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The following story is fiction about two youths.  The story contains scenes of spanking, strapping  and gay sex.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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The dominant twelve-year-old city boy
His wimpy fifteen-year-old country cousin
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Summer of Power


Drew was thrilled when he turned twelve.  He had achieved the magic age so that he was a man and not a baby.  Well, even Drew would agree that was an exaggeration for nobody thought that he suddenly changed from a baby to a man.  However, he was now afforded a lot more privileges than before because he had earned the trust of his parents by having gotten good grades, staying out of trouble and showing excellent judgment.  Drew was looking forward to the summer.  Thanks to the vast public transportation system now usable with his new privileges and without a chaperone, he would be able to go many places with his friends without the time-gobbling concerns of school.  The world was a vast place to explore and much of it was in the great city he lived and thus within his reach.

There was also another change well in progress and that was puberty.  Drew knew that he was becoming a man every time he saw himself in the mirror – his body had changed – he had a full bush surmounting his well-developed cock.  He made sure to exercise it at least twice a day.

Disaster, however, struck like a violent tornado as the school year ended.  His father's job required him to spend three months abroad and his mother had to go as well.  Unfortunately, there would be much business in industrial centers to tend to – places which were not good places for young tourists.  Drew was being farmed out – literally.  He would be spending the summer with relatives – his uncle and aunt and their son Percy – who lived in Podunk – a tiny town in the middle of nowhere.

* * * * * * * * * *

On the long trip, Drew thought about just getting off the bus and being on his own for the summer.  And then he realized that it wouldn't work in this modern world, like it had for Kipling's Kim in another time and place.  Food prices were too high, odd jobs too rare and people asked far too many questions compared to a century ago.  He knew that he was stuck for there was not any way out.  Life could be bad at times although his parents promised that they would make things up to him.  Maybe his cousin would be a fun guy.© YLeeCoyote

The town, actually just a village, was smaller than he could have imagined.  The entire population could have lived on just one block at home although it was sprawled out like the entire population of the planet was less than a million rather than six billion.  One would have expected that with all this space, he would have had a room to himself but he did not.  He had to share with his cousin because they lived in a small house.

Cousin Percy also left much to be desired.  Although he was three years older, he was only two years ahead in school, scheduled to start high school in the fall while Drew would start seventh grade.  More interesting was that the material covered in Percy's eighth grade was similar to what Drew would get in the seventh grade in the city.  Simply put, the summer looked bleaker than ever.

Drew had been there less than a week when a most interesting thing occurred when Percy returned after his curfew which, incidentally, was as early as Drew's had been back home.  His father yelled at him like he was just a little boy and then spanked him.  Drew was required to watch – as an object lesson – and he found that it was absolutely fascinating for other reasons.  The three males were in the boys' room for the event.  His uncle sat on a plain chair and his cousin had to stand still while his jeans and briefs (he still wore tightie-whities!) were lowered to his ankles.  He was then guided over his father's lap and held in place.  It was not a hand spanking but done with a flexible, rubbery, little paddle-like thing that had started life as the sole of an old, large sneaker.  It made a fearsome WHACK each time it connected with Percy's bare ass which quickly turned red.  Evidently, Percy found it most unpleasant for he yelled for each spank and started crying, begging and pleading as befitting a little boy.

Drew was absolutely enthralled by the event.  He was glad that he was sitting on his bed so that his hard erection was easily hidden in his boxers and shorts.  This was so exciting that he practically came as he watched.  When the spanking was over and Percy was parked in the corner his uncle left.  It was then that Drew studied his cousin's red-hot tail.  He was even so bold as to give it a feel after politely asking.  He then dashed to the bathroom to relieve the great tension in his hard shaft.  He had to clean up half way across the bathroom as his explosion was so intense.

He was surprised at how his cousin was spanked like a little boy rather than a young man.  Although he had not been spanked, there were many stories about spanking in books but he not found them to be nearly as exciting as the real, live spanking he had just witnessed.  His uncle said a few things of interest.  First, to Percy, reminding him that he would move up to the strap when he grew hair like a man.  Second, to Drew, that he was subject to the same sort of spanking should he misbehave.

Now this was not the first time that Drew had seen Percy's boyish privates for since the first night he was there, when they changed for bed, they saw each other's bodies.  They were both surprised at each other's development level and, of course, Drew was far more pleased than the older, but significantly less developed, boy was.  It also explained a change in how his aunt behaved.  The first three nights, when she checked up on them, she just walked into the room (bath or bed) without knocking.  On that third night she saw Drew naked and that he had man-hair.  She blushed, apologized and quickly withdrew.  A few minutes later she returned but politely knocked.  Percy later said she had never done that before.  Things were now fitting together.  Apparently to his parents, Percy was just a little boy.  He was spanked like one and they did not think he needed privacy.

