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The following story is fiction about a new instant family as two teens get to know each other and their step-parents.  There are scenes of spanking, shaving and sex.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

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Step Relations Surprises


I was worried.  My life had changed a great deal for so many things had happened in the last month.  So many changes that I could not understand all the ramifications.  I even found it hard to list all the changes.

Dad had remarried and I now had both a step-mother (surprise – strict and mean) and a step-brother,  Spike.  Spike was as big as I was although he was only twelve while I had just turned fifteen.  I was delighted that I had (belatedly) grown a few pubes so that when school resumed in September I would not be in the fifteen percent of those who were still bald little boys like I was last year.  As I was short it made being a target that much worse for the hirsute tormentors towered over me.

My step-mom,  Mom, as I was required to call her, evidently had my dad wrapped about her little finger and was totally in charge.  The honeymoon trip had been just a long weekend while Spike and I had stayed with our own cousins.  The first time I had called Mom, "Ma'am", she told me that I was to say "Mother" or "Mom" and I had better not forget it.  It was just two days latter that I found out she meant it.  Mom hadn't any trouble explaining that I had best listen and obey her.  It happened ever so fast.  Just seconds after I said "Ma'am" she grabbed me, dragged me over to the couch and sat down.  Five seconds later my jeans and boxers were about my ankles and I was across her lap ready for a spanking.  She was ever so strong and held me firmly in place as she ordered Spike: "Get the hairbrush."  She didn't waste the time just waiting but lectured me, punctuating every phase with a hard spank with her bare hand.

"Yes, Mother." he said as he dashed off and when he returned, "Here it is, Mother."  He must have set a speed record but then it wasn't his butt on the line this time.  The brush landed on my butt with a solid thud and sent a shock wave of pain right through my body so that I thought my head would fly off.  I howled in pain while Mother continued her brutal assault.  I lost track of the number of whacks for by the time she had finished, my bottom was hot, swollen, crimson and a major pain center, while I was bawling like a pre-school boy.  Spike helped me to our bedroom and considerately put a cold washcloth on the fire.  He also gave me some advice: "Do as Mother says or you won't be able to sit comfortably, bro."

I guess that I should add moving to the list.  Mom and Spike had moved to our house.  It was small and Spike and I now shared the attic which was large enough for two and relatively private.© YLeeCoyote

Within the first few days, I saw how my father not only deferred to Mom but was exceeding polite.  Once when Dad seemed to disagree, she just said: "We'll talk about this latter."  I was certain that dad had trouble sitting the next day.  I also noticed that Spike called my father by his first name, Stanley or Stan, rather than "Dad" and Father did not object.

I was also quickly getting to know my new brother as we had plenty of time together since we shared a bedroom.  Frankly, I was not pleased to see that Spike had achieved puberty at least a year earlier which was evidenced by the lush bush that he sported not to mention a most respectable sized penis.  I was not even certain that my hard manhood was as large as Spike's flaccid one.  I also worried that once Spike started to shave, strangers would immediately assume that he, not me, was the older one.  These observations did not help my self-esteem at all.  I had good reason to worry after we were left alone for a half a day.  We were out on the lawn and got to teasing each other.  This quickly turned into playful wrestling which became serious.

We tussled playfully until Spike topped me in the most classical way of boys.  I was flat on my back with Spike sitting on my chest.  His thighs kept my head centered and his shins held my arms pinned to my body.  I could look at only two things.  First, the triumphant grin on Spike's face and, second, his hard cock poking out of his shorts expressing his alpha male status.  I knew that he felt that way because he gripped his crotch several times.

I thought Spike would get up but instead he insisted that I say "Uncle" to admit defeat and acknowledge my submission.  While I yielded, Spike groped me, and I then also had to confess that: "I like you on top because I have a hard-on."  I knew then that Spike was stronger than I and would always be able to beat me in a fight.  Also, even though he was athletic he was as smart as I was.  I immediately thought how this was most scary situation.

At dinner time, I wanted to order in but Spike said: "Mother has prepared dinner and that it was healthier than ordering."  It was not something that I wanted and when I went for the phone, he immediately told me that if I continued, he would spank me.  Of course, I said he was not in charge and he said that I was being disobedient as we were told to behave properly and assured me that Mom's hairbrush was the alternative.

