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A Strop for My Eighteenth Birthday


My folks were going away for the weekend and I had just gotten home from after playing after school this Friday afternoon.  Even though I was almost seventeen, ok, sixteen and a half, they won't permit me to stay home alone until I'm eighteen.  Mom was waiting for Hank to arrive so that she could get going.  I liked Hank, he was two and half years older than I and he had been sitting me for five years.  We got along really well and he was not super strict but I knew that I had best mind what I do when he was here.  My parents had decided that they would punish me with grounding, lost of privileges or extra chores but no longer spank me.  My babysitters were still authorized to use that arcane method, however.

Both Mom and I were surprised when she answered the doorbell.  It was not Hank but his younger brother Derek who was just fourteen then.  He was neatly attired in a dress shirt with tie and slacks so that he looked like a young gentleman rather than a kid.  He greeted Mom politely and waved to me.  "Hank got hurt playing ball and the hospital called just a half hour ago.  My mom has gone to the hospital and I've come in his place.  I'm the same age as Hank was when he first sat for Eddie and I know that it would be very difficult for you to get a replacement for Hank at this late hour."  Mother was taken back and was silent.  Derek was two and half years younger than I and I did not think Mom would agree but if she did surely I could be in charge after she left.

"I really don't have much of a choice." said Mom.

"I've quite a bit of experience, Ma'am, especially with boys who usually prefer male sitters.  Are your contact information and Eddie's rules in the phone book, as usual?"  Mom took just a minute to decide and then told Derek that he would do fine and admonished me that I should listen to him as he was my babysitter.  I cringed at that word.

After we were alone, Derek put his bike into the garage and then changed into shorts so that we could play in the backyard.  It just seemed like we were friends until dinner time.  He insisted that we eat the stuff that Mom had left for us and that's what we did.  Then we went to watch TV.  At 7:30 when we had a half hour nothing-to-watch break, he told me to shower and change into my pj's so that I could get to bed on time after the movie.  When I objected and said that my bedtime was much later, he just picked up the telephone book and, after studying it, made me read the rules.  They were old rules and never updated but he insisted they were what my parents had specified and that is what we had to follow.  The discussion was closed.© YLeeCoyote

I should never have given him back talk.  He got me by surprise.  He grabbed my wrist, sat on the couch, pulled me over his lap, got a leg over mine and my arm in hammer lock all in just seconds.  He grabbed the waistband of my track shorts and yanked them down exposing my butt.  Then he spanked me.  He spanked long and hard.  His spanks hurt.  I was yelling but he really had me locked into place so all I could do was yell and scream like a little boy who needs a babysitter.  After twelve minutes I was beat and went limp although he spanked me for another three minutes.  This was the hardest and longest spanking I had ever gotten.  I could not believe what had happened.  Even after Derek had released my arm and unclamped my legs, I just stayed there sobbing.  This was more than enough spanking to convince me that Derek was really in charge and that I had to obey him.  "I'll go shower and change right away." I said hoping that would be the end to all this.

It was not to be.  Derek stood me up and my shorts fell to the floor.  He had me step out of them and lead me to the bathroom wearing just my T-shirt.  Once there he got a washcloth and soaped it up.  "Eddie, you sure do have a potty mouth and it needs a most through washing out."

"Please, not that." I begged.  But he promised another spanking if I did not comply immediately and it would be with more than his hand.  That was too horrid to contemplate so I stepped to the sink and opened my potty mouth.  The soap was awful beyond belief.  He pushed the soap filled cloth around to get into every nook and cranny.  As he spread the soap everywhere, the soapy water filled my mouth.

"Don't swallow or you'll be sick, boy." he cautioned.  What a terrible choice that was.  "I'll let you spit in a couple of minutes."  Even after that, the taste was terrible and rinsing did not help very much.  I was a very sorry boy by then.  I was also completely limp and docile.  Derek's hard spanking and the mouth soaping so over whelmed me that I felt like a little boy.  I knew to my very core that Derek was totally in charge and that I had best not disobey him any more than I would his big brother Hank.

