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The following story is totally fiction.  It contain descriptions of parental and peer spanking, of teen diaper use and gay sex.  If any of these are offensive to you, please leave now.  Note that unlike my fictional characters, you need to use condoms to be safe.

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Summer of Change


I had been looking forward to a great summer.  I had even managed to get into the last drivers ed class of the year in my sophomore year.  I would turn sixteen the day after school ended and my road test was scheduled for the next day.  Then a week later off to Europe for two months with my parents and siblings.  But, alas, it was not to be.  The two F's and the D on my report card shattered all my plans.  Ken, my brother was delighted that his buddy was going in my place and my parents were pleased that his parents were even going to pay for his share.  I was condemned to summer school and to stay with mom's half brother Uncle Roger, Aunt Laura and my cousins, the thirteen-years-old twins Annie and Heather and Butch.  Although Butch was eighteen months younger than me he was bigger, stronger and we did not like each other.

I was read the riot act both by my parents and summer jailers.  I was to concentrate on my studies, stay away from the bad-influence delinquents that I called friends.  I was reminded that Uncle Roger was very strict and had full authority in all matters over me.  And to be sure that I forgot about even thinking about getting a driving licence I had to tear up my learners' permit.  Did I mention that I was also grounded until I brought home at least a B in every class?

It was not even a week later that things got worse.  Aunt Laura had convinced Uncle Roger that the boy (me) had been pretty well behaved (they had been watching me like hawks) and maybe I deserved a few hours out.  But, like Cinderella, I had better be home and in bed by midnight.

It was a test and I failed miserably.  I had said I was going to see a movie with my one friend that my parents approved of.  What I did do was go to a party with my new friends.  It was a great party – lots of chicks; lots of pot; lots of beer and even some vodka.  It was certainly no earlier than 4 am that I got into bed and passed out.

Eventually, I got up.  I was a mess.  I had puked and pissed the bed while still in my jeans.  My clothes stank of smoke, puke and piss.  I showered and even did the laundry with a major hangover.  Everyone was out and nothing happened until dinner time.  Uncle asked when I got home and I thought that I should confess to being a little late so I said: "A little after midnight, Uncle.  I'm sorry but there was a very long wait for the bus."  I even added that the movie was great.© YLeeCoyote

It was after dinner that I learnt about family court.  It turned out that lying was a very serious offence and they did not think four hours was just a little after.  Aunt Laura had been appalled that a bag of grass fell out of my jacket when she picked it up in the entry hall and I had obviously been drinking.  I hadn't even been smart enough to tell my buddy not to call.  They had tried to be nice to me and I had betrayed them all.  I was to be punished like the irresponsible little boy I was.  Henceforth I was to be treated as a little boy under the rules that my cousins had when they were little.  Worst of all was that I was required to obey my cousins and they also had the authority to punish me.

But first I was to be punished for my adult crimes – drugs and alcohol.  And crimes they were for they were against the law.  Uncle ordered me to remove my sneakers and to stand passively before him.  Then he proceeded to strip me before everyone as he asked Butch what the prescribed penalty was for drugs and alcohol.

Butch promptly and cheerfully answered.  "Possession – ten strokes with the strap; use – ten strokes; alcohol – ten and getting drunk – twenty."  Even though I was horrified at being stripped naked especially before the twins, I could still do the math; I could not survive fifty strokes.  Then Butch continued.  "That's fifty.  I think that ten every other day would be better."  Uncle agreed to that in the name of mercy.

I had thought that strap would just be a belt but I was wrong.  It was a home made tawse as I soon learnt.  They had started with a cutoff razor strop, added a handle and slit the business end into three tails.  After the first cut I was grateful to Butch (never thought I would say that) for limiting things to ten cuts at a time.

I was given instruction to bend over and not to move on penalty of extras.  Well I moved and yelled for the first three so they did not get counted.  "Better have Butch hold him or we'll be here forever, father." said one of the twins.  When Uncle nodded, Butch led me to the table and pulled me over holding me tightly by the wrist.  "This is going to cost you extra, wimp." he whispered.  "And I'll bet you'll cry like a sissy too."  Then Uncle started to whip me again.  It hurt like hell.  It even hurt more since I was not able flex any with the cuts as I was being held tightly against the hard table.

