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The Summer My World Collapsed


When a boy turns thirteen, there are many changes in his life.  The most obvious is that he is a teenager, a young man, and puberty with its wonderful changes if it hasn't already started is expected momentarily.  That, of course, means a growth spurt and hair in new places.  Also, more freedom and high school coming up.  Well, that's what happens in normal families but, sadly, I learnt that my family was not normal.

I did not have any warning of the total disaster that my thirteenth summer would be.  My maternal grandparents had run a farm in the middle of nowhere and the family still owned it although it was fallow.  My mom and aunts (her sisters) decided that it would be good for us cousins to spend the summer there away from the heat of the city (and all its fun things).  First to arrive was my younger aunt and her three kids, my cousins, Laura, and the eight-year-old twins, Benny and Kenny.  Then my sister, Leslie who is eleven like Laura, and myself were dropped off while our parents went on a long vacation.  My elder aunt's kids showed up a couple of days later – sixteen-year-old Allison, her fourteen-year-old brother, Roger, and their little sister, Sheri who was twelve.  All told we would be eight kids.  I was looking forward to having fun with Roger figuring there would be the country to explore.  My two aunts shared the parenting activity.

We had two bedrooms – one for the boys and one for the girls.  The other two bedrooms were for the adults.  The twins were happy to both have top bunks.  My sister and Laura were delighted to be together just like I would be with Roger present.  Everything seemed quite normal.  The only thing was new for me was that my cousin Laura was like a babysitter/mommy to the twins.  My sister was delighted to help her especially giving them their bath.  The twins were used to their big sister bathing them so they were not shy and never put up a fuss about that.  They even ran about naked in the house before being put to bed and in the morning before breakfast.  I overheard my sister tell our cousin how much fun it was to have them naked and especially to bathe them as she hadn't had the opportunity to examine boys intimately before.

After breakfast, I went exploring on my own, leaving the girls to worry about the twins.  I was heading back for lunch when I saw the four of them.  Laura was yelling at her brothers for doing something she had told them not to.  The yelling quickly turned to action for she said that they needed to be spanked.  The twins immediately begged not to be spanked and promised to be good but Laura was adamant.  She probably should not have promised a spanking so quickly but once she did it was clear that she had to follow through.

"You spank Benny and I'll spank Kenny, Leslie." she said to my sister.© YLeeCoyote

The girls sat on a bench and each removed her boy's shorts and briefs before taking him over her lap.  The spanks came fast and were hard enough to cause the twins to howl.  After a few minutes they each had rosy bottoms.  They were led back to the house half naked and very subdued.  My sister was grinning to beat the Cheshire Cat for having spanked a boy for the very first time and bare bottom at that.

I felt sorry for the twins for they must have been always subject to their big sister's discipline.  I extrapolated that the summer would be worse for them since my sister was so enthusiastic in assisting Laura.

* * * * * * * * * *

Life changed significantly after my other three cousins arrived.  Roger was just as delighted to have me to play with as I was for him to be there.  What I had not expected was that Allison would be put in charge of all of us in the role of mom-in-training.  Privately, Roger told me that I had better do as his sister said (ordered!) or I would be in trouble.  He explained that she was often in charge at home and was both very strict and bossy.  "She delights in spanking me for the slightest reason." he explained sadly.  "Even worse, she takes my pants down to do it on my bare butt."  I was appalled.  I asked him if he had spoken to his father and the answer was most discouraging.  "Mom runs the house and she decided that is the way it should be and it has been that way for years.  I wouldn't be surprised if she spanked him."  He was unhappy but stuck with the situation.

I found out first hand, er, butt how awful it was the very next day.  Roger and I didn't exactly get lost but took a roundabout way home and we were almost two hours late for dinner.  My two aunts were madder than wet hens.  They told us that it was long past dinner time and we had missed supper.  Then we were handed over to Allison for spankings.  I watched in horror as she stripped Roger.  He was not happy, but was cooperative because (as he explained later) of extras for resistance.  Soon he was starkers in from of everyone.  Of course, Leslie and Laura stared hard at his equipment which was significantly more developed than that of the twins.  Sheri just glanced as it was a familiar sight to her.  I thought that it was strange that although his penis was no longer boy sized having had grown he did not have pubes.  It was hidden as he went over his sister's lap.  It was a fearful WHACK when the hairbrush connected with his bottom.  I saw the red oval form.  Over and over this was repeated until his entire butt was a deep red.  Both Leslie and Laura were allowed to give him a couple of spanks while he remained over Allison's lap.  They had huge smiles on their faces.

