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The following story is fiction and contains scenes of spankings and shaving of a youth by his girl babysitter.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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This is the fifth Stevie story although chronologically the earliest.  Although not required, it would be best to read them in order: Story 1

The Stevie Chronicles – Story 5:
Stevie's New Babysitter


Editor's note:  In this fifth story of the series, we go back to when Stevie was still living with his Mommy and was seventeen-years-old.  Like the first two, we hear Stevie tell all to Henry, his teddy bear, who passes it onto us.  Stevie slipped into dreamland before he finished the narrative so his teddy bear, Henry, reports the last part first paw.  A little background information is in order.  Steven acted and was treated as if he was half his age by his mother.  He didn't have any problems passing as a boy because he was small (some would say a runt and others a shrimp) and hardly had any facial hair.

As you know, Henry, today was Saturday and Mommy was going to take me to the museum.  I love going to the museum to see all sort of strange stuff from around the world.  To get there requires two subway trains so I'm not allowed to go by myself.  Mommy promises that I will when I grow up.  It was almost time for us to go, when the phone rang.  It was the office – Mommy's a big boss there – and there was an emergency.  She had to go deal with it.  If she didn't go, then we wouldn't have all those nice things we do have.  She explained that to me several times but I don't think that it is fair that she has to go to work without notice.  Maybe I'll understand when I grow up, Henry.

But before she could go, Mommy had to get a babysitter for me.  No, Henry, you're great at watching over me but Mommy wants a person for that very important job.  She called several nice young ladies who had babysat me before but none of them was available.  Then she called Lucy.  We did not know Lucy personally, but one of Mommy's friends had highly recommended her and, desperate, Mommy called her.  Lucy was available and she was happy to get the job and would come over immediately.  Mommy usually met my babysitters first (an interview she calls it) to make sure that they were up to the job and that we could get along.  Since this was an emergency there was not any time for that.  Mommy assured me that she was highly recommended and if it didn't work out she would not call her again.  She also promised that we would go to the museum tomorrow – if I was a good boy today and she didn't have to go back to work.  Mommy is very careful when she promises.

Mommy spoke with Lucy for a few minutes before calling me from my room to meet her.  She very carefully tells my new babysitters all about me and gives them all the emergency contact information.  Both Lucy and I were surprised when we saw each other.  She was so young.  Then Mommy turned to me and admonished me to mind Lucy and if I did not then not only wouldn't she take me to the museum tomorrow but she would spank me very hard with the hairbrush.  You know, Henry, I shuddered at that.  She also said that Lucy was authorized to spank me.

"I'm sure that Stevie will be a good boy for me, Ma'am, and that we'll get along just fine.  I'm almost eleven and I've spanked my older brothers so I know how to spank a boy like Stevie if he is naughty."  I thought that she was thirteen because she was tall and her chest stuck out like Mommy's although not nearly as much.© YLeeCoyote

Mommy rushed off to her office and left us alone.  Lucy asked me to show her around the house so she would know where everything was.  In Mommy's bedroom, she saw a hairbrush on Mommy's dressing table and asked if it was the one Mommy used to spank me.  I had to admit that it was.  Lucy hit her own palm with it and said.  "Stevie, this is an even better brush to spank naughty little boys than the one I have at home and use on my brothers.  Johnny always cries but he is only fourteen and Freddy usually cries and he's almost eighteen.  I'll bet that you always cry when your mommy spanks you."  I did not say anything but you know, Henry, that she was right.  Also, she really did know how to spank little boys like me so I had better be good, I thought.

She made lunch and when we were finished asked if I would like to go to the park.  You know that I love to go to the park so I said yes.  Then she took me to the bathroom and made me brush my teeth.  Then while she brushed her teeth, she insisted that I tinkle so I would not have to go while we were out.  I hesitated and she said: "I guess that you really don't want to go to the park."  I protested that I did and took down my shorts and briefs and pee-peed like she said I should.  She was right that I did have to go and would have had to go in the park right after we got there or worse, before we got there.  Mommy gets very annoyed with me if I have to go in the street or if I shamefully wet my pants.  Lucy also went pee-pee but with the door closed.  Apparently, she agrees with Mommy that little boys should not watch grown up ladies when they use the toilet.