He removed my T-shirt and socks and ordered me into the tub for my bath.  I said I could shower by myself but he disagreed and said that little boys get baths.  I did not dare to argue any further and did as I was told.  He carefully washed me from head to toe.  I was scrubbed every place that dirt collects on little boys.  He did behind my ears and between my toes.  The last two places were my bat and balls (as he called them) and then my ass crack.  He was appalled at how dirty that last place was.  He had to wash it three times and said that it was the dirtiest butt hole in the entire world.  It was sore from all the rubbing with the washcloth when he was finished.  He let the water out of the tub and then rinsed me with clean cold water from the shower hose.

Derek then got my comb from the cabinet and ran it through my pubes.  I yelled for they were tangled and that hurt.  "You really are a little boy who does not know how to keep himself clean."  I just stared at the floor very ashamed of myself.  I had a sore bottom and still tasted soap in my mouth and my young babysitter was continuing to prove to me that I did not take proper care of myself.  "I can't comb out all those tangles so they have to go."  I though that he was going to snip them one by one but I was wrong.  He had gotten the little clippers that Mom used to save on barbers and grabbed my bat.  In a couple of seconds half my pubes were on the bottom of the tub.  Derek then continued and soon I was a bald as a ten-year-old.  "When they grow back, I hope that you will keep them neat, boy, but for now you don't deserve them at all.  Derek dried me off, insisted that I go pee-pee and then took me to my bedroom.  Soon I was tucked in wearing my pj's.

I looked at the clock and it was not quite 9:00.  If I had done as he told me, I would just be getting to bed and still have pubes rather than a very sore bottom and a mouth still tasting of soap.  Derek may have been young but he was strict and knew how to deal with me.  He was far stricter than my parents who would have let me get away with a lot.

* * * * * * * * * *

In the morning Derek cautioned me that I had better wipe properly or I would be punished again.  I was very careful to do so.  Then we took our bikes and some food and went to the forest a few miles away to play in the woods.  This was a pleasant surprise as he had not even asked my mother for permission.  Derek reminded me that I was not to go off by myself and especially not swim alone.  "If I don't bring you home, your parents won't pay me." he explained with a laugh.  Actually, he was all fun after that.  We did get to swimming hole but we had forgotten to bring swim suits.  We were alone so we went naked.  It really felt good to skinny dip in the cool water.  I did feel a little funny that my crotch was bald and that Derek had a lush bush.  I rationalized that there wasn't anyone else around and Derek certainly had already seen me without them.  We were just getting out when three kids showed up.  They must have been about thirteen and, of course, they noticed what I didn't have.  One of them commented that I looked like I was old enough to have pubes.  I did not know what to say so I said I was a late developer. That was a mistake.

They were already stripping to go swimming and in a couple of minutes two of them were down to their birthday suits.  They both had pubes.  The third one was in a two-piece bathing suit as she was a tomboy.  They were cool about being naked while she was not.  "Her mom says girls should be more modest so she promised to wear a swim suit."  one of them explained.  "Terry is a tomboy and we have all seen each other naked since we were little and will again when she dries off."

"Tell them the truth, boy." ordered Derek.  "And apologize also."

Now they were most interested.  Maybe if I had told the truth immediately it would not have been an issue.  "I was naughty and part of the punishment was to lose my pubes.  I'm sorry that I lied but I was ashamed."  Now they all wanted to have a close look, especially Terry who said that I still had some hair and should be shaved for a proper punishment."  The other two agreed.

"That an excellent suggestion, Terry.  I shall consider it.  Thank you." said Derek.  Then he turned to me.  "Go cut a switch so that you can be properly punished for lying, boy."  I was not sure exactly what to get but a cut a thin branch growing from the base of a tree.  I stripped off the leaves and branches and Derek was satisfied.  He made me bend over and gave me six cuts.  They hurt and I yelled some much to the amusement of the three witnesses who congratulated Derek on doing a good job.  We got dressed and Derek made me carry the switch back to the bikes in case I misbehaved.

