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Stepbrother's Metamorphosis


Eric and Bobby became stepbrothers after Bobby's mom married Eric's dad.  It was not a peaceful relationship as frequently is the case between siblings particularly step-siblings.  Thus it wasn't without some trepidation that their parents had left them alone for ten days with just Ms. MacGregor to tend to the domestic chores a few hours each day.  At seventeen Eric was very mature physically have almost achieved his full growth while at twelve Bobby was starting to enter puberty.

The parental trip had managed to get the step-brothers to agree – on their own – to co-exist peacefully in order not to be farmed out or to have a full-time babysitter.  "We are not babies any more." they emphatically declared in unison, "We can take care of ourselves."

Then on Saturday, the third day of the parental trip, while walking home from taping the High School swimming match, Eric spotted his brother and his pals, Jeffery and Tommy, smoking in the park.  He recorded the entire event documenting that Bobby did more than just trying one or two drags for he actually smoked two full cigs himself.  Eric remembered the severe punishment that he had received then he was twelve and had foolishly experimented like Bobby had.  He could not but help to rub his own butt remembering the pain from the parental strap even after some five years.

Eric then confronted Bobby to let him know that he was in hot water and he really shouldn't smoke.  Bobby put on a good show in front of his friends trying to act macho and unconcerned.  In reality, however, he was very concerned for he knew that his parents were very against smoking.  When Bobby got home an hour later, he went to see his step-brother.  He was so concerned that he even remembered that he should knock on his brother's door rather than barge in.

Eric was quite cordial for he knew that he had the goods on this big pest of a little brother.  "Are you going to tell Dad?" asked a very nervous Bobby.  Eric shook his head no and a surprised Bobby said "Thanks!"© YLeeCoyote

But then Eric spoke: "I'll just give him this tape.  Then Dad can decide exactly how you failed to keep your promises not to smoke.  I can still feel the strapping he gave me when he caught me smoking."  A very disappointed and worried Bobby went to his room and Eric returned to his web surfing.

Bobby has several things to worry about.  Once Dad knew he was sure to get strapped and probably spanked also.  It was likely that he would be grounded and, worst of all, not be trusted again.  And he would have to wait for more than a week to it to begin.  He lay on his bed worrying and trying to think of a way out of his dilemma.  What would it take for Eric not to tell Dad.  He certainly could not bribe him for he did not have any money or things that Eric didn't have more of.  Eric would surely be scornful if he begged and would treat him even more like a baby than ever.  Then it came to him.  He went to his computer and started to write an email. A few minutes later Eric's 'you got mail' icon went on.

SUBJECT: Smoking punishment
Date: Today, 15:15
Dad left you in charge!
Are you MAN enough to handle this yourself?
If you won't tell Dad, then I will submit to your judgment
and punishment.

Eric studied the brief message for sometime before answering.  It was an interesting challenge.  His kid brother was right about being in charge but would this exceed his authority.  After some hard thought he decided that since Bobby, rather than he, suggested it that it was ok.  And Dad always said that punishment should be swift but fair.  A few minutes later the mail icon went on again:

SUBJECT: Re: Smoking punishment
Date: Today, 15:30
>Are you MAN enough to handle this yourself?
Absolutely!!  You will get what I got for smoking.
I'll record it in case Dad hears of you smoking from someone
else so you don't get it double.

Soon after, Eric and Bobby were in the family room.  After setting up the camcorder, Eric instructed Bobby to strip and lie over the arm of the couch.  He skipped the lecture as he felt that Bobby already knew it.  He enjoyed watching Bobby strip.  It was not the seeing of the naked body for that was already familiar but that it was being done at his order without question.  He was favorably impressed by his young brother's acceptance of his authority and submission.  He noticed that his cock was increasingly stiff and he needed to adjust his jeans to be more comfortable.

