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The following story is fiction about CP in a school setting.  The story contains scenes of spanking, strapping, shaving and gay sex.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now. This is second three parts and you should start with Part 1.

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Staghorn Island Public School Surprises (2/3)
The Prefect


I had taken my sore arse and anxious dick back to my room right after dinner happy that I was not on duty that evening.  After dealing with some stuff I had to absolutely do, I was about to sack out when there was a knock on my door.  It was Prefect Brush-Templer who had been all smiles when he got to cane me a couple of hours earlier.  I really did not want to have a visitor, but he was extremely insistent and perhaps even a bit pushy so I let him in hoping to get rid of him quickly.  That, however, would not happen.

He was surprisingly blunt and direct.  "I noticed that my caning had just the effect on you that my cousin said it would.  I saw your response at the Tribunal and it persists even now."  He was looking directly at my crotch and admittedly it was tented somewhat.

"Your cousin?" I said, ignoring his unseemly behaviour.

"Yes.  My cousin Lamont Hastings-Templer with whom you were, shall we say, intimate friends with back in school.  He told me a great deal about you.  I have just as much to offer as he did in addition to the cane that you already know." he said as he cupped his own crotch.  That I did not have any trouble remembering.  Lamont had been a prefect and he often caned me but afterwards we played an entirely more pleasant game.  We had a special relationship.

But the present took precedence.  "I have exactly what you need, Toby, starting with this." he said using my given name and produced a tube of my favourite after caning cream.  That was the exact cream that I had hopelessly wished for only a couple of hours earlier.  He opened the tube and waved it by my nose.  It had an immediate effect on me as it trigged many pleasant memories.© YLeeCoyote

"That's just what I wished I had just a while ago.  I'll buy it from you." I said.

"It is NOT for sale, Toby.  It is a gift.  Now into the bedroom and strip so that I can apply it properly."

"I don't think that is wise, Brush-Templer." I said, fearful of interacting intimately with a student.

"I won't be missed so it will be our secret." and again he made sure that I smelt it.  I could feel my sensible will power slipping away as memories tugged at my heart strings.  "Now, no more delays.  GET INTO THE BEDROOM NOW, Toby." he snapped in a very commanding voice.  Perfects learn how to have the dominance of command presence.  He had learnt that very well and sounded just like his cousin whom I had most submissively obeyed a great deal.  I found that I could not resist his order any better than I could those from his cousin years before.

We went into the bedroom where I stripped and lay on the bed.  He stripped partly and I admired his beautiful body and bludging crotch just like I had his cousin's.  I was helpless as he applied the cream.  I was elated.  He had seized total control.  Not only did he apply the cream to where he had well-beaten me but also my arsehole.  He was even relaxing it with several fingers in me.  It felt marvellous and again made me recall wonderful feelings of years earlier.  It was obvious what he was about to do and the intellectual me could not do anything about as I was under his spell.  Of course, the animal inside of me was anxious for it to happen.

His hand moved away and he was on top of me in an instant.  Then he entered me just as his cousin had more than a decade before.  It was the same great experience once again.  I just revelled in it.  He filled me and I soon exploded in ecstasy without touching myself as had his way with me.

"GOOD BOY!  Good bottom boys cum like that." he said very pleased.  He was just like his cousin who had total power over me but then I was just a mere lower former while he was a powerful prefect.  Now I was a junior master and Brush-Templer was only a perfect.  This was not right.

"I have to go now, Toby.  We'll have to do this again." he said and after dressing left leaving me happy, confused and worried.

* * * * * * * * * *

I was worried but everything continued the same as before the last Tribunal.  Brush-Templer had not said anything to change the status quo which was good.  I started to relax about this until there was that envelope in my mailbox a few days later.

That was a change!  It was from Brush-Templer and inside was another one but addressed to me like I was a lower form pupil.  It was a punishment chit and I would have to see the issuing perfect like I had back in my own school days.  The only thing different was that rather than in the perfect's study it was to be in my quarters (which were far more private).

When I got back to my quarters, the laundry had been returned.  Included was a school uniform with short trousers and a note that I was to be properly attired for my chastisement.  The many times I had seen Lamont had been most satisfying so I decided that I would roleplay with Brush-Templer.  The first time had been good so I hoped the second would be even better.

Perfect Brush-Templer arrived right on time and just walked in, locking the door once he was inside.  He proceeded directly into my study and sat in my desk chair before calling me to stand like an errant pupil in the 'to be lectured and caned' spot in front of the desk.  After he lectured me, I really felt like I had years earlier with Lamont.  I was now just a naughty, little, second form boy awaiting my well-deserved caning from the powerful prefect in charge of me.  I could hardly believe what was happening.

Just as Lamont had on many occasions, Brush-Templer ordered me to strip completely before he swished me.  I was required to bend over the desk and grip the far side.  "Do not move until given permission." was the stern order.  Then he started with the cane.  Brush-Templer was an expert with the cane.  I could feel each stroke deep in my butt.  Every cut was hard and of the same intensity.  They each truly stung greatly.  I could not help but to cry out for I did not have anything to bite on like at the Tribunal thrashing.  Later I would see that they were evenly spaced, perfectly straight and parallel but I had instantly known that most of all they were very effective.

As I radiated fire from the caning, Brush-Templer was caressing me gently.  First, on the welts and then my hole.  I was just as anxious as he was to get to the next event.  It was not long before I felt his hard rod pressing to demand entry.  I relaxed as much as I could and then everything was up to him.  He was excellent at this also.  Over and he thrust in and out.  I had wonderful feelings as he banged my love nut.  Of course, we both exploded.  It was absolutely fantastic!  That we were staff and pupil together was so naughty that it added greatly to the pleasure.

Brush-Templer then dragged me into the bathroom where without a word he clipped my pubes short and then shaved me smooth.  "Little, short trouser boys don't have pubes." he declared simply as an explanation when he was finished.  I guessed that it was fine since nobody else would know.

I had rarely heard of male chastity devices and without warning Brush-Templer was installing one on me.  It only took a minute for him to slip the ring behind my junk and slide the tube over my shaft and slip a lock on.  "There is no need for you to abuse yourself here, boy."

Then he took me to bed for a long leisurely play session which was great.  I was every so horny from the way he took all the control and the caning, that I came several times even while locked up.  That would let him tell me that there was not any reason that I needed to be able to stimulate my own shaft.  Later I found that he had considerately left a dildo for me to play with.

I was one satisfied but a very confused boy once again under the strict control of a prefect.

I certainly could not afford to have it revealed that I had interacted with a pupil (albeit he was the aggressor and of full legal age) as I had.  The only saving thought was that neither could Brush-Templer.  I most sincerely hoped that he realized that also.

End of Part 2.  Go to: The Headmaster

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