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The following story is fiction about a middle-aged teacher who gets learn about being caned and the young top who gets to use one.  The story contains a scene of spanking with a cane.  If this subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  This is the third of three parts.  Part 1 is here.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

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The Student and the Teacher
School Picnic


I was looking forward to today for several weeks.  It was surely going to be a very special day – The School Picnic.  Let me be clear that I'm talking about Sebastian Academy for Boys and not Northside High where I teach.  It was to be an afternoon of pleasant socializing in a private park where we would have a section to ourselves.  I hoped to get to know a top or two better so as to get more action rather than just from Mr. Grayson who is a student at Northside and hopefully make friends with some other bottoms.

SAB had to minimize the number of cars at the venue, so they arranged car pooling.  I was assign to Mr. Jonah and his partner Billy's car who would pick me up.  When they did, it was Billy who was driving and Mr. Jonah and Mr. Grayson were comfortably ensconced in the rear seat.  Billy quickly explained that I was to ride shotgun and to keep quiet so as not to disturb the tops.  It was very clear from Mr. Jonah's accent that he was British and he talked incessantly about canes.  Mr. Grayson was very interested.  Actually, I found it interesting also.  The two were on a first name basis something that I had been warned not to be with any of the tops.

At the picnic I was not doing so well interacting with any of the top men so I wandered off with Billy to explore the wooded section.  We were having a fabulous time and that was our downfall for we lost track of time.  When we got back the chores we had been assigned had been done by others.  The other bottoms were annoyed with us because they had to make up for our irresponsible, naughty failure.  But it was Mr. Jonah that made the day most memorable.  He had a strict rule: any failure of responsibility was punished immediately.  I'll bet you can guess how already.

The group agreed that would be right and proper so Billy was dispatched to fetch their canes that were always at the ready in their car.  There was a cry that it was not fair that I would get off so it was suggested that I be punished simultaneously.  As you can imagine there was near unanimous agreement (my vote was quite over whelmed) so the question was who would do it.

Young Mr. Grayson chimed in and said to Mr. Jonah: "Scott, this would be an excellent opportunity to apply the techniques that you have taught me for the use of the cane as you promised."© YLeeCoyote

"Yes, indeed." was the reply.  He then ordered Billy to bring him the canes and he selected one and told him to give the rest to me.

"Bring the canes to me, boy."  Mr. Grayson immediately ordered.  He flexed each of them and then selected one placing the others on the nearby picnic table.  "Strip, boys, completely." he ordered.  I was afraid not to obey because he was so authoritative that I stripped placing my clothes on a picnic table.  I was quite apprehensive so my heart was racing again.  Billy looked at Mr. Jonah who nodded and did the same.  I saw that Billy was hairless below the neck like a boy.  We both bent over leaning on benches.  Mr. Jonah insisted that we get our butts up high.

Mr. Jonah gave Mr. Grayson some last minute instructions and also demonstrated how flexible the canes were to the Club members.  Then he gave Billy a cut.  Even in the open, I could hear the swish of cane as it sliced through the air and then the impact on Billy's butt.  Billy reacted pretty quietly for he was surely used to being caned.  Mr. Jonah had Mr. Grayson swing the cane a few times with his help and then it was aimed at my fully exposed and naked butt stuck up in the air and waiting.

I was not prepared for the pain!

It was most intense and I yelled.  Mr. Grayson was applauded amidst yells of approval and congratulations for delivering his first public cane cut.

I jumped up and grabbed my bottom.

I was immediately yelled at and told to get back into position and if I did that again the stroke would not count.  That was positively scary and I got a tight grip on the bench hoping that I would manage to remain in position.

Billy got his second cut from Mr. Grayson and reported it was not as painful as the Master's who was bigger, stronger and well experienced.  Mr. Grayson then gave me my second cut and it took all my will power to keep my death grip on the bench to stay in position.  I did, as you would expect, howled very loudly.  Very gingerly I reached behind and felt my butt.  There were two ridges on it from the cane.  I was afraid to investigate fully lest I be yelled at and, horrors, get extras.

Things did not get better with the remaining cuts.  Billy got only the originally prescribed six but I did not fair so well.  He was able to accept each searing cut with moving or yelling.  After he got the last one, Mr. Jonah said: "You may get up now, boy."

"Thank you for punishing me Master.  I am sorry to have failed and embarrassed you." Billy said to Mr. Jonah.  He also thanked Mr. Grayson and said he did well for his first time.

My fate was a bit different.  I completely lost control for the fifth cut and again jumped up.  "That does not cut it, boy." snapped Mr. Grayson.  "Back into position, boy."  I was in agony as I resumed position.  I think the replacement cut was a little lighter and I retained my position.  The sixth hurt so much that I failed again.

Mr. Jonah had Billy hold me in place and gave me the repeated cut.  It made the others which had been from Mr. Grayson,  pale in comparison.  I think I would have soared into the air had I not been held down.  My ass was on fire to say the least.  Mr. Grayson told me to get up.  I just stood there rubbing my tortured bottom.  Billy prompted me to say what I should.

"Thank you Masters for punishing me for my failures and I regret being a disappointment."

I most desperately wanted to cool the nova in my behind and since the day was running down, I plopped my tail into one of the wash tubs that was used to hold canned drinks but now just held some ice and delightfully cold water.  It was an immense relief.  I still hurt but it was now just a fire rather than a nova.  The other bottoms took pity on me and let me stay as they packed up.  I could see Mr. Jonah explaining more about using a cane on errant bottoms like me to Mr. Grayson.

I dressed very carefully and I was glad that I was not driving but returning home in Mr. Jonah's car with Billy as chauffeur.  Again Mr. Grayson sat in the back with Mr. Jonah and I rode shotgun.  As you can imagine I was far from comfortable with my freshly caned bottom crying.  Both Billy and I remained silent as the two top men chatted.  Mr. Jonah told Mr. Grayson to give his regard to his parents when he was dropped off at home.

After Mr. Grayson was dropped off, Billy said that he had the making of a great top and Mr. Jonah agreed.  Once I was home, I iced myself and ingested some pain killers.  I did not sleep well.

I now had a new experience and learned that I do not like being caned.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. August 20, 2015

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