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The following story is fiction about domestic discipline.  The story contains scenes of spanking, and strapping.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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Strict Woman


"… and you both better have all your chores done by the time I get home.  Understand?" said the woman in her usual no nonsense voice.

"Yes, Ma'am." replied her stepson.  He had never been allowed to call her "Mother".

"Yes, Ma'am." replied her husband.  She insisted that he show respect by using the honorific.

"There will be consequences if they are not." she added as she went out.  "I'll be back by five."

Both males, stepson and husband, looked again their lists – long lists, as always – that specified the things they were required to do.  Each sighed knowing that it would take a long time to complete his chores.© YLeeCoyote

They each worked at things most enthusiastically (having just heard the threats) but with time the enthusiasm waned and they slowed down.  They each took some breaks between chores since neither liked doing what had to be done.  The longer the woman was gone, the more the effects of the last lecture diminished.  There was certainly the feeling that there was sufficient time left before she would return.

One of them decided that he wanted to watch his favorite team and turned on the game.  The other suggested that was unwise but was told: "Not a problem – lots of time after the game for the damn chores."

"OK, but it is your ass that will pay the price if you don't finish on time." he was reminded.  Males did not give orders in this house so no additional comments.

Well, the game ran into double overtime and then there was a special about one of the top players.  Before he knew it, she was back.  "Have you finished your chores?" she demanded.

"Yes, Ma'am." replied Hank.

The other who suddenly was worried if having enjoyed the game was worth the price he was surely going to have to pay now.  "I'm almost finished, Ma'am." Gary said as he continued working on the seventh of the ten items on his list.

"I said ALL by the time I returned.  You obviously have wasted time goofing off." "Get the strap." she ordered Hank.  Gary shuddered as he heard that.  He had felt her wrath many times in the past from that horrid thing.  That horrid thing was a strip of heavy, but very flexible, leather about ​two inches​ (​five cm​) wide and ​two feet​ (​sixty-one cm​) long with a convenient wooden handle.  It hurt like the blazes.

"Lose your pants and get over the end of the couch, Gary." he trembled as he obeyed.  He knew that hesitation or resistance guaranteed even more punishment.

As Hank stood there with the strap in his hand, he was exceedingly glad that he had done his chores.  Just holding the vicious implement and feeling its weight reminded him most vividly of the times that he had felt its ire as it was wielded by the woman.  He thought himself fortunate that this day he would just hear and see it in action and not feel it himself as he had obeyed the woman today.  He just stood there awaiting the order to give it to the woman.

Hank was greatly surprised by an entirely different order.  "Hank, give Gary twenty-four strokes.  Be sure to use full force.  If there are any weak cuts you shall pay a price."

Because of his great surprise, there was a pause before he said: "Yes, Ma'am." and started to obey by locating the proper spot to stand.  Once situated he raised his arm and brought the strap down on Gary's butt.  There was a loud WHACK followed by a yell and then a red stripe started to form.

Each time he repeated the action the response was the same: A loud WHACK, a yell and another stripe of the target.  After just a half dozen WHACKS there were some changes.  Gary's yells were lower as he was sobbing and the stripes were merging into a blob covering the entire bottom.  By the time he the required count was reached, Gary was bawling and his ass was deep purple and swollen.

As Hank played the role of hangman, he gradually came to realize that he enjoyed the role.  It was a strange feeling of power even though he was not in control but his pants were bulging because of it.  He certainly was confused by it all.  After he returned the strap as directed, he retired to his room and started to deal with the hardness in his pants.

As he spanked the monkey his mind kept coming back to one red butt rather than his usual assortment of the youthful tails of his schoolmates.  As he imagined the well-roasted tail of his father he also wondered why he had married such a strict, dominant woman who emasculated him.  All that quickly faded into the background as he had one of his greatest orgasms reliving strapping his father.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. May 28, 2019

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