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This is the third Stevie story.  The first one is here and there is a link to the next at the end.

The Stevie Chronicles – Story 3:
Stevie Goes to a Tea Party


Editor's note:  The first two Stevie stories were told in the first person by Stevie himself as recorded by me, Henry, his teddy bear.  In this report, however, I was present for everything and am reporting it first paw.  A little background information is in order.  Stevie has been living happily with Aunt Emma and Uncle Adam as their eleven-year-old son for more than a decade now.  They are all very happy with the arrangement.  He doesn't have any problems passing as a boy because he is small (some would say a runt and others a shrimp) and hardly has any facial hair.  As Stevie would say about other hair "Aunt Emma makes sure to remove any traces down there every week."

"HENRY," shouted Stevie running into our room and grabbing me.  "We're going to stay with Roger all weekend."  Over the next half hour I heard how Aunt Emma and Uncle Adam were going to an affair and we were going to stay overnight with cousin Roger.  Roger was one of Stevie's favorite people for although he was not yet seventeen, he was practically a grown up and was always lots of fun and liked to play with Stevie.

I got crammed into Stevie's bag and did not get out for several long dark hours.  It was early afternoon when Stevie pulled me out of the bag to announce:  "Henry, we're going to a tea party."  Well, to tell you the truth, I really would have preferred not to but I did not have a choice.  It would have been really nice if had been a Christopher Robin's party with Pooh bear and the gang but it was not.  It was going to be with Heather.  Heather is Roger's little sister.  I don't like her because she always brushes my fur the wrong way thinking that I look better that way which I certainly do not!  It would be a lot more fun to do stuff with Roger but he was out with his buddies.

Heather's friend, Sammy, along with their dolls, Emma and Paul, were also there.  It was nice that there was another boy (albeit a doll) there beside Stevie and me for almost all the other tea parties we went to were all girls except for us.  I don't like that but very few boys go to tea parties and Stevie likes to go to them.  Actually things were better than usual because Sammy was somewhat of a tomboy wearing boys' jeans and a boys' shirt.  (Didn't you know that girls' blouses button the wrong way so one can tell?)  The girls fussed a lot to get everything set up just right.  They moved the table under the big tree in the yard and had six seats.  Heather claimed that it was her very best China dishes although they were made of plastic.  More important was that they had real homemade chocolate chocolate-chip cookies which Stevie loves as well as the required tea.

Once we were seated, we all got served.  The three humans each got real tea and cookies.  The two dolls got baby-baby bottles of tea.  Since I don't eat or drink (I survive on love) that was just fine.  The party went on for more than an hour.  I was surprised that Emma and Paul could actually drink their bottles and Stevie had several of the yummy cookies and three cups of tea.  Things got interesting when Heather said that it was time for the babies to have their naps.  She cuddled Emma and said that she should go potty first.  I watched with big eyes as she pulled down Emma's panties and held her squatting and she actually pee-peed.  She was redressed and put down to sleep.© YLeeCoyote

Sammy then yelled at Paul for being a very naughty boy and not telling that he needed to go potty but wetting his pants.  She was very mad and reminded me of Stevie's aunt when Stevie did the same thing.  As she was yelling at him, she pulled all of his clothes off until he was naked and then dried him off.  Both Stevie and I watched with saucer eyes because Paul really looked like a little boy for he had a penis.  (I was jealous since I'm without any sex parts.)  Sammy did not dress him but put him over her lap and SPANKED him long and hard.  Perhaps I should say over his lap since Sammy was playing 'father' today.  Both Stevie and I empathized with Paul being spanked by his daddy.  It was a long and hard spanking.  Stevie really identified with Paul for his hand kept going to his own bottom which was spanked very often.  When Sammy decided that Paul had enough Heather (as the mommy) put a diaper and a night shirt on him before putting him down to sleep next to Emma.

They also put me down to nap next to the two babies.  Of course, I did not close my eyes and continued to watch.  It was very interesting to watch how Stevie happily continued playing the little boy with Heather and Sammy as the parents because they are really under ten and he was more than twice their age.  I began to get nervous as the game progressed because Stevie kept drinking.  Several times I saw him put his hand to his crotch which he does when he has to go but does not want to stop playing.  It is most naughty of him.  They started to play a game where one person has to avoid getting tagged by a ball that the other two toss about.  I wished that Stevie would take a minute to go pee-pee but he did not.  Now I was very worried.  They played for only a few minutes and then it got rough and tumble with Stevie being tickled by the other two while they sat on him.  He is very ticklish and in just three minutes he lost control laughing and started to pee-pee in his shorts.

