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Submitting a story for The Coyote's Den


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There are three major requirement for submitting a story to this site.

  1. Either:
    • The story is related to one of my stories (interaction of the characters, a prequel or a sequel).
    • The story is related to Goldilocks and the Three Bears.  This may be any manner you like such as a retelling, a sequel or a parody.
  2. You have ownership of the copyright and thus may legally grant a licence for the inclusion of the story here.
  3. I like it and feel that it is appropriate.

I only need and want the licence to post the story here. You retain all the rights.

Please note that I am not operating a general archive but only one for my own stories and those that are related.

Just send me a plain text email including the following.
© YLeeCoyote

  1. A licence to post it.
  2. The author's pen name, email and home page (if any).
  3. What you want in your copyright notice specifying the wording you want regarding re-use.
  4. The title and story codes.
  5. The STORY.  Please ask about formatting before submitting it.

I generally maintain a maximum page size of 40K bytes.  If your story exceeds that, then it will be broken into two parts with an forward link in the first part.

E-mail submissions and questions to:

Y Lee

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