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The following story is fiction about middle aged teacher who gets to live out a fantasy of his school boy days.  The story contains a scene of spanking with a paddle.  If this subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  This is the first of three parts.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

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The Student and the Teacher
Punishment Chit


I found the envelope on top of the mail on the floor that the postal carrier had shoved through the mail slot earlier that day when I got home.  It is a plain envelope with just the school's crest and return address in the upper left and my name boldly printed – last name first, first name last – with the punishment chit inside.

I guess that I should digress and state that I'm almost forty and teach at Northside High in my town.  The chit was not intended for a student with a similar name and misdirected from my school but from "Sebastian Academy for Boys".  SAB is not a true school and the State Board of Regents certainly does not list it.  It is, in reality, a private club where gentlemen like myself can play at being in the past both as to their age and to the era as they perform fantasy matches.

Years ago I considered myself fortunate to have finished high school never having served a detention much less being subjected to paddling by the VP for misconduct.  Now, somehow, I felt deprived and perversely sort to rectify that gap in my life so to that end I "enrolled" in SAB.

In the last month, I had purchased a proper uniform to wear.  A blazer, a white shirt with the proper collar, a school tie, school shorts as I am only a sophomore, knee socks, proper oxford shoes and even a school cap.  I'm not certain that everything is consistent and true to history but that does not matter.  One thing is certain and that is that the PADDLE will be REAL and the POPS just as REAL.

I prepare to report as now required.  I shower and shave closely and then dress.  The starched shirt is uncomfortable but necessary.  I report to the school (er, club) and am directed to wait outside the VP's office until he calls me by the administrative secretary.  My tummy is all aflutter like it is full of butterflies.  My heart is racing and my breathing heavy with excitement, fear, trepidation and more.  It is my first time for this ever.  I wonder if I would have felt the same way when I was fourteen and in this situation, although my classmates at the time boasted about how brave and macho they were then.© YLeeCoyote

I am summoned into the inner sanctum of the VP's office when my name is yelled.  I dare not look at him but only at the floor.  The arrangement of the room automatically has me standing in front of his desk.  "CAP OFF, Tanner!" he barks at me.

I quickly grab my cap and hold it feeling stupid already.  "Yes, Sir."

The VP looks at some papers and recites some infractions including smoking on school grounds.  He lectures me and within moments I feel small enough that I could look up at an ant for he is that good.  I know what a fuck up I am for sure.  He interrogates me and I own up to my crimes so that now I know deep inside my being that I must be punished.  Somewhere along the line, the role play has become real!

The orders then follow quickly.  "Take off your blazer."  I do and place it on the chair.  That was wrong for he yells at me again.  "No, hang it up on the door, Tanner."  I pick it up and hang it up properly.

"Strip." he commands.  Yes, that's probably not realistic but it fits my fantasy so it is in the scene.

I do so and again get yelled at for not folding my clothes and placing them on the chair.  I feel strange being naked.  It is embarrassing although if I was in a locker room with dozens of other guys, I would not have any problem.

"Bend over and grab your ankles, Tanner."  I do my best but actually only get as far as my shins.  The VP must have noticed but does not say anything.  I guess he knows about older boys being less limber.

"Keep your position, Tanner.  If you move before I tell you to, you'll get extra.  Understand, boy?"

"Yes, Sir."

Suddenly, I realize that I should have peed before entering the office.  I hope that I don't make a mess and shame myself.  Then the VP moves around the desk and removes his jacket.  He picks up the paddle from the desk.  He touches it to my ass as he adjusts his position.  "You are getting six, Tanner.  Don't move."


I see stars and howl.  The pain shoots through me from butt to crown and back to my toes and up again reverberating several times.  I am panting.  Already I question what I am doing here.  How crazy this is when WHACK! the second time.

This is worse than the first time.  Already I am struggling to hold position.  The VP moves to the other side and swings that heavy paddle three more times.  I am crying like a baby when he goes back to his original place for the sixth pop.

"You may get up." he says.

It is over.

The VP holds out a box of tissues and I dry my eyes and blow my nose like a little kid for his nanny.  Not until he says: "You may get dressed, Tanner." do I remember that I am naked and I rub my flaming butt.

As I do so, I get a good look at the VP.  I am horrified!  He is a student from Northside rather than a man.  I'm sure that he is smirking having noticed my shock at recognizing him.  "Get dressed, Tanner.  I don't have all day for you."  He is remaining in character.  When I am dressed, he has me sign the punishment book and then dismisses me.

I leave not sure of the future.  The receptionist suggests that I go to the coffee corner and relax a bit before going home.  I do as she suggests.  I get myself a drink and find a paddled chair after stopping to pee.  Then "VP" Grayson enters and gets himself a soda and joins me.  I wish that I was elsewhere; anywhere else would be nicer – even hell.

"Good evening, Mr. Tanner.  I hope that you found your experience as fulfilling as I did mine."

"Good evening, Mr. Grayson." I responded politely although very nervously adding: "You swing that paddle very hard."

"Please don't worry.  What happens at SAB stays at SAB.  This place keeps me very busy as a lot of guys like to get it like you do.  I'm one of the few that like to dish it out.  I'm especially glad when it is an older guy like you that I get to paddle.  I almost came in my pants paddling you."  He was all smiles.

I was dumbfounded.  This dominant fourteen-year-old boy is so cool about everything while I am nervous as hell.

"I have to go now as I have another engagement scheduled.  I would be delighted to see you here again, perhaps to explore more of your fantasies.  You have some very interesting ones.  'Bye."

"Goodbye." I say reflexively.  Only later did I start to muse about my other fantasies that I listed on my student application.  Maybe that one where a student gets the better of his teacher.  I imagine that Tanner would like that one better than playing a VP.

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