hard spanking that was roasting his tail.  It surely hurt as much as the strap that Dad used on my butt.  Errol was sobbing by the time she let him up and parked him in the corner.

"I've would have given him more since it is his third lateness in as many months." said Jana to Dora and me.

"He's lucky that we did not deal with him." added Dora.  They noticed my shocked expression and she added: "Yes, Louie, we sometimes spank Errol and we're looking forward to spanking you."

Errol confirmed that later when we were getting ready for bed.  "Sometimes it is better to get it from my sisters than my mom."

I did not learn from the misfortune of my stepbrother for within a week I was similarly late.  Dad had not been so strict in the past but my stepmom encouraged him and soon he sent me for the strap he used.  It was normal to get it in the family room but before it was private since the housekeeper was always gone by then.

I was not happy with four people watching and I suggested we go to my room.  Mom quickly told me: "Lewis, punishments are public and remember that you watched Errol get spanked and, in any case, boys need not be modest for you don't have anything we haven't seen many times before."  Dad must have agreed because he told me to get on with it.  That, of course, meant getting in position.  Which meant I had to drop my jeans and tighty-whities.

I was blushing all over by the time I had dropped them and bent over the punishment chair.  I was sure that the girls (and even Errol) were laughing at me for they could see how less developed I was compared to him even though he was younger and how I was blushing.  Dad gave me six hard cuts which hurt like the blazes.  I tried my best to be silent although they hurt a lot and I squealed for each one.  And just like Errol, I was tearful by the end.

The girls kidded me when we were out of earshot of the olds about still being a red-bottomed, little boy with just a pee-pee and only a few hairs unlike Errol with his much more manly package.  It was unpleasant to say the least.

There had been a social side effect of being a late developer and that was I did not date nor have much contact with girls.  Errol even had a regular girlfriend and he had boasted of scoring with her.  Before the girls moved into the house, I had noticed that they had surely bloomed because of the way they stuck out on top.  I desperately wanted to get to see what a girl was like 'down there' so I made plans.

While the redecoration was being done, I hid a couple of spy cams in their bedroom so that I could observe them.  The time for I'll show you mine, if you show me yours was long past although I had done it years ago.  I didn't have anything to show even if one could play and did not want to show how undeveloped I was.  I was very careful about watching so that I would not be caught for in my more sensible moments I realized I could get into a lot of trouble.

I had watched short stretches over time resisting the urge to save pictures just incase my PC was checked.  Yes, I had passwords but Dad had the admin password so he could check up on me.  That was probably reasonable when I was a kid but he was resistant to talking about it.

Then one afternoon I got careless.  The olds were out and so was Errol at some sport he played.  The girls were preening for their dates that night and I was watching and hoping that they would get naked and I would see more.  What I did not expect was that Errol would not only get home early but be quiet about it.  Suddenly, he barged into my room through the shared bathroom and saw his sisters on my screen.

Errol pounced.

He pounced like a tiger.  Before I realized he was there I was being held.  I could not move for he was far stronger than I and just as tall although heavier.  He did not take kindly to his sisters being spied on.  He forced me into their room and ratted me out.  They immediately checked and saw it was true.  The twins were even madder than their brother.

"What did Mom say she would do if you spied on us?" asked Jana.

"She would break my balls." replied Errol.

"That will be fun to watch." said Dora, "If she can find the baby's little nuts."

They laughed.  I was positively petrified.  The girls were taking my pants down.  I started begging incoherently.  As they each found a small orb, I lost control.  "Please!  I'm sorry!  I'll never do it again!" I implored.

"He's just a little boy and he'll stay that way." they said.

All I could do was beg some more as I sobbed.  "Please don't tell.  Please."

The girls, still holding my precious parts painfully tight, whispered to each other.  They quickly reached an accord.  "We won't tell – if you agree that we are in charge and have the right to discipline you."  Needless to say I went along and Errol released me.

Their first command was to strip and the second was to get the hairbrush.  Errol helpfully told them how they could share the first spanking.  Soon they were sitting facing each other with a common lap.  They alternated hand and brush. First one would use her hand to give me a spank and then the other would use the brush.  After a dozen they just used the hairbrush.  Soon I was bawling like a baby.  Hard spank after hard spank soon made me feel like a tiny little boy being spanked by his babysitter.

After some corner time, still naked I was required to remove the spy cam and all the cabling.  Unfortunately, that was not the end of this.

* * * * * * * * * *

At dinner that night, still naked, I had to explain to the olds that I was just a naughty little boy in need of supervision and my sisters had kindly agreed to look after me.

