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I was inspired to write this story when I heard a radio review of a new book: "Do-Over!: In Which a Forty-Eight-Year-Old Father of Three Returns to Kindergarten, Summer Camp, the Prom, and Other Embarrassments" by Robin Hemley.  He tells of his real life experience reliving parts of his past.  I took the concept and made my character go back to summer camp as a fourteen-year-old.  My story is not about Robin but is fiction about a man's failures and the resulting spankings and shavings by his young peers and others.  This part also gets into teen/adult sex.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  My character's physiological comments should not be taken as scientific fact.

The first part of the story is about the two weeks the narrator spends in summer camp and this, part 2, is about the long term consequences after he returns home.  As always, it would be best to read part 1 first.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

The author would appreciate your comments – pro and con, including constructive criticism, and suggestions.  Please take a moment to email.

Stuck as a Tadpole – Part 2/2


I now completely regret my crazy idea to return to summer camp to replay my life in the expectation that I could do better than the first time around.  I'm sorry to report that I failed just as I did the first time and worse my son, Monty, witnessed it.  He is at the point in his life where he needs to clash with me to develop into a man.  The normal process is that he tries and learns to back off.  As he grows older I yield more and more until he is a man and we can coexist.  However, at camp he immediately soared to levels that exceeded mine, especially in swimming.

When I was there as a (real) kid, I did not do well because I was not athletic and the other kids sort of tolerated me as the big klutz.  This time was different however.  I was bigger and older than my peers (the real fourteen to sixteen-year-olds) and still was inferior at most things.  I was at the bottom of the pecking order and they all loved that they could boss an adult about since they all have the normal father/son conflicts.

The big problem was and continues with Monty.  He was just getting to the time of this life when he was suppose to challenge me and learn to back off.  However, at camp he did not have to back off and now thinks (knows!) that he should be in charge.  When we have discussions, I am reminded that I am a mere tadpole and am required to obey him.  He is now friends with Lance who encourages him to be bossy and reminds him of how I was treated at camp.  When Lance visits, I don't have a chance for they gang up on me.  I'm the lowly tadpole they both spanked at camp and even since then.  Lance also joined the Y and swims with Monty.

They made me sign up and make me work at getting better which sound like a nice thing.  They are tough trainers, however, and until I can pass the swim test they promised that I will be kept hairless.  They even paddle me at the Y when they think I don't do as well as I should.  I am made to bend over holding on to a bench while they use my own flip-flops on my upturned ass.  They explain to the amused observers that I am a lazy boy who does not try like he should.  The men snicker that a man who submits to his teenaged son and his friend is just a boy and deserves what he gets.  The other teens are quite jealous.  Everyone but me seems to love it happening so they are encouraged.  One big jock type kidded his father about doing that and when asked what he thought would happen if he tried.  "I won't be able to sit for a month, Sir."  They laughed and hugged each knowing their proper place.  Even when I don't get spanked, I cannot hide that I have been shaven in the shower and locker room so that I look like a boy.  To put it briefly, they have restored the dynamic that existed in the camp so I am reduced to the omega male.  The more they do that the less I can resist.

My wife is ever so proud at how grown up and manly her son is and encourages him.  It was about a month after we returned from camp and I failed to get some work done on the car all weekend.  When she mentioned it, the service stations were all closed and she was most irritated with me.  Suddenly, she started yelling at me like my mother did and she used to do when Monty was younger.  I felt so frightfully little.  "Go to your room, young man." she ordered extremely disgusted with me.  "Wait until your son comes home for he will deal with you."  I could not resist and went to my room.© YLeeCoyote

Once there, I worried.  I knew that when Monty came back he would be all charged up from his football game – full of testosterone.  He was most competitive and, regardless of having won or lost, he would be delighted to be in charge and to discipline his errant father as his mother wants.  A few days before at the Y he said he was thinking that he should use a belt on me rather than a flip-flop because I am not physically a little boy.  I knew that he knows that all my belts were hanging in the closet.  I was scared.  When I heard the door slam I knew he was home.  I figured that I best get into the corner before he came into the room.  That's what my father expected and it cost me extra if I wasn't.  It was only after that I parked myself in the corner with my hands on my head that I realized that I was no longer a twelve-year-old but just acting like I was.  I was in full DO OVER mode and feeling like I was only twelve years old.  I could not move though.

