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This is the second Stevie story.  The first one is here and there is a link to the next at the end.

The Stevie Chronicles – Story 2:
Stevie Meets the Duke


Editor's note:  Your chronicler got this true account via Henry who is Stevie's teddy bear.  (The truth is that Henry was unlawfully bugged.)  Stevie tells everything to Henry every night.  Please imagine that you are Henry listening to Stevie's first person account.  A little background information is in order.  Stevie has been living happily with Aunt Emma and Uncle Adam as their eleven-year-old son for more than a decade now.  They are all very happy with the arrangement.  He doesn't have any problems passing as a boy because he is small (some would say a runt and others a shrimp) and hardly has any facial hair.  As Stevie would say about other hair "Aunt Emma makes sure to remove any traces down there every week."

Henry, the day started very nicely.  Me, Aunt Emma and Uncle Adam went to visit Uncle Kevin and his family.  The boys are David who is seventeen and Timothy, thirteen.  The morning was lots of fun.  Me, David and The Duke -- that what Timothy insists on being called -- played tag and catch in the yard for a while.  Then we all went swimming in their pool while Uncle Kevin and Uncle Adam watched to be sure we did not drown.  Duke is a big guy for thirteen, and like his older brother David, has a big bulge in his swim suit not like the tinny-tiny bump in mine.  After lunch the grown ups decided to go out and were not going to be back until late.  They said something about using a ferry to cross the sound.

Shortly after that Chuck who is Duke's buddy came over.  I thought David was going to be in charge but soon he went out and I was alone with Duke and Chuck.  Henry, I don't think they liked me particularly since they had to watch me.  They quickly setup lots and lots of complicated rules and told me that they would spank me for every infraction.  In very short order, Henry, they decided that I was a bad boy and needed to be punished with a spanking.  I said that I hadn't done anything and they said an extra spanking for back talk.

There was not any place to run so I just stood there while they stripped me completely.  They pulled all my clothes -- even my runners and socks -- off very quickly so I was totally naked.  They laughed at how small I was and boasted that they each had hair about their cocks for more than two years.  I felt like I was a little baby with them.  I was all naked and they were in tight t-shirts and jeans displaying their manly muscles.  It was clear that their pe-nises were hard because their jeans were bulging a lot.  "If you get over my lap without fighting I'll only use my hand otherwise...." declared the Duke.  He never finished that sentence but I did not want to find out what he would use.  Henry, I have heard very scary stories of straps and hairbrushes and paddles and they sound so hard.  I'm sure that they hurt very much.

As I laid down over the Duke's lap I hoped he would not spank me very hard.  He held me in place with his left hand and started to spank me with his right.  He was not nearly as strong as Uncle Adam but he hit as hard as he could and it really did hurt.  Chuck was said that I was turning red very nicely starting with hand prints.  I did not want to cry, but I couldn't help it.  Soon after that the Duke stopped spanking and told Chuck that it was his turn.  Chuck was a lefty and I had to face the other way.  I was already hurting when he started to spank me.  I was bawling uncontrollably in just a few minutes.  Henry, although it is a little different when a lefty spanks you, it still hurts.© YLeeCoyote

When Chuck stopped and stood me up I could see that the Duke had opened his jeans and pulled down his briefs.  His young thing was hard and sticking up from a thick mess of hair.  Something was glistening at the tip.  "Suck my cock, boy." commanded Duke.  I did not move so Chuck just pushed me down on my knees in front of him.

"I don't know how." I stammered.

"Just like a lollipop and no bitting." he instructed.  I thought that it was dirty but I was afraid of what they would do so I gave it a little lick.  "Suck it, boy!" he shouted and when I opened my mouth to object, he shoved it in and held my head.  It was strangely hard yet soft at the same time.  Even stranger was that my own pee-pee got stiff.

"The kid likes it!" cried Chuck, "He got boner!"  With that he reached down and started to play with my, er, boner, Henry.  It felt good.  Real good.

