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The following story is fiction.  It contains scenes of private and public spanking (t/M) in a teen/pseudo-boy setting.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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This is the first Stevie story.  There is a link to the next at the end.

The Stevie Chronicles – Story 1:
Stevie's Super Kewl Day with Roger


Editor's note:  Your chronicler got this true account via Henry who is Stevie's teddy bear.  (The truth is that Henry was unlawfully bugged.)  Stevie tells everything to Henry every night.  Please imagine that you are Henry listening to Stevie's first person account.  A little background information is in order.  Stevie has been living happily with Aunt Emma and Uncle Adam as their eleven-year-old son for more than a decade now.  They are all very happy with the arrangement.  He doesn't have any problems passing as a boy because he is small (some would say a runt and others a shrimp) and hardly has any facial hair.  As Stevie would say about other hair "Aunt Emma makes sure to remove any traces down there every week."

Henry, it was my own fault that I was being spanked by Uncle Adam when the weekend guests arrived.  You know how rainy a week it has been and I was coming in from the back yard covered with mud.  Aunt Emma saw me and made me strip down to my birthday suit on the back porch.  Then she used the garden hose on me to wash the mud off of me before she allowed me back into the house.  Nosey Alice with the pigtails next door was watching everything from her bedroom for her curtains were moving.  Now Uncle Adam had just finished lecturing me and was about to put me over his lap when the two guests walked in.  They were Uncle Adam's friend, George and his sixteen year old son Roger.  Uncle Adam paused just to greet them and tell them that I had been a naughty boy.  He then proceeded to spank me with them watching.  As always Uncle Adam's big hand came crashing down on my little boy-butt very hard.  After just a few blows (as always) my bottom was glowing red hot and I was bawling and promising not to get muddy again.  Uncle Adam sent me to the corner where I stood with my hands on my head showing off my freshly spanked red tushie while he chatted with his guests.  I was glad that Roger's mother had stayed with Aunt Emma.  After a bit Uncle Adam asked Roger to take me upstairs to wash and dress for dinner while he talked adult stuff with Uncle George.

Roger did exactly that.  He picked me up, put me over his shoulder as easily as if I was a sack of popcorn and walked out with me.  At the top of the stairs, he easily saw which was my room because of the big sign on the door.  He took me there and dumped me on my bed.  "So what did you do to earn that spanking, Stevie?" he asked as he sat down beside me.

"I got all muddy in the yard.  Aunt Emma made me strip on the porch and used the hose on me before I could come in.  You're gonna sleep in my bed and I get to sleep on the floor in my sleeping bag." I told him happily.  You know I like having someone to play with.  I know that I always have you Henry, but I mean a real people.  He just looked at me for a minute and then started to tickle me.  In just a minute I was laughing uncontrollably totally forgetting that my little bottom was still hot from Uncle Adam's spanking and that I wasn't wearing any pants.  Soon I was crying again as too much laughing can do.  Roger sent me to wash and when I returned he sent me back to comb my hair.  He helped me dress and we went to dinner.  After dinner he played with me until my bedtime when he carried me upstairs piggyback so that Aunt Emma could give me my bath.  Because he is so tall, we had to duck to get through the doorway.

Henry as you saw, I tried to stay awake until he came to bed but I fell asleep just like I do when waiting for Santa.  Later, I woke up when he went to bed and watched him.  He looked all grownup with lots of hair around his big pe-nis when he got into my bed.  I went to tinkle and when I returned got into bed with him.  He reminded me that I was suppose to be in my sleeping bag but I told him that I wanted to sleep with him.  Then without a word, Henry, he just put his arm about me and held me tight.  The sandman came quickly to this happy little boy last night.  I'm sorry Henry that I left you all alone in the sleeping bag.© YLeeCoyote

At breakfast I got a very happy surprise.  Roger did not want to go with the grownups to the stuffy art museum any more than I did.  He wanted to go to CONEY ISLAND! -- where we could swim and play in the sand and go to the Aquarium and ride the Rides and Nathan's and, and, and oh, everything.  And it wasn't a school holiday so that it would not be crowded at all.  Then Roger got all serious (like Uncle Adam does when he lectures me) and started asking me questions.