A minute later Spike had me in a hammerlock with his other arm about my neck and was propelling me to our bedroom.  He yanked my shorts down and pushed me down onto the bed and ordered me not to move.  "You're getting six with the belt.  If you get up before I say you may, you'll get more, Matthew."  It was not as bad as the hair brushing from Mom but it hurt and I yelled.  "You can yell all you want but you're still getting all six."  I was afraid to move even after he stopped but just lay there sobbing and radiating vast quantities of heat into the room.  "I'll setup dinner and call you in a few minutes, Matty.  You better have a proper attitude then.  Pants are optional."  I was very quiet while we ate and then when we watched TV all without my pants.  I did not argue when Spike said it was bedtime.

* * * * * * * * * *

I knew that Mom was dating Stanley but was surprised that she married him after only a few weeks.  Adults do stuff like all the time and say us kids are impulsive but you don't want a dissertation on the high divorce rate.  Although I'm not so little anymore, having started puberty more than a year ago when I was eleven, I still have big ears like every "little pitcher".  Our old house was not well soundproofed and when I was quiet, especially at night, I could hear what Mom and her guests were doing.  Usually the conversations were dull to the max and I just jerked off while they were screwing each other.

Stan was different.  Mom was constantly giving him directions and he was her obedient puppy.  Sure, he poked her but not until he preformed the tricks she wanted him to do and she gave the word.  I was reminded of the nature films that indicate it's the female that makes the final decision about "sex" or "no sex" and how people put a treat on a dog's snout and make the beast wait until given permission to move and eat.  But there was other stuff that I was pretty surprised about.  Mom called him a naughty boy and then spanked him.  I'm far too familiar with that sound to have any doubts and afterwards Stan was extremely docile and obedient.  It was another time that I really was amazed by what happened.  "Lie on the towel, boy.  It's high time that you lost those pubes." I heard Mom say.  I had never heard of anything like that and Stan begged her not to do it.  I felt my recently grown bush and thought how the guys at school envied my pubes as a sign of being a man and he was going to lose his.  I heard Mom tell Stan to be still so she wouldn't cut his pee-pee with the scissors and then she shaved him.  "You're my boy now and you'll not forget it now."  Stan seemed very happy about that as he groveled at her feet.  I imagined that he would be reminded every time he saw his bald crotch.

At breakfast, Mom suggested that they might get married and Stan looked very happy and just agreed.  I could not help but to wonder what sort of step-dad he would make.  He was not a tough, assertive guy I remember Dad was from the years before he died.  Perhaps that would be better than having a bossy, strict step-dad like some of my friends complained about.  Of course, I could not help but to undress him in my mind and see that he was a hairless boy.  I worried if my step-brother would be a bully or turn out to be a nice big brother.

Well, they did get married and he became my step-dad but I still call him Stan like before.  Perhaps if he had objected at first, then I would have been more respectful but he did not nor did Mom.  Just one word from her and I would have done so.  She is very liberal using with that hairbrush in making her point.  One of the effects of the marriage was that I also gained a step-brother, Matthew.  He was three years older than I but I was just as big as he was.  Since we shared a bedroom we got to see each other naked the first night.  He was just starting to get pubes but we did not talk about that as that was embarrassing to him.  We agreed to do our best to get along especially since we had to share a room.

It was just a couple of days later that we got left alone one afternoon and evening.  While we were out playing and getting to know each other in the yard we got to wrestling.  I quickly overpowered him for I was much stronger.  Doing that with anyone has always given me a big charge and a hard-on but it was even better since he was older.  I was poking out of my shorts as I sat on his chest.  I held him in place with my legs and he did not look very happy being forced to stare at my package or grinning face.  I'm sure it reminded him that I was much more of a man in that department.  I made him say "Uncle" to acknowledge my superior status.  To do that I had to grab his equipment.  In the past with other guys, when I had done that, I found soft cocks because they had lost.  When I lost, even my cock went soft as I acknowledged defeat.  Matt was still hard however.  He must have liked that he was beaten so I also made him admit that.  He quickly owned up to liking being the loser and I'm certain that my gripping his nuts did not make any difference.  One thing I learnt for sure – he was never going to bully me.

It was only a few months before that I had managed to convince Mother that I was old, mature and trustworthy enough to be left on my own without a babysitter.  It was a privilege that I valued highly since few of my friends had it.  That first day alone, Matt wanted to put that into jeopardy by not having the dinner that Mom had left for us but wanted to order outside food.  I tried to explain this to him but he would not listen so I took physical action.  I now knew that I was stronger than he was so I got a good grip on his wrist, forced him into a hammerlock and put my other arm about his neck.  He quickly learnt that resistance stopped his air and hurt his arm as I got him to our room.

