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The following story is fiction the reminisces of an old man about his youthful spanking.  The story contains scenes of spanking and strapping.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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Summer Enterprise


I was not happy with the plan.  We had been doing it for years.  Every summer the family would go to the mountains to escape the summer heat.  We would stay in a 'resort' which was really a collection of old houses that old man Seelinger rented to us city folks.  The amenities were few in the drab surrounding.  But when I was younger it was fine.  The same families came every year and I had friends to play with.  All the Dads would come up on the weekend but would have to stay in the city during the week because of their jobs.

That year I was sixteen.  I knew my (resort) friends had other plans and that I would be alone.  My siblings would be fine since they were still preteens.  I wanted to stay at home with my city buds but the olds nixed the idea.  "I'll be traveling much of the time, son," Dad said, "and you can't stay by yourself."

"There is lots of stuff you can do to prepare for next year so you get better grades." added my mother, "You need not be bored."

Just what I wanted to do all summer – spend the time with my nose in a book.

So before the fireworks to celebrate the 176th year of the country, we were setting in just like for the last ten years.  The first big show of the summer was a two minute fireworks display.  WOW!© YLeeCoyote

It was just the first Tuesday when I heard the yelling.  I don't even know what happened but some mother was shouting at her kid: "… and just wait until your father gets back on Friday.  You won't be able to sit a week."

That made me think.  I had heard that threat for years almost every day and occasionally it was even directed at me.  But it did not carry the same ominous feel has it did when it was used at home and dad would be returning in just a couple of hours.  Here it was days away – an eternity to a kid.

The seed was planted.

It took a few days for it to germinate.  I saw the need and decided that I could fill it.  I would start a business.  No need for naughty boys to wait days to get spanked – I could provide immediate service.  I made a sign and posted it on bulletin boards in the social hall and the little market.  There were a dozen of others but mostly from teen girls offering babysitting services.

His mother approached me as I was going home for lunch just a day later.  "Little Jimmy has been a terror all morning.  He won't leave his sister and her friends alone.  He needs a spanking but he just laughs since his father won't be back for days."

I understand Ma'am.  I told my kid brothers to tell Mom that I would be a little late and went with my first client.  Ten-year-old Jimmy was certainly being bratty when I got there.  I told him things had changed.  "Young man, you will not be getting a spanking from your father in a few days for your terrible behavior today."  He grinned at that.  "You are going to get one right now.  Show me to your room or you get it here."

The grin disappeared as Jimmy's jaw dropped.  Since this was back when spanking was the norm, no modern day PC backtalk.  He quickly considered his options and decided to lead me to his room where there was some privacy from his sisters and her friends.

I sat and made him stand in front of me.  He started to plead his case but I cut him short and confronted him with his mother's complaint.  He quickly confessed.  I opened his shorts and they fell.  I lowered his briefs and pulled him over my lap.

Once I got a firm grip on his waist I started to spank.  Oh, that was a great thrill.  I watched as my hand print formed and listen as his howl faded away.  Then I continued giving him spank after spank.  In just a few minutes he was crying and his bottom was bright red and puffy.

I set him on his feet and gave him some tissues to clean up with.  "Jimmy, when you finish crying, wash up and go to lunch."  Then I collected my fee from his grateful mother and went to my waiting lunch.  It really felt good have money I actually earned in my pocket.  And the bonus was that it was really great fun earning it.

* * * * * * * * * *

I got my next gig a couple of days later.  It wasn't just my ad getting result but good word of mouth comments between mothers.  A boy sort me out and asked: "You the one that spanks?"  When I owned up, he continued: "Mom sent me to get you for Scotty."  The lad led me to the back porch of their house where a woman was berating her son.  It was clear why for he was covered in mud.

"Evening, Ma'am, shall I take it from here?" I asked.  With a sigh of relief she responded in the affirmative.  Although the staff took care of the lawns, this woman had a little garden so there was a working gardening hose available.  "Get down here Scotty Pebworth." I ordered and then started to hose the mud off his clothes.  When that was complete, I ordered him to give me his belt.  "Out of those wet clothes, boy." I commanded and then made him wring out the water as best as he could.

"Briefs off and lean over with your hands on the steps."

He started to object so I barked: "NOW.  Or there will be extras."  That shut him and he got into position with his bare butt in position for the belt.  Then I could get to the real task – strapping his naughty behind.  I raised and swung the belt at the target.  It connected with the target with a responding WHACK.  Scotty reacted showing that he felt the pain although he managed not to yell until I was half way the way through for number four.  I felt good watching how each cut left a pink stripe and then they all merged into a hot red butt.  As I gave him the second half, he was struggling to deal with it which was good.  I left him with a blazing hot ass and a compliant attitude.

Scotty's mom was most satisfied and gave me a dollar.  That does not sound like much today but then the minimum wage was $0.75/hr and my fee would have been a half dollar because a lot more than spanking was required.  I sure did feel great that day.

