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Staying Home Alone


Rick was fourteen and half years old and had fought long and hard with his parents to be allowed to stay alone.  He had used all the arguments that other youths had over the centuries to convince them that he was responsible and mature enough to be trusted for less than fifty hours.  "And there certainly wouldn't be any need to spank me when you return." he added.

Rick had even promised more than was really required although this wasn't that much different from not having a babysitter for an evening.  That battle he had won two years earlier.  In someways this particular weekend was probably easier for Rick than many others.  There were not any special events nor parties that would be temptations and he had even declined making a date to reduce the temptation of staying out past his curfew.  There was a mess of homework, standard chores and cleaning his room to keep him more than busy.

Most importantly he had firmly resolved that he would prove to his parents that he was definitely grown up and responsible.

The first evening was easy.  His folks were still there when he returned from school and he wished them a good trip and listened to the seemingly endless instructions for the zillionth time but he kept his cool so that they wouldn't have a last minute change of heart and farm him out to stay with a friend.  Rick did some studying before nuking the dinner that was left for him.

He was sure that he had time to watch a half hour TV show before getting to some serious studying but he had not counted on the delayed playoff game.  He might have been OK but the station made a big point of it being live. «No problem» he told himself, «I can catch up in the morning.  The game should be great.»© YLeeCoyote

* * * * * * * * * *

Saturday morning he slept late.  Well, a growing boy needs his rest to grow properly.  That's what his mom had told him a million times.  He ate and studied some and then went out to do the lawn. «I'll show them that I'm responsible!» he thought.  Somehow it took a lot longer than usual.  Perhaps, because the neighbor girls were sunbathing on their lawn and distracted him.  «Not a problem.» he told himself once again.

To be fair, he did get to work on that important report in the afternoon but after dinner there was a great movie that he just had to watch.  «I have all day tomorrow to catch up.» he assured himself.

* * * * * * * * * *

After sleeping late again on Sunday the thunderbolt struck.  It was a quiet bolt.  It was just inside his own head.  It lit up his personal space image in his brain and he did not like what it revealed.  He saw the piles of work that still need to be done and how little time was left.  Rick did some very serious thinking and called his uncle.  "Please drop by, Uncle, I need some help." was all that he told him.

It was early afternoon Sunday that Uncle Luke stopped by to see what was wrong.  The house was reasonably in order (a minor mess by the TV and kitchen) but well within bounds for a teenaged boy without his usual maid service.  "It looks like things are OK, Rick." said his uncle, "The house is still standing and you're not high." he joked.  "How's it going?  Why did you call?"

Rick was happy he was making a good impression.  His Uncle's option carried a great deal of weight with his parents.  He joked back and reported that all was fine.  "I don't need anything.  Still got enough cash to order dinner if they are late getting home."

Then just as his Uncle was about to leave he spoke.  "NO!  That's not right.  It's not right at all.  I do need something."  Of course, Uncle Luke turned to hear more with a questioning look.

It took great intestinal fortitude on his part to explain.  But it all boiled down to "I need a spanking."

To say the least his uncle was shocked and surprised.  "A spanking?" was all he responded.

"Yes, Unk, I need a spanking.  I watched too much TV and didn't do as much studying as I should have."

"Well, surely your dad can spank you later if he agrees with you."

"I don't want that.  It wouldn't be grown up of me to have Dad come home and need to spank me.  I earned a spanking and it should – must! – be done before he returns."

Uncle Luke was not that old that he couldn't understand the youth's logic.  "Very well.  If a spanking is what you need, then a spanking you shall have."

There was not any need to discuss protocols for youth, uncle and father all knew what they were.  Rick pulled the wide, thick leather belt out of his jeans and handled it to his uncle.  Then he dropped his jeans and pushed down his underwear to his knees before bending over the end of the couch.  "I'm ready, Uncle." he said simply.

Uncle Luke found his place.  He raised up the belt and brought it crashing down hard on the upturned bottom as needed.  It was a very hard cut and Rick yelled but stayed in position as the first angry red stripe formed on his butt.  Over and over Uncle raised the belt and crashed it down on the target turning it bright red and driving in daggers of pain to pin the notes of responsibility to the wall.

"That's all. Rick.  You may get up now."

"Thanks, Uncle.  I got to get to my homework now."

And he did.

When his parents returned, Rick was sitting on a pillow still hard at work.

All were pleased that his father did not have cause to spank him.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. June 4, 2013

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