After eating out, when we got home Derek asked me if I could do a proper job showering and I said I could.  He did not watch me but carefully inspected me to see that I had.  He even checked that I had gotten my crack clean with a wet towel which, I'm happy to say, I had.  He also checked the briefs I had worn all day.  Unfortunately, I failed that inspection.  I begged him not to spank me again for he had done that several times in just the last twenty-four hours.  I should have kept my mouth shut because he decided to take Terry's advice.  I was still naked and he had me lie on a towel on my bed.  He got a disposable razor and shaving cream from my parent's bathroom.  Once I realized what he was going to do, I begged him not to and to spank me instead.  He was not moved.

He covered me with the foam and carefully removed all the stubble that the clipper had left.  After he had dried me off, he said: "If you cannot keep yourself clean like a man then you cannot have a man's hair."  He also put me to bed early rather than allow me to watch TV with him.  I confess that I was angry and confused.  Derek was ever so strict but he never got excited nor raised his voice when he punished me.  He seemed more disappointed than angry.  That was different then how my other sitters and even my parents behaved.

On Sunday, I was a good boy.  We played some games and after lunch went to a great action movie.  My parents came home in time for dinner and Derek returned home.  He did not give any report but just said that things went OK.

* * * * * * * * * *

A couple of weeks later my parents were planning going out Saturday night so Mom asked me who she should get to sit me.  I was allowed to chose my sitter from past ones  and I requested Derek.  She was surprised but agreed.  "Derek did seem to make a difference in you for have been most well behaved since he was here." she commented.  "You haven't even had any skid marks since then."  I was looking forward to seeing him again.

I told Derek that I was very happy that he was my sitter again.  I loved Hank for all these years as my sitter but Derek had somehow changed me.  I then told him that I had a confession.  I had done a couple of things that my parents did not know about.  I had hidden these things from them because they would have grounded me but I knew I need to be punished.  First, I did have skid marks on two days but I washed those briefs before Mom saw them in the laundry.  Second, I did not go to the film I told Mom I was going but to the horror film at was also playing.

Derek looked at me for a full minute.  "You were a naughty boy and need to be punished."

"Yes, Sir.  I don't want my parents to do it but for you to deal with me.  Please."

He thought about all this for a while and agreed to punish me.  He did not tell me his plan but I thanked him and promised to cooperate with him.  He told me to go to my room, strip completely and wait with my nose in the corner.  I did as he ordered as fast as I could.  It seemed like a long time that I waited for him to come to give me my well-deserved punishment.  Once he did, it seemed ever so soon.

Cheating and lying about the movie had earned me a spanking.  He went to my closet and found a flip-flop before sitting on my bed.  I got across his lap at a bit of an angle so the bed supported my weight.  He held me about the waist and I resolved not to struggle.  He gave me several hard hand spanks before switching to the flip-flop.  I really knew that I was getting a hard spanking for I was soon crying.  I was very sorry for what I had done and knew that I was getting a very fair punishment.  All I could think was that I had done wrong and I was now paying for it.  I wished that I had been good and resolved to be good in the future.  Eventually, Derek stopped spanking me and I cried on his shoulder for a long time.  I never felt sorrow like this after grounding and stuff.

When I had recovered, Derek made me show him my underwear and it was (fortunately) clean.  Then he got a wet towel and made a close inspection.  Although I hadn't made skid marks, the towel test showed that I had not wiped properly.  "That's at least three times in less than three weeks.  Since you can't do this simple task like a grown up you may not have grown up hair." he declared simply but most definitively.  Derek went off to get the needed things and I fingered my very short hairs knowing that they soon would be gone once again.  I expected him to shave me, but he came back with a bottle of something.  He rubbed the stuff all over my crotch, especially above my bat and balls.  He explained that this was a hair remover and in a few minutes I would be as smooth as a baby's ass.  All the hair would be destroyed even below the surface so it would not come back for a long time.  Derek took me to the shower and washed the cream off.  It was just as he said – all the hair was gone and I was totally smooth like a little boy.  Derek allowed me to shower but he carefully inspected me before I put on my pj's.  We watched a movie and even though it ran a bit past my bedtime but he allowed me to see the end of it before tucking me in for the night.  I slept peacefully even though I had a sore bottom for I knew I was even with the world.