"Mother says that you're a naughty boy and need a good strapping." my now thirteen-year-old son said in an authoritative baritone voice without even a hint of breaking.  Did he mean his mother or mine?  In either case, I shivered when I heard that.  I had vivid memories of my father's strap and the pain it caused me.

"Yes, Sir." I said.  Surely he must have taken that I was acknowledging that he was in charge and had the right to discipline me.  Part of me, the man part wanted to turn and tell him to get out but the boy part was in control so I remained with my nose in the corner.  I felt so small and weak.  I was hoping he wouldn't strap me very much.

"Come here, boy." he ordered.  I went and stood before him.  He was almost as tall as I was.  He wore a rugby shirt and jeans both of which hugged his muscular body.  He smelt of sweat from playing hard and that made him seem bigger and more manly.  Later, I realized that it must have been the pheromones he generated during the game that were still making the aura that surrounding his alpha-athlete's body.  He knew he was in charge and he began to undress me.

"I can do that." I said.

He slapped my hands away and snapped: "Stand still, boy." and continued to undress me like I was his errant son rather than his father.  Soon I was naked.  I surely looked boyish because I did not have a bush.  Lance and he had kept their word that until I could pass the swim test, I was not allowed pubes.  "Lean on the bed, boy." he commanded and I obeyed.  He picked up a strap that he must have prepared and proceeded to give me twenty hard strokes.  Each of them hurt like the blazes.  They hurt like when my father strapped me when I was only fourteen.  I yelled in pain but he did not let up.  I was a sobbing little boy before he stopped.

He took me into the bathroom and rubbed some stuff from the medicine cabinet on the stubble that had grown since he last shaved me.  He put me back in the corner and told be to stay there.  He left and I rubbed my red-hot ass.  After some time he returned and told me to shower and then come down for dinner.  When I checked in the mirror my ass was indeed red hot and painful to touch.  When I showered, I found that my pubis was baby smooth so it was evident that he had used his mother's depilatory on me.  I knew that I was a very well punished little boy.  And, of course, still a mere tadpole.  I was very quiet at dinner and was glad that Monty happily talked about the games and that Carri talked of what she had done with her friends.  I remembered that children, especially naughty boys, are seen and not heard so I carefully cleaned my plate in silence.

My wife suggested that I go to bed early and I did since I feel like watching TV with my well-toasted bottom hurting.  Lying there I wondered if I would be a man again in my own and my son's eyes.  It did not help that he dropped by and spoke to me like I was a naughty boy and needed to mend my ways.

I had hoped that I would be able to get out of this DO OVER mode that I was in.  It seemed that every day I remained in this way, it was harder to think of stopping it.  Both Lance and Monty are most delighted to dominate me and my wife seems somewhat amused by it all.  She has gotten bossier as well and doesn't have headaches.  Now she just taunts me that I am a hairless boy and should not try to be a man.  When I look at myself in the minor, I think that my penis is smaller than it was.  Perhaps there some effect because I am no longer the alpha male in the house and Monty's pheromones are suppressing my maleness.

* * * * * * * * * *

It was a few months later and I was in boy mode more than ever.  This faithful Saturday morning Monty and Carri had gone shopping with their mother.  She was going to drop Carri off for a sleepover and I was home alone.  I was supposed to be doing stuff like mowing the lawn and some cleanup when Lance showed up.  He was expected and said because he had gotten a ride from his dad he did not have to wait for the bus so he was very early.  When he got a drink from the refrig, he saw my to do list and it certainly did not include watching the Saturday morning cartoons.  He turned off the TV and reminded me about my undone stuff.  "You know perfectly well, young man, that you are not allowed TV until your chores are done."  He knew the rules that had been set for me.  Of course, he knew he was far more dominant than I so he did not hesitate.

"I'll do it right away." I said starting to go but I was too late for he grabbed me and pulled me to the couch.