* * * * * * * * * *

It was after lunch and I was reading on the porch when Mrs. Goodroe came up the walk.  She had Tracy, her nine-year-old son, in tow by his ear and another same-sized kid whom I did not recognize by the wrist.  By now she had let go of them but pushed Tracy towards me. "We have been naughty.  Please spank us." he said.  Apparently there was a plan.

I had to find out why so I asked them.  "We were in woods and when Mom called we played hide and seek with her." he said.

"We were very naughty." said second one, who had been called Jerry.

I spoke with Mrs. Goodroe and she felt right here on my porch was just fine with her.  It was certainly fine for me.  There did not seem to be a reason to lecture, so I told Jerry to face the wall and started with Tracy.  I dropped his shorts and pulled him over my lap.  I got a firm grip on his waist and started to spank him.  After a few warmup spanks, I switched to 'fire for effect' as my uncle told me of his experience in the war.  And I was effective too.  The gentle pink turned to a harsh red and he was kicking enough that his shorts went flying.  He was bawling properly like a well-spanked boy should when I got him up and parked nose to the wall.

I called Jerry over and when the shorts came down I realized that I made a mistake.  This was not a boy Jerry but a girl Jeri.  It was a surprise for me but Mrs. Goodroe obviously wanted them both treated the same so I did.  So just as I did with Tracy, I got Jeri over my lap and started spanking again.  Jeri responded exactly the same and right after I switched to the hard spanks she lost her shorts and was crying.

Mrs. Goodroe paid me, picked up both pairs of shorts and lead her son and niece away naked except for their sandals.  I saw a couple of other kids scramble away as the parade went down to the main path.  Their spankings had been watched.  I imaged how they would be taunted as others saw then lead home quite exposed.  I was certain that they would not try that stunt again (or others).

* * * * * * * * * *

That is how most of the summer was – every few days I would have the pleasant employment of spanking a young bottom and being paid cash as well.  There was an extra special session that I must relate.  That was the spanking and strapping of William Pebworth.

Mrs. Pebworth was at her wit's end when she sent for me.  Billy was fourteen and definitely going through that big change and in the most rebellious phase.  When I arrived they were yelling at each other and practically at each other's throats.

"QUIET!" I roared as I entered the room.  That surprised both of them enough to be silent and I continued: "Now be quiet both of you.  This is no way to act."  I paused.  "Now one at a time.  Be quiet Billy while your mother speaks.  Then you will have your turn."

Frankly, I was surprised that worked.  Years later I would learn that was what the army calls 'command presence'.  Mrs. Pebworth related the standard story of a rebellious disrespectful teen driven by hormones.  About all that I got from Billy was that he was now Will and that his parents were horrid and unfair.

"You, Billy Pebworth have earned yourself a good strapping for your disrespect and disobedience.  You need to behave like a young man and not a wild out-of-control boy like you have been doing.  Now give me your belt."  I held out my hand.

His rebellion continued.  "No way that you are going to beat me." he snarled.  That was a challenge.  I had to take him down a few pegs or things would get worse and I would be out of work as well.  Fortunately, I was bigger and stronger and more experienced and cooler of head.  I grabbed him and pushed him up against the wall near the corner.  I had his right arm in a hammer lock and his left pinned against the wall so that he could not stop me opening his belt.  Then I undid his jeans and yanked them down.

He was just screaming which prevented him from planing a comeback.  I dragged him back so I could sit on the couch and locked my legs about his and pushed him over.  He could struggle but it was totally in vain.  I started to spank him hard.  Nothing like a OTK spanking to make a teen boy feel like a little boy.  I was delighted that he was screaming for me to stop.  I yanked his underpants down and saw that he was getting red already.  I resumed spanking good and hard.  I had to get to him.

And I did.  It took a while but I was relentless and he began to cry.  Another few minutes he was bawling like the little naughty boy he was.  I got him up and lead him to the corner and pushed his nose into it.  "STAY!"  He did not argue.

While he cried in the corner, I rested and saw that his mother was doing the same.  "I can't do that any more" she complained and confided, "but he needs it."

"William bring me your belt or does little Billy boy need more spanking first?" I asked.

He had to make a choice – submit or rebel and get spanked like a little boy again.  He chose the former and hobbled over and gave me his belt.  I had him bend over the end of the couch.  "For your outrageous behavior you're getting fourteen cuts.  Do NOT get up until I tell you to."  He gasped but remained in place.  The target was easy to see since it was already glowing (or seemed to).

I wished he had not brought all this upon himself but he had so I raised the belt and gave him the first cut.  He yelled which was good but not enough to stop.  Over and over I swung the belt at his tail and he yelled for each one.  He was one very sorry bawling boy when I was finished.

Fortunately, I never had another case like that one.  It was a lot of work and difficult emotionally since I was only a couple of years older than he was.

It was the last time I was there for the entire summer.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. July 6, 2017

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