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The following story is fiction about an immature twelve-year-old boy who must have a babysitter.  The story contains scenes of spanking with various implements.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  Be sure to read Part 1 first.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

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Stuck with a Babysitter – Part 2/2


Over the next month Pat but especially Rick made sure to keep me smooth and I totally despaired of convincing Mommy that I was not a baby.  It certainly did not help that Mommy was so unhappy with the result of a test that she decided I needed a spanking.  She called Pat and asked him to come over.  I was surprised that the call took as long as it did.  It was when Rick showed up I learnt why.  Pat was busy and Rick had convinced Mommy that he was quite experienced spanking me and could easily do a proper job.

It was bad enough that Rick had spanked me when Pat was watching but now he was doing it officially on Mommy's request.  I was naked and in the corner when he arrived.  After speaking with Mommy, he called me out of the corner to stand in front of him as he lectured me.  It was terrible.  He said how I failed and how I was a baby and how I needed to grow up and undeveloped I was.  I was practically in tears before he finished and it was somewhat of a relief that he got on with the spanking.

Rick sat on the couch and got me over his lap.  I was well trained to submit to his orders and he gave me a warmup spanking with just his hand.  Then he switched to the hairbrush and proceeded to destroy me.  Over and over that heavy, hardwood 'paddle' crashed into my bottom sending tsunamis of pain through my every fiber.  I was bawling right away but he continued.  It was a great relief to get back into my corner even though the pain did not stop when the spanking did.

After a while, he called me out of the corner, lectured me some more and told me to go do my homework.  "Yes, Sir." I replied and ran off to do as he said.

In school the next day, he asked how my tail was and I said: "Painful."© YLeeCoyote

"Good.  That should help you to remember to study and do your homework, little boy."

"Yes, Sir."  I'm afraid that he spoke the unpleasant truth – that I'm still a little boy.

* * * * * * * * * *

I don't know why but something changed after a few more weeks.  I asked Mommy to have Rick rather than Pat as my sitter and she agreed to.  It certainly was not because Pat was stricter because if anything Rick was.  Perhaps because Rick did not seem so intimidating because he was more my size rather than a big high school guy.  I just seemed to like him a lot more.  I do know that I looked up to him because, although he was younger, he was much more mature.  It was terribly exciting somehow even when he spanked me and when he bathed me.

A couple of days later in school Rick spoke to me about it.  I could not explain to him either.  Rick told me: "I'm going to be very strict with you, Teddy.  You're just a little boy and you'll be spanked as needed and kept looking like one.  Understand?"

"Yes, Sir." I replied simply.  He smiled.  I wasn't sure what I was letting myself in for but still I felt good that Rick wanted me.  My heart was racing a bit.

The next time he came to sit me, he carefully checked that I had done my homework as I should.  Happily I had.  Unfortunately, my room was quite a mess and that earned me a spanking.  When Rick told me to get over his lap, I did so without any delay because I knew I must obey him.  As soon as he put his hand on my waist to hold in place and rubbed my bottom with his spanking hand I felt something special that I cannot describe except that I liked it and I was in the right place.

"I'm going to start with my hand because I love seeing my hand prints form on your tail." Rick said as he started spanking my bottom.  "Lovely.  Nice and pink." he added and then switched to the hairbrush so I would learn my lesson properly.

Just like the last time I mentioned it, I was impressed by how large and hard his thing got and was reminded how tiny my own pee-pee was.  This time I reached out and touched the hard bulge it made in his jeans.  "Oh, so big and so hard." I explained excitedly.

"You want to see it, boy?" he asked.  That was a relief for I had suddenly realized that could have made him angry but happily had not.

"Yes.  Yes, please, Sir." I replied most enthusiastically for I had never seen it hard but just soft in the boys' room at school.  He pulled my hand to his belt and I opened it and then unbuttoned his jeans.  My heart was pounding as I pulled down the zipper and lowered his jeans.  He was wearing big guy boxers (not the tighty-whities that I wear) and they were tented.  I hesitated about lowering those but I looked at his face and he was smiling and nodded.  I dropped to my knees and lowered his boxer shorts.  This was so exciting.

His big hard cock sprang up and hit me in the face.  For the first time I saw it in all its glory rising from a big nest of hair.  "It is beautiful." I said staring intensely at it.  My mouth was still open and he pulled my head forward so his cock went into my mouth.  I let my tongue study it.  My own little pee-pee was hard and standing up.

Rick held my head between his hands and thrust his big thing in and out of my mouth and suddenly he exploded.  He gave a yell and my mouth was filled with a sweet cream.  "Swallow, boy, it's good for you."  Of course, I obeyed him.

It was bath time by then so I got into the tub as he filled it.  I loved how he washed me.  He is very through and gets every nock and cranny and it feels ever so good.  When he washed my pee-pee it got hard but it still tiny compared to his.  This time he even pushed his finger into my hole to make sure that was clean also.