The twins happily counted from one to ten as my butt was seared.  I expected to be released but Butch kept his iron grip on me.  "There is a penalty of twenty percent for being held." he informed me with obvious glee.  Not that I could hear him so well as I was already bawling like a baby.  Nevertheless, I got the additional two cuts for a grand total of fifteen.  No less than forty to go.

I was parked in the corner for sometime until Aunt Laura told the twins.  "Please put your very naughty cousin to bed, girls."

One of them took me by the hand.  "Come to bed, little one."  I objected that I could go to bed by myself and got a batch of spanks on my sensitive butt.  "Butch, perhaps you would like to help." suggested Uncle.  I went quietly.  I certainly was no match for even the twins in my state and had no chance whatsoever against my powerful male cousin.

Upstairs I learnt about another rule.  Wetting the bed got one night-diapered for a month!  All three of them denied that it was punishment but just a rational response to reduce laundry and stink and help to maintain sanitary conditions.  "We all been through this, cuz, they said somewhat sympathetically."  What they didn't say was that was that was not since any of them was nine.

I still resisted.  "I don't want my room stinky!" growled Butch.  I was sharing his room.  The details were explained and my younger female cousins were in charge of my diapers.  So at the grown up age of sixteen I found myself being diapered by two thirteen-year-old girls with my fourteen and half-year-old cousin grinning at the humiliating event with his jeans tented.  As the girls tended to me coating my diaper area with baby stuff, my cock also got hard.  "He likes being diapered." laughed Butch.

"He sure does but he ain't got half of what you do, bro." the twins laughed as they painfully buried my boner in the tight diaper.  Latter I would learn that it was not quite that bad for I had (​five and a half inches​ (​fourteen cm​)) two-thirds of what he had (​eight and a quarter inches​ (​twenty-one cm​)).  Then I was required to strip the bed and put on a crinkly mattress protector just in case the diaper leaked and remake the bed.

I did not sleep well at all.  My well strapped butt kept me awake and I could not think about all the humiliations that were still before me as a child – the baby – in this household.  I had already been given three pages – single spaced – of rules to be followed.  Even before reading them I knew I would not like them.  In the morning I was required to copy them out in longhand – legibly – three times so that I could not have any excuse for not knowing them.  I think being a slave would have been easier.

There was one other thing on my mind – my cousin's body.  He had a bod to die for.  He was already six foot tall and built (as the saying goes) like a brick shit house.  He had muscles that I did not know about including a six pack.  He was proud of his body and slept nude not caring if his sisters or mother saw him.  Just as he had grown tall, his cock had grown long.  Flaccid it was at least ​four and a half inches​ (​11.4 cm​) and his sack was well filled.  In the morning, I saw him erect for the first time in the open and could see that he was at least ​eight inches​ (​twenty cm​) long.  The twins had been telling the truth when they ridiculed my equipment.  If not for my bush, they probably would have thought I was pre-adolescent.

In the morning I was given a wall calendar.  I had to mark the previous day with a BIG RED W (Butch said as in Wittle Wetting Wuss) and the next space with a one to keep track of my sentence.  Not only was it hung on the wall by my bed but the tawse was hung on the same nail.  Everyone was going to know about these things.

That afternoon everyone had stuff to do so I was left on my own but with one order from, surprisingly, Aunt Laura.  "Get a decent haircut, boy."  Actually, that was a good idea.  I had been planning to get one before the party but I did not.  I wandered about the neighborhood and saw a nice hair salon in the local shopping center.  I kept it long but got a batch of silver tips which were real hot.  At least the stylist and I thought so.  At dinner I got a batch of other opinions.  Well, I thought so, that is their problem for it is my head.

Uncle Roger regretted that Aunt Laura and he had to go out for the evening so that he could not give me my spanking.  I was puzzled because I had understood that the strap was to be every other day.  "Yes, that is correct.  But you also earned several spankings for being a naughty little boy.  Naughty little boys get spanked, OTK on the bare.  But that will wait a couple of days."

Helpfully, the twins immediately itemized my transgressions and Uncle agreed.  Then Butch just sucked up to his dad.  "Father, I'm not busy this evening and I can take care of the naughty little boy for you as you have taught me."  I saw the twins both flinch and guessed that he had spanked them.

