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The following story is fiction about teen and his younger sitter.  The story contains scenes of spankings and sex.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  This is a continuation of Part 1 which should be read first.  Just a reminder, my fictional characters don't have to worry about diseases like you do so always use a condom.

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Summer Setback
My New Sitter Is a Boy


I was perplexed as Mother introduced Gilbert for he was barely twelve (three month before) while I was almost fifteen (in seven months).  Certainly this was better than some girl of sixteen who would look down on me and laugh because I still needed a babysitter and did not have a single pube yet.  It wasn't like they gave me baths or wiped my butt but they did manage to see me change into my pj's.  Additionally, the fly on those frequently gapped providing them additional unexpected views of me and they often giggled, only sometime behind their hands.

Mother gave me the usual lecture to remind me to be a "good little boy" and listen to Gilbert as Dad and she left.  Also, of course, that should I be naughty, disobedient or disrespectful that Gilbert had the authority, nay the duty, to spank me.

"Yes, Mother." was all I could say as she left to join father in the car.  I was alone with Gilbert.  We looked at each other for a while.  I noticed that he was wearing skinny jeans and it was evident that he had a lot between his legs even though they were not a tight fit.  I recalled how Mike did the same in my neat trunks but not nearly as much.  I wondered if the 'rents had told him about how Mike took charge of me at the resort on summer vacation.

"Get me a soda, Sammy, please." he said as he walked into the family room.  By the time I came back, he was seated in Dad's favorite chair.  I mentioned that, and he laughed.  "It is OK – remember that I'm in charge now."  He took the can, popped the top and drank some.  "Tell me something about yourself, Sammy.  What music/groups do you like?  TV shows?  Video games?  Any sport interests?  How do you do in school?  Favorite subjects?  Anything to help me know you."

I don't know why I did not sit down with a drink of my own but I just stood there like a little kid.  The same way I that I did when Dad was questioning me about stuff that I shouldn't have done.  I hadn't even taken a soda for myself when I got his.  I realized that not only was I silent but my head was sagging and that, strangely, I was staring at the bulge in his jeans.  In short, I was behaving as a little boy nervously meeting a new adult who's in-charge.© YLeeCoyote

"Sit on the hassock, Sammy." he said apparently exercising his dominant position.  Once I did I got a different view of the bulge in jeans.  He had a slight smile on his face.  "Anything to say, Sammy?" he asked.

I remained mute and saw him rub his crotch.  "All your homework done?  If so, you want to watch some TV before you get ready for bed?  There's a 007 movie starting in a few minutes that you have time for."

I didn't know what I was thinking.  I didn't feel like this since I was with Mike on the beach nor did I usually study guy's crotches so intently.  "Homework's done.  Bond is cool."  He picked up the remote and suggested that I get some munchies before the movie started which I did.  Damn, he was so relaxed, confident and self-assured.

By the time I returned, Gilbert had moved to the couch and explained that we could both reach the snacks this way.  We watched and enjoyed the movie together although I did feel somewhat strange throughout.  When it was over, Gilbert told me to shower and get ready for bed.  Stupidly, I protested that it was still early – only nine o'clock.  "Ain't my bedtime yet." I said. Gilbert reached into his pocket and pulled out a piece of paper.  "Not according to the form your parents filled out for me."  He pointed to where bedtimes were shown.  "You lied to me, Samuel."

I tried to makes excuses but Gilbert would have not let me.  "Lying earns a spanking – immediately and always." he said simply.  "Now drop your pants and get over my lap."  I tried to dissuade him but he was adamant.  As he opened my shorts, he told me he was disappointed that I would lie to him, and then, once open, he lowered them.

"Please, not the boxers." but he pulled them down also.  "Little boys, like you, have nothing to hide and proper spankings are always on the naughty boy's bare bottom."  He sat down on the couch and pulled me over his lap.  "Please, I'm sorry.  Please don't spank me." I begged.  He had an aura of command that I felt and, instinctively, I knew that I mustn't resist his authority.

He answered with a hard SPANK to my right butt immediately followed by an equally hard one to my left butt.  He was stronger than Mike and he meant business.  Hard SPANK after hard SPANK rained down on my bare butt.  Each one hurt like the blazes.  They hurt like when I was only ten and Dad was really mad at me.  Soon I was bawling like I did back then.  This was the first time he was sitting me and I quickly learnt the painful way that he was strict and very authoritative.