Duke was still moving my head back and forth and his pe-nis was even harder that it was before.  Also, he was making strange noises.  Suddenly, he yelled: "I'm commmming; I'm COOOOMMMMMING!"  His whole body jerked and some sticky stuff squirted out of his pee-pee into my mouth.  It wasn't pee, Henry, because it was very thick and Duke said it was "seed".  He made me swallow it.  Later he told me that if I was a girl, I would have his baby from the "seed".  I'm glad I'm not a girl, Henry, because I don't want a baby.  He also told me that I was a good cock sucker and he enjoyed it and was happy that we had done it.  Maybe he likes me more now.

Then Chuck said it was his turn and I did the same thing with him.  He also shot some "seed" into my mouth which I also swallowed.  Chuck did not hold my head like Duke did and it was more fun because I did not choke.  Duke was playing with my hard pee-pee and that felt good but I never "comed" like they did.  I think that a hand is not enough to come or I'm too little, Henry.

Duke and Chuck wanted to go to the Mall, but they did not have very much money.  I said the Uncle Adam had given me TEN DOLLARS so that I could pay my way if we went anywhere and they were very happy.  They helped me dress so fast that we forgot my underpants.  Also, Duke put the money in his wallet so that I wouldn't lose it.  I guess, Henry, that he was being very careful like a grown up.  It was a ten minute walk to the Mall and they told me that if I did not behave they would spank me again -- right there in the Mall -- with my shorts pulled down and where everyone could watch.  I promised to be a good boy.

We went to the arcade in the Mall first and Duke was very careful with the money.  All totalled we had almost thirteen dollars to spend.  He saved most of it to eat with and the rest he spent on tokens.  They played very fast games and it was fun to watch them.  They laughed at the slow game I wanted and said it was a baby game and a waste of money.  Chuck gave me a hard slap on my bottom and I knew I had better be quiet.  When we ran out of tokens, we watched others play and then wandered in the Mall.  We went to the food court to eat.  We all had burgers and shakes but mine was in a kiddy meal because they said I was a baby without any hair on his pee-pee.  The young man and cashier lady both said I was too big for the kiddy meal but Duke told them that I was just a little kid of eight and that's what his mommy said to get him.  They laughed and did not say any more.  The place mat to color was different than I had seen before but I did only part of it.  I think that kiddy meals are best, Henry.

All went well until the end when I spilled my shake.  Duke immediately yelled at me that I was a careless and naughty boy in need of a spanking.  He dragged me by the hand out of the food court and to a bench in the main corridor.  He said down and pulled me over his lap.  Henry, I was begging him not to spank me even though I was a bad boy but he continued.  He pulled down my shorts so that my bottom was exposed.  Then he gave me ten hard spanks with his hand right there in the Mall where everyone could see.  I could hear some kids giggling as they watched. Then he stood me up so that they got a good view of my just spanked bottom.  Then Duke turned me to face them.  "Tell them why you got spanked, Stevie."

"I was a naughty and careless boy who spilled my shake and made a mess." I said almost in tears.  As my shorts were still down they all could also see my little pee-pee.  Like when I was sucking Duke and Chuck earlier it was stiff and I was very ashamed.  Gee, Henry, I wish I could really be a good boy.  Duke pulled up my shorts and we started back to Uncle Kevin's place.  On the way out Chuck wanted to take a leak so we stopped in the men's room.  Both Duke and Chuck took leaks.  Duke asked if I was sure I did not have to go and I said I didn't.  Henry, I really did want to tinkle but I did not want my red bottom to show so I did not.  It was naughty of me to lie like that.

Then as we were going through the park, I had to pee-pee very bad.  Duke said there wasn't any place to go in the park and I should have gone in the Mall like they did.  See Henry, how quickly I was found out.  I told him that I really, really had to go and he said only dogs do it in the open and told me take off my shorts and get down on my hands and knees.  Then he said to lift my leg like a dog does.  Henry, I had to go so badly and did not want to wet my shorts like a baby so I did.  Both Duke and Chuck found that it was very funny that I did it.  I don't think that any one else saw me.  He gave back my shorts for the rest of the walk home.