"Want to go to Coney Island with me, Stevie?"

"Oh, yes.  That will be lots of FUN!"

"Will you be a good boy and listen to me?"

"Oh, yes.  I'll be a very good boy and it will be lots and lots of FUN!  I love playing in the serf and the Aquarium and everything."

"And what happens when Stevie is a naughty boy?"

"Oh, naughty Stevie gets his shorts and underpants pulled down, is put over Roger's lap and SPANKED on his bare bottom.  But Stevie will be a good boy; a very good boy.  Stevie promises Cousin Roger."

Then Uncle Adam, in one of his very stern voices, said: "And if you aren't, then you will get another spanking when you get home from me."  And then he said to Roger: "Don't hesitate to spank the boy if he doesn't mind you."

We went upstairs to change and I had a swim suit very much like Roger's but mine did not have a big bulge in the front like his does.  We took some towels and stuff in Roger's backpack and off we went on the subway.  We stood at the front of the train and watched for the whole ride.  At the beach it was easy to change as we only had to take off our clothes and, ha, ha, we were in our bathing suits.  Roger covered me with sun block just like Aunt Emma had directed and put tanning lotion on himself.  I got to put it on his back.  He has very nice muscles which he got by working out in the gym.  Roger wanted to work on his tan, so he told me that I can only play by the edge of the water until he could stay close to me in the water.  "Drowning is not any fun at all." he said with a grin.

While he laid stretched out in the sun watching me, I romped by the water edge playing tag with the waves.  Every once in a while, he would call to me that I was going to far.  I really did not go very far into the water as I just got my bathing suit a little bit wet at the bottom, Henry.  The other two kids who were there, Keith who is a bit older but is much bigger than me and already has a bulge in his swim suit and Sara who is seven, went much further into the water getting their suits all wet and more.  But that did not seem to matter for Roger called me back to stay on the blanket while he cooked himself.  I tried to cover him with sand but he did not like that because he suddenly sat up and grabbed me by the wrist.  "What happens when Stevie is naughty?" he demanded.

"Please don't spank me Roger." I pleaded.  "I'll be good; very good."  But it did not do any good because he pulled me across his lap.  Somehow Keith and Sara had heard or saw what was happening and ran over to watch.  I hoped that he would not pull my swim suit down but that is exactly what he did.  He just stuck his hand in the waist band and yanked it down to my knees.  I could hear Sara giggling as she saw my boy bum and crack in the bright sun.  Roger than spanked me for the first time.  His hand was not as big nor did he hit as hard as Uncle Adam.  But I did feel it for sure although I managed not to cry.  Henry, he gave me more than twenty five hard spanks.

When he was through, he stood me up and my suit fell to my ankles.  Keith and Sara stood there staring at me.  It was apparent that Sara thought it was great fun that she saw me spanked on the bare and now could see my little pee-pee.  She giggled and whispered loudly to Keith that my pee-pee was smaller than his and still totally hairless.  "Tell your friends why you got spanked, Stevie and then show them your spanked red bottom." Roger ordered.

"I was spanked because I was a naughty boy because I went to far into the water alone and threw sand over Roger who is in charge of me today."  Then I turned around so that they could see my red bottom as Roger said to.

"Since there isn't any corner for you to stand in, just lie on the blanket next to me."  I dropped to the blanket, glad to get out of view of the world and started to pull up my suit.  "Just leave it down, Stevie." instructed Roger.  Let everyone see your naughty boy's spanked behind."  I just hid my face and pee-pee in the blanket and hoped that no one would.  Of course, Keith and Sara had seen everything both front and back already.