When he stopped spanking me, he put me in the corner and positioned my hands so that they were resting on the top of my head.  "Keep your nose in the corner.  This will delay your bedtime for another ten minutes."  Only then did I realize that I had kicked off my shorts and boxers and was now wearing only a T-shirt.  Strangely my pee-pee was hard and bumping the corner.  Later when I was in bed, I would wonder why.

I heard the bell ring and Gilbert went to door.  A minute later I heard him said: "Luke, as you can see Sammy can't talk to you now but you can leave the stuff you brought over for him.  He was a very naughty boy and it's now past his bedtime."  Luke was my friend.

"You sure did a number on his butt." Luke said to Gilbert.  Then he was next to me and gave my butt a feel.  "This is one hot roasted tail." he said.  "I brought your stuff back but I got to go now, Buddy.  See you in school tomorrow."  He quickly left.

Eventually, I heard Gilbert tell me to go shower and get to bed.  I did not argue and this time did as he told me to immediately.  He did not allow me to close the bathroom door but indicated that my 'rents had said I knew how to bathe myself.  That was a relief.  I would have hated to have been bathed.  Unfortunately, I forgot my pj's so I had to walk naked to my bedroom to put them on.  I got into bed and lay prone as I went to sleep with my well-roasted ass throbbing.

Fortunately, Luke did not hassle me about getting spanked by Gilbert, probably because he still got spanked at home and I had seen his red tail many times like he had seen mine.  I was confused about Gilbert for I could not stop thinking about him.  I could not even decide if I wanted him as my sitter (since I had to have a sitter) or not.  The one thing I did know for sure was that I had better listen to him and not lie if I wanted to sit comfortably when he was my sitter.  It also disturbed me was that he was more than two years younger than I yet was so much more mature and self-confident.

* * * * * * * * * *

The second time Gilbert sat me was only two weeks later.  My parents knew that he had spanked me but since I admitted I had deserved it they did not required details.  I had resolved to be good so that he would not have a reason to spank me for I was certain that he was fair and would not fake a reason.  What I had not counted on was the strange affect he had on me, even though I had been thinking of him constantly since our first meeting.  Gilbert had even been on my mind when I played with myself even more than those girls who were in the dunes during the summer vacation.

I was glad that there was a good movie scheduled so that we could watch it together.  Since it ran past my bedtime a little bit, Gilbert said that if I showered and watched in my pj's, promised to brush my teeth and go right to bed after the movie it would be ok.  Of course, I promised and I really meant it.  A half hour before the start time, Gilbert sent me off to shower and change.  He reminded me to leave to bathroom door open (for safety) but he let me wash myself.

Also, like the first time, I could not keep my eyes off his crotch wondering what must be hidden inside his jeans only I got a peek this time.  While I was showering, he came into the bathroom not to watch me but to pee.  I could not see it clearly, but he had a big hose – even larger than Mike's which I had seen in the dunes.  I so envied him for mine was so tiny.  I confess that I looked around the curtain for a few seconds to see it more clearly but I'm sure that he did not notice that.

In plenty of time, I was back downstairs getting the snacks and soda ready.  He had me sit next to him and told me that I was behaving well and hoped that I would continue to so that he would not have to spank me.  "Me too.", I said, "You spank very hard."

He tousled my hair and said: "I spank hard and on the bare because it is more effective, Sammy.  I also expect that you will totally cooperate when it is necessary that I spank you.  This would be a good time to practice."  I was puzzled and he explained what I was to do although he was not going to spank me.  I got a series of orders after some instructions of what he expected.  I had to stand up, drop my pj's bottoms and lie over Gilbert's lap.  I did as he told me to.  Once in position, he got a good grip on my waist then rubbed and patted my butt.  "There is another benefit in getting into position quickly and that is you get a somewhat shorter spanking.  Yes, it still will hurt but a little less as compensation for cooperating."  He continued to playfully spank me as he talked.  I was very surprised by his next question.  "Have you been a good boy since I last saw you?  Have you gotten away with anything that you deserve to be spanked for?"

I immediately thought of three things that qualified.  "Yes, Sir.  I deserve to be spanked."  How could I have said that?  But I did!  I guess that I had learnt not to lie to Gilbert. "Should I spank you for them now, Samuel?" he asked.  "You will feel better for it later."

