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The following story is fiction about the caning of schoolboys and contains scenes of caning.  If this subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  This story is the result of a challenge to explain the photos at from May 3, 2010.   Click to open the images off-site (NSFW).

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Streaker's Tracks


The loud clangorous ring of the old telephone awoke him.  He saw that it was 4:20. «What sort of emergency at this late hour.» thought the young acting headmaster of Kings College.  Dr. Lipman was in this high position since his predecessor had died midterm unexpectedly of apoplexy when angrily thrashing some students.  Even though his doctorate was only a few years old, he was the only staff member willing to take the position for the short time until the Trusties could find a proper replacement.  "Hello." he said into the phone.

"Hello, this is Headmistress Bard."  He recognized the name for she was with St. Mary's – the school for young ladies – less than a mile away.  "I have three of your, er, young gentlemen who my groundsman caught running about our fields.  He is returning them as he found them."  She went on quite a bit as she was extremely displeased.

"Thank you very much, Headmistress Bard.  I assure you that they will be severely punished without any delay.  My apologies for their terrible conduct."

Lipman called the gate porter and told him to bring the miscreants directly to his residence immediately upon their return.  He quickly dressed and only had to wait a couple of minutes for the delinquents to be delivered.

As soon as he saw the three, he understood why the Headmistress had been so upset.  "Where are your uniforms?" he demanded, "Why are you naked like the beasts of the fields?  What were you doing?"© YLeeCoyote

"Near the fence, Sir.  We were streaking." responded Fitzgerald and the other two nodded in agreement.

Needless to say a long lecture followed for breaking many rules and even the law by their disgusting and reprehensible conduct and for bringing the school into disrepute.  It seemed an eternity to the three would be nudists on the carpet but also that it ended all too soon when they heard their sentences.  "You shall each get six-of-the-best here and now and another set in a week because of the enormity of your offenses."

So as the sun apparently rose for the day, the Head began the day with the thrashing of three young men who should have known better than to go gallivanting through the county side in the altogether.  "Come into the other room so that I can get this over with."

"May we get our PE kits first?" asked Paterson having noticed that it was a senior cane in the Head's hands.

"Certainly not." was the curt reply.

"But we don't have our pants or…." said Powell.

"That was not a concern earlier so it shouldn't be now.  I shall not require you to take your pants down today anymore than any other day."  He pointed and added: "Lean over that, Powell."

With trepidation, Powell assumed the position with his bum up and out as he had been taught to do in the last few years.  The cane was raised and with a fearsome SWOSH connected forcefully with a CRACK on the target.  Powell had to grip hard in order not to jump up from the pain as a deep, wide track formed.  Four more times the operation was repeated with Powell's pain growing each time.  The sixth stroke cut across the first five making a most painful gate.  It was evident that there were tears on Powell's face when he got up.  His partners in crime empathized knowing that they were about to experience the same pain.

Indeed they were without any delay.  Powell was ordered to join his mates and Fitzgerald was to take his place for the same ordeal.  Everything proceeded exactly the same way and once again for Paterson.  The three were most regretful for their antics.  The Head was not through with them yet and much more was to come.

Prefect Taylor-Davies came by as the school was getting up to check if the Head required anything.  Usually, it was a pro forma task but today was different.  "Take these three to your prep room and watch them while they write letters of apology to the Headmistress.  Then, if it is not too late, to the refectory for breakfast and then directly to class."

"As they are, Headmaster?" asked Taylor-Davies.

"Yes, that is how they dressed for the day so nothing to worry about." replied the Head with a smile.

Taylor-Davies lead them to his house and the prep room.  There on the hard wooden chairs they wrote deeply felt apologies.  It may be noted that their deepest feelings were for their painful bums.  They did concentrate knowing that having any breakfast depended on quick completion.  They were fortunate to get to the refectory right after the lower forums had been served so that they did not starve.  However, their stripes of shame (along with everything else) was carefully observed by students of two entire lower forms with great amusement.

Being led to class through the crowded halls, permitted many more to observe them.  Once in class, the Master made them parade about to satisfy everyone's curiosity so as to minimize continued distractions.  Of course, being naked was not only embarrassing but assured that everyone knew that they had been caned and the reason why.

* * * * * * * * * *

On Saturday they learnt that they were not invited to the dance at St. Mary's nor were they permitted to leave their dormitory.  What they each had to do was to write an essay about the proper conduct of young gentlemen.

When the week had past, it was time for their second dose of six-of-best for their misadventure.  This was done in front of the entire school.  They appeared naked and each got the full treatment as hard as the Head could deliver each stroke.  None of them remained silent as their bums were still not completely healed from the first swishing and thus more sensitive.  The demonstration was followed by a lecture from the Head about their poor choices and that they were lucky not to have been expelled.  To make sure that the lesson was memorable, the three had to stand with their fresh gates in view to the entire school.

Dr. Lipman had invited Headmistress Bard to tea that afternoon and to watch the chastisement.  All this was apparently very effective since there wasn't any other incident of streaking for three years.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. November 8, 2013

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