Back in Duke's room he and Chuck began to argue whether or not I should be spanked for pissing in park like a dog and not going in the Mall like I should have.  Duke said maybe it was time for me to learn about sex and used the very naughty f-word.  In any case I had to get undressed.  It sounded exciting, Henry, even though is was so very naughty.  Chuck grabbed my pee-pee and pulled on it and it became hard although not nearly as big as Duke's or Chuck's.  Chuck declared that the first step to learn about f-word-ing was to be spanked.  He sat down on the bed and pulled me over his lap and gave me at least twenty hard spanks.  It hurt as usual, but there was something special about it because my pee-pee stayed hard.

Duke then had me lie on my back and Chuck held my legs up so that my feet were near my ears.  Then he put some slippery cream on my bottom hole and rubbed his finger on it.  It felt very cold at first but then it was very nice and he pushed a finger go inside of me, Henry.  That was very strange but he kept telling me to relax as he kept doing it.  All the while Chuck was playing with my pee-pee which he had covered with some of the slippery cream.  They made me fell very good and I just closed my eyes and enjoyed it.  I heard Duke say that he had three fingers in and that should be enough.  That sounded unbelievable, Henry.  Duke took his fingers away and then put something else in.  It started to hurt me a bit and I looked to see and, Henry, he was putting his hard pee-pee right into my bottom hole.  It hurt a little but he said to relax and then it was ok.  Then he started to move in and out a lot.  My own pee-pee got very, very hard and suddenly something felt very good inside of me.  Like when I sucked him, he yelled "I'm Cooommmmming" and shoved into me very hard while he was jerking.  It happened to me also, Henry, and I felt very good.

Then Chuck f-word-ed me.  He had me kneel and did it from the rear.  He said it was doggy style and did it that way because I had peed in the park just like a doggy.  I did not care because it felt just as nice as when Duke did it the other way.  After Chuck comed, they made me sit on the toilet to let the "seed" out.  They said it would stain my underpants if I did not the s-word it out.

Before they let me get dressed, I had to promise never ever to tell cross my heart and hope to die any grown ups what we had done.  That is because grown ups want to keep all the fun for themselves and not let us kids have any.  I asked and they said that I could tell you Henry because you are my very special friend and not a grown up.

We all had microwaved pizza for din-din and I watched cartoons while they surfed on the in-ter-net until the grown ups came home.  After a while I watched the computer because they had pictures of naked men and boys.  Some of the men had very big pe-nises and they all had very big muscles.  The boys were all skinny and cute and had big pee-pees even if they did not have any hair.  A few of them were playing with each other like Duke and Chuck did with me.  I guess that what we did is not so dirty after all.

Chuck had gone home and we were expecting the grown ups home soon.  They told us they would be back by 6:30 and it was almost 7:00.  The predicted storm had arrived three hours early and it was also raining very hard.  I was worrying, Henry, because they were late but the Duke was telling me that all was well and that they were just driving slow because of the rain.  Then the phone rang; it was Duke's father, Uncle Kevin.  The storm had caused the sound to be so rough that the ferry had been stopped and some roads were flooded and they were going to have to stay in a hotel for the night.  The State Police were expecting that all would be fine by midmorning.  Duke told them that "All is well here, we had eaten and there was lots more in the 'frig.  We'll be fine; after all even Stevie knows how to wipe his own bottom."  (Actually, Henry, Duke used a naughty word and did not say bottom.)  "Also, that David was still out with his friends."  Then mommy spoke with me.  She said to be a good boy and go to bed on time.  (Henry, she knows how I like to stay up late even when I'm tired.)  They left the phone number just in case of a problem.

We, me and the Duke went back to playing computer games.  Duke let me sit on his lap and I could feel his hard thing through my shorts.  Then the phone rang again.  This time, Henry, it was David.  His friend's parents insisted that he stay because of the storm.  The storm was getting stronger and there was lots of lighting and thunder.  You know I don't like that, Henry, but sitting on the Duke's lap I was not afraid.  Duke explained that he did not tell David the that grown ups were not coming home so that he would not have travel in the awful storm.  He is so considerate, Henry.