"That is an excellent idea, son."  Great, his sisters diaper me and now he going to spank me.  Things are worse than I could have imagined.

So after I had taken care of the dishes and other cleaning up, I was facing my cousins in the bedroom.  I got a very long lecture about the evils of lying and then had to strip.  I was placed over Butch's lap and held in place by his strong arm as he spanked me hard.  I was still tender from yesterday's strapping and his spanks really hurt.  There must be something about being in this position but I did not feel like a sixteen-year-old youth but more like a five-year-old boy; a very naughty five-year-old kid.  Very quickly I was making promises to be good and begging him to stop.  But he kept spanking me and my eyes were soon filling with tears.

He spanked and spanked and I broke.  The tears that had build up gushed out and my making promises was replaced by my bawling like a baby.  I just lay on his lap, limp and broken; a sixteen-year-old totally crushed by his fourteen and half-year-old cousin.  I stayed there until he decided that I had enough and put me in the corner to contemplate my misdeeds.

My ordeals for this evening were not nearly done.  Dragged out of the corner and now on my knees the subject of my hair was brought up.  I protested that I had gotten a haircut just this afternoon but I was scoffed at.  My hair was far too long and the highlights were shameful.  I had been given an opportunity to deal with it myself and hadn't so they were going to correct the problem.  Aunt Laura had cut Butch's hair when he was little and they still had the barber clippers.  They discussed whether they should use the quarter, half or three-quarter inch setting.  They selected the half inch and then ran the clipper over my head until my hair was uniformly short.  The girls then diapered me for the second time.  Again they ignored my hard-on and just forced it under the diaper.  After sweeping up the hair I was consigned to bed.

The next evening I was due the second set of ten cuts with the strap.  The twins graciously offered to do it.  I figured it could not be any worse and had to hurt less than if my uncle did so I did not object.  What I discovered is that uncle had not hit as hard as he could for it hurt almost as much when the girls did it.  What I learnt later was it was not just raw strength that mattered.  For the third night in a row I was reduced to a bawling little boy with a hot red bottom.

My cousins repeated this every night for the entire week that my punishments from my drunken stupidity lasted.  This had a profound effect on my me.  I now knew that I must behave according to the rules or suffer painful corporal punishment and the humiliation of being a bawling little boy.  Of course, by this time school had started so I had the freedom to just be me by day.  I was grounded now until I got those B's.

There was one thing that I had been taking refuge in and that was my PC.  So that Butch would not have to share his, I had brought over my PC.  I knew little about how it worked but my siblings and I had come to an understanding that we would stay out of each other's PC so I had minimum security.  I surfed a lot of porno sites drooling over the babes and jerking off.  My parents never even thought about restricting me.  Butch had other ideas and a buddy, George, that knew how to do it.

One afternoon, George came over and as I watched helplessly (being held by Butch) as George worked on my machine.  George said it would save him some time if I told him my password and with Butch's strong hand holding my soft tender balls I was very cooperative.  (The threat of a spanking also encouraged my cooperation.)  My worthless surfing habits were disclosed – porn, blogs and games for the most part.  Soon George had reconfigured things setting Butch up as the system admin and me as a just a low level user.  And there was now a nanny program to keep me out of adult sites.

I had been my cousins' toy for more a fortnight  now.  They were controlling every aspect of my life even more than my parents had.  And they were much more efficient at it.  I had about as much freedom as a five-year-old and I would get spanked whenever they had the slightest excuse.  Being put into a diaper every night and having to beg for it to be checked and removed in the morning was really the pits and that makes it hard, no make that, impossible to assert one's self.  There is just not any answer to baby talk when you're wearing a diaper.  I did not think things could get worse but I was wrong.  Not to mention that they could turn me in a bawling little boy so easily.

One fateful evening the girls were having their usual fun putting me into my diaper when Annie looked inside my underwear as she removed it.  "GROSS!" she exclaimed as she dropped them on the floor.  "Skid marks.  The baby does NOT know how to wipe his baby bottom after he uses the potty."  Heather just went for the baby wipes and handed a couple to her sister who proceeded to clean my ass hole and the surrounding territory making disparaging remarks.  I was more embarrassed than every before and I resolved not to let this happen again.  I was actually ashamed that this happened as I really should know better.  Mom had yelled at me before but I was often in a hurry.  This time I truly regretted my haste while Annie disposed of the dirty wipes and washed her hands.