The two of them stepped back and helped him stand.  Then they yanked down his wet shorts and briefs and watched as he finished emptying his bladder.  "I'll get my cousin's diaper bag." said Heather and she ran into the house.  Sammy was just nasty and called him a big baby and thrust me into his arms.  Stevie cuddled me very tightly as he cried with his wet shorts and briefs in a puddle about his feet.

When Heather returned, she was a very good mommy.  She made him step out of his wet clothes, used some baby wipes and dried him off.  She was about to put a diaper on him, when Sammy stopped her.  "Our very naughty little boy earned a SPANKING for not going potty like he should have."  Sammy then sat down on the grass and in a minute Stevie was lying overlap.

"No.  NO!  Please don't spank me." he cried but it was too late for Sammy's hand came crashing down on his bare bottom just then.  Over and over Sammy spanked Stevie.  Sammy's size was not so important for Stevie's bottom turned red and he was crying just as if he had been a real little boy.  The spanking over, Heather then powered him and put a real cloth diaper on him.  She took his wet shorts and the diaper bag back into the house.

Later when Roger got home he saw that Stevie was in a diaper but that did not stop him from playing with him.  I got dizzy watching Roger swing Stevie about.  He did ask about the diaper and Stevie explained that he had wet his shorts in the afternoon and Heather diapered him.  Aunt June (that's Roger's and Heather's mother) said that he had best stay in them until the morning.

At Stevie's bedtime, Heather took his diaper off and made him go potty.  Then she rediapered him for the night.  We cuddled up in Roger's bed and fell asleep before he joined us.  In the morning Roger was holding Stevie who was holding me.  Fortunately the diaper was DRY so Stevie did not have to wear one all day.

* * * * * * * * * *

Right after breakfast Roger went off to practice with his team taking Stevie along.  Stevie took me but I was hidden inside his backpack because Roger said other kids might laugh.  As always, Stevie promised to be a very good boy and especially not to wander off.  Unfortunately he got bored watching the practice because they were doing the same thing over and over.  Stevie left the stands and went and watched the games on the next field and then the next one.  By the time that Roger noticed that we were missing we were four fields away.  He was very mad at Stevie and told him to sit on a particular seat in the stand and not move for anything and he would deal with this after practice was over.

We both knew what 'deal with' meant and Stevie took me out of his backpack and held me tightly as he watched the practice session worrying about what would happen.  Of course, Stevie regretted having been a naughty boy and especially after he promised Roger to be very very good.  A pack of ten-year-old kids walked by and laughed at Stevie because he was holding me.  I'm glad that Stevie did not hear them for he was practically crying already.

When practice was over, Roger came and got us.  Stevie cried that he was very sorry and would never do it again and that he had to go pee-pee.  I was so glad that he hadn't wet his shorts again or gone where he was not supposed to.  We made our way to the toilets and they peed together.  I could feel that Stevie was less tense but we both knew that he was going to get spanked.

He did not wait for Roger to tell him that but announced that he was sorry and pleaded with Roger not to tell the others.  He was smart enough to realize that he was going to get spanked no matter what.  As Roger led us to a secluded area of the park he asked: "What do I have to do, Stevie?"

Stevie took a while to give the right answer.  He spoke very softly.  "You have to spank me, Roger, because I was a very naughty boy."  Then after a long pause, added, "I went wandering about without permission."

We found a bench and Roger sat on it.  I sat next to him as Roger took Stevie's pants and briefs off.  Stevie got into position quietly and got a good grip on me and Roger's leg.  When the first spank hit his bare bottom, he yelled and practically crushed me.  Roger knew that he had to spank Stevie long and hard.  Even thought Stevie cried and howled, Roger kept his resolve and inflected a thorough spanking.  When he decided that he had spanked enough, he stopped and stood Stevie up.  We all hugged tightly as Stevie cried himself out.  Roger was very patient about this and made sure that Stevie recovered.

When he could speak, Stevie said he was very, very sorry that he had wandered off and promised never to do it again.  He also told Roger that he loved him even though he spanked very, very hard.  Before he put on his shorts, he showed me his hot, flaming red bottom.  My own bottom seemed to twitch when I saw it.  Stevie understood that he had done wrong, had been justly punished and got on with life.  We hung about the park for the rest of the day having lots of fun exploring because Roger was a great guide.

That night, Stevie told me what a wonderful time he had visiting Roger (and even Heather).

The End

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© Copyright A.I.L., October 7, 2007

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