I was surprised that at only 8 o'clock that the Duke said that I should start getting ready for bed.  I told him that mommy lets me stay up until 9 before she gives me my bedtime bath.  Well, Henry, he put on a real stern face and said: "Stevie, your mommy is NOT here and I'm in charge.  I can see that you are tired and I SAY THAT IT'S TIME FOR YOUR BATH, NOW!"  I asked for another fifteen minutes and he just turned me over his lap, pulled down my shorts and undies and gave me fifteen spanks.  I'm glad to say that he did not spank me very hard but it certainly told me who was in charge.  He pulled my pants up and stood up taking my hand.  "Time for your bath, Stevie."

As I he started to lead me the bathroom, I said: "Yes, Duke".  Henry, we stopped first in his bedroom to undress because he said I'll have to wear the same clothes tomorrow and we have to fold them neatly.  He got undressed also because he said he did not want to get his clothes wet.  Since we were alone it was ok to be naked.  Henry, he's such a careful boy thinking of things like that.  Then we got fresh towels and a brand new tooth brush for me.  He washed me very carefully all over just like mommy does but different.  He did not miss anywhere.  He played with my pee-pee so that it got stiff when he washed it and when he washed my bottom crack he even pushed a finger into my hole to make sure that was clean also.  It was lots of fun.  While the water was draining he closed the curtain and got in himself.  Then he took a shower while I was there.  It was fun, Henry, to rinse off like we were in the rain.  When the water ran off his thingy it looked like he was pee-peeing in the shower.  Then he rubbed me down with the towel and made me feel all warm.

Then, when he was also dry, together we brushed our teeth and pee-peed.  He made his stream hit mine and so it did not go straight.  It was kewl crossing our yellow swords, Henry.  Duke told me it is even more fun to play like that in the woods when you don't have to be careful to keep it in the bowl.

Back in the bedroom, he told me that I should use David's bed and I said: "Duke, I never sleep alone but always with my teddy bear, Henry.  (See, even when I'm away I don't forget you.)  I want to sleep with you tonight particularly with the storm and thunder and lightning and everything."  And just then there was a load crash and I just grabbed him and held on very tight.  "Please, pretty please Duke" I pleaded.  He then rumpled my hair, picked me up and threw me into the bed.  After he put out the light, he got into the bed and he held me tight just like I hold you, Henry.  I felt very good and safe.  After a few minutes, I could feel his hard thing pressing against my bottom, so I asked him: 'Duke can we play the secret games like we did this afternoon?" Before he could answer, I put my hand on his hard thing and started to play with it.

"You little imp!" cried Duke and pushed me down to suck on his shaft.  That's the way as he said it. Under the cover it was nice and warm.  I felt safe from the nasty storm and happy to be sucking on the Duke.  I was having so much fun sucking him, that when he tried to get me to pull stop, I held on very tight and he shot his "seed" into my mouth.  He pretended to be mad at me and turned me on to my stomach and gave me ten light spanks on each check telling that I was a very bad boy.  We were both laughing.  Just about then the storm got very violent with lots and lots of thunder and lighting.  I stayed under the cover, Henry, while the big brave Duke held me tight and kept the horrid monsters away.

Henry, while he held me tight -- all nice and safe, I could feel his thingy getting hard and pressing up against the crack in bottom.  I was wishing that he would put it into me again because it felt so that afternoon.  But I couldn't say the f-word so I just wigged my bottom against his ever hardening thingy.  He reached down and played with my thingy which was stiff again.  Then he let go of me and got something from the night stand.  It was the slippery cream.  Oh, Henry, I was so happy; he was going to f-word me again and he did not even ask about it.  Somehow I like doing what he wants me to more than doing those chores that Aunt Emma keeps telling me to do.  Anyway, I just laid the quietly on my tummy while Duke played with my bottom and put lot of the slippery cream on my hole.  He even stuck his fingers in again.  It did not hurt at all like it did in the afternoon and I was not the least bit afraid.  Then he got between my legs and pushed his thingy into my hole.  It felt real good especially when he was pushing it and pulling it out a lot.  Henry, we both got that good, shaky feeling and he put more "seed" into me.  He turned us on to the side and stayed in me while we fell asleep.