* * * * * * * * * *

It was a couple of weeks later and I had been neglecting my chores.  I was surprised that after dinner Derek showed up and Dad came to my room with him.  I learnt that Derek had a long chat with my parents and was now in charge of me.  They had decided that I responded well to Derek's discipline – especially his corporal punishment that Dad didn't want to do any more – so, from now on, he was in charge of my discipline.  My parents even knew that he had removed my pubes and that was in keeping with their idea that I was still a little boy.

I had to strip and bend over the bed.  Derek then used my own heavy belt on my butt.  I got ten strokes.  Each and every one of them hurt like the blazes.  I yelled, of course, but that did not deter Derek.  When he had finished, I was told to stand in the corner until called. I heard him leave and so I stood there contemplating my new situation.  I was not sure if it was a good thing or not.

It was Mother who called me out of the corner.  I tried to hide my crotch from her but she said that naughty little boys without hair should not do that.  Then she lectured me about doing my chores among other stuff.  I was sent to shower and then she inspected me to be sure that I had done the job properly.  She helped me into my pj's and tucked me in.

There were some interesting twists because I had to see Derek to get spanked.  One time when I brought home a most unsatisfactory report from school.  Both Mom and Dad had the same reaction – I needed a spanking.  I had to call Derek myself and explain how I did not study for a couple of exams and that my parents said I needed to be spanked.  Derek said that he was pretty busy but I should come right over.  He led me to his garage explaining that his parents had company and he did not want my yells to disturb them.  Hank was also there as his college was on a different schedule than my high school.

Derek reviewed everything with me while Hank listened.  Then I had to strip completely and bend over the car trunk.  The garage door had to remain open so that there would be sufficient room to swing the belt.  Derek gave me four cuts but was then interrupted by Hank who suggested an improvement in his technique.  The last six hurt more than the first four and Derek thanked his brother for his advice.  Derek lectured me a bit more while I was still in position and then I was told to dress and to go home and study.  Then there was some applause.  When I turned I saw that there was a gaggle of kids all with big grins.  They had been watching and I turned beet red all over.  I guess that made my red butt less noticeable.  Hank chased them away as I dressed.

Before I reached my bike in the driveway, I realized that I should not have worn tight jeans for they rubbed my sore tail a lot.  I had not reached the corner on my bike when I had to get off.  It was impossible to sit and peddle for the saddle dug right into my sore butt.  I had to walk home.  It took a long time.

* * * * * * * * * *

Derek was very considerate about keeping our relationship private so that no one at school knew until I messed up.  Unfortunately, it was in early December of my Junior year when I got into a fight in school.  At lunch time the three of us were sitting on the bench in the VP's office waiting to be chastised.  After the VP yelled at us, she checked our personal records to see if there were CP permission slips from our parents.  When she read mine she smiled and told her secretary to get Derek Donnelly.  I gasped and the VP said that I must know him.  I confirmed that and she went on to say that Mr. Donnelly would be giving me my swats as per my parents' directives.  I nearly fainted while my partners in crime wondered.

When Derek got there, the VP told him that I was to receive six swats as authorized by my parents.  "Very good, ma'ma." he said in his always cool manner.  Details were not necessary for everyone knew that Coach Henderson ran a pops production line in the gym after the last period.  The winners of the day's prizes would line up and then go over the vaulting horse.  It was arguably the most popular after_the_last_bell activity at school.  Some of the tough guys had even been known to invite their girlfriends to watch how macho they were.  The crowd was huge this day for word had spread that a freshman was going to swing the paddle at some unlucky junior.  (I was sure it was the guys that I had been fighting with who spread the information.)  This definitely was unusual for it was only occasionally that a parent or an older brother or cousin showed up to administer pops instead of the coach.

