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The following story is fiction and contains scenes of spankings of a youth by his younger babysitter's boyfriend.  If this subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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This is the sixth Stevie story and follows shortly after the fifth.  Although not required, it would be best to read them in order: Story 1

The Stevie Chronicles – Story 6:
Stevie and Freddy's Day in the Park


Editor's note:  In this sixth story of the series, like the first two stories, Stevie tells all to Henry, his teddy bear, and we overhear it thanks to unlawful bugging.  A little background information is in order.  This story takes place shortly after the fifth when Stevie was still living with his Mommy and was seventeen years old unlike the first four when he was much older.  Here he acted and was treated as if he was half his age by his mother.  He doesn't have any problems passing as a boy because he is small (some would say a runt and others a shrimp) and hardly has any facial hair.

Henry, it should have been a very good day.  Ms. Lucy took me to the park with my friend Freddy, who is lots of fun to play with.  I'm sure that you remember Freddy from when we had a sleepover and, of course, his teddy bear, Zoey, who you flirted with.  We went to the castle which is fun and pretended that we were the Princes who lived there.

No, Henry.  Not all princes live in palaces.  A long time ago, kings had castles so the princes lived in castles.

I was a good boy, but Freddy climbed onto the top of the wall on the top level and stood up there.  Now we are only allowed to sit there with our feet on the inside, so Ms. Lucy yelled at Freddy immediately and then she was very mad at us.  We had to go downstairs right away and then Ms. Lucy lectured Freddy a long time.  I felt bad too because I had to listen and she warned him that he was going to get spanked if he was naughty again.  She said we both so irresponsible for seventeen-year-olds.

Freddy behaved better after that and we had lots of fun.  We played catch with some other boys who were also in the park.  Then we played in the woods.  Henry, it's a good thing that Ms. Lucy saw me fall because I got my shorts all muddy.  I don't think that she would have believed that it really was an accident otherwise.  Fortunately, Freddy was not near me at the time.  But later we were by the stream and we both slipped.  It actually washed some of the mud off my shorts but Ms. Lucy was very mad at both of us for being so terribly careless and getting so wet.© YLeeCoyote

She made us get undressed right there in the park.  Yes, Henry, undressed.  It was in the woods and there are not very many people about and one can only see only a little way but it was still outside in the park.  We had to take off everything – shirts, shorts, briefs, socks and sneakers.  Then we had to wring each item as hard as we could to get out as much water as possible.  It seemed to take a long time and Ms. Lucy had us do our briefs and shorts last.  Some boys came by and laughed at us but, Henry, that was not the worst part.  The worst part was some girls came that Ms. Lucy knew from school and they watched also.  A couple of them had never seen a boy naked, and Ms. Lucy let them examine our pee-pees and even handle them.  Another one said her little brother's pe-nis was much bigger than mine and he was only ten.  It was our own fault for being so careless and falling into the water.

Since it was such a warm day Ms. Lucy did not take us right home but we had to leave the woods and go to the plaza.  She wanted us to run around the fountain in the hot sun to dry.  Because our briefs would not dry under our shorts and we might get diaper rash if we wore them wet, we had to run holding our briefs in our hands so that they would dry.  Henry, lots of kids saw our Underoos® and knew what they were and laughed at us running around waving them.  A couple of them even sang the song.  You know the one, Henry,

I see London.
I see France.
I see someone's underpants.

Yes, Henry, they were laughing a lot.

We were very tired after that and so we just sat on a bench and rested rather than going to the zoo and seeing the animals.  It would have been nicer to lie on the grass but Ms. Lucy said that the lawn was damp and we needed to dry more.

While we were doing this Ms. Lucy's boyfriend, Lucas, called her on her cell phone.  Mommy says that I have to grow up before I can have a cell phone, Henry.  Lucas is Freddy's brother.  Freddy is my age and Lucas is just a-year-older than Ms. Lucy.  Although neither Freddy nor I are grown up enough for a cell phone, Lucas, like Ms. Lucy, is.  Actually, Lucas is very grown up because he never needs a babysitter and he is allowed to stay up until ten on school nights and eleven on weekends and even later on special occasions.  He's even allowed to use the subway all by himself.  Yes, Henry, he really is a boy but you know that Mommy explained that some boys grow up like he did.  I wish that I did but I'm glad that Mommy makes sure that I'm safe by having a babysitter when she can't be with me.