"You will get fifty hard strokes with the strap.  It will hurt and you will cry.  You are not to move.  Understood?"  Bobby grunted an acceptance and Eric raised the strap.  Then he brought it crashing down on his step brother's bottom very hard.  WHACK!!!   Bobby yelped and a bright red strip appeared on the boy's bottom.  By the time the count had reached twenty, Bobby's bottom was a solid flaming red and he was bawling like a baby.  Eric was feeling sorry for his little brother but he knew he had to continue for that was the arrangement.  He recalled how he felt when Dad was strapping him for smoking.  He was also crying and was in pain.  Eric knew Bobby would not forgive him for being easy on him for he would be very insulted at being treated as a baby who could not take it.  After twenty-five Eric stopped and rubbed the hot buns.  "That's halfway, kid." he announced.  Compassion took over, then he was a bit gentler with the second half.  He finished up and then, after sitting on the couch, held his little brother tightly as he cried and rubbed his hot behind.  He did not feel that there was any need to speak.  Bobby was holding Eric tightly also.

For the very first time in his life he understood what his father meant when he said: "This hurts me more than it does you".  He had dreamed of spanking Bobby for a long time but now that he had actually done it was different.  He had hurt his little brother and that did not feel good nor satisfying at all even thought it was necessary, particulary with him crying in his arms.  They stayed that way for a long time.

Eric carried Bobby to his bed and gently laid him down.  Then he got some Sportscreme and, as he was kneeling by the bed, gently rubbed it into the flaming flesh to soothe it.  Bobby pulled him close and gave him a hug and a kiss and then whispered: "That really hurt but I deserved it.  Remember, you won't tell Dad."

"Never, brother.  And you won't ever smoke?"

"Never, brother."

They both knew at that moment that something had changed in their relationship; a change for the good.

They spent the rest of the day very quietly and neither felt like going out.  Bobby had his supper while standing for the obvious reason.  He also went to bed early.  Later however, he went into Eric's room and got into bed with his brother.  They held each other tightly for a long time.  Eric carefully and softly caressed his brother's still hot bottom.  "It still hurts a lot." he said softy, as a matter of fact and without any hint of recrimination in his voice.  "I deserved it."

"I know exactly how you feel.  Dad did the same to me when I was your age.  It will hurt for a week.  I felt every blow this afternoon; I must love you more than I realized."

"Jeffery and Tommy's big brothers show them a very special brotherly love.  Will you do that with me, Eric, please?"  Eric was quite astonished.  He had frequently noticed Bobby's cute little butt around the house and in his tight shorts.  Even now, crimson red, like that of a baboon in heat, he thought it scrumptious.  Bobby continued: "I want something very special and nice to remember today." and then groped him.  Eric's adolescent equipment responded instantly as Bobby played with it.  Bobby also turned so that he was prone while keeping his hand on Eric cock and assuring that Eric's hand remained on his hot ass.  There was not any ambiguity in the message.

Eric was surprised but not unhappy but he inquired: "Are you certain that you want me to?"

"YES!"  Bobby stated most emphatically.  Eric then got some lotion that he could use as a lube and quickly returned to his bed.  He covered his rampant tool and the anxious hole with the stuff.  He carefully played with the virgin hole with his fingers for a long time – until he was able to get three in all at once, for he wanted to give pleasure to his little brother rather than hurt him any more.  He withdrew his fingers and quickly brought his hard rod into position.  He pressed forward and slipped past the relaxed ring.  With a steady push the rest of his shaft slipped into the hot hole until he had to stop because his pubs were up against the hot butt cheeks.  He started slowly, but as he got excited and began to thrust rapidly and roughly until he blasted his hot load deep into his little brother.  Bobby was also excited and had been bucking back to met his brother's thrusts so that he also blasted a load into the sheets.

Bobby spoke first.  "Now I know what Jeffery and Tommy rave about.  That was fantastic."  Eric, agreed although for different reasons.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L., May 9, 1999

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