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The following story is fiction about role reversal and contains scenes of spankings and shaving of teens and adults.  If these subject are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  It would be best to start with Part 1.

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Summer Camp for Change – Part 2/2


I was really excited on the trip home.  I kept thinking about how everything would be different, very different.  I confess that I did miss my parents even though we spoke twice weekly on the phone.  I had told them I was having a great time and even thanked them for sending me to this great camp.  The camp's minibus arrived thirty minutes early because traffic was very light.  There were five sets of parents anxiously awaiting the return of their kids.  There should have been six.  My parents were late.  I had to watch five of my camp mates joyously being welcomed by their loving, responsible, more-than-punctual parents.  Within fifteen minutes they had all collected their baggage and left for their homes.  When I called home, I just got the autoanswer as their cell was off.  I was even worried that they had been in an accident.  Paul studied a map to decide which hospital and police departments to call when almost an hour late they showed up.  It was a great relief and, like the others had, we embraced and started for home as soon as my baggage was stowed.

Now that it was clear that all was well, they brought me up to date on family matters which was nothing and I told them how great camp had been without going into details.  I then inquired about their tardiness and learnt that it was because they left late and greatly underestimated the extra time the scenic route they chose would require because of the winding route.  I had to bite my tongue from yelling at them immediately since that would have been dangerous.  This would all have to wait until we got home.  Mom had prep'ed my favorites for dinner so she just needed to finish cooking them.  Again, I had to wait.

It was after dinner that we really could get down to business.  I was surprised when they told me that I had changed at leadership camp.  I seemed a lot more confident and they were sure that it would help me with life, especially school.  They even said that I was much more like that nice Mr. Hasson than before.  I dug back into my past and discussed a silly incident that happened when I was only nine years old.  I had been late getting back from play and this made us late for something or other.  After that event, Dad actually spanked me for being late and embarrassing them.  They remembered it quite well but wondered why I would bring it up.

"You were late today when everyone else's parents were early.  I was embarrassed because of your negligence and carelessness.  I was even kidded that you didn't love me enough to be on-time.  I was terribly worried that you might have been in an accident."  They were shocked and sat absolutely silently for a few minutes.

"We're sorry." was all they could come up with.© YLeeCoyote

"I was not going to take over today but your conduct today was so grossly unacceptable that I must."  As they sat there, I lectured them about their misdeeds finishing up with the fact that they were going to be spanked.  They seemed surprised and questioned me as if they did not have any idea.  "You sent me to FAMILY leadership camp.  So surely is what you want.  I saw how Paul treated you and you obeyed.  You will obey me in the same way.  The details will be worked out later but now you are both getting spanked for your misconduct today."  I paused.  They were silent for a minute and then started to babble.  I was not going to have any of that, so I barked: "QUIET!  STAND UP!"

The training had done wonders for me giving me command presence.  They both stood up as if they were little children.  "Remove your shoes!" I snapped and they both bent over and quickly did so.  I then proceed to undress my father.  I unbuttoned his shirt, pulled it off and tossed it aside.  Then I removed his belt and opened his trousers which dropped to the floor.  I then yanked down his underpants.  Effectively he was naked.  I then turned my attention to my mother and repeated the procedure with the extra step of removing her bra.  Less than two months ago, I could not have even imagine this scene and now I was directing it.

I sat on the couch and pulled my father over my lap for his first spanking.  I thought of how not to hurt my hand like I did that first time with Rick.  I remembered my special training and proceeded to do my unpleasant duty.  I gave a hard spank and my father reacted.  Although he did yell or anything like that, it was not a totally ineffective spank which was pleasing.  I saw my hand print form and continued spanking him for more than five minutes.  Father's butt was then a deep red and very hot.  He had not cried but it was clear he was hurting.  I told him to get up and had Mother take his place.  I had a fresh canvas to paint and paint it I did.  Her bottom was much softer and turned red faster.  As she also reacted more to the pain she was easier to spank.  When I was satisfied, I stood her up.

Then I lectured them more and told them to remain naked and to deal with the chores as required before they went to bed.  "Yes, son." they both replied.  They were just like little children who had been chastised and were now most sorry, contrite and obedient.

I had passed the first test and knew that I was now in charge.  Even more important, perhaps, my parents knew it also.

