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The following story is fiction about a man who gets a severe strapping for DWI (Diving While Intoxicated – i.e., drunk).  If this subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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Strapped for DWI


Junior was very nervous.  Actually his full name was Jerod Patrick Morris Junior but he was Junior to everyone.  It was a little unusual but both his bio-father and his stepfather had been named Jerod Patrick and ever since his mother had remarried when he was twelve, he had called his step-father JP like everyone else.  Like his bio-dad, his step-dad believed in spanking.  Junior had received his very first spanking when he was only seven.  Compared to the strappings he had gotten when he was a teenager in high school it was trivial but he remembered it as a traumatic event.

JP, Junior's father, had explained.  "When you misbehave, Junior, you will be spanked just like I was when I was a naughty boy.  Also, for that matter, like your uncles and cousins."  Junior understood that was the way the world (at least his world) operated.  When he stood, fearful and brave, before his father he struggled to hold back the tears.  After all, big boys don't cry and he was a big boy of seven already in the second grade.  Junior listened attentively to the lecture and did not resist in the slightest as his father lowered his pants and briefs (emblazoned with his favorite characters) and then gently placed him over his lap.  "I'm sorry that I was naughty, Father.  Please spank me." he said spontaneously.  Junior was crying after he had gotten ten spanks from his father's big hand on his little bottom.  He stood while being hugged and crying on his father's shoulder, as several things happened in his young mind forging new synapse connections that would last a lifetime.

As Junior grew, he got into trouble like most lads do.  Sometimes he was caught and got spanked.  Those spankings were far more severe than that very first one but he also accepted them as they were well deserved.  Even when he was in college, Junior still got spanked.  It was his choice because in his mind that was the proper way for a boy and even for a young man to be punished and JP agreed.

* * * * * * * * * *

Now he was waiting for JP to arrive.  He stood in the front room with his nose in the corner, naked and with his hands on his head.  The heavy strap was on the table and the chair to bend over in position ready for service.  Junior had been thinking about the events of the last forty-eight hours and what was to come as he waited.  Two days ago, he had gone out with the boys from work and had drunk too much.  That in and of itself was not bad but he made the big mistake of driving home.  Fortunately, he had not been in an accident or been stopped by a traffic cop.  It probably was best that JP had caught his improper condition and told him that it would have to be dealt with.  Junior was not in any condition to discuss things and JP had to get to bed to get his proper sleep.© YLeeCoyote

The next evening it was discussed.  There was not any doubt that a long hard strapping was called for.  Unfortunately, JP had to go out so that the punishment had to be deferred for a day.  There was a side benefit since that would shift the strapping to Friday evening and not interfere with JP's performance at work the next day.

Junior had been in the corner since 6:00 P.M.  JP was due at 7:00 after his day's affairs.  Junior could not check the time and it seemed to race and crawl alternately with his every heart beat.  Beside the DWI event, Junior was also remembering with amazing clarity that very first spanking some thirty-five years ago and the lecture that preceded it.  He was also contemplating the impending strapping.

JP arrived just before the appointed hour.  "I'll be with you in a few minutes, Junior." he said rushing past to get to the bathroom and to change out of his day clothes.  Junior's anxiety level soared upon hearing that.

JP called the errant man from the corner.  The discussion was brief and only confirmed the offense (crime?) past and the punishment due.  Both were sad that this had to be done.  JP picked up the strap and Junior got into position over the chair tightly gripping the front legs.

"There will be five sets of ten strokes with a one minute pause between each set.  You may stand but not rub at that time."

"Yes, Sir." acknowledged Junior as he had for more then thirty years.

JP raised the strap and brought it down hard on the waiting butt.  A wide red stripe appeared almost like magic.  JP grunted in pain.  Both knew it was going to get worse.  By the end of the first set, Junior's butt was bright red and there were indications of swelling.  Junior barked the one word order, "POSITION!" and Junior bent over and gripped the chair once again.

JP delivered the second set with as much vigor as the first.  Junior had tightened his grip more and was really feeling the pain.  During the third set, it was clear that Junior was having difficultly keeping silent and JP had the feedback to know that he was doing a good job.  DWI was a very serious matter and required severe measures.

JP did not let up his efforts for the third set.  He knew that a long, hard and most painful lesson was required.  He changed position so that he could use his left arm and give his right arm a short rest.  Junior wasn't in any condition to tell the difference.  For most of the cuts of the set, he grunted when the heavy strap connected with his increasingly sore butt.

Junior was truly hurting for he yelled for every one of the ten cuts of the fourth set.  JP was pleased that he was being so effective.  Junior's tail was in sorry shape.  His knuckles were as white as his ass was red from gripping the chair so tightly.

Only three cuts into the final set Junior broke down and started to cry.  This was not a reason to let up as it might have been for a young teen lad.  It was, rather, an indication that the punishment was having a deep and, hopefully, a long lasting effect.  Each cut from then on elicited a howl or a yelp or a scream punctuated with the cries of a well chastised lad.  Finally, the fiftieth cut was administrated.

JP studied the hot, red, swollen, pain filled ass a few seconds before telling Junior that he might get up.  The two embraced even as the tears continued.  JP sat on the chair and Junior fell to his knees while continuing to cry on JP's shoulder.  Also, just like that very first time, some thirty-five years ago, major changes were taking place in Junior's brain.  New synapses were being forged that would last a lifetime.

There was much turmoil in JP's brain as well.  He was not happy with having to had have strapped a forty-two-year-old man like he had been an errant fourteen-year-old (admittedly far more severely, however).  It had been, alas, most necessary and he had done this, his most unpleasant duty, superbly.  His heart was most heavy for having done so but there had not been anyway to avoid it and remain true.  He missed his Grandfather whose name he shared ever so much.

JP now understood why his father had such terribly sad eyes when he spanked him and told him that "This hurts me more than it does you."  His father cried a long time and JP held him even long after he stopped.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. October 19, 2009

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