My partners in crime were first and second.  In turn they approached the horse, dropped their pants and bent over with their boxer clad butts in position for the Coach's pops.  When it was my turn, Derek took the paddle from the Coach and indicated that I should get into position.  I did, of course, otherwise I would never hear the end of it.  Then Derek pulled down my briefs (I was still not allowed big boy boxers) to expose my ass to everyone.  The crowd appreciated that change.  Derek always insisted that I be bare for any sort of spanking.  He carefully found his position and gave me the first pop.  WHACK!  I bit my tongue not to yell but it really hurt.  It got harder and harder not to yell but I did not want to embarrass myself.  It seemed to take forever but it was no more than four minutes at the most.  Derek helped me by pulling up my briefs and although he said to do my jeans myself.  He realized that there would be a lot of questions and more so he took my bus, rather than his own, to protect me.  One could see that there were a zillion questions wanting to be asked but Derek had the aisle seat and just glared at anyone who came close.  A freshman who administers a school paddling to a junior achieves an extremely high status instantly and must be deferred to.

Once we were home he let me have it with both barrels.  I was, obviously, really, really stupid to have gotten into trouble at school with a CP level offence.  He asked the obvious questions and I did not have any answers.  "The less you say the better off you will be.  The more you explain, the more shit you will have deal with." he stated, as cool as always.  "Just say: 'Derek is a tool of my parents and does what they direct.'"  Of course, that was not really true for Derek had complete discretion about punishing me.  Just before he rode my bike home, he said that I took it very well.

* * * * * * * * * *

It was April and my birthday.  My all important eighteenth birthday.  I had a really nice party and received a batch of neat presents.  My parents and friends were there but also my dear sitters, Hank and Derek.  They brought their cousin Marc who was visiting from out of town.  He was the youngest there being only fourteen – the same age as Derek was the first time he sat me.  Before I was allowed to cut my cake or open my presents, I was required to submit to a birthday spanking.  There were several volunteer spankers but Marc won the vote.  He sat on the big chair that had been brought out for the occasion and I started to get across his lap but he stopped me.  "It has to be on the bare." he said with a smile.  He immediately started to open my belt and jeans.  My objections were drowned out by the approving applause.  I glanced at Derek (my parents had withdrawn to the background) and he was smiling with approval.  There wasn't any hope for a reprieve as I was pulled over Marc's lap.

Marc got a good grip on my waist and then started to spank me.  They were more then love taps but certainly within reason for an eighteen-year-old male.  It was not a punishment spanking.  The last spank, however, was very hard.  Marc could spank as hard as Derek had the very first time.  After that it was all party fun.

After the party, Father presented me with a special, extra and private present.  Surprisingly though, he wanted both Derek and Marc to be there when I opened it.  Dad said he had it crafted especially for me now that I was not a little boy any longer.  It was in a package a bit larger than a tie box although much heavier. When I opened it I saw a nice wooden handle with a leather strip ​two feet​ (​61 cm​) long and ​three inches​ (​7.6 cm​) wide attached..  "That was made from your grandpa's razor strop." explained Dad.  Then he went on to say that it was especially designed to spank a naughty boy like me.  Both Derek and Marc were grinning and then I connected it all.  Marc's father worked at the University where I was scheduled to enroll as a freshman in the fall and lived on campus in the faculty housing.  "Oh, Father, I'm eighteen now and don't need a sitter."

"Son, you have done very well with Derek keeping an eye on you.  He has really helped you keep your focus on school and avoid trouble here at home.  You still need someone to continue that guidance when you are in college where there are a myriad of temptations and away from home.  Both Derek and Marc have been practicing with this modified strop so that they can use it with maximum effect, precisely and without injuring you.  Marc's university key card will be programmed to have access to your dorm room once it is assigned."  Dad left after that pronouncement of doom leaving me to learn the details from two young men.

Derek told me that they had exchanged a lot of information and Marc was very well qualified to keep me in line.  "It's not even a five minute walk from the fresh dorm to my house so it will be very convenient." explained Marc.  Then he added: "It was very nice having you over my lap although next time I doubt that it will be so comfortable for you."  They then offered to demonstrate the effectiveness of the Punishment Strop (PS, as we would call it) so I would know what to look forward to.  They each gave me three strokes of varying intensity.  Even the lightest hurt and the hardest was really painful.  I knew that I would have to toe the line for Marc as well as to continue to so for Derek.