Once there, I stripped his shorts and boxers off and pushed him on to his bed.  He stayed there while I got the belt and gave him six hard strokes.  He yelled for each of them although not as loud as when Mom used her hairbrush on him.  I was hard from the time I got him under my control and I loved watching how his butt reacted.  The first three strokes of the belt made separate stripes and the rest blended it all together.  I practically came in my pants.  I calmly explained the important rules and that I would use the belt some more if he did not understand them.  Matt was not stupid and understood them and the need to comply.

He even understood about adherence to our bedtime and did not object.  As I lay in bed, jerking off before sleep I thought about my relation with Matt.  I was most delighted that I was not going to have to contend with the problems some of my friends had with bulling big brothers.  My hard shaft reminded me of something earlier – I had overpowered Matt.  I had, of course, loved it and, surprisingly, so did he.  When I exploded, it was fantastic because I realized that I was the brother in charge.

* * * * * * * * * *

It was a strange day.  I got to know my step-brother a lot and learnt that he is far stronger than I and insists on following the rules.  He did explain that was so that he could have more freedom in the long term.  Nevertheless, my butt is still sore from the strapping he gave me.  I expected that he would tell the 'rents but he didn't.  Actually Mom made the surprising comment about how we had't killed each other and ate properly.  Maybe Spike knew something I didn't about following her rules.

What I didn't understand is why I liked it when he beat me wrestling.  Spike had a good reason to be hard for he won, showing that he was the alpha male.  But I was also hard, shamefully knowing that a younger boy had beaten me without hurting me.  Then at dinner time, he was ever so confident when he took charge and strapped me for not following the rules.  I suppose that I should be grateful for Mom surely would have used that fearsome hairbrush on me again the next morning.

I learnt more about myself when Spike and I got to wrestle again.  Spike insists that real men sleep nude and kidded me about my pj's so I stopped wearing them.  We were already undressed for bed and not surprisingly he was on my chest again right away.  This time I had a close of view of his stuff.  I really could not take my eyes off of it except for a quick peek at his shit-eating grin.  I was also hard and was not really struggling.  Spike was resting on his knees but they were just below my armpits so I did not have to support his weight letting me breathe normally.  When he leaned forward he pressed his cock down onto my face.  I could smell his musk and saw that he was leaking precum.  He was moving his cock about and I made the mistake of opening my mouth to tell him to stop.  I never got a word out for he pushed his cock in.  He ordered me to suck and I obeyed.  He told me that I was a good boy doing this and it actually felt good, was exciting and he was playing with my hard cock.

I doubt that I did a good job, but soon he pulled back and filled my mouth with his man juice.  The thick gizz slid back and then down my throat until I had swallowed it all.  I was surprised as how much there was because I did not shoot even half that.  Oh, I also came right after that for this was most exciting.  He was immediately convinced that I born to suck cock; especially his cock.  It was also clearly obvious that I loved doing it because I came while I was doing it.  He promised that I could have all of his cum that I wanted.  I wanted to tell him that was not true, that he had forced me and was jerking me off at the time.  But I didn't because when I started to he looked me right in the eyes and told me: "Brothers don't lie."  In just a few days, I was going down on him first thing each morning.

Mom was pleased that we were getting along and she was surprised that I was keeping out of trouble.  She even asked about that and I said I did not like being spanked with her hairbrush so I was trying very hard and my brother was helping me.  Spike tried to suppress a giggle but Mom saw and asked more questions.  Spike admitted to giving me advice and encouraging me to do the right things.  Mom wanted to know if that meant I escaped proper punishment for wrong doings that were corrected.  "Oh, no, Mother, Matt has gotten all the spankings he deserved."  Mom seemed satisfied but I don't think she realized that Spike had spanked me a few times and that he was in charge.

* * * * * * * * * *

Once I discovered that Matty was, to put it simply, a wuss I took full advantage of that.  I don't think that I bullied him but I did take charge and made all the decisions for both of us.  I stopped him doing stuff that was against the rules (both mine and Mom's) and spanked or strapped him for it.  I was totally honest with Mom when she asked if he had gotten away with anything.  Matty seem to like that I was in control for he happily accepted my cock in both his mouth and his ass.  I found it to be much more satisfying than jerking off.