You know, mother was right when she said: "Always have clean underwear in case of an accident."

Heather was about to start to put on the protection – a mix of baby oil and cream – to assure that I did not get a diaper rash should I wet.  I don't think that they cared about that but just enjoyed how their handling me was demeaning.  As soon as Annie returned, Heather had her feel my pubes.  They were greasy and matted from the oils, cream, and baby power.  "He does not even know how to wash in the shower."  I showered every morning after they removed the diaper.  I should have been clean but I spent the time jerking off rather than washing.  It was the only time I had any privacy and my shower time was limited.

"It's barber time again." chimed in Butch.  He went and got the clippers they used on my head a few days ago and put in the finest blade without the length guard.  He plugged it in and stepped over to me.  "You're a real loser, diaper boy." with that, he turned on the machine and grabbed my cock.  It only took him seconds to run the thing over my pubis so that it was hairless like a little boy's.  I had been so proud of those hairs that showed I was a man rather than a boy.  They were more important to me than other they are to most other guys since my prick is at the small end of normal size.

"Might as well do the rest of him.  It will be easier to clean him." said Heather.  With that, the girls lifted up my legs and Butch clipped my crack.  They dropped my legs and pulled me to a sitting position and raised my arms for a similar treatment.  As this point I wished they would diaper me so it would be over but that was not the case.  The girls stepped out to get some stuff to complete the job.

First the left and then the right arm was held up, my armpit wiped with a wet wash cloth, covered with shaving foam and scraped smooth with a pink safety razor.  That done they shaved my crotch very carefully getting the pubis, shaft and sack totally smooth like a baby's.  They even did my crack.  When I saw myself naked in the morning I looked like a pre-teen.  Worse, I felt like one.

My cousins decided that there was another problem.  No matter how terrible their treatment of me was, I always got a boner when then were diapering me.  They told me several times that it was not right but I could not help it.  Then the girls were discussing what to do about it and neither wanted to pleasure me by jerking me off and it was improper for a little boy to play with his pee-pee in public.

Butch came up [pun intended] with the solution.  "He needs a prostate massage."  I was not quite sure what that was and neither were the girls but he said he would demonstrate.  Just like when he used the clippers, he got close to me.  He started by covering my butt hole with oil and then working a finger in.  I started to protest but the girls by holding my legs up also were holding me down and ordered me to be quiet or I would get spanked.  Butch kept at this for a while and was unusually gentle as he worked up from one finger to four.  I know because he kept announcing each insertion.  They were all smiling.  What I did not see was that his huge man-shaft had slipped out of his boxers and was ready for action.

For a brief second my hole was empty when he pulled out his fingers to replaced them with his cock.  He pressed forward and pushed it all the way in.  Then he pulled out and thrust in and out hard.  He was grinning with extreme satisfaction.  I was discovering new things about myself for with each thrust he rubbed something inside and it felt better than jacking off.  My cock got harder and soon I felt like I was about to come.  Then I shot, spewing my load over my chest and some even on my face.  Butch kept fucking me until he blasted his load up my poop chute.

"OK, girls I think you can diaper pussy-boy now."  And they did.  They oiled, creamed and powered me and put the diaper on me.  It took me a while to get to sleep for this was not how I envisioned losing my virginity.  I had dreamt of fucking a beautiful young virgin who would then pine for me forever after even though I would move on to others like Don Juan had.  Instead I was the one fucked.  My virginity was just taken by Butch, witnessed by the twins and acknowledged by my own body by my coming.  I even questioned my own masculinity because I must have liked it since I came without even touching my cock.  I did read up on anatomy the next day to learn what was going on with my body.

The next day I asked (well, to be honest, begged) Butch not to fuck me again.  He actually surprised me by promising that he would do it only when I had a disrespectful boner in front of his sisters.  Unfortunately, the next night I was up and he again gave me a prostate massage to cure my problem.  This happened night after night and soon I was actually looking forward to his fucking me as I always came.  (When I got to college and studied Skinner I learnt that I had gotten conditioned.)

