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The following story is fiction about an immature twelve-year-old boy who must have a babysitter.  The story contains scenes of spanking with various implements.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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Stuck with a Babysitter – Part 1/2


We moved the summer I was almost thirteen-years-old (in just seven months).  I had been fighting mommy about having a babysitter ("I don't need some girl bathing me!") for months and had thought I had been making progress.  Soon after we got settled in the new house, Mommy joined some woman's club which met in the evenings.  She also decided that I would have a sitter.

I was arguing with her the whole afternoon and she got very angry at me.  Spanking angry I found out to my regret.  We were in the kitchen when two things happened simultaneously.  Mommy had just pulled down my shorts and tighty-whities and there was a knock on the door.  "Come in." she yelled as she pulled me over her lap.

"Good evening, Mrs. Haskel." said the visitor.  After a pause and added: "I see that little Teddy has been naughty."  Yipe, my first meeting with the new sitter and my bare bottom is on full display and about to be roasted.

"Yes, very naughty, Pat.  All the information you asked for is on the table.  Now I must hurry or I'll be late."

"I can take care of that for you, Ma'am so you won't have to rush." said the sitter to my horror.© YLeeCoyote

"That is an excellent idea, Pat." said my mommy and she told me to stand.  Egads she had given the sitter spanking power.  As she got up, Pat walked over and took the proffered hairbrush from her.  As I tried to cover up my bat and balls with my hands, I realized that the sitter was a GUY!  "Give him a couple of dozen whacks." said Mommy as she rushed to get ready to go out.

"Yes, Ma'am." he replied as he sat and pulled me back into position over his lap.  Then he started by giving me a few hard hand spanks.  Those spanks were definitely harder than Mommy's and that was just with his hand.  I was already howling by the time he switched to the hairbrush.  He held me in place very firmly so that it did not matter that I struggled.

Once he started swinging the heavy, wide-backed wooden hairbrush I knew nothing else except that I was being spanked and it hurt – terribly.  I howled but he continued until I was crying and then some.  What a horrid way to meet a new babysitter!

Pat was just getting me up when Mommy returned.  "Now be a good little boy, Teddy, or Pat will spank you again.  Now into the corner."  I went into the naughty corner and put my hands on my head.  My ass was aflame and I could not rub it as long as I was in the corner.

Eventually, Pat called me from the corner for dinner.  I wanted to put on my pants or at least my undies but he said it was unnecessary as I would be having my bath shortly.  Not only that but he made me remove my T-shirt also explaining that little boys need their nudie time.  "What's nudie time?" I questioned and "I'm not a little boy." I protested.  As I sat there I studied him – he was a big guy.  He was handsome but much taller than I and with muscles for he spanked very hard.

"You ARE a little boy otherwise I would not be here as your babysitter.  Nudie time is the hour that you spend undressed letting your body get all the air it can.  It is good for you." he replied simply and directly.  I did not know what to reply and was trying to figure it out.  "I expect that you will be a good little boy doing as you should and being obedient.  You will be spanked if otherwise.  Is that clear, boy?"

I looked at him and considered.  There was not anyway that I could not do what he said.  My hot red painful bottom was still loudly protesting the earlier assault and telling me that I had best be a good little boy.  I capitulated and just said: "Yes, Sir."

As we ate, he told me about his program for the little [Oh, how I hate that word!] boys he babysat and that my Mommy had agreed was proper.  I already knew he was strong, strict and spanked very hard.  I learnt about nudie time and homework checks and baths and strict bedtimes and what disobedience meant.  My objections and opinions were totally worthless.  "You are a little boy and you shall do as you are told."  You can easily guess what he said disobedience meant.

I was surprised that he was quite happy to play video games with me but, alas, found that he beat the pants of me.  Well, he would have if I had pants on in the first place.

Bath time was exactly that I found out and worse for it was not just take a shower but him actually bathing me in the tub.  "Little [DAMN! that word again.] boys don't wash thoroughly and his job required him to be sure I was sparkling clean."  Hell!  Did he think I was a piece of crystal?  He supervised my tooth brushing and made sure I pee-peed before bed.  Since it was still summer, it was into bed without any pj's or briefs.  When he said good night it came with a warning that if I got out of bed except for a fire or to pee-pee it would mean a spanking.

I resolved to beg Mommy not to have him sit me again.

In the morning, Mommy just woke me and inspected my bottom. "You're still red, Teddy.  Pat spanks very well."  She just laughed when I objected because I was naked.  "I've seen you naked since the day you were born and even yesterday.  You don't have anything to hide, little one."

At breakfast, I tried to talk about babysitter and Pat in particular but got nowhere.  "I went to the trouble of finding a young man for the job because you objected so much to all the girls who sat you in the past.  You are having a sitter and that is finial."

I was doomed.

* * * * * * * * * *

In the months that followed I got used to Pat sitting me.  And all his rules as well.  There were a couple of changes about the house.  Mommy decided that nudie time was a good thing and I had to be naked from dinner time to bedtime three days a week.  Second, she stopped spanking me.  That would have been great except she outsourced the job to Pat because he spanked better than she did.  I was starting to look forward to becoming a teen and not being treated like a baby. Things did not go that way.