When we were cuddled up together after I had my way with him, I would call him "'my boy" and he also liked that.  The trouble was he was growing pubes and that did not fit with my image of a boy.  He whined when I shaved his crotch smooth but did not resist at all.  I'm sure he wanted a bush but he understood that pussy boys don't have them.  Since he was my boy and that I was in full charge it was my right to decide.  He does not know it but I'm going to keep him that way as long as I can.

It was mid-summer when my plan to find out if Mom kept Stan shaved took effect.  Mom has a distant cousin with some undeveloped land that is complete with a little pond.  For years we have been going there for a pleasant day in the country and to relax.  Since I was a little kid, swimming was a big part of the day and neither I nor my father ever wore trunks.  Mom never went swimming so that was not a issue.  Mom finally agreed that we should go so early one Saturday morning we packed up the car and went to have an old-fashioned day like we did for more than a decade.

We had to park about a half mile from the spot by the shore and walk in but it assured that everything was private as the land was posted.  After running about showing Matt the place I told him that it was time to go swimming so we returned to where Mom and Stan were.  I carefully asked for permission (Mom likes that) and got it.  I immediately started to strip.  Matt was confused for we did not have swim suits.  I explained that we skinny dip and even Dad had done so.  Mom encouraged him and I 'helped' him to undress.  We ran into the water while Mom was encouraging Stan to join us.  He was a bit reluctant but Mom said my father always did it so that he had to go also.  Her tone indicated an 'or else' when she said "All my boys should go swimming."  Stan stripped and quickly ran into the water.

I was delighted for it was just as I expected.  Mom apparently kept him as smooth as I was keeping Matt.  I was sure that Mom was checking both Matt and me out and noting that he was a hairless boy and I was not but, like my father, had a big bush.  I even managed it so that Matty and I stood next to each other and in plain sight so that he learnt that he did not have to be modest in front of Mom.  I wondered it she recalled that when she spanked Matt that first week, that he had some pubes.  I hoped she did.

I was very comfortable nude with the others and I certainly felt like I was the alpha male.  The other two males were obviously hairless boys.  I was able to get Matty to relax by convincing him that he was my boy and nudity was fine.  It helped that Mom did not stare after that initial once over.  Now Stan was obviously not comfortable and that made sense.  He was an adult but looked like a boy, just as his son did, while I looked and acted like a man.  There was never a hint from him that he might try to be alpha and I figured that it was just a matter of time before I made him submit to me in a real way.

It was not long after that I was in the basement storing a box for Mom when I noticed that there were a few boxes other than from the move.  One caught my eye because it was strangely marked: "Special".  It was not sealed and I took a look.  I was most glad that I had.  I took a while to figure out what it was all about and fortunately it came equipped with "user guides" for there were several male-male porn magazines which nicely illustrated how many of the items were used.  Obviously, this was all Stan's stuff.  I buried the box and waited until I could study the "instruction manuals" at my leisure and without the risk of Mom discovering me.

I had interesting fantasizes that night just from the preview.  Matty was essentially completely under my control and I did not imagine him in any of the gear.  He was just a docile boy.  Stan was a different matter.  He needed to shave and therefore was a man (albeit without pubes).  I thought about holding a leash hooked to the heavy leather studded collar (from the box) after I strapped it about his neck and him groveling at my feet.  I was sure he had lots of practice even before he meet Mom.  I had to do two things first though.  I had to read those, er, instructional magazines – more fun than school I quickly learnt – to know what to do.  Second, I had to trap Stan so that I could do this stuff without upsetting Mom.  The first task was fun.

There really was not anything I could do to make Stan do stuff that he shouldn't and would not want Mom to know about so I could force him into submitting to me.  I just had to bide my time.  I got lucky one day for Mom and Matty both had dentist's appointments and then she was going clothes shopping with him.  They were going to be gone until late.  I did my chores and went out to play with my friends before they left.  I came home early and struck the mother lode.  Stan was at the PC looking at erotic images and pulling his little bald pud.  He was also drinking directly from a bottle and it was a lot stronger stuff than beer.

