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The following story is fiction about stepsibling spankings.  The story contains scenes of spanking and jerk off sex.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

The inspiration for this story and the illustrations are from the artist Dimos at who has granted permission to post and these are from the three part "Curious Stepsister" series posted in September, 2020. The links to the captioned but censored versions are  (Note that Pixiv requires free registration.)  He has also posted uncensored versions on and those are the ones that I have linked to here.   Click to open the image off-site (NSFW).

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Stepsibling Spanking


Their parents had only been married for a few weeks and they were still getting to know each other.  “They” being fifteen-year-old Marlin and his thirteen-year-old stepsister Simone.  They had been only children but now as adolescents they were learning about larger families in a very practical manner.  They were fortunate in having their own bedrooms but they shared a connecting bathroom.  One thing they quickly agreed on is that living together would take a lot of getting use to.

It certainly would not be a surprise that they were both heavily laden with hormones that oft fill adolescent bodies.  For many cultural reasons neither had been able to fulfill their desires except by themselves so that they were always horny.  That they also both were putting out sexual pheromones exacerbated the problem that they both feared – incest.

Neither had been able to resist checking out the other’s body trying to deduce what was hidden inside the other’s clothes.  What bumps and curves indicated different sorts of bodily parts?  If the two had been thrown together as strangers in a “Blue Lagoon” setting many of their activities would have been quickly censurable.

Fate had decided that this evening they would be alone together in the house for their parents were going to be out late.  They both spent the afternoon engaged in exhausting ritual warfare, known as sport, and thus were content to remain home.

After eating Marlin went to shower and Simone engaged in one of her newly developed interests of spying on her new brother.  This time things were highly charged for warfare stimulates primitive bodily functions and particularly Marlin’s contact sport had driven him to win and left him a raging hormone center blasting out pheromones.  She was primed to pickup on such things because of her complementary activities.© YLeeCoyote

The actors were set and had a private stage.

* * * * * * * * * *

Simone had been peeping at Marlin through the keyhole and saw him drying off after a shower and go into his room.  He was naked and failed to close the door behind him.  Simone quickly opened her door to the bathroom and made a dash for her new stepbrother.  She grabbed Marlin from behind.  Her head slipped under his right arm as she wrapped her left arm about his waist. Before he knew what was happening her right hand had slipped between his legs and grabbed his balls.

“Relax, Marlin.  We’re going to have a lot of FUN!” she sang and moved her hand to start jerking his cock.  No matter what his rational mind might have thought, his cock acted without any doubts instantly springing to full hardness in just a couple of seconds from the touch of an attractive nubile young lady.

It was impossible to know who was the most excited for they were both virgins.  “You love this so don’t try to resist brother.” she ordered in sweet tones.  Even her clumsy efforts were quite sufficient to get him to cum within a couple of minutes making a natural mess.  Of course, he cried out in ecstasy when that happened.

Simone was positively elated at how things were progressing.  She was feeling the rush of the power of making Marlin orgasm.  He, however, was trying to recover from exactly that.  It is not clear why she suddenly felt like a babysitter with a naughty boy in her hands.

She was an experienced babysitter knew exactly what a naughty boy needs and knew that the sooner the better.

* * * * * * * * * *

Simone sat on the stool that was right there and pulled the temporarily incapacitated youth over her lap.  “You’re such a naughty boy, Marlin, making a mess like that.” she said with great conviction and immediately commenced to spank him.  As he regained his composure he quickly started to object.  She just continued spanking and repeating that he was a naughty boy getting his due.

Then she dropped the big threat.  “Shut up and take your punishment or I’ll tell Mom that you were perving on me while I was changing and jerking off at seeing my body. Then you’ll have an extended discussion with Dad’s belt.”

She continued spanking with renewed vigor.  He was continuing to plead for her to stop.  “Enough.  Please Stop.”

“Not nearly enough naughty one.” she retorted and enthusiastically continued to spank.

It was totally unexpected.  It certainly was not known what the immediate cause – the spanking or the rubbing of his dick on a pretty and sexy girl’s thigh – but Marlin cummed a second time under his stepsister’s relentless spanking hand.

Simone could not resist and grabbed Marlin’s throbbing cock and found that it was still turgid and continuing to spurt semen.  This was not quite what she had been taught in sex ed classes.  Marlin must be quite a stud for he had cum twice in just a few minutes and was still ready for more.

Nevertheless, he had made another mess exactly like the one he was being punished for.

* * * * * * * * * *

That last thought made Simone realize that hand spanking her athletic stud stepbrother had great drawbacks.  Top of the list was that her hand was hurting from striking his rock hard muscular tail.  And obviously it was not much of a punishment as he cummed while she was spanking.  Stronger measures were obviously called for.

If Simone had been a boy, then there would have been thoughts of a paddle or a leather strap of some sort but she thought of that traditional woman’s implement – her hairbrush.

Not so gently she got Marlin off of her lap and sprinted to her room to get the brush and returned in just a few seconds.  In that time Marlin had gotten to try to rub the pain away (although she didn't think that was really necessary).

“Lean on the dresser, Marlin, and we’ll continue your spanking with this.”

“No.  Please you spanked me enough.  Please no more, Ma’am.” he whined and unconsciously using the formal address his mother required when she spanked him.

“Yes, more!  My hand was hardly effective since you cummed again.  Into position now or would you like to have that discussion with Dad’s belt?” she said most firmly.  It was effective for Marlin leaned over the dresser gripping the far edge presenting his bottom for her not so tender administrations.

Simone set to her task with a will for she was determined that Marlin should know that she spanked him thoroughly.  She believed that she was doing this for after a few minutes Marlin’s vocalization indicated he was feeling the spanking.  She was even sure that he was beginning to cry.

Suddenly Marlin gave a yell.  “Fuck!  I’m cumming!” and as the hairbrush struck once more time she heard him crying as he shot a third load.

A few minutes later, Marlin spoke.  “Simone that was fantastically intense.  We’ll have to do it again.”  Simone had to agree.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. February 11, 2022

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