He the morning I remembered that I had not said my prayers when I went to bed and told Duke.  He said that was naughty (as I already knew) and he would spank me for it so we would not have to tell Uncle Adam and Aunt Emma.  He sat on the chair and I put myself across his lap and: "Duke, please not very hard."  He asked If I knew why I was being spanked and told for forgetting to say my prayers.  Then he gave me fifteen spanks on each side.  He did not hit very hard this time probably because I confessed to him very early.  It hurt a bit but I did not cry.  When he finished, he told me to say then now but to start by apologizing to Him and asking forgiveness and for keeping me safe all night.  Then we got washed and dressed and had breakfast.

Henry, I had the same thing as Duke had -- orange juice, cereal, some pizza and chocolate milk.  That is real chocolate milk made with real chocolate syrup that is soooo good.  Aunt Emma never lets me have that at breakfast and Duke said we won't tell that but just say milk.

David came soon after that and was surprised that we had stayed alone.  Duke pointed out that there was nothing to do because every one was stuck because of the storm.  Beside it all worked out OK and there was plenty of food.  Just then the phone rang.  It was the grown ups checking up (again), Henry, and that they will be home in a couple of hours.  David told them all was well and that we had had breakfast already.  He did not tell them that he had just came in since they did not ask.

Henry, the Duke whispered into my ear that David's thingy's was half hard and that he would like it if I sucked it.  I giggled and then nodded my head.  Duke then told his brother that I would given him a blow job.  David was surprised and asked if I really wanted to.  I asked Duke if that was sucking and he said it was so I told David yes.  We when back to the bedroom and David opened his pants and took out his thingy which got real big and hard.  I tried to get it all into my mouth but it was too big so I did the best that I could, Henry, and licked it all over also.  In just a few minutes David grabbed my head and shot his "seed" into me.  He had more "seed" than Duke did but it must be because he is bigger and older.

Duke reminded me that I must not tell about the special games we played and that I had promised with cross my heart.  Also, there was no reason to tell that David was not home all night because of the storm.  The grown ups did return a little later.

Uncle Kevin and Uncle Adam asked how we did.  Duke told them that we had lots of fun together.  We had gone to the Mall, played in the arcade and had eaten in the food court.  Then we played a little in the park before returning home.  Then I watched TV while they surfed the web and that we had pizza for dinner.  He also thanked Uncle Adam for his generosity because I had treated them in the Mall.  Aunt Emma asked about what we had for breakfast and Duke said juice, cereal, milk and some left over pizza.  Duke even said I had my bath and said my prayers (not mentioning that I did it in the morning).  He finished up saying that he would love to have me visit again and that I was a good boy and not any trouble at all.  They were both pleased particularly when I said that I had fun too.

They were also surprised that we managed to be ok all by ourselves overnight.  I'll bet that they would be more pleased if they knew David had been out also.  I wanted to tell them that but David and Duke has said not to.

Henry, I was wrong when I thought that Duke did not like me.  He did not tell Uncle Adam that I was bad so many times and he spanked me.  If he had then Uncle would have spanked me very hard when we got home for being a bad boy and guest.  And, of course, he did not tell about the secret things we did that were so much fun.  And yes Henry, I even remembered my manners when we left.  While the grown ups were saying good bye I was able to thank Duke for being so nice and particularly for not telling that he had to spank me.  Also that I hoped that he would not get into trouble for lying about me.  Duke said that us kids need to stick together and he had fun too.  He said that he would be OK if I didn't spill the beans since he wasn't going to. He gave me a nice pat on my butt and it felt good.

I hope, Henry, that I can go visiting Duke again.  He's so very nice to me.  I like it a lot when he puts his hard pee-pee into me.  I bet he knows more things to teach me.  Goodnight Henry, sleep well.

The End

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