It is said that the Devil finds work for idle hands and Drew's hands were most certainly idle.  There was essentially nothing to do in this little village.  Sure being outside was nice but walking in the woods, swimming and sports every day was not nearly as stimulating as the great city that Drew was used to.  The girls were even more limited and contact with them, especially the preteens, was limited to the well-chaperoned town socials twice a week.  Drew made a decision.  He would do something he had never done before.  The most fascinating thing in the world was power and he decided take control of his cousin.

Drew was not sure how to achieve this but that, certainly, was part of the challenge.  To his sophisticated city eyes, Percy was child-like and was treated like one by his parents.  Also, he always followed his friends' lead.  At the swimming hole since only the boys were there, they did not wear bathing suits.  Drew found that this was a good thing since he was the youngest with a bush and his cousin the oldest without one.  (At a nearby location, the girls did wear them but always had an adult chaperone.  It was well known that the girls spied to know who to dance with.)  The bush provided enhanced status and thus respect.  Percy obviously felt that and showed interest in Drew's especially after seeing how it changed his aunt's behavior.

It was a few days later that an opportunity presented itself.  His aunt and uncle went to visit friends and Percy was invited to a friend's house for the evening.  Drew stayed home, quite satisfied to read in peace and quiet.  Percy came home late and Drew pounced.  "You should have been home a half hour ago." he said.  "Your father will surely SPANK you in the morning."

Percy turned white.  This minor exercise of power affected Drew for he got a hard-on seeing how fearful his cousin was.  "Please, don't tell, Drew."  He paused a bit and added: "You don't have to tell."

It was with great effort that Drew kept from licking his lips in anticipation.  "Well, he will ask in the morning and lying…well that will get me spanked."

"It's not a school night or anything." Percy whined like a baby.  Drew was getting a charge from how his cousin was being such a pussy-boy wimp.

"You better get ready for bed, Percy.  I'll be up as soon as I finish this chapter."  To Drew’s delight, Percy obeyed like a little boy.  It wasn't really an order for it was given as a suggestion but it set a precedent that Drew liked.  A few minutes later, Drew was sitting on his bed in just his boxers when Percy came in from the bathroom still drying his hair.

"What's a spanking do?" Drew asked.

"Hurts…punishes." the worried older boy replied.

"True and also, most importantly, it 'clears the slate'."  Percy looked puzzled so Drew continued.  "Well, if you get spanked now, then I would not have to mention it tomorrow since it was erased."  Drew was on edge for this was the critical moment in this plan.  He was not sure if he should continue or wait for Percy to speak.

"You mean you spank me?" Percy asked surprised.

"Exactly." replied Drew.  "I spank you and that clears the slate.  Nothing to report and your Dad won't spank you or me."  He waited a full three minutes before continuing.  "Get that spanking thing and it will all be over in a few minutes and your dad won't need to know."  Percy hesitated before getting it from his dresser and handing it to his younger cousin.  He let himself be guided over Drew's lap with his torso resting on the bed.

Drew was overjoyed how his older cousin submitted.  He looked down at his older cousin's hairless ass and rubbed his hand over it.  "Are you sure about this cousin?" he asked savoring the moment.  He paused before asking:  "If you are, ask me to spank you."

"Yes, spank me and don't tell Daddy." Percy replied to Drew's delight especially hearing the babyish word.

"I'll start with a few hand spanks and then I'll switch to the thing."

Even a few hand spanks from Drew caused Percy to react and the reaction got much greater when he switched to the spanking thing.  Obviously that hurt more but Drew restrained himself, moderating the spanking so that Percy did not cry like when his father spanked him.  When Drew got Percy off his lap, he got him on the floor on his knees rather than sending him to the corner.  He managed to pull Percy close to him so that his head was right up against his abdomen and held him tightly and stroked his head comfortingly.  In this position, Percy would also feel his hard-on through his thin boxers.

It was now time for the next part of The Plan.  "You need help to grow up.  I'll bet that nobody has given you their man-juice."

"Man-juice?" asked Percy.

"Yes, man-juice.  You have to get it from another guy – one who has hair."

"Please, cousin.  Help me.  Can I have your man-juice?"  Like a bug on the edge of pitcher plant, he was about to slide down the slippery slope.

Drew hesitated like he was considering the situation.  "Well, alright, cuz.  But you got to promise not to tell anyone because they did not want you to know about this."  Percy eagerly promised and Drew pulled his hard cock and balls out of his boxers so that they were right in front of Percy's face.  "The most effective way is to suck the man-juice out.  Just pretend that my cock is an all-day-sucker and suck and lick it.  That way you get it, er, hot from the source, as fresh as possible, absolutely pure and with maximum potency."

Percy did as he was told and Drew helped him improve until he exploded a huge load right into his cousin's welcoming mouth.  "Swallow it all, dear cuz."

"If your Dad should ask, just say that you felt guilty about being late and asked me to spank you so that the slate was wiped clean before you went to bed.  Remember not to say anything about the man-juice – that's just between us."

Both boys slept well that night.