I snapped a few pixs and then got real close to also get some of the screen.  I thought that they might be useful in the future.  It was only then that I yelled at Stan like he was a naughty teenager and I was an outraged older brother or father.  "And would you like to explain exactly what you are doing, boy?"  He was startled just as I expected and jumped up.  As he did that, he dropped both his dick and the bottle.  "Pick that up before it stains the rug, boy" I immediately snapped.  He obeyed.  There was not very much left to spill but it was good to be giving orders.  "Put it on the table, boy."  He obeyed again.  "Put the cap on it, boy."  He was too over whelmed by my barrage of orders to stop his pants from dropping to the floor and his briefs hanging about his knees.  A real man would have pulled up his pants and taken a loud mouth disrespectful boy like me to task and including a good hard strapping with a belt.  Stan just stood there with the little he had hanging out and looking like a scared rabbit.  He made some guttural sounds and even managed a few "buts" although nothing meaningful.

"You should be ashamed of yourself, boy.  What if Mom and Matt had come back early?  Mom would have been appalled.  Matt is so innocent he would have been scared for life."  (I could hardly keep from laughing at those stupidities.)  "You know that I'll have to tell her.  I'm sure that she'll deal with you as you well deserve."  This was the critical line.  I was certain that Stan would cave and he did.

"Please don't do that." he whined like a scared little boy afraid of his mommy.

"GET IN THE CORNER!  PUT YOUR HANDS ON YOUR HEAD." I snapped.  "NOW, BOY!"  That got him moving and I added that he should  leave his pants down.  While he sweated, I went down to the basement and selected the leather paddle from the box of toys.  It was a hand wide and two feet long.  I gave myself a light tap on my hand and it really delivered a wallop.

I made him spend fifteen minutes in the corner and he was most unhappy about being there for he kept fidgeting.  I thought that was good as he obviously was submitting to something he did not like.  I called him out of the corner and told him to bend over the chair and to keep his butt up high.  It was the same chair that he had been sitting in and misbehaving.  "I'm going to paddle you, boy.  Don't you dare to get up until I tell you may, boy."

"Sir, Yes, Sir." he said just like in the stories I read in the instruction manuals.  He must have accepted me as his master.  I was most delighted.  I found the proper place and gave him a hard WHACK.  He howled.  I watched how his butt quickly developed a wide stripe right across the middle.  I practically came in my jeans.  "You are a naughty, dirty little boy." I said and gave him another pop.  The results were the same as before.  "Stay in position or we will start all over, boy." and I delivered the third pop to the lower part of his butt.  There was not any fresh butt available for the next pop.

The fourth and fifth pops were like the first two.  Stan's butt was very red and swollen already and he was sobbing between howls.  I did not hear Mother come in but both she and Matt heard me said: "You are a naughty, dirty little boy.  You will not look at filth, booze and jerk off in this house."  Immediately followed by the WHACK of the sixth pop.  Stan howled and then was crying.

"What is going on here?" Mom demanded.

"I caught Stan drinking, masturbating and looking at unmentionable sites.  He didn't want me to tell you so I was spanking him, Mother."  Mother was silent and so I turned back to Stan and ordered him into the corner again.

He hobbled over with another "Sir, Yes, Sir."

"I haven't touched anything, Mother, and you can see for yourself on the screen and the bottle.  This paddle is Stan's."  I stepped away so Mother could look without my watching.

"Stanley you should be most ashamed.  This is revolting.  I'm so glad that my son has such good sense.  Go wait in the bedroom corner and I'll deal with you later."  Stan hobbled away his head bowed and sobbing.  Mother was certainly pissed at Stan.  I hoped she was not pissed at me also.

"Spike, ordinarily I would expect that you would show respect to your step-father but his behavior was so egregious that I understand how you needed to respond.  It was wrong that Stan asked you to keep quiet in return for punishing him.  I'm proud that you behaved so well under these difficult circumstances."  I don't think I've could have done any better than that and I just thanked her.  "Matt give Spike the stuff I got for him and both of you go to your room.  I want to think a bit."  As we headed upstairs, I let Matt go first and was able to get a picture of Stan in the corner with his red hot tail hanging out.

Matt was confused to say the least.  "Your father was misbehaving and wanted to hide it from Mom and asked me to punish him rather than telling.  There is not any more to say."

At dinner, Stan apologized for his terrible behavior.  He also gave me the paddle and asked me not to hesitate apply it to his bottom should he misbehave again."  I accepted his apology and promised that I would do as he asked.  I meant that promise more than any others I ever made.  Mother praised me for being so very responsible.  I remembered to thank her for the nice shirts she had gotten for me while shopping.

I was most pleased with this day.  Mom saw that I had dominated Stan and approved.  I did not doubt that he would submit in the future as well.  I was certain that I was the alpha male in this household.  It felt very good.  Matty would get an extra large load from me this evening.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. August 5, 2009

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