One good thing did happen and that was I started to grow pubic hair.  That was a sure sign that I was growing up and I was sure that Mommy would listen to my pleas more once they grew out.  Unfortunately, that was not to be as I will explain.

It turned out that Pat had a kid brother Rick who was a year younger than I.  He had been accompanying his brother as an apprentice when he was sitting the younger kids.  And I was soon included.  I objected but, as usual, I was ignored.  Pat kept telling me to be quiet but I did not listen.  It was already after dinner so I was in nudie time and felt very little because they both were dressed nicely.  It happened very fast.  Pat grabbed me and pulled me over Rick's lap, who had managed to sit down.  It was quite a shock when Rick's hand SPANKED my bare bottom many times in less than a minute.  Because Pat was holding me I could not escape.  Rick did not hit as hard as Pat so naturally he spanked a lot more to compensate.

Then it stopped.  At least I thought it had but it was only a pause as Rick pulled his belt from his jeans.  While the rain of spanks on my bottom was paused I realized that Rick's thing was hard because I was laying on it.  Once he got his belt free he resumed spanking me.  The pain level soared as the heavy leather landed on my bottom repeatedly.  I was yelling but that did not deter Rick's from continuing the strapping.  Perhaps it even encouraged it.  Soon I was sobbing from Rick's spanking – a boy more than a year younger than I.  He pulled me up and lead me to the corner.  I put my hands on my head, stuck my nose in the corner and kept sobbing.

I heard them talking.  "Rick you did very well spanking the baby."  Rick thanked him for the praise and Pat continued.  "You got his whole ass very nicely but you would do better to fold the belt rather than just wrap it about your hand."

"Thanks.  And Teddy is such a cry baby.  It's not a surprise that he needs a baby sitter just like he has a baby size dicky." responded Rick.

That would have driven me to tears if I had not been crying already.

When I was called from the corner, I apologized for my rudeness and was lead off to my bath.  I now knew that I better mind Rick just like I minded Pat.  I was very docile as Rick (who still had a bulge in his jeans) bathed me for my bottom was still red hot.  I brushed my teeth and pee-peed just as he said and then got into bed.  I felt that things had gotten worse and cried myself to sleep hoping they wouldn't tell Mommy that I had been  spanked again.

* * * * * * * * * *

Things were worse after that because Rick and I saw each other at school.  He was a grade below me and I was sure that he smirked every time he looked at me.  He even managed to bump into me in the hall and ask, fortunately very quietly, "How's your bottom, baby?  Is it still red from my spanking you?"  I just snarled at him and went on but I heard him laughing as we separated.

One day Rick caught me in the boys' room with my pee-pee out.  If I hadn't started already, I would have gone into a stall but it was too late.  As he pulled out his thing, he said: "Remember, pilgrims with short muskets – like you – must stand close to the firing line."  He stood back and I could not resist looking his way.  He had a long (and thick) musket indeed.  He was smirking for sure.  "You wish you had even half of this, don't ya?" and he laughed.  I did not answer but he was right and because he pushed his pants back I could see he even had a bush.  It was probably worse having Rick rather than a girl sitter.

You would have thought that things could not get worse.  I had been speaking with Mommy about my growing up but waiting to have more of a bush to improve my argument.  Even with nudie time she did not look at me closely which I appreciated.

Rick showed up again with Pat when Mommy went off to her club.  After I got my homework done during nudie time, Rick talked about it being my bath time.  I now knew that I had to listen to him just like his big brother so off we went.  As he was washing me, he commented to Pat that "The baby is getting pubes."

"Yes.  I'm growing up." I responded happily.

"I don't think he's grown up enough to have pubes, Pat.  We should shave them off."

Before Pat could respond, I opened my big mouth yelling "No fucken' way!"  That was a big mistake for Rick just popped the soapy washcloth into my mouth and held it in place.  It tasted awful.

Pat had looked thoughtful and was stroking his chin.  "Mmmmmm." he said.  I immediately had hoped that he would disagree.  But that was not happened for he said: "That outburst convinced me.  You are absolutely right."  Rick must have been planned this because he reached into his pocket and pulled out a safety razor.

Rick ordered me to stand.  My little bush was well soaked from the bath.  The razor quickly cut my pubes off at the base leaving me totally smooth – just like a baby.  It all took less than five minutes.  The bath was finished and I brushed my teeth very well to get all the soap out mouth.

Instead of putting me into bed, Rick sat on it and pulled me over his lap and started to spank me.  "You are never to use such words like that again, boy."

"Here use this." said Pat and handed Rick one of my flip-flop I use for slippers.  The spanking got much worse as Rick used that rubber-like paddle on my bottom.  I was crying in no time.

When he finished, Rick told me to get into bed which I did.  "Good night, baby, sleep well." he said leaving me crying and already missing my pubes.

End of Part 1.  Go to Part 2

© Copyright A.I.L. October 1, 2016

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