Well, Percy never had to confess to his father about being late and was very enthusiastic to get regular doses of the special transforming man-juice from his cousin so as to become a man as soon as possible.  Actually he was most anxious to get as much man-juice as possible before his cousin left.  Drew, as you would expect, was most delighted to help his cousin by providing him an opportunity to, er, feed on his essence.

Drew, as you already know, was not an angel so he managed to get into trouble which, in turn, caused his uncle to decide to spank him.  When they were in the bedroom, Drew surprised his uncle.  After he acknowledged that he knew the protocol for being spanked, he refused to get over his uncle's lap explaining that he had a bush and therefore was a young man and therefore should get strapped like one.  Drew quickly removed his belt, handed it to his uncle, dropped his jeans and boxers and assumed the position leaning on his bed.  His uncle was surprised even though he had explained the procedures to both boys.  He did not think he should strap his twelve-year-old nephew when he still spanked his fifteen-year-old son OTK but there was not any alternative except by suddenly changing the rules.  Drew wanted to prove to both of them, but particularly his cousin, that he was a man rather than a little boy.

The man got up, stepped over to where he could swing the belt properly and gave Drew three cuts.  Since he was not sure how hard to swing, he did not swing very hard.  Drew took the strapping well and then apologized for his misbehavior.  His uncle complimented him on how well he had taken his punishment and left.  Drew was glad that he had impressed his uncle but it was even more important that his cousin was impressed that he was treated in a manly rather than a boyish fashion.

Drew was very horny so he decided that he would do something new with Percy.  He told him that there was another way to get man-juice and now that he had been using the oral method for a while he was ready to use the anal method also.  As instructed Percy got on his hands and knees on his bed and Drew worked his fingers covered with some lube into his bottom hole.  Soon he had gotten four fingers in at once and knew that his swollen cock would fit without causing his wimpy cousin to yell.  He withdrew his fingers and eased his cock in.  He sure felt good sliding into that tight hot hole.  He came three times before he withdrew.  Percy thanked him for doing it and noted that his own, albeit smaller and hairless thingy, had gotten hard and felt very special.  Drew happily explained that meant that the man-juice treatment was working.  Percy was most delighted and grateful for his cousin's most generous help.

By the time the summer was not quite half over, Drew was most pleased with having accomplished his goal with his cousin.  Percy was most anxious to please his younger cousin because he provided his man-juice at least twice a day.  This was such a valuable commodity, that Percy quickly deferred to Drew's every wish like an obedient puppy.

* * * * * * * * * *

It had only been a month and half that Drew had been in this cultural void and he had taken over his older cousin completely.  Percy was even more docile and anxious to please than a puppy.  He had completely reverted back to doing all the chores like he had before Drew arrived rather than sharing them.  Drew was delighted that he was making all of the decisions and having sex anytime he wished.  So great was Percy's desire for Drew's man-juice, that he willing got over his cousin's lap for a spanking for the most trivial transgressions rather than risk annoying him.  If there had been any area where Drew might have been considered abusive this would have been it, however, both of them relished the extra hot sex afterwards.

There was one step more that Drew was looking forward to having – and that was being in charge of Percy, rather than the other way around, when the adults were away.  Of course, that was the de facto situation but Drew thought that it would be nice if it was the official one as well.  Drew could not really see how he could convince his uncle and aunt that he should be in charge.  Actually, it was Percy that made it happen just so that he could avoid a spanking.

Percy and a couple of his friends had been smoking and were caught by the father of one of the friends.  If the man had spanked the three miscreants then and there that would have been the end of it, but he only spanked his own son.  In front of the other two, the man lowered his son's jeans and briefs and took him over his lap.  His workman's hard, calloused hand quickly made a solid impression on his son who through his tears promised not to smoke.  The other two were directed to get spanked at home by their own fathers.  The second boy dutifully confessed to his father and got his due.  He was required to drop his britches and drawers and assume the position for ten hard cuts from his father's belt.  Percy also reported his transgression to Drew who, of course, was delighted to help his wayward cousin repent.

Because of the seriousness of the crime, this spanking was extra long and hard.  The fully naked Percy was over his cousin's lap for a long time as he thoroughly applied the spanking sole leaving Percy's butt red-hot, swollen and painful for a couple of days.

It was when his father came to spank him for not reporting and for smoking, that he learnt that his son had been very thoroughly spanked by his younger cousin.  There certainly was not any doubt that this had happened since both lads admitted to it and it was most evident that the naughty boy's bottom had been most thoroughly spanked the previous day.  The man was at a loss for words, so he said that he needed to think about things although he did ask if it had happened before.

It was at breakfast that Drew was absolutely thrilled by his uncle.  It was a fairly brief statement but made up for having missed the summer in the city.  Very quickly it was confirmed that Drew had been effectively in charge so that it was made official.  Drew was more than elated and almost forgot to thank his uncle for having so much trust in him.  Percy was a lot more subdued and only answered "Yes, Father." when told.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. April 25, 2010

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