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The following story is fiction about role reversal and contains scenes of spankings and shaving of teens and adults.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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Summer Camp for Change – Part 1/2


I was your ordinary kid.  I had recently turned thirteen and would start high school in the fall.  Looking back, I realize now that I was quite a spoiled brat.  I guess it would not be a surprise that my parents kept telling me that I needed to grow up and be responsible.  "Jake, you're now thirteen and will be in high school after the summer.  You need to start to take some responsibility for your life." was the sort of stuff I kept hearing.  Of course, I was not interested in that for I wanted to have fun!  You might be surprised but I actually liked school and did well.  I was not the top in my class but in the top ten percent which meant that I could have friends rather than being a nerd.  Similarly, I wasn't a jock but neither was I the last picked for games.  One thing I excelled at was not doing chores at home.  Although my 'rents often told me to clean my room or mow the lawn those things happened by "magic" since I didn't do them.  After they heard about all sorts of horror stories, the 'rents got a nanny program for the family PC and told me to install it.  Dutifully, I did but, of course, I configured it to be most permissive.  Most permissive, that is,  when I was logged in and protective when they were.

I was most surprised when in May, we had a visitor.  Mr. Paul Hasson, the head counselor at a summer camp, was surprising as he was young, being only twenty-four.  It was not clear exactly what this summer camp was all about except Paul insisted that attending would bring out the dormant leadership and responsibility talents in me.  What was interesting was that he was very brusk and curt with my 'rents while he was very polite to me.  I was surprised that my parents did not boot the ill-mannered guy out but not only accepted it and were extremely polite to him.

Paul told (not asked) my parents to leave us to talk privately and they immediately did.  I could not see the point of his questions and all I could gather was that it was some sort of leadership camp and I would enjoy it as well as benefitting greatly.  Paul explained to me that at the very worse if I didn't like it, the Camp would keep me from being nagged by my parents.  Reluctantly, I agreed to go.  Paul then opened the door and yelled for my parents to return using their first names.  When they came back, Father was carrying his check book.  Paul took out some papers and told them that I had agreed to go so they were to sign where indicated.  They did and even gave him a check.  Paul then gave me a list of what I should bring and said travel instructions would be provided.

My parents thanked him very much as they were most happy that I accepted.  He even promised that our lives would all change and for the better.

* * * * * * * * * *© YLeeCoyote

The camp list was most routine specifying the stuff that would be needed.  There were a couple of things of interest.  First, the camp did not have any camp colors so any color was OK for clothes.  Second, the list had three parts – the first for everyone and then a couple for Young Gentlemen and Young Ladies rather than for Boys and Girls.  Finally, the instruction that unless one liked to shop, just mark up the options and give the list to your parents to take care of.  Since I hated to shop for this sort of stuff, I did exactly that and Mom promised to tend to it right away as soon I showed her the instructions.  A few days later she told me she had gotten the things and asked me to try things on so that she could wash and label the correct selections and return the rest.  I was surprised at how promptly she accomplished this task for Mom frequently procrastinated.

A couple of other things were new.  The 'rents had started to go out every Tuesday for something but they did not mention anything about it.  However, they did not fuss about me very much – no more talk of a babysitter or even "We're sure you'll be OK alone." but a promise to be home by eleven which was kept.  They even stopped nagging me about chores.  I didn't know what they were doing but I liked the changes that resulted.

* * * * * * * * * *

The camp was not anything like I expected.  Perhaps if you imagine an ancient English estate with a long drive between two rows of century old oaks to palace-like large country house.  The sort of places that are used as the safe houses in 007 movies.  Well, replace the oaks with mature maples and the palace with a modern three story building of a very attractive design.  Inside, it was sort of a posh school in terms of functionality.  There were lounges, dinning and meeting rooms and single occupancy rooms for us campers.  While we got the welcoming talk, our baggage was unpacked in our rooms.  The grounds had sport facilities including a small private pond for swimming and boating.  In short, very much like a posh resort.

As much as the physical place was a surprise, the welcoming talk left everyone speechless.  We were first treated to some old sitcom shows which showed an entirely fictitious world in which parents were all knowing and children were docile.  Those that dared to misbehave were gently spanked and immediately repented.  Then we got to see some real life stuff.  The parents were quite out of control and yelling (somewhat incoherently) at their (teen) kids.  The kids were confused because the parents were inconsistent about the rules.  We were all familiar with this sort of scene from both personal experience and from hearing other kids tell horror stories.

The presentation was interrupted for some history.  The first shock was to learn that adolescence was a newfangled invention designed to interfere with nature's own plan.  Back in prehistory as kids matured, they quickly took control.  They were most capable physically to do things especially when life expectancy was only thirty-five years.  They showed us old pictures of rulers who were under twenty.  One could not afford to take years away from being productive to satisfy old folks selfish wish for dominance.  The young who did not know that things could not be done, went and did them and advanced mankind.