It was now my turn.  I guess that I was inspired by how Roger behaved and I tried to behave as well as he did.  It was terrible being stripped in front of all the females.  I could see that my sister was smirking and enjoying my predicament and especially seeing my entire body for the first time in years.  Well, very soon I was over Allison's lap and learning what havoc a nasty cousin could inflict upon my naked ass with a hairbrush.  I had not been spanked for ages and this one really hurt.  I tried to take like my cousin had but I know I yelped some and was sobbing by the end.  My sister was most delighted to give me a few spanks.  Us two apple butts were parked in corners while the twins got their baths together and my aunts sat in the room and read.

I was shocked when we were called out of the corners for our baths.  First, that we would have to share although was explained that without any shower and the big tub there was a significant water saving from sharing.  Second, was the terrible part.  We were to be bathed just like the twins had been.  I objected and appealed to my aunts but it was not any use and I was threatened with another spanking should I continue being willful.  Even thought Roger was used to this, he was not overjoyed because two eleven-year-old girls were going to assist his sisters.  I think you know how I felt.  Yes, they did wash us but they also carefully inspected our bodies and you know what they paid particularly close attention to.  I felt like a baby and a pet and violated.  We brushed our teeth while naked and then had to pee as they watched.  Then it was to bed and we did not even get to wear briefs or pj's.

As I lay – prone, of course – quietly in my bed, I worried about what the rest of the summer would bring.  I sensed that it would not be as much fun as I anticipated spending a lot of time playing with my cousin.  I did not dare to try to talk to Roger since we were told no talking.  In the morning, Sheri came into the room.  As always, she got the twins their usual T-shirts, briefs, shorts, socks and sneakers to wear for the day.  Then she told both Roger and I to get out of bed.  When I hesitated, reminded me that she had seen all of me – "including your little boy parts" – so that there was not any reason to be shy.  She then found the same sort of clothes for us.  This all must have been preplanned because much of it was not mine.  (Some of it wasn't new either but had been Roger's.)

At breakfast, my aunt told us that it was clear that we were only irresponsible LITTLE boys and, just like the eight year old twins, we were required to obey all the young ladies.  Additionally, they all had spanking authority in case we were disobedient or otherwise naughty.

When we could, we got away from the girls, er, I mean the young ladies, Roger told me of his life.  Everything that I had experienced was what he had to live with since he was little.  "Mom is an ardent feminist!"  I gave him a questioning look.  "She believes that women are superior to men and therefore should be in charge.  Dad is completely pussy-whipped and obeys her.  My sisters follow her led.  I don't have any choice and they treat me like I'm a ten-year-old.  You, my dear cousin, are in for this all summer.  I have learnt that it is better to bend like the reeds than break like the oak in the wind storm."  It was a very big message to absorb.

After a while, I tried to put things out of my mind and asked him about pubes since his cock was no longer boyish.  "Another item, Jerry, Mom said that a boy's sisters decide when he allowed to have pubes and mine have decided that I am 'too immature' to have them so they shave me every week.  Sheri loved to do it before she started puberty and now she loves to do it since she feels more grown up as she has pubes and I don't."

The next day brought another unpleasantness.  We boys were all to get crew cuts.  The clippers were in a box and we had a few days to ask one of the young ladies to do it.  The catch was that each day one of the thingamajigs that control the length would be removed so the sooner one asked, the longer one's hair would be.  I followed Roger's led and did it the first day.  The twins got a shorter cut but they did not seem to care.  Naturally, Leslie was over joyed to clip my hair short as she knew I liked it longish.

* * * * * * * * * *

I began to understand how Roger could deal with the intrusive females as I sort of got used to the lack of privacy and even to some extent being bossed by my kid sister, Leslie, not that I liked it.  She was most thrilled with being able to spank me at her will.  With the aid of our cousins but especially Allison she tried many ways with me both OTK and leaning over something.  And she experimented with various implements including her hand, a hairbrush, a slipper, a ruler and a belt.  It was rare day the rest of the summer that I did not have some reminder of a recent spanking when I sat.