Butch also started to use me in the mornings.  I was between the proverbial rock and a hard place.  Because I was not permitted to remove my diaper until it was checked to see if it was a dry or wet night.  When I asked Butch to do this he said there was a price and pushed me to my knees.  Since he slept nude, I was facing his morning hard on and it was clear what I was expected to do and I did it.  It took a while for me to learn to take his monster but I did.  Just like I had got to like his fucking me nightly, I quickly learnt to love the morning treat of hot man-cream.

While all this was going on, as you know, I was in summer school.  This kept me very busy as my cousins made sure that I did my homework and studied.  They set high standards for me and expected me to achieve.  There wasn't a trick that I used with my parents that they did not know about and refused to accept.  I got spanked several times for any sort of infraction.  They even kept the tawse hanging with the calendar right by my bed as a reminder.

Interestingly, although the calendar with my wet/dry indication was on the wall, my cousins' friends never said a word to me about it although they all looked at it and were fully aware of its significance.  Yet, when the twins decided it was diaper time, I got diapered regardless of who was around.  When they said "It's potty time." I had to go (thankfully alone except for one of the twins) and then come back to be diapered.  The twins' friends always lent a hand and thought that I made a cute baby.  Butch's friends sniggered at my delayed development since I was small and apparently hairless.  Thankfully Butch did not fuck me in front of company.

I could not figure this out and finally asked Butch to explain this apparent inconsistency.  "Very simple." he laughed and then explained.  "Your needing a diaper was no different than needing eye glasses or a cane – just a physical problem that had a physical solution so nothing to laugh at in any way.  But, on the other hand, since a diaper was baby gear and babies don't have any privacy nor are they allowed to be modest so changes are totally public."

After three week of school, I brought home really good grades – two A's and a B+.  I was honestly praised and was proud of myself.  If I could maintain these grades then all this shit I had to put up with would be worthwhile.  I also got a more immediately reward.  I was allowed to go out one day and one evening on the weekend.  After my initial fuckup, however, my curfew was at 9 pm unless I was with one of my cousins.  You can bet your life that I made sure to be home on time even without any talk of what the penalties would be.

I still had a couple of nights left to make the thirty dry ones required when I was out with Butch and his buds and we got home very late.  He did not want to fuss with the diaper so we just went to bed.  Skipping the diaper was one thing but he still wanted to get his rocks off so he got into bed with me.  In the dark and without the twins watching he was different.  I would be lying if I say I did not want it because I wanted to get my rocks off also and had become accustomed to prostate massages from Butch.  He was surprisingly gentle with me and took me prone rather than with my legs in the air.  With just a little bit of lube he got on top of me and slid his hard cock right into me.  It felt real good at first and got better as he fucked away.  He told me what a great fuck I was and how nicely tight my ass was as he pounded away and I could feel his rough face scrapping mine.

After we both had come he asked me who was the pettiest chick at the party and I did not know.  For all your porn looking I bet you never even felt up a girl.  Regrettably he was right.  Then he said that I did not know who the pettiest was because I had only been looking at the guys at the party.  He was right although I still kept silent.  One of these days, cuz, you are going come out to yourself that you are gay; that you love getting fucked; that you love sucking cock; that you love a dominant guy taking charge of you and pleasing him.  He gave me a kiss on the back of the neck.  He was holding me down with his full weight and had his arms and legs wrapped about me.  He was right although I could not yet admit it and I felt great this way.  He also said it totally matter-of-factly without being judgmental.  As you can imagine this declaration would haunt me for a long time.

"I going to piss now my little slave boy.  Just be still so we don't wet your bed."  I could hardly breathe much less move so he filled me.  I was excited by how he just decided what to do and accepted it.  Later he told me if I had objected even slightest he would not have done it.  Physically it was just like an enema but I felt real special being used this way.  He stayed in me a couple of minutes and then sent me to the john to empty both my ass and my bladder.

He was back in his bed when I returned.  I got a diaper and asked him to put it on me because I was required to wear it another few nights.  He obliged and although he did not do the oil et al stuff it was very special.  "Sleep well my little slave boy." he said when he finished.  And I did.  It was that night that I realized I liked Butch and the feeling was mutual.