He lectured me on responsibility as he stripped me completely.  He had just sat down and had pulled me over his lap, like a naughty little boy, when Monty and my wife walked in to see the very first spank.  A-year-older than Monty, he was bigger and stronger and his spanks hurt more.  He quickly reduced me to a bawling little boy with a hot, red, pain-laced bottom.  I stood crying in the corner as Lance talked with my wife and son.  I did not dare to say a word as the adults talked about what a naughty boy I was.

I really not prepared for the next turn of events for my wife was telling Lance how manly he was.  She even commented on how his jeans were bulging more than usual.  "He got a lot more than Dad, Mom." Monty explained.  I wished that I could disappear.

"I always get this way when I spank him, Mrs. Mangold.  Please excuse me" said Lance, "while I take care of it."

"Not at all.  You're a virile young man and that is most normal." said my wife most flirtatiously.  "There nothing to hide or be ashamed about.  Let me help you."  I couldn't see exactly what she did but she must have opened his jeans and freed his large, hard cock for she said:  "There isn't that better."  Then she added, "Monty was right you are larger than little Teddy."

"Yes, much better." he said, "Thank you."

"This will be even better." she said.

Then there were just some sounds until he yelled: "I'm coming." and then "That was wonderful."

"Teddy was never half the man that you are Lance." she said and paused.  "I need something else, Lance.  I see that you're still up for it."  I couldn't believe my ears yet I did not dare to move or even speak.  Leaving the corner without permission earned another spanking.

"I'll be honored." he said modestly.  He was an extremely well poised youth.

After Lance and Monty had left my wife told me with a twinkle in her eye, how she pulled off her panties and bent over the couch arm.  The how Lance lifted her skirt and satisfied her like real man should satisfy a woman which was something that I never did.  She soon made it clear that I was an impotent, hairless boy and Lance was real man.  Both Lance and Monty are going to get stronger and you are going to remain a little boy forever, Teddy-boy.  I was sent to do my chores.

Later, before dinner, Monty told me to thank Lance to making mom feel so good since I couldn't and it was improper for him to do so.  "A gentleman always helps a lady in distress." Monty explained.

We were all watching TV after dinner and Lance was sitting next to my wife.  Actually, they were doing more than just sitting as he had his arm about her and they were making googoo eyes at each other and she had her hand in his crotch.  I made a feeble effort to tell them to stop but I was ineffectual.  When they decided to go upstairs and I stood up, Monty grabbed me and pulled me back down.  "Mind your manners, Teddy-boy."  I continued to object but Monty had an iron grip on my wrist.  "Lance thinks that Mom is an MILF and she likes that.  You are not to interfere with the grownups."  Then he pulled me over his lap.  I immediately begged him not to spank me.  He gave me a few spanks over my pants and they reignited the pain in my butt from the spanking earlier in the day.

"Open your belt and pants, Teddy." Monty ordered.  I complied. I had learnt to comply quite well.  He spanked me some but not that hard.  "Lance will take good care of Mom so don't you worry.  He will make her very, very happy.  And you won't be left out either, because I'm going to take care of you.  It's not proper that I do Mom, but you are different."

I was surprised and made some feeble no's but Monty just led me to his bedroom.  I even lost my pants downstairs.  He seemed ever so big as I knelt before him staring right at his hard cock rising from a big bush.  Something, I did not have.  He did not seem only big, but also strong as I took his shaft into my mouth and sucked.  I sucked because I could not refuse as I my wife had sucked Lance.  I had to lie on his bed and allow him to lube up my butt.  He insisted that this would be good for me just like Lance was good for Mom.  Not only was I a cuckold but my son knew and encouraged it and was going to totally dominate me.  He was gentle but had his way with me.  A man does not get fucked by a boy; therefore I was truly just a boy. Amazingly, I came during all this.

Somewhat later, Lance came to Monty's room and I was dismissed.  My wife was not sleeping when I slipped into bed next to her.  She pushed my head into her pussy so that I could pleasure her.  I cried for Lance's aura and more were still present.  I knew I was trapped in DO OVER forever with my wife, my son and his friend all dominating me forever.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. June 30, 2009

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