Marc also suggest that I try to workout more in the gym during the summer because most of the other guys are in better shape and I'll do better.  "The PE coaches are really tough.  Just a word to the wise." he explained without any malice.  He seemed to be as even-tempered as his cousin.

When I look back on this conversation, I realize that although I was eighteen and they were only fifteen and half and fourteen, it was I who was the naked boy while they were the commanding, confident, dressed men in charge.  Most strangely, this seemed right and proper.  Both of them, but especially Marc, possessed something that I did not which made me accept as right that they were dominant and in should be in charge of me.

There was one more surprise though.  Marc asked Derek about my pubes and was told that I had been pretty well behaved and diligent so I was allowed to have them.  "Eddie, freshmen have been shown to do better when shaved, so I will shave your crotch the first week."

I was a little sad at that but I was sure that Marc knew best and that there was not anything I could do about it.

* * * * * * * * * *

It was the end of the third day of freshmen orientation week when Marc came to my dorm room.  My roommate, Sammy Elkins, was there.  Sammy was pretty much like me although I doubted that he had a real live Jimmy Cricket to look after him like I had Marc looking out for me.  I introduced Marc as my father's deputy and was terribly forthright to explain that he had great authority to keep me on the straight and narrow, just like his cousin had back home when I was in high school.  I hoped Sammy would not think he had unlimited authority and that Marc would not say that I had lied and spank me.  Fortunately, he just smiled.  I was hoping to make this sound as it was an ordinary arrangement.  It probably would have been better if Marc had been an older guy, such as Hank was.

Marc asked Sammy not talk about our relationship and although he agreed I was not certain if he really meant it  Time would tell and there was not anything to do about it.  Marc was very cool and asked me to please undress and get into position for the task that was ordered.  I complied and was quickly lying on back, feet on the floor and legs spread.  While Sammy watched, Marc took a scissors to my pubes and trimmed them to stubble.  Then he got the shaving stuff from the cabinet over the sink and shaved me nice and smooth.  I thought that I would hate that but I did not.  Marc asked for the PS and had me bend over for three medium strokes as a reminder of what I was in for should I slack.  I was immediately most aware that I was here to study not to play around and that Marc was definitely in charge of me.

Marc told me he was done and was glad that I had cooperated.  He also asked Sammy if he would like the same 'shave and a haircut' and a 'warm tail' but he declined.  I then took a walk with Marc and thanked him for understanding my skirting the full truth.  He also said that I might keep the PS hidden unless it was needed frequently and suggested that it be in my top center desk drawer where I would see it often.  I returned to my room and started to read my text books.

Marc visited two or three times a week.  Actually, it was very good because I made sure to keep up with my assignments as I did not wish a discussion with the PS although I was sure it would come in due time.

Due time turned out to be just three weeks.  I messed up both a pop quiz and a scheduled quiz in just two days.  My assignment book showed I was a couple of days behind in those courses and Marc noticed.  He had warned me but I did not heed him and the quizzes threw me.  When he saw the grades, he ordered me to get the PS and then to strip.  I wished that Sammy would take a walk but he did not.  Actually, he put down his work and watched intently like he had when I got shaved.  "Since they were only quizzes you'll get only four strokes for each." Marc told me.  I bent over my bed and gripped the far side.  I bit the blanket to help me keep quiet.  Marc started at the top of my butt and worked his way down to the crease with the first four.  There were tears in my eyes and I desperately wanted to yell and cry yet a college man does not do that.  Marc let me rest for three minutes and then gave me the second set.  I managed not to yell but was sobbing before he finished.  He helped to me lie down (prone, of course) and then left.