My unhappiness with having to wear little boys' shorts etcetera was premature.  Once the temperature exceeded ​77°F​ (​25°C​) regularly new rules went into effect which made me wish for shorts.  I mentioned having to be nude in the house already but when it got warmer, we males were required to be nude all the time unless we were out in the rain.  For the first time I got a tan without any tan lines.  One side effect that was good was we couldn't get in trouble for getting our clothes dirty.

Most of the time the girls, er, the young ladies watched us closely doing the day but sometimes we could get away and play alone.  A few time we were even trusted with the twins (when the females all went shopping) but they just saw us as somewhat older boys rather than truly in charge like the girls were.  When we were alone and safe from the watching eyes of the girls, we did what come most naturally and jerked off together.  I was still too young to shoot but I had wonderful dry comes and I even enjoyed Roger's wet ones.

It only took a couple of times until we were doing each other and even got to do sixty-nine.  Roger did not care so much for that but he really loved me sucking him off.  I found that his jiz was very tasty and we both had fun doing it.  He encouraged me to swallow lying to me that it would speed up to my start of puberty.  After believing that gullibly he went at me for a different method that he said was even more effective.  I'm sure you can guess.  Actually, I liked it while he loved it.  I was pleasantly surprised that it got a little bit of jiz out of me.  It was encouraging although later I realized that it probably had just been a drop of piss.

We had been doing this for a couple of weeks when we were discovered by the girls as he pounded away in my tail.  They had managed to sneak up on us and just watched until he was done.  I was surprised but Roger was very cool about it (perhaps because he was older).  At first, I guessed that we would have a bad time of this.  I was half wrong for although I had a bad time Roger did not.  In fact, it was just the opposite for him.  He was congratulated, especially by his big sister Allison, who said that he was a man who proved that he could fuck.  They commended him for being macho but I was derided, especially by my sister Leslie, for being a cocksucker and fuckboy.  They even decided that I was very naughty for doing such things (while Roger was totally innocent – does 'double standard' come to mind?) and therefore I should be, yes you guessed it, spanked.  I was not surprised by that but that it was going to be my buddy rather than any of the girls doing it.

They found a fallen tree where Roger could sit and I had to get over his lap.  I expected that he would try to go easy but I was very wrong.  He spanked me hard.  His hand spanks were harder than those of his sisters and he was enthusiastic in his task.  Over and over his hand crashed into my butt (that he had just lovingly fucked) sending great impulses of pain through my body.  Over and over they landed and I could not hold in my yells of pain.  Even worse, I soon was crying.  The girls left us and Roger comforted me saying he was sorry but that his hard spanking had surely saved me from a worse strapping from Allison.

Of course, the girls did not give up any of their authority or power to Roger even though they said he was more of a man.  What they did change was that I had to suck him when we got bathed to entertain them.  I was not happy about this but Roger had other feelings about it.  I'm sure you know why.  There was one other change and that was he was allowed to grow some pubes although they kept them short with the clipper.

* * * * * * * * * *

I had thought that things would revert back to how they had been when the summer was over and returned home.  Regrettably, I learnt that things had changed.  My kid sister was put in charge of me just like during the summer including the right to spank me and set my curfew.  She also was very intrusive – checking up on me constantly even after I showered although she like to give me a bath every few days.  I was required to be nude after my shower until I dressed in the morning and I had to go back to wearing tightie-whities rather than boxers which got snickers and worse in the gym locker room at school.

How extreme things had changed was shown three weeks into the school term when I brought home a terrible grade.  I had done that in the past and Dad would have a discussion with me about it.  Then he would take my pants and boxers down, put me over his lap and spank me to tears.  This was done in relative privacy of my room with the door closed although Leslie certainly knew what was happening.  This time Dad had his discussion with me at the dinner table and my kid sister joined in as well as Mom.  After dinner, chores, homework and shower she came to finish up the discussion.  We returned to the family room and I had to bend over a chair so that she could strap me with my own heavy belt.  That hurt like the blazes for she was getting more effective at spanking me.  Mom and Dad watched her deal with the lazy boy.  Then while I was standing in the corner wishing I could rub my roasted tail, the 'rents complemented her on doing a good job.

The worst thing was that appealing to Dad did not help.  Father was much quieter than he had been and Mother seemed more in charge of things and she, just as my aunts, was a feminist!  Like Roger I was domed until I grew up and was able to move out.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. December 5, 2011

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