When I got up, Dad was already at work.  Mom looked a bit sheepish and I refused to let her talk about things insisting that Father would have to be present also.  After breakfast, I went into the backyard to work out the rules for my parents.  I was certain that after yesterdays events especially the spankings that they had accepted the new order.  I could understand how the world worked thanks to the way the staff was treated at the camp.  Since my 'rents had responded well to my initial strictness, today was to make certain that they understood the iron fist in the velvet glove while they still remembered their first spankings.

After dinner, I came down hard on them.  They were going to shape up and do the right things.  I reminded them that they had set this in motion and, just like an avalanche, it was unstoppable.  I presented them with the new rules of conduct that I expected them to follow.  Punishments would result for failure just like they had been spanked the previous night.  I explained that they were going to have wear uniforms in the house just like the staff had at camp and that we would go shopping for them tomorrow evening.  "The order of business for this evening is to shave both of you."  They looked puzzled so I explained that they were going to lose their pubes.  They were shocked once again but I just dragged them upstairs to their bedroom.  I had prepared everything.  "You will be first this evening Mother.  Please undress and lay on this towel."  I placed a towel on their bed as I spoke. She was hesitant so I said:  "Don't be silly, Mother, I saw everything last evening."  Once she was in place, I used the clippers to reduce her lovely bush to mere stubble.  I repeated the operation with Father in exactly the same way.  He stammered some objections but I said that no one else would know.  Soon, I reduced his bush to just stubble.

After they had disposed of the waste hair in the garbage, I had them lay side by side on the bed for shaving.  I used two hot washcloths so as to soften the stubble simultaneously.  It was so cute for they held hands like little kids for mutual support and comfort.  Although I did the job very gently, I shaved them both very close.  I told them to shower and then go to bed.  Evidently, they both  found this to be an exciting event and I heard them going at it behind their door.

The next evening we went to the mall right after an early dinner.  First, we had to get some proper underwear for regular use.  I picked out standard non-designer name brands for Dad's briefs and T-shirts and for Mom's panties.  Then we went to the special shop that Paul explained had the sort of stuff required for uniforms.  Dad's shorts were easy since they had an elastic waist and only came in one length (extra short).  Fitting was harder for Mom's bra but I just watched as the clerk made the measurements, fetched the items and graciously helped Mother trying them on.  Mother had asked for the young lady clerk but I said that would be sexist and that, Adrian (I read his name tag), a nice young gentleman of eighteen, was quite qualified and it would be rude to reject him and then have to wait for the young lady.  Adrian really smiled when I added if she did not cooperate, I would spank her right here in the shop.  Mom cooperated fully after that.  Adrian was really helpful and even suggested a black thong sort of pantie to go under the skirt when a bit of cover was required rather than the white panties.

Adrian and I had a nice talk when we had finished with the purchase while the 'rents waited outside with the packages.  He was quite impressed with how well I was doing in only a couple of days.  He recalled that he had a much harder time with his own parents a few years ago although they are quite well behaved now.  He was even training his kid brother, Ben, to take over when he went off to college next year and expects that he will do an excellent job.  He was certain of that because Ben often babysat them when he was out.  Once, he told me, he had come home and found both of them standing in corners – naked, hands on their head and hot, glowing tails from the hairbrushings Ben had administered.  Just then an obviously self-confident young man came into the store.  He was Adrian's brother, who went to my school, and had come by to get his ride home.  We were all delighted to meet others with similar situations.

Ben and I were able to talk a little before Adrian got finished and I learnt that he had authority over his big brother and was going to watch him closely in his senior year before he went off to college.  "I've already roasted his butt and we both know that I will do it again." he said pleasantly.  I'm afraid I got a little curious and asked if he shaved him.  "No, I just kept him neatly trimmed so he doesn't have trouble in the school showers but he knows if he gets out of line I will."  We traded phone numbers.

Things settled down nicely after that.  The folks were well behaved and things went well.  I trimmed their spending so that more money could go into my college fund and even into their retirement account.  I had them wear their uniforms a couple of hours every day but allowed them to keep the big bedroom and to eat with me.  I noticed that I had changed.  My 'rents were right about my self-confidence improving but I was also acting a lot more maturely.  I was in charge of myself and that got me to be more attentive to my school work now that the nagging from the 'rents stopped.  It was also very nice not to have to be concerned about silly chores.

My folks seemed to be happier also.  Since I was dealing with me, they did not have to.  This was also true about much of life and they liked the less stressful life.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. March 10, 2009

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