The next day they started in on me.  They thought that the spy cams were a great idea and I had to install them in my room and feed their computers.  They explained that little boys need watching constantly and I did not have to be modest since I was just a little boy.  I was required to share my password also.

Two days later, they informed me that Errol was to spank me for my unacceptable behavior as they had promised when the girls had their first crack at my bottom.  You are going to get your age from this Jokari paddle.  It was the first one I had seen and was definitely heavier than a ping pong paddle but lighter, fortunately, than a frat paddle which I had heard about the coach using on the senior jocks at school.

With the girls watching I stripped.  It was not as difficult to be naked with them as before since I had been naked so much about them.  I had to bend over with my hands on my bed and Errol started.  He swung and I howled from the pain.  The girls giggled and counted: "One."  This was not going to be easy.

Again he swung that hard paddle hitting my other cheek.  It seared just as much.  He continued alternating cheeks until the tenth one when I collapsed onto my bed.  "No more, please.  It hurts too much." I begged.

I was trying to rub the pain away and the girls were laughing that I was a wimp.  Errol pulled me off the bed and I was on my knees before him.  "Well, sissies suck to avoid swats, baby." he laughed.  My mind reeled.  He pulled my face into his crotch and I could feel his hard cock.

"Open my pants or get back into position, boy." he growled.

I was caught between a hard paddle and a hard cock.  I couldn't take another whack much less five.  I had never sucked a cock but it couldn't be anywhere as painful.  With trebling hands I opened his pants and pulled down his boxers.  His hard cock sprang forward.

It was mesmerizing. «Sucking will be better than more whacks.  Lots of guys suck.» I thought and opened my mouth.  Errol grabbed head with his hands and gently pulled me close.

The rest was a blur.  I did know what to do but Errol knew what he wanted of me.  His grip got tighter and more forceful and he was thrusting in and out roughly.  He gave a yell and my mouth was filled with his jizz.  I had to swallow or choke.  They left me in my shame.  I cried for a long time.

* * * * * * * * * *

Things were not very good after that would be the understatement of the year.  My three stepsiblings were on my case all the time.  It was not fair nor right for I was the oldest and the youngest – girls at that – were in charge.  My stepmom encouraged it all even letting the twins assign chores and distribute our allowances.  Errol thought it was totally normal and told me that was they way it was since he could remember.  Need I mention that I got spanked at least once a week by the twins.  At the beginning it was even more until I remembered that I was under surveillance all the time and that they would pounce if I played games rather than do my homework.

I was making my way home with a shitty test result in my pack.  I knew that the girls would pounce and I was not looking forward to it.  I guess it would not have been so bad if they had been older or did not mistreat my slowly developing junk but that was how it was.  It was when I saw Errol that I got the idea.  I would choose the lesser of two evils.  "Errol, I fucked up a test so would you please spank me."

Errol was surprised although pleasantly.  He asked why and I explained that I rather get spanked by him than the twins.  He understood immediately having been spanked by them many times.  I quickly added that I expected him to tell the girls that "I took care of the lazy boy so you don't have to."

We went to my room and he demanded my belt.  "Pants and briefs all the way down and bend over the bed, failing boy."  I complied and he found a place to stand while he painted my butt bright red.  He folded my belt and caressed my butt as he prepared himself to punish me.  He raised the belt and quickly crashed it down on the target – me.

It hurt something terrible.  Errol said "One." and raised the belt again.  The torture was in full progress.  Over and over the belt seared my bottom and I was a mess by the time Errol happily said: "That's fourteen.  Done, you may get up, Louie."  At that moment I seriously wondered if I had made the right choice – trading humiliation for pain.  Errol was quite happy.  "Any time you want another spanking Louie, just ask me and I'll be most happy to oblige you."  I'll bet he would.

I just lay on my bed, hot bare butt radiating heat and feeling sorry for myself.  Errol actually surprised me by returning a few minutes later with a washcloth soaked in cold water and dropping it on the fire.  I muttered a thanks.  It wasn't long after that he showed my roasted tail to the twins who approved of his handiwork.

* * * * * * * * * *

This all continued until I went away to college after I graduated from high school.  It was a long time to be punished for setting up that spy cam but such is life.  There is really nothing more to report about how I suffered except one thing.  I did 'bloom' but the girls did not like that and kept me hairless so I would be boyish.

I noticed that my father had succumbed to my stepmother and it was she that ruled the roost.  I was lucky to get away.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. July 24, 2017

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