I was surprised that he did not use the razor to get rid of the stubble as he usually did.  This time he handled me the razor and told me: "From now on you are to use the razor twice a week so you stay nice and smooth like a proper little boy."

"Yes, Sir." I replied.

* * * * * * * * * *

Pat provided another service beside just babysitting and that was taking his clients places when their parents were too busy or uninterested to go to great places like the zoo and the science museum.  To keep price down, he took four of us kids at a time and Rick also went along.  That is how I went to the science museum in a group of six.  The others were two nine-year-olds Travis, his friend Jeff and his ten-year-old sister Heidi, Rick and, of course, Pat who was in charge.  They were surprised that an almost thirteen-year-old like me was there since I was older than Rick.

That is how I got to be sitting on the bench in the train station at nine a.m. one morning with the group waiting for the train to take us to the city to get to the Science Museum.  The trip was uneventful and we (the four) were all pretty excited about going not only for the museum but the trip on the railroad and subway also.  Pat made sure to review the rules of conduct with us.  We got there right at opening.

There was so much to see in the museum.  We started with the big old bones which are all that is left from dinosaurs more sixty-five million years ago.  The pictures I've seen really don't make one feel how huge they were.  Many even make elephants seem small and they could eat a person in just one bite just like in the Jurassic Park movie.  It was thrilling to touch a dinosaur bone.  Oh, that was allowed for one specimen which even had a Touch me label.  It was like traveling all over when we looked at the huge dioramas with the large animals.  The Kodiak bear was also huge and not at all like my cuddly Teddy bear.  I'm sure that everything would have been more fun if Pat and Rick hadn't keep telling me not to run about all the time.

After a couple of hours we all needed a break and lunch.  Pat lead us to one of the family restrooms and we all went in.  Travis and Jeff immediately went for the toilet, unzipped and started to go right away.  They did not care that Heidi was there although she did not pay any attention.  As soon as they finished and started to wash their hands, Heidi went over and did the same thing although she sat.  Rick said that I should not stare and turned me to face the other way.

Pat told me to go but I objected to Heidi being there.  "Don't be silly, Teddy," she said, "I seen lots of boys peeing including my older cousins who are in college who have big penises and lots of hair too."  I was surprised that she said such a thing and used that word.  Pat let me know I had better or else so I did.  Heidi did not even watch.  Then our two guides had their turn and I thought we would be off for lunch.

I was wrong!  Terribly wrong.  Rick asked each of the others how times they had to be told to behave or stop doing something.  Travis and Heidi both said none and Jeff admitted to one.  I was not sure and said a couple.  I was quickly corrected and told that it was six times which is quite unacceptable and earned a spanking.  I objected to that and Pat just said:  "Raise your hand if you think Teddy has earned a spanking?"  I was unpleasantly shocked when five hands were raised.

Rick sat on the bench and pulled me along side him.  He then proceeded to open my belt and jeans and lowered them.  "Please not the briefs." I whined as he put his thumbs in the waistband and started to lower them also.  Just before he pulled me over his lap, Jeff laughed and said that I certainly did not have anything to hide or show.  It was almost a relief as I lay over Rick's lap for my pee-pee was no longer exposed.  Unfortunately, my bottom was very exposed and Rick spanked hard.

The others were each given a chance to spank me also and Travis pulled off his belt and used that a couple of times before passing it to Jeff who did the same.  That belt really hurt and I was forced to tears.  Heidi just used her hand a few times.  Since I was already tenderized those spanks also hurt and she even caressed my bottom  and noted how nice and red it was.  I was allowed to pull up my pants and wash my face before we went out to eat al fresco.

I did not know what that meant for a while but I soon learnt that meant we got hot dogs from the street vendor and ate in the park in the open air.  It would have been more fun if my bottom had not hurt.  We all ran about the park and Pat said to work off my extra energy so I would behave PROPERLY in the museum in the afternoon.  The star show in the planetarium was lots of fun and interesting as well.  I learnt how the Earth is constantly in upheaval in the hall about our planet.

I managed to behave well enough that when we stopped in the Family Restroom before leaving for home that I did not get spanked again.  Unfortunately, it was on the train back home that I got into trouble by arguing with Travis and Jeff about stuff we had seen.  Pat told me to quiet down and to stop arguing for I was wrong anyway.

Regrettably I did not quiet down and Pat just grabbed me and before I realized what he was doing my jeans had already been yanked down.  I yelled that I was sorry and tried to apologize but I was too late.  Pat just yanked me over his lap and raised up his hand over and over.  His hand descended on my already red bottom a couple dozen times once again rendering me into a bawling mess.

A few of the commuters applauded and praised him.  The others talked happily about the museum but I was just quiet after a second spanking of the day.  I was glad that the train seats were paddled.  This was not the best day of my life.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. October 1, 2016

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