After a while, Roger got up and said: "Let's go swimming kid." and started for the water.  I pulled up my suit and raced after him.  We had lots of fun in the water particularly when he threw me around.  We then went to the outside shower to wash off the salt.  It was very cold but Roger made me stay under it a long time even pulling my swim suit to wash under it.  Then he took a big towel and dried me off.  He even pulled my suit off and dried me there also.  Then he went looking for my clothes but left me standing naked.  Keith and Sara came by and told me that my ass was still a spanked-red and that I had a cute little pee-pee.  I turned red all over.  Roger put my shirt on first and then, finally, my shorts.  Then he took care of himself but he did not let any one see his hairy pe-nis or his behind.  Without any underpants on I could almost see it under Roger's jeans.

We went over to Nathan's for lunch and I couldn't finish my second hot dog.  It not my fault, Henry, but they are too big -- they stick out of the buns at both ends.  I ran out of bun long before I ran out of hot dog.

In the Aquarium we sat in the first row for the dolphin show something that Uncle Adam and Aunt Emma never do.  We got splashed five times but Roger did not care any more than I did.  It was fun.  We saw just everything.    I wish I was one of the sea otters.  They are real smart boys having dropped out of survival school.  Now they just play and play all day and have lots to eat and nothing to worry about.  We watched one of them cleaning himself.  It was so funny how he turned over and over in the water.  He even washed his pee-pee which got hard and was bright red just like Mr. Keith's big dog's pee-pee.

Before we left the Aquarium Roger and I went to tinkle together.  We used adjacent urinals and I watched him.  I had to put my shorts down because they don't have a fly and stand there with my behind showing.  I didn't want to go into a stall like a little baby.  Some kids came in and laughed at my still red rear.  One of said: "Someone been SPANKED today."  Roger told them that there be more spankings if they don't shut-up.  Since Roger is almost seven feet tall, they were very quiet as they when to pee on the other side.

Henry, I wanted my own bumper car so told Roger that I had done it before.  That was a lie and it became very obvious when I couldn't drive the thing.  I was very sad because Roger said that he was disappointed in me for fibbing.  I knew right away that I had spoiled the day and felt very, very ashamed.  Then later we were on the line for the Wonder Wheel, I asked Roger to please carry me.  Then I whispered into his ear that I was very sorry that I had fibbed and that it was a very naughty thing to do.  Then I said that Uncle Adam always spanks me the hardest for that and please don't tell Uncle Adam but just give me the real hard spanking that I deserve.  He asked me if I was sure and I told him yes.  Of course, Henry, I didn't want a spanking but I feel better afterwards even thought they hurt -- a lot.

We got a car by ourselves and he pulled my shorts down.  I got over his knee and he began to spank me.  It was not like on the beach which was half playing but he did it really hard; almost as hard as Uncle Adam does when he is very mad.  Henry, guess what else was hard?  Yes, Roger's pe-nis.  It got very hard and I felt when I was over his lap.  The spanking really hurt and soon I was crying.  But inside I felt much better.  I had been naughty and now was paying the price.  Soon I would be even.  He stopped spanking me and I gave him a big hug and asked if I was forgiven.  He was hugging me back and said yes.  He also pulled up my shorts.  For the rest of the ride I sat on his lap and on his hard pe-nis.  We could see a very long way from the top of the wheel.

He took me back to the bumper car ride and this time I sat on his lap and steered while he operated the pedals.  It was lots of fun, Henry; not like the disaster earlier.

After a few more rides we went home.  I was so tired that I even fell asleep on the train leaning on Roger.  We stopped at a fast food place for dinner near home.  I had the kiddy meal that I like and Roger two big double burgers with everything and fries and sodas.  Even though it was not my bed time I did not object when Roger gave me my bath and put me in bed right after we got home.

Henry, I had the bestest time with Roger even though he spanked me.  I hope he does not tell Uncle Adam about that.  I don't think he will since he did not put us into the sleeping bag but my own bed.  I hope that he comes and holds us like he did last night.

The End

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