Ms. Lucy decided that we were dry enough so we headed back into the woods because she wanted to meet Lucas there.  Freddy got very nervous when Ms. Lucy told us that.  Henry, Freddy whispered to me that he hoped that Ms. Lucy would not tell his brother what he did at the castle.  He did not explain why because he did not have enough time when Ms. Lucy would not hear him.  It felt good almost hearing a secret, Henry.

After we met Lucas, Freddy could tell me the rest because Lucas and Ms. Lucy wanted to hug and kiss like grown ups do.  They were not listening to us.  Freddy told me that his father had promised him a really hard spanking if he climbed onto the castle wall again.  He knew that Ms. Lucy did not know this but his brother did.  After they finished hugging and kissing (yes, mouth to mouth, Henry).  They liked feeling each other all over and Lucas' pe-nis got big and hard in his jeans and Ms. Lucy squeezed and rubbed it.  It was much bigger then when I saw it when we all went to pee-pee last month.  I told you then when Lucas is soft his pe-nis is bigger than my pee-pee is when hard.  Ms. Lucy must have told Lucas about the day for what we heard next was Lucas saying: "He climbed where?"  Well, Ms. Lucy told him and Freddy was very scared.

"Lucas spanks me harder than Father does, Stevie." he whispered to me.  I wished that I could have taken him away but I could not do that, Henry.  We just listened to Ms. Lucy tell about our day and all the trouble we got into.  Ms. Lucy had been very kind not spanking us for getting wet but Lucas was very angry about what his brother had done.  Lucas is very grown up, Henry, and is empowered to spank Freddy.  He always spanks Freddy as soon as possible after he is naughty but he was not deterred because that happened in the morning.  A few minutes later he was lecturing Freddy for climbing on the wall which is very dangerous for it is four stories down to the ground which is very hard solid rock.  Freddy begged him to wait until they got home but Lucas never waits.  If he had been there this morning, Freddy would have been spanked on his bare bottom right there on top of the castle with everyone watching.  Freddy gave Lucas one of his sneakers and then Lucas took Freddy's shorts off.  He was fully exposed since he was carrying his Underoos®.  He went over his brother's lap and Lucas gave him some hand spanks to start.  They were much harder than those from Ms. Lucy because he is much stronger being a young man.  Freddy's bottom was turning red when Lucas switched to using the sneaker.  After just three hard whacks with that Freddy was crying and the next three made him bawl like a baby.  Lucas gave him another ten spanks with just his hand.  I'm so glad, Henry, that Lucas did not spank me like that.  I felt sorry for Freddy, though.

Lucas stood Freddy up and led him over to a tree.  He had to stand with his nose touching the tree, his hands on top of his head and his hot red bottom exposed to everyone who came by.  The boys all giggled when they saw him and some even rubbed their own bottoms because they knew what it was like to be spanked.  But, Henry, the girls were even worse.  They laughed and most of them touched his red-hot behind.  Some of them peeked and looked at his pee-pee.  If asked, Ms. Lucy explained that Lucas had spanked his brother for disobeying their father and doing something very dangerous.  Most were surprised because Freddy is five years older than Lucas.

While Freddy was doing his corner, er, tree time, Lucas inquired about why we were carrying rather than wearing our Underoos®.  He was not pleased that we were so careless that we fell into the water.  He told Ms. Lucy that he would spank Freddy for that tomorrow.  Ms. Lucy thought that it was only fair that I also get spanked for that same misdeed and asked Lucas to do the honors.  Lucas agreed for he said that would be very fair.  He made me stand in front of him and lectured me about being careful and how I could have drowned.  I must have looked puzzled for he explained that I could have hit my head and been knocked unconscious and fallen into the water and DROWN.  Grown ups are so clever, Henry.  Then he took my shorts off and got me over his lap.  I was very fearful that he would use Freddy's sneaker but fortunately he did not.  He spanks very hard like Freddy said he did and he made me cry.  Ms. Lucy held me as I cried which was very nice.  When I stopped crying, Henry, Ms. Lucy helped me dress and then wiped my face with a tissue.  Then she did the same for Freddy.

Ms. Lucy took me home to Mommy and Lucas took his brother home.  After dinner Mommy bathed me and then tucked me into bed with my very favorite Teddy Bear.

Of course, that means you, my dear Henry.  I'm so very glad that I did not get spanked like Freddy did in the park with a sneaker.  I love you, Henry.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L., December 31, 2008

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