Then we went on to see another sitcom.  This one was very different.  It showed a strict, well-ordered household without yelling and without the kids being sedated.  What was the shocker was that the kids were in control while the parents were the ones under strict discipline.  We were shown several examples of real families in all of which the parents were lectured for misdeeds and then given corporal punishment.  One example really resonated with me for the kid was a young man just a little older than I and his father reminded me of my own father.

The segment opens with the youth finishing up doing his homework and then cuts to show both a clock and a calendar when his father returns.  "You're late, Father, it is an hour past your curfew and it's a work night."

"I'm sorry, son, but the meeting ran late and…"

The youth cuts him off.  "Stop your lying!"  The father's head droops in shame.  "I can smell the beer from here.  This is the third time in two months that you have messed up this way.  Get the paddle."

"Yes, Sir." the man responds and dashes off.  In just seconds, he is back with a fraternity paddle which he hands to the youth.

"Position!" barks the youth and his father kicks off his shoes and quickly strips so that he is totally naked.  He lies over the end of the couch.

The youth gets into position and gives his father five pops with the paddle.  They must have been hard because they are loud and the target turns bright red.  I think the man would have yelled if hadn't been biting a finger.  The paddling over, the man stands and the youth tells him that he is grounded for a week and to get to bed immediately.  It is then that I noticed he did not have any pubic hair which I thought strange.

"Yes, Sir." he says and runs off with the paddle.

There were all combinations shown; both young men and women disciplining one or both parents who were naked and mostly hairless.  Some showed the naked parents tending to chores after being disciplined.  It was mind boggling.

We then had our dinner in the dinning room.  There were four counselors and twelve campers so we sat at four tables and were served.  The counselors encouraged us to enjoy the meal and told us we would discuss everything in the afternoon.  The meal was very good and served on real dishes on a cloth-covered table.  The servers, all very attentive, were in their forties and fifties and wore uniforms.  The men were in white short sleeved dress shirts with little bow ties and black short-shorts with elastic waists.  The women were similarly dressed but with bras rather than ties and with black short skirts.  Both wore some sort of anklet socks and shoes.  It was clear that the women did not have panties and later I learnt that the men were going commando.

We were given time to explore the ground in the evening light but the counselors suggested that we return at dusk and that breakfast was at nine in the morning when our questions would be answered.

* * * * * * * * * *

After breakfast we had long discussions.  Two questions were foremost in the group.  We were assured that this was all quite real and that our parents not only knew but approved.  (The mystery of those Tuesday evenings was revealed.)  The conclusion was simple.  By the time school restarted, we were going to be in charge of our households, our parents and of our destinies.  We were going to make the rules and enforce them.

We were here to learn how to be commanding, to apply discipline effectively, to use corporal punishment safely, and to concentrate on our futures.  The camp staff, other than the counselors, were older folks who were here for 'training' so that they could more effectively serve their children who were in charge of them.  There were also some full time maintenance people who deal with the physical plant, but we did not interact with them.

We, my fellow campers and I, quickly learnt to enjoy to great attention to our comfort provided by the parents who were being trained and the great facilities.  The lessons were also most interesting since they all had labs session for practical experience.  I was surprised that there was so much to learn about spanking.  Not only does it require a lecture to establish the proper guilt feelings but then the stripping of the naughty adult and proper positioning for the actual spanking.  That is also complex; first one needs to selection the implement and then how to use it even if it is just one's own hand.

When we started the spanking lab, we each picked a number from two bowls to establish the order.  I was number one spankee and my spanker was Little Sy.  Unlike Little John in Robin Hood, Sy was really small and I thought that I was going to get off easy.  I soon learnt that I  wasn't the case.  Sy took his place on the spanker's chair and I stood in front of him with everyone else gathered around to watch.  Of course, we all would get our turn to be the center of attention.

Sy apparently had a natural talent for he easily gave me a withering lecture.  I was feeling terrible as he proceeded to undress me.  We had shed our sneakers at the beginning of class, so there was not much to remove.  I really felt juvenile as he pulled my T-shirt off and then made me raise my feet to remove each sock.  He opened my belt and pulled it out of the loops.  That was scary because we already knew that would be an implement in the future.  Then he undid the button and zipper of my shorts.  The shorts were mid-thigh, unlike those short-shorts worn by the adult staff.  They fell to the floor leaving me in just my tighty-whites.  We had been instructed to wear briefs for this activity.  I shuddered as he put his thumbs into my waist band and pushed them down to my ankles and directed me to step out of them.  I was the first to be starkers in front of my camp mates.  They were all grinning and I felt compelled to put my hands in front of my crotch.  Little Sy snapped at me instantly.  "Hands at your side, naughty boy!"  I obeyed docilely and wondered if Sy would have had our positions been reversed.