Sammy said he was amassed how the stripes formed right next to each other.  After a while I returned to my desk to study.  I did not want a repeat discussion.  I'm so proud that the PS stayed in the drawer until after midterms.  I did fine on those but was late with an assignment which cost a letter grade and three strokes with the PS.  Other than the regular shaves that was all I got through Thanksgiving.  A lot of the guys tried to get properly serious after the midterm results were out.  I realized how fortunate I was to have Marc watching over me so I would not stray.

When Sammy did not do well on his midterms, he started to sweat about it.  He knew all to well that his father was going to be very unhappy and he did not even want to consider the consequences.  He asked Marc to help him.  As a catch up he got ten with the PS in two sets of five.  I watched, as had Sammy, how the stripes formed on Sammy's now red bottom.  His control was amazing.  I'm certain that Sammy now understood completely why I sobbed for now he was.  Marc then told him to get into position to be shaved.  Sammy started to object and got another taste of the PS.  "Yes, Sir." he said and got into the required position.  When that was done, Marc told me to explain all the rules to Sammy about assignment tracking and the like.  I had to wait until the morning to do that.

The same time that I got those three strokes before Thanksgiving, Sammy was due for five.  We were both naked while Marc lectured us about keeping up.  Marc said that it wouldn't hurt me any to also hear the tongue lashing that was for Sammy.  That done, I lay over the end of my bed with my ass up.  I got a quick glance at my butt in the mirror while Sammy was getting into position.  I was practically like a neatly stitched flag with three wide red stripes and two very thin white lines between.

Marc had given Sammy three when there was a knock on the door.  "I'm Mr. Elkins, Sammy's dad.  Is this his room?" asked the gentleman.  I invited him in.

It was just in time to hear Marc say: "You will study every night, boy." and the strop landing on Sammy's tail for the fourth stroke.  WHACK!  "You will not go to any parties."  WHACK!

After a long (pregnant) pause Mr. Elkins spoke.  "Well, young man, if I had known this I could have saved myself a trip.  I came to have a father/son/belt discussion with Sammy but you seemed to have done that for me.  And, I will add, made a very fine impression on me as well as on my lazy son's butt."

I introduced myself as roommate and Marc as my father's appointed monitor and then deferred to Marc.  "Well, Sir, Sammy realized that he needed help right after the midterm grades were out, just like the help that Eddie was getting from me.  He really was upset about them and since I've been helping he has really been doing better."

"Hello, Father." was all that Sammy could manage.  It is difficult to say anything when you are starkers and have just been stropped by a fourteen-year-old man like you were a little boy.  His father asked about his missing pubes, concerned that it might be part of a fraternity thing, but Marc explained that little boys, such as these two, did not deserve man-hair which could lead them astray.

After some more discussion, Mr. Elkins then told Sammy that Marc was formally his deputy and that he could no longer terminate the relationship on his own.  Sammy was very quiet for this discussion and seemed to shrink.

That was how my college years started.  A fourteen-year-old high school freshman was in charge of me and he did an excellent job for two years when he was replaced by his two years younger brother, Jack, who was just as strict and kept me on the straight and narrow until I graduated.

* * * * * * * * * *

I was surprised by both Jack and Marc showing up in my dorm room early on the day of my graduation.  They had come to congratulate me which was very touching.  They had also decided that I should be shaved and stropped so that I would finish college the same way I started – smooth and red.  Since I could never resist them, I obeyed their orders and striped.  They lathered me up and each did one side of my crotch making me a properly smooth little boy.  Then, just like at my eighteenth birthday party, I got across Marc's lap and he held me tight as his brother gave me six very hard strokes with the strop.  He put his all into it and I was on the verge of tears.  Then I got over Jack's lap and Marc gave me another six hard strokes.  I was a crying little boy by then.  They hugged me for a while and left.

All through the ceremonies and then at the early dinner with my parents and them, I was most aware of their special finishing wrap up which reminded me how they had helped me through college.  When I got my graduation presents, I not only thanked my parents but my two dedicated sitters.  I was even glad that they had visited me early and told them even letting my parents know.

"We'll always be available to give you help in the future, Eddie." they both promised.  That gave me a nice warm cuddly feeling.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. August 4, 2009

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