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The following story is fiction about the discipline of a boy growing up.  The story contains scenes of spanking and strapping.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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An almost thirteen-year-old boy
His step-father
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Stepfather's Spanking Lessons


It was not an unusual situation.  Glen's father had died two years before and his mother had remarried.  Mr. Travis Janzen and Glen actually got along pretty well with just about the same sorts of issues that an almost thirteen-year-old boy and his bio-father normally have.  Surprisingly there was only one boy/step-father issue and that concerned discipline.  More precisely, punishment.  Travis had different ideas (and thus practices) about it than Glen's bio-dad had.

Travis was not worried about these differences because Glen was pretty well behaved and only merited occasional punishment.  It was another matter that brought this issue to a head.  Just as many step-dads wished, Travis also wanted Glen to call him 'Dad' rather than by his first name.  Initially, he gave the boy a choice out of sensitivity for his feelings for his recently deceased father but then after a year, he decided to press the issue.  He was surprised by the response for Glen was willing once he behaved like a father should.  That required a lot of discussion but it was soon stated.  "You never spank me like a real father would." cried the boy, "My Dad spanked me good and proper."

Travis was taken aback by this but he recovered and asked: "You want to be spanked, Glen?"

"Hell NO!  Absolutely not!  I hate being spanked." he responded most emphatically.  Of course, Travis was puzzled and probed for the explanation.  "Dad spanked me when I was naughty, Travis, and it made me a better boy.  It had to be done."

* * * * * * * * * *© YLeeCoyote

It was only a couple of weeks later that Glen got into trouble.  Exactly what does not matter, but his step-father called him to task.  "OK, Glen, as you wanted we will try spanking."  After Glen nodded, Travis continued.  "Get over my lap, please."

The lad looked puzzled.  "You got to lecture me first, Travis."  He paused and added with a frown: "And you can't be so polite and certainly not say 'Please.' either."

Now it was Travis's turn to nod and he immediately began to lecture Glen like he had for the previous times the lad was naughty.  After the lecture (which was properly scalding) he said: "Get over my lap, boy."

"No, you got to take me over your lap, Travis."  The man started to pull him into position but once again Glen objected.  "You can't spank me while I'm dressed – it has to be on the bare."

"Oh, of course.  Glen take your pants down for your spanking."

"You have to do it.  Dad always took my pants down."

Travis was up to this additional task for he pulled the boy closer and opened his belt and jeans and along with his underwear pushed everything down past his knees.  Then he pulled Glen over his lap.  It probably was instinct that got him to grab the boy's waist to keep him in place.  He felt strange with the compliant boy over his lap for it was a new situation for him.  He hesitated a bit before raising his hand and bringing it down on Glen's buttocks.

"Well, are you going to spank me or not?" asked Glen with words that were dripping with thick sarcasm.

"I just gave you a spank."

"That wasn't a spank.  It was a love tap.  Not even hard enough for a birthday spanking.  You got to spank a lot harder and turn my butt red hot."

Travis raised his hand and again brought it down on Glen's butt somewhat harder.  As Glen snorted that wasn't even close to being hard enough, Travis saw that there was not even a hint of pink much less red on the target.  "I'm afraid of hurting you, Glen." he said.

"Travis, a spanking is suppose to hurt; hurt a whole lot.  Even make me cry."

The next spank was a bit harder but still inadequate.  "You got to put some effort into this.  I'm not a little kid of five who is so breakable."

Travis was beginning to get the message and increased the intensity of his spanks.  As he did he noticed that Glen's butt was turning pink and even a bit red.  He decided that was enough and so he stopped and lifted Glen up.  Travis even pulled up the lad's pants.  "So how was that?" he asked (quite sure of the answer).

"That would have been fine if I was a four-year-old, Travis.  But I'm almost thirteen and it should be a lot harder and I should even cry." said a disappointed Glen.

"OK, Glen, you asked for it.  I'll try again." said Travis as he grabbed his step-son.  Glen was surprised at the fast reaction as his pants were speedily lowered once again.  He was flipped over Travis's lap immediately afterwards.  This time Travis had a good grip on Glen's waist as he applied properly forceful spanks to the boy's butt.  After a few spanks there were several noticeable changes at both ends of Glen.  The target area was quickly turning red as Travis's hand prints merged and the other end was reacting to the pain with yelps.

Travis realized that was how it should be; well at least that is what Glen expected.  He was wondering if it was time to stop when there was a change in Glen.  His body tone changed for he wasn't tight any longer but sort of limp.  Also, he was sobbing.  Travis decided to spank a bit more although not as hard and Glen continued to cry.  When he stopped he lifted Glen up and got a big and pleasant surprise.  The boy threw his arms about his neck held tightly and continued to cry on his shoulder.  When his crying slowed down, Travis was surprised to hear the boy's words mixed with sobs: "I'm sorry, Daddy.  I won't do it again."  He was overjoyed to hear that most special word from his step-son after such a long wait.  He hugged the boy until he wanted to go.

An hour later, they talked.  Glen promised that his behavior would improve.

And it did as Dad happily noticed.  It would be too much to expect that the lad would be perfect so there were spankings every four to six weeks thereafter.

* * * * * * * * * *

Travis was quite happy that he adopted Glen's bio-father's spanking method for besides being most effective, it tightened the bond with his step-son.  He found it most interesting that although Glen hated to be spanked, he accepted it without any resistance.  Well, until one day when it would have been Travis's eight or ninth spanking when Glen strenuously objected.

"You can't spank me; I'm not a little kid anymore." he declared forcefully.

Travis was quite surprised and insisted on an explanation which was immediately forthcoming.  "I'm a teenager now.  Father explained that when I was, he would stop spanking me like a little kid OTK and have me get into position for the belt like a young man should just like he had to do for grandfather do at that age."

"That sounds reasonable, Glen.  Did your father explain all the details?  Tell me what he told you." said Travis now understanding how Glen's mind was functioning.  Of course, Glen dutifully explained the entire procedure like his father had explained to him what his own father had done and expected.

They took a few minutes to get ready.  Travis insisted that he should take a few practice cuts to learn how the belt behaves to be sure that he had good control and would only connect on the proper target.  The two carefully studied the way the belt wrapped around and then concluded that it should be doubled over before use.

That all done, Travis gave the order.  "It is time for your strapping, young man.  Get into position with your pants down – now."

Somewhat fearfully, for he knew that the belt would be more painful, Glen opened his belt and jeans and pushed them down to his knees.  Then he bent over and rested his hand on his bed.  "Ready, Father." he said trying to be brave as possible.

He did not realize how much more painful the belt would be for when the first cut connected he yelled.  It was only with great effort that he didn't jump up. This was many times worse that a spanking but he wanted to be man and take it rather than a baby and jump up.  As soon as he could he got a tight grip on the bedclothes to help stay in position.

When Travis decided he should stop, he did and told Glen to get up.  He expected that the boy would cling to him like he had after all the previous spankings and cry, especially since the belt surely hurt a lot more than his hand.  But he was disappointed for Glen just pulled up his pants and obviously fighting back the tears mumbled: "I'm sorry, Father." before falling down on his bed.  Travis was certain that the boy was sobbing so he discreetly withdrew figuring that he needed to be alone for a while he came to terms with his punishment.

It was a long time before the belt had to used again in this way which pleased them both.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. November 12, 2013

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