Lucy had a surprise for me and had gotten the money from Mommy in advance for she knew that there was a street fair with a batch of rides on the way to the park.  Not the big sorts of rides they have at Coney Island but smaller ones.  I still like them because they are not so scary.  Lucy rode with me several times.  The Ferris wheel was small but it was all open with just a bar to keep one from falling.  I wanted some cotton candy but Lucy said it was bad for my teeth (just like Mommy says.)  We went to the park afterward and I ran around a lot.  Mommy likes to sit and I have to stay within sight of her but Lucy moved around.  It was funny, but some people thought that I was in charge of my babysitter.  She did yell at me a couple of times for going too far away and asked if I wanted a spanking; a spanking right there in the park.  Henry, I certainly did not want a spanking especially one in the park where everyone would watch my pants being taken down and put over her lap and spanked until I cried.

On the way home, Henry, we stopped for fast food and I had my favorite kiddy meal.  The cashier thought my food was for Lucy and hers for me since we just had one tray and that it was cute that Lucy paid.  When we got home there was a message from Mommy on the phone machine.  The problem at work was bigger than expected and she would not be home until ten (way past my bedtime).  Lucy called and said she could stay and she also called her mother to let her know she was working late and not to worry.  Lucy is ever so grown up.

Lucy said I may watch one program on the TV and then it would be bath time and bedtime.  After the show was over, I was a naughty boy and stayed to watch the next program.  Lucy was very annoyed with me.  She went and got the terrible hairbrush and sat down next to me.  She turned off the TV and told me how naughty I was.  I felt very bad as she scolded me after I had such a good time all afternoon at the street fair and in the park and even eating out.  I knew that I was going to get a spanking, Henry, because I deserved a spanking.  Lucy opened my belt and jeans and pulled me over her lap.  I said that I was sorry and pleaded that she not spank me and promised to be a very good boy but it was too late.  Once I was over her lap, she pulled my jeans down and then my briefs so my naughty boy bottom was fully exposed.  I was afraid to stay and even more afraid to run and hide.  When I've done that, Mommy always finds me and I get two spankings and then not allowed to do things I like to do.

Lucy did not start with the hairbrush but with her hand.  She did not spank as hard as Mommy does but it still hurt.  It hurt a lot more when she shifted to the hairbrush and really spanked hard.  I was hurting and hurting.  I was yelling and then I was crying.  I lost track of how much she spanked me.  I know she switched back to her hand and even those spanks hurt.  Henry, she had told Mommy the truth for she really did know how to spank naughty boys.  I was very, very sorry that I disobeyed Lucy.  She kept me over her lap until I stopped crying.

When she stood me up, she removed all my clothes and led me to the bath naked, Henry.  When I lied and said I could do it myself, she gave me a few hand spanks on my already hot bottom and I stopped objecting.  Soon I was in the tub getting washed and playing with my toys.  Lucy was very careful not to get soap in my eyes when she washed my hair and face.  She tickled me when she washed my toes so I laughed even though my bottom still hurt.  She was very gentle when she washed my pee-pee even though she had just spanked me.  (Mommy is often rough after she spanks me.)  Lucy noticed that Mommy cuts my hair down there and realized that I needed my weekly shave.  Grownups are so cleaver, Henry.  I told her where Mommy keeps the razor and she made me nice and smooth.  Perhaps even smoother than Mommy does.  I don't like having that nasty hair any more than Mommy does.  Lucy also said that I look better without the hair.

I liked the way she rinsed me off using the shower hose while I was standing.  Then she dried me very gently and put baby powder on my toes and pee-pee to be sure that they were really dry.  She was ever so careful, Henry.  I put on my bunny slippers and brushed my teeth.  While I tinkled she held my pee-pee and made circles in the potty water.  That was fun.

* * * * * * * * * *

This is Henry.  Because Stevie was so tired he slipped into dreamland before he could finish the day's report so I'm going to tell the rest.  Lucy brought Stevie into the bedroom and put his pj's on him.  Then she pulled back the bedclothes and Stevie hopped in and she tucked him in.  Lucy saw me and before Stevie even asked for me, slipped me into bed with him so I could keep Stevie safe all night.  Lucy kissed each of us goodnight and then she put out the light and closed the door.  Stevie was very happy with Lucy as his babysitter because she is ever so nice even though she spanks hard.  "But I deserved that spanking, Henry, so I don't blame her." he told me in the morning.  He also said:  "Lucy is a very good babysitter, Mommy.  I like her.  She gave me a nice bath and a good spanking 'cause I didn't go for my bath but kept watching the TV.  I wish I hadn't been naughty and hadn't gotten that spanking."

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