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Strip Poker Disaster


I was almost fifteen and I had never gotten to see those interesting parts of girls that are different from what we guys have.  Well, actually I did a couple of times but it hardly counted since it was only a glance when they were having their diapers changed.  I was certainly past the "I'll show you mine if you show me yours." age so I devised a plan.

It was simple.

Play strip poker with my kid stepsisters, Shari and Jasmin, and maybe even their friend, April.

Then simply BEHOLD!

They were all just fourteen and their cute, pert tits made for interesting curves in their T-shirts.  That meant that the stuff down below was more than babyish.  I played a few times with my buddies and won a lot.  What do girls know about playing poker?  I was certain that I would win and get at least one girl naked.  If I was lucky, maybe two or even all of them.© YLeeCoyote

A couple of weeks later when my dad was on a business trip for a month and my stepmom was out shopping that morning so we had the house to ourselves for a few hours.  We were in the family room and I was excited anticipating what I would see.  Also, I was surprised at how enthusiastic they were but I certainly was not going to complain.  The girls insisted on a practice game which I agreed to.  I misplayed a couple of hands so that I would lose and not scare them away.

Shortly after we started to play for real I began to worry because I was losing!  They had each lost one or two items but I had lost five and did not have any reserve.  A couple of more items and I was done for.  Unfortunately Lady Luck sided with the girls and I lost a couple more hands.  I was down to my underpants.  The girls were grinning and I knew I was a goner.  I did not understand how this all happened and I even wished that my stepmom would come back early and we would have to abandon the game.  That, to my great misfortune, did not happen.

We played another hand and I lost.  The girls were super happy.  They told me to dance and finish stripping. Since there was no way out without looking like a big wuss so I made the best of it.  "Be ready for a big thrill, girls." I said as I danced and dropped my undies.  The girls laughed and applauded and made lots of noise.  Suddenly they got silent.  How strange I thought.

"THAT IS QUITE ENOUGH, YOUNG MAN!"  It was my stepmother.  She returned early enough to catch us but not early enough to abort the game before I lost and was stark naked.  I reached for my underpants but she grabbed them.  "Not so fast, boy.  You interrupted your sisters and their friend studying with your disgusting display."

"But…." I started but Mom quickly cut me off.

"No buts, young man.  Their books and notes are right there." she said pointing.  The girls were grinning.  They sensed that they were safe for I was getting all the blame.  "But since you want to expose yourself it is the perfect time for another lesson.  And you are the perfect specimen to study."  I turn to point out the cards in my defense but because one of them had picked up all the cards and put the deck in her pocket there wasn't any evidence that we had been playing cards showing.

I was not sure what she was about to but it did not feel good.

It certainly was not!

The additional topic was male anatomy and, of course, I was the hands-on study specimen.  My stepmom gave a very thorough lesson and the girls loved the hands-on lab part of the course the best of all.  It certainly was embarrassing when Mom said I was small but I would grow as I matured and gained more than a few pubic hairs.  I was required to jerk off and once I spurted I thought the horror would be over.  I was wrong once again.

"Jimmy Michael Teston what happens to naughty boys in this house?" my stepmother demanded of me.  Long ago I learnt the answer to that question.

"They get spanked." I said softly staring at the floor.

"Girls, it is time that you learnt how to spank a boy for it is a part of motherhood.  We have here a very naughty boy already undressed and in need of discipline."  A few times my stepsister had seen me getting spanked but never with instruction.

Things were getting worse.

Mother sat on the couch and pulled me over her lap.  At least my junk was out of sight now.  She was about to start when April spoke.

"Mrs. Teston, my mother always checks my brother's temperature first.  She says that it is not proper to spank a sick boy."

"That's quite right, April.  I usually can tell but you should learn that also.  Shari and Jasmin please fetch the thermometer, the lubricating jelly and my hairbrush."  Even more horrors.  I was staring at the floor and now I wishing that it would open up and I would fall into the abyss.  The girls cheerfully ran off to fetch the items their mother wanted.

My stepmother explained how they must be very, very careful using the thermometer as it could cause injury.  While I was helpless, she showed them how to lube up my bottom hole and each of them pushed some lubricant in and then the thermometer.  Eventually the thermometer was kept in for an eternity of five minutes.  Unfortunately I did not have a fever so I was getting spanked.

Mother continued with her detailed and careful instructions about how different parts of the naughty boy's bottom react differently and why.  The girls were even more eager students than they were for the anatomy lessons.  I went over their laps one by one as they practiced spanking me with various sorts of hand spanks.  After a few spanks each when they hit hard, they learnt that their hands also got to feel the effect of spanking.

"That is why mothers have used hairbrushes as the implement of choice for hundreds of years.  One can hit harder and avoid a sore hand while it assures that the naughty boy is well and properly punished." she explained cheerfully.  The girls were delighted to learn that their hands were safe.

"Time for the final exam, girls.  Are you ready?" asked Mom.  Not only were they ready but super eager.  They were more than eager enough to teach a beaver a few lessons.  I went over Shari's lap first.  "Just do the right cheek dear and leave the other one for your sister." ordered Mom.

Shari did not want to skip a single step.  She made me stand by her side and told me what a naughty boy I was and then got me over her lap.  She insisted on checking my temperature to show she knew how.  She was most happy to get at my butt hole and then put that damn thermometer in.  Eventually she got to spanking me with her hand and was delighted how my cheek turned red.  She really did a number on it with the hairbrush so that I was sobbing greatly adding to my embarrassment and shame.

Jasmin was just as eager and as she was a southpaw I was across her lap the other way so that she could give my left check just as through spanking as her sister did to my right cheek.  She wanted to outdo her sister in every way and did not skip a single step.  Since she is more athletic she actually whacked me harder like I was a tennis ball she was serving.  I tried desperately not to cry but it got to be too much as she whacked me with that heavy, hard hairbrush as forcefully as she could and I did more than just sob like I did for Shari.  Jasmin was most pleased when Mother complimented her.

April was anxious to have her turn even though she would have an already sore red butt to spank.  Mother told her to do the middle but she managed to land hits all over getting me to cry once again.

By the time they parked me in the corner I felt like a little kindergarten boy who was truly very well spanked by his big sister/baby-sitters on his tender little tushie. I was sure that they would not ever let me forget that they made me cry like a baby.

When my corner time was over, I was required to apologize to the girls and even thank them for spanking me.  Instinctively, I placed my hands in front of my junk but immediately got yelled at.  "Put your hands to your side, boy.  You don't have anything to hide as we all have seen already."

As if this was not totally devastating, my stepmother had another bomb shell.  "Girls now that you know how to spank a naughty boy, I want you to help with the discipline of your stepbrother especially now while his father is away."  I was dumbfounded.  It got worse when she explained that my kid sisters were now in charge of me with full spanking rights.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. April 25, 2017

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