On Saturday I diligently did my homework and studying.  Things were a bit more pleasant now and I wanted to kept them that way.  On Sunday, Butch had a surprise for me.  He allowed me to look at my collection of nudes but with one provision – that I select my favorite five for him.  That was an easy task.  Then he hit me a bombshell – he pointed out that in all my favs there was a well hung muscular stud dominating the picture and furthermore in all my collection there was not even one image of a single chick and several with more than one hunky stud.  Throughout this exercise I was sitting on Butch's lap so we both could see the screen.  He took my hand and placed it on his bulge and I could feel my own cock get harder.  All this was just more evidence to support his case that I was gay.

Time past as always and I studied hard and kept getting good grades.  I also kept to the rules and avoided being punished.  I even got a little more freedom but now I was smart enough to carefully keep within the bounds.  Then came final exams and then the all important final grades.  I did very well with three A's.  OK, one was an A- but that's still an A.

When my family returned I went home.  My parents were, of course, most pleased by my good grades and Uncle Roger said that there had been some problems but that they were taken care of and refused to give my parents details.  "Water under bridge and all that." was how he put it.  "But, the boy" (couldn't he have said young man?)  "needs strict discipline and rules so that he will continue to do well."  Dad turned to me and asked the obvious question.  I hesitated a bit before answering.  I was glad to be doing well but I wanted my freedom.  I so wanted to say "no" but I couldn't.  "Yes." I whispered and they did not press it further.  Uncle actually added a bit then – "Even better would be self-discipline and directing his rebellion more productively."  That certainly gave me food for thought.

Since my grades were so good and Uncle's report pretty positive, I was allowed to get another learners' permit.

Butch took Ken and me out to dinner a couple of days later because he wanted to talk about my future.  He insisted that I tell Ken about the summer including the rules and punishments I endured.  Ken was surprised especially when I told him how effective it all was and that I did well under all rules.  Then Butch explained that once things had gotten started, he with some help from the twins was the one that was in close charge of me and that it was apparent I could accept it better than control from either set of parents.  I hadn't realized it but he was right and it became obvious were he was headed.

"So you want me to be in charge of my brother?  But he's almost two-years-old than me." Ken asked Butch.

"Under two conditions.  First, only if you will be fair and, second, he asks you to."  And then Butch gave me an sealed envelope.  "The Rules are already in your PC although they need to be updated now that you are a junior and here is the master password to your PC.  It is up to you to decide who is to have it."

We were all silent as I stared at the envelope that signified so very much.  I thought about the past – how I fucked up last year and did so well this summer.  And the future where I wanted to do well.  And how everything that Butch had said was right.  Then I made my decision.  In some ways my first truly adult decision.  Placing my new learner permit on top of the envelope I pushed the both over to Ken and said just one word: "Please."

"I'll be proud to brother." and he hugged me,  "Let's go home." and he put the envelope and permit in his pocket."

The next day we revised the rules and the punishments as Butch suggested and signed an agreement.  I even agreed to wait to get my driving licence until I proved that I could continue to do good something I'm sure I could not have done with my parents.  "It is all to easy to drive to perdition." Ken said thinking about a few of his friends' older brothers.  Ken changed the master password on my PC and then he spanked me for real as per the agreement just so I would know – in my heart and soul – he could.  Strangely it made me feel good and he stained our agreement with my tears.

We also wrote a letter to our parents explaining the arrangement and asked permission do it.  They had their doubts but since it worked during the summer they were willing to give it a try.  Our sister was not part of this at all.

A few days later I came out to both of us – Ken and me – having decided that Butch had been right and even told him what I had done with Butch.  Ken did have any problem with it at all and told me that he was bi.  We soon determined that his ​seven and half inches​ (​nineteen cm​) was quite sufficient to keep my prostate well massaged and for other things.

More important is Ken and I made this all work.  Ken made sure that both of us did well and he explained that he could not, in good conscience, expect a level of effort from me that he did not match.  By the middle of the school year we extended our agreement to my eighteenth birthday when I'm due to graduate high school.  I've gotten my drivers' licence although Ken is even stricter than Dad about me using the car.  And I started a trend at school without intending to.  Ken kept my pubes in a crew cut (like my head) as a symbol of not being wild and a constant reminder of his control and some of the other guys though it was just neat and also did it.

Oh, one thing more – Butch and I are the best of friends now.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. March 13, 2004

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