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This is the fourth Stevie story.  Although not required, it would be best to read them in order: Story 1

The Stevie Chronicles – Story 4:
Stevie and the New Neighbors


Editor's note:  The first two Stevie stories were told in the first person by Stevie himself as recorded by me, Henry, his teddy bear.  Like I did for the third episode, I am continuing the narrative with this fourth episode.  Although I was not with the protagonists I watched from the window so I saw what happened.  Of course, as always, Stevie told me everything when we were cuddled up in bed, which filled in a few details, which I have included.  A little background information is in order.  Stevie has been living happily with Aunt Emma and Uncle Adam as their eleven-year-old son for more than a decade now.  They are all very happy with the arrangement.  He doesn't have any problems passing as a boy because he is small (some would say a runt and others a shrimp) and hardly has any facial hair.  As Stevie would say about other hair "Aunt Emma makes sure to remove any traces down there every week."

"Look Henry," said Stevie holding me up to the front window "the new neighbors are moving in."  Sure enough, there was a great big truck from Express Movers, Inc. in the driveway next door.  Several big, burly men were carrying stuff into the house.  "I hope they have some boys I can play with."  Stevie had been very glad when Nosey Alice moved away two months ago because she was always peeking out of her window.  Not only did she love seeing him spanked on his bare bottom but she teased him about it constantly.

It was more than an hour later that Stevie jumped for joy.  The new neighbors had driven up and two boys bounded out of the car.  Their parents got out more slowly.  The boys were in their teens and looked identical.  We could tell that they were athletic because they were wearing tight T-shirts and shorts and we could see their rippling muscles.  Stevie noted, as he always does, that they had big bulges in the front of their shorts.  They were big and strong enough to carry even some of the heavy boxes into the house.  We saw Aunt Emma go over and invite the family to a BBQ dinner which Uncle Adam would cook.  Stevie was very anxious to meet the two boys.

Unfortunately, when Stevie is anxious he frequently gets into trouble.  This day was one of those frequent times.  I was watching from the back window sill where Stevie left me and he was running about the backyard.  Uncle Adam was setting up the outdoor grill.  He is very particular to make sure that the charcoal gets down to glowing coals before putting on the meat.  Stevie has been told many, many times to stay away from the grill as the fire in it is very dangerous.  Stevie did not remember this and after a reminder had to pay the price for his forgetfulness.

When Uncle Adam grabbed his wrist and started for the porch, Stevie pleaded for another chance.  "Please don't spank me, Uncle Adam.  I'll be very, very good.  I promise I'll stay away from the grill.  Please, pretty please, Uncle Adam."  Well, I could not see this spanking but I heard it very well and later Stevie told me the other details when we cuddled up together in his bed.  "It was terrible, Henry.  Uncle Adam pulled off my T-shirt, my shorts, my pants, my sneakers and even my socks before putting me over his lap.  He spanked me very hard, Henry."  I can confirm that as I heard the spanks connecting to Stevie's sorry bottom.  I knew that they were hard SPANKS because they were very loud and Stevie yelped for each one.  "I cried after a while and then Uncle Adam made me stand with my nose touching the wall and my hands on my head for ever-so-long showing off my red-hot bottom.  I was glad that Nosey Alice was not watching.  I was hoping that Uncle Adam would let me get dressed before the new neighbors came over."  What Stevie did not know was that the neighbor boys had watched him get spanked from their window.  His yells must have attracted their attention and they watched through the open window with great big grins while gripping their crotches.  I'm sure that feels very good because so many guys do it, but I don't have anything to grab there which is even less than what Stevie has.© YLeeCoyote

The first thing that Stevie said to me after he said his prayers was "They're very nice, Henry.  Their names are Butch and Rex and they are twins and fourteen years old.  They said we could be friends."  Stevie paused a while.  "They saw me getting spanked and asked me all about it.  They said they hadn't been spanked since they were little boys.  And they haven't gotten strapped in over a year but, even then, they had not cried.  I'll bet that the strap hurts way more than Uncle Adam's hand does.  They are ever so tough, Henry."

* * * * * * * * * *

Stevie watched next door a lot of the time for the next couple of days.  They were hot days so Butch and Rex did not wear very much – just short shorts and trainers when they were in their yard.  He thought that they looked ever so grown up for they were well-muscled.  That is the look that Stevie really goes for.

Stevie left me at the window having gotten Aunt Emma's permission to visit the new neighbors.  Right after the door slammed (hope that Aunt Emma didn't hear that), I heard the neighbor's car drive away and then saw Stevie go into the backyard where Butch and Rex were sunbathing.  They also heard their mom drive off and quickly stripped off their shorts.  The two of them were prone and facing away when Stevie first saw them.  I watched him pause – a bad sign as it indicates that he was planning something – mischief surely.  Then he tiptoed up to them and dropped between them giving each a spank on their upturned butts.  "You're going to get red butts." he yelled and gave each of them another spank.  He went into hysterics.

Unfortunately, Butch and Rex did not think it was funny for they jumped up surprised.  Of course, Stevie immediately fixed his eyes on their man-equipment.  That was extra easy as they were standing and he was kneeling, which put his eyes at exactly the right level.  The two big guys did not immediately know what to do with a strange little kid.  Stevie evidently confused them so they just stood there.  I saw that he reached out and grabbed them.  Later Stevie told me that he saw that their penises were bigger than the Duke's and he said so and asked if their "seed" was as good.  I guess it was natural that they would both get hard and bigger very quickly.

Of course, Stevie told them all about the Duke spanking and fucking him to explain why he was so interested in them.  They apparently had gotten over their shock for they pulled Stevie to his feet.  Stevie reported that they called him a naughty boy but did not seem angry at him for hitting them.  "So you want to play games, Stevie?" they asked rhetorically.  Nevertheless, they quickly stripped him.  He hardly stopped playing with their man-rods as they did.  I watched as they led him over to a bench and Butch sat down.  Rex pulled Stevie over his twin's lap and Butch gripped him tightly.  Then came the spanking.

It was different from the way Uncle Adam spanked him.  Neither Butch nor Rex showed any anger but were smiling.  Butch raised his hand way up and brought it crashing down on Stevie's naughty bottom with a loud SPANK sound.  Stevie hardly jumped at all so although it was loud, it must have been gentle.  This was repeated about ten times and left Stevie's behind a nice pink.  Then Rex had his turn.  Again it was a gentle spanking as Stevie took it very well and his bottom was now a rosy red.  Stevie confirmed this when he told me all about it at night.  "Their spanks where as loud as Uncle Adam's but they didn't hurt the same way."

They lead Stevie back to the blanket where they had been sunbathing where he got onto his hands and knees.  Butch knelt in front of him and pulled the most willing Stevie onto his cock while Rex knelt behind him.  After wetting his hard shaft, Rex pressed forward and entered Stevie's bottom.  He went slowly but there was not any doubt that he was going to put his cock fully into Stevie's bottom hole.  They both pushed in and out until they filled Stevie with their "seed" at their respective ends and then they pulled out.  They were still both hard and spun Stevie around.  Having switched ends, they reentered Stevie and repeated the process.  When I could see Stevie after they separated, he was wearing a great big grin of happiness.  His new friends looked very happy also.

After saying his prayers for the night, we cuddled up as always and he told me how wonderful his visit with Butch and Rex was.  He was definitely looking forward to seeing them again for they give "good boy playful spankings' and their "seed" was very good.  I hope that Aunt Emma will get them to baby sit me.

The End

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© Copyright A.I.L., September 7, 2007

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