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The following story is fiction about CP in a school setting. The story contains scenes of spanking, strapping, shaving and gay sex.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now. This is the last of three parts and you should start with Part 1.

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Staghorn Island Public School Surprises (3/3)
The Headmaster


The term was half over when the Headmaster had me in for a talk about my performance as a junior master.  We discussed many things.  He made several suggestions and gave some praise.  It was satisfactory overall.  Once the real business was over then things got interesting as I learnt more about the Tribunal.  The idea basically came down to skirting the law about corporal punishments used on students.  The Tribunal made it judicial and as it embraced the entire community, within the law.

After that he opened up and admitted that he missed doing himself as in the past.  Although he liked caning the upper form boys a lot his favourite activity, absolutely, was to spank a first or second former with a cute little bum.  Here is how he told about it.

Oh, the joy.  Seeing the lad's face turn sad and the head droop when I tell the little one his fate.  "You are getting spanked, lad."  Yet it is somewhat of a relief because it not the dreadful and feared cane that he had heard about.  I would start by moving to that armless chair and summon the unhappy boy over to me.  Then, I would open his belt and trousers and push them down.  Next, his white Y-fronts would go exposing his little hairless boy bits.  They hated that but that made it all the more fun for me.

Next was taking him over my lap.  That meant I could look directly at the cute little bum which was my canvas.  And then it was SPANK, SPANK, and more SPANK until he was bright red and usually crying.  I never rushed getting him standing and pulling up his trousers.  But then I had to send him to be teased by his mates.

Oh, what joy that all was.  I was always aroused after that and had get relief by my own hand not like when I played with older guys who knew what to do.  I wish I could do it again.© YLeeCoyote

He was most animated as he told about what he missed.  "I understood and sometimes I muse about my past experiences back in school.  They are a lot more fun to reminisce about than they were at the time." I told him.

He even talked about things at the Tribunal.  Perhaps the most significant of which was that he liked how Brush-Templer thrashed my very still cute bum.  "It made me think of those little boys again even though you're more than twice as old and you were quite aroused." he said smiling.

After the meeting, I mused about how he would react to me in the short trousered uniform that Brush-Templer had me wear should he encounter me in it.  Perhaps he would spank me for the unauthorized wearing as I was not an enrolled student.  But one thing for sure – I was not going to tell that big dark secret and risk my job.  I assumed that Brush-Templer had figured out that he must keep the secret for the same reasons I had because our destinies shared the same chopping block.

The discussion, however, did add another item to my jerk off fantasy list – the Headmaster catching me wearing the short trousered uniform and spanking me.  And what would he say and think about that cage about my junk?

* * * * * * * * * *

It was not very long before Brush-Templer figured out a way that he did not have pre-warn me that he was coming about.  He ordered me to be in the short trouser uniform every evening a half-hour before lights out time.  He would just walk in if he wanted and I could quickly change back should anyone else knock.  I quickly got used to being dressed this way before bedtime and even found that it helped my fantasies.  How could it not thinking about Perfect Brush-Templer and his two potent rods to be used on my bum?  It was not very different from when I was a first year and serving Lamont.

I was in my bedroom one evening and heard the door open and close.  Naturally, I expected that it was Brush-Templer and that he would take his place behind my desk in the study.  I stopped what I was doing and rushed to report like the lower form boy I was dressed as for whatever he planned.

I was shocked when I went in.  For it was not Brush-Templer but the Headmaster who was in my chair.  "Right there, Troth." he said pointing to the spot in front of the desk for the miscreant to stand on.  "I have a very bad report about you."  Somehow he knew about my roleplay with Brush-Templer for he was treating the situation as it was normal.  It was obviously pointless to explain what he already knew or to try to talk my way out of it.  I just assumed my role as a lower form boy who had just reported to the Head, rather than a prefect, for discipline.  I was excited at the prospect of some new experience.

The Headmaster easily gave me a good dressing down.  Based on our previous meeting I knew that we were heading for a spanking.  It was not long in coming.

He moved and sat in the sturdy side chair and ordered me to hang up my blazer and stand before him.  I wanted to flee yet could not wait the exciting part to start.  My head was just starting to spin.  The Head opened my belt.  My locked up cock twitched.  He opened my trousers and lowered them.  What would he say when my Y-fronts were down and I was truly naked.

And then they were.  He did not say anything but just glided me over his lap.  No doubt he was thinking «Just another hairless, impotent boy to spank.»  I knew that I was just a naughty little boy.  The multitude of spanks came.  He just used his hand.  He had a big, hard hand.  They were hard spanks for he was strong.  They hurt.  I did not want to cry but he soon changed my mind as the pain accumulated and overwhelmed me.  I started to sob and he continued to spank.  Then I broke down and was crying like the little boy I was playing at being.  I was no longer roleplaying but became such a little boy.

He got me up but I collapsed at his feet and was rubbing my very sore, red-hot bum.  He opened his trousers and lowered his undies.  His cock stood tall and proud.  He easily glided my head to it and I started to suck it, like a baby for solace and like I did for Lamont.  And then I was sucking for the wonderful man-cream that it would deliver directly hot and fresh.  I was not disappointed.

The Head left shortly after.  I cleaned up and went to bed.  Once again, I slept prone but happily with a sore arse.

I never did find out exactly how the Headmaster knew so many details about what I was going through.  I guess that is part of his job and he was good at it.  Or perhaps Brush-Templer shared the plan of dominating me with the Headmaster.

Of course, they both continued to visit me for their own pleasure.  I liked that since I also had great pleasure.  I never got called before the Tribunal again which I was glad of.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. January 1, 2018

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