I did not have any time to wonder, for Little Sy pulled me over his lap and grasped me tightly about my waist.  He then rubbed my butt a little and gave me my first spank.  It really did not hurt for we had been told not to hit hard but to experiment with variations of flat and curved, open and closed hands while we studied how the target responded and see our hand prints form.  This went on for a few minutes and then our counselor gave the OK and Little Sy showed me how hard he could spank.  He went at me with a will.  We had four minutes for this and he really spanked me.  I was practically in tears when the time was up.  He got a round of applause and I did the best to rub the hurt out of my hot tail forgetting that everyone could see my stuff.  I quickly got dressed.

As I watched Alice get stripped by Betty, I realized that having been first I was now safe in that I would not be exposed to the others again.  Of course, I watched everything most carefully anxiously awaiting my turn as spanker.  I would be lying if I denied that all of us carefully studied each other's exposed bodies.

I had drawn Rick for a spankee.  He was a big guy and a jock.  I hard a lot of trouble lecturing him since I felt him to be intimidating and he was smirking even when I pulled him over my lap.  I tried my best but he had buns of steel and every spank hurt my hand.  When the counselor gave the signal, I tried harder but each spank was painful; it was like hitting a solid wall.  Rick took his time getting dressed as he enjoyed the appreciative looks he got from the others.  I was told that I had to practice more.  When Rick spanked the diminutive Betty he managed to turn her tail bright red but did not injure her.

When everyone had their turn, there was a vote for the best and worse.  Unfortunately, I "won" the wrong way.  Soon I was stripped once again and this time was upended over Rick lap.  I was to receive some special instruction.  Rick, as directed by the counselor, demonstrated all the ways of striking my already sore tail.  He hit hard enough that each spank really hurt and I could not tell the differences.  Soon I was crying and Rick stopped and dressed me.

We all agreed that a dip in the cool pond would feel good on our hot butts so we went swimming.  We did not get our swim suits and the cool water really felt good.  It was also different being naked in this situation that before.  A couple of the staff attended to our needs pond side.  They came with sun block and refreshments.  They were in their standard uniforms yet it was evident that in this case that marked them as of lower status even though we were nude.  (I'll speak of this more later.)

After dinner, I got some extra instruction in spanking techniques.  Jess, my primary counselor gave me some private instruction about how to spank without hurting my hand like I had in the class session.  I was even able to practice on one of the staff.  When the time came, Jess told me to step into the hall and summon the boy.  He had been waiting, hands on his head, in a corner of the hall.  His shorts were about his ankles.  When I called, he responded instantly.  He pulled up his shorts and double timed it over.  Jess snapped his fingers and pointed.  The boy dashed to the indicated spot, dropped his shorts and stood at parade rest.  After I sat, I got him across my lap and gripped his waist.  Jess gave me pointers as I practiced and I was much more effective.  Just as important, my hand did not hurt as much.

We were also instructed in the use of other implements – hairbrush, slipper, strap and even the cane.  The psychological issues were also discussed.  Taking the miscreant over ones lap for a spanking (by hand or short implement) emphasized the childish status while caning and other bent over positions tended to emphasize pain.  Both approaches, of course, left little doubt who was in charge.  We did practice on each other but only a little so that we could learn how each felt.  The other tools we used on inanimate targets so that we could develop the necessary skills.

We also learnt how to shave since our parents would not be allowed adult hair which was a sign of maturity.  We learnt about the techniques (lecture and videos) and then we were paired off to practice.  Jill and I were one team and we had a staff female to each shave one side of.  Of course, the hair was already short so we could not use the clippers as we would the first time on our parents but just razors.  The female was placed on her back with her legs splayed.  After a hot water wash, we applied shaving cream and then each did one side.  To get to the lower area she had to raise up her legs.  Jill also gave me an anatomy lesson.  After everyone had finished the exercise with the female, each team got a male to shave.  The procedure was basically the same although the area to be shaved  was more complex.  I returned the anatomy lesson.  Even though these staffers only had short hair to start with, I believed that they were more submissive after the shaving.

I should mention what the staff quarters were like because they were very different from the posh ones my camp mates and I had.  They all shared a large dormitory without any interior partitions in the basement of the building.  There were double bunk beds and each had a small locker, like in a gym.  There were a shower area, several sinks and toilets at one end of the room.  There was a small eating area adjacent to the main kitchen for meals.  Because they were "children" there was not any requirement for privacy and as they tended to the campers' quarters, they were constantly reminded of their own inferior status.

The staff constantly changed since they were here while on vacation from their regular employment.  Their harsh conditions were to make them more appreciative of the more comfortable conditions that enjoyed at home.

I must comment that Paul was quite right when he told me that I would like being at this camp.  Besides the actual training I had gotten, I also obtained a network of people who would be mutually supportive and with whom I could talk openly.  As the time to return home drew near, I was looking forward to the new arrangements.

End of Part 1.  Go to Part 2

© Copyright A.I.L. March 8, 2009

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