I still can't believe that I said: "Yes, I should be spanked."  And spank me he did.  It was not as hard or long a spanking as the first time but it hurt and made me cry.  Yet, I just stayed in position without struggling as he spanked me good and hard.  When he stopped, I thanked him for his efforts.  This was positively weird, I thought.

I did not want to sit on my hot butt so I lay on my side, with my head on Gilbert's lap to watch the TV.  I was resting on the bulge in his pants.  He had one hand on my head and the other on my hot butt.  It was a very comfortable position.  I realized that he was hard and I thought that it was exciting to rest my head on it.

Even after the movie had started, I found that I was concentrating on Gilbert's big hard cock under my head rather than the movie. «How much jizz did he shoot?  Surely he was past just having dry cums.  What would it taste like?  How much hair does he have?»  I turned a bit so that I could lick his bulge.  Gilbert did not object and even spread his legs a bit so that it was easier for me.  His hands remained on my hot tail and head.  I was too naïve to know what I wanted.

After a few minutes of my nuzzling his shaft, he said: "You may open my jeans, Sammy."  It wasn't an order but just permission.  I got up so that I could and he also stood up so that he could lower them.  When he sat back down, I knelt between his legs and stared with envy.  His cock stood up hard, tall and proud from a thick bush of pubic hair.  He was definitely a man just like I was still a boy.  He did not say a word but just let me stare.  There was a drop of stuff at the end of his hard shaft and I stuck out my tongue and licked it off like a butterfly gets nectar.  I immediately wanted more!  I opened my mouth and engulfed the fount.

I felt his hands on my head.  "Lick and suck gently, boy, and you'll be rewarded."  He was gentle and guided my head back and forth.  Suddenly he held me still and blasted his load into my mouth.  There were several spurts (more than I could count) all which hit the back of mouth and I had to swallow all of his load so as not to choke.  He remained hard.  "That's a good boy.  A very good boy, Sammy."  He stroked my head.  I could have gotten up but I wanted more so I began to lick and suck once again.

Soon my efforts were rewarded with another load of Gilbert's sweet mancream.  "Enjoy it, Sammy.  It will help you grow."  Gilbert watched the movie and I watched Gilbert's crotch for the next hour.  Then he allowed me to have a third load before he put me to bed.

Once in bed, all I could think about was Gilbert's manhood.  He had so much yet was only twelve while I had so little and was almost fifteen.  Mostly, I thought about how it was so good to suck him and taste his nectar.  I never thought about how gay this was.  I was now certain that I wanted him for my sitter.

* * * * * * * * * *

It was Thursday and Gilbert got off the school bus at my stop.  (We use the same school bus even though he is in middle school while I'm in high school.)  My 'rents had gone out for the day and would not be back until past my bedtime so Gilbert was sitting me starting after school.  He ignored me on the bus so that my school mates would not know he was my sitter.  Of course, Luke knew that and that he even spanked me.  The three of us talked as we walked to my house.  Luke wanted to know if Gilbert was going to spank me again.

"Only if Sammy requires a spanking.  Even if he does, he probably would not want you to watch.  Of course, if you think that you require a spanking, that could be easily arranged.  Have you been a good boy?  Done all your homework?  All your chores?  Been respectful to your parents, Luke?"  Luke blushed and Gilbert continued  "Maybe the two of you got into trouble together at school and you should be spanked together."

"We have seen each other get spanked together by our dads so that's not an issue, Gilbert.  But my Dad takes care of spanking me, so I'll pass on your generous offer." said Luke with a laugh.

Luke did come in since we had a school project to work on.  After we all had some milk and cake, Gilbert said:  "I'll do my homework while you do your project, boys.  Remember no fooling around, though."  Gilbert stayed downstairs while Luke and I went to my room.  I really tried to work but Luke kept fooling around.  Suddenly, there was a roar.  It was from Gilbert.  "That's enough.  You are not working.  Luke you are to go and I'll call your parents as you refused to do your work.  We both know what your Dad will do to your bottom." Luke was horrified.  "Please, don't call.  He'll use the strap.  I'll be good and work now.  Honest." he pleaded.

"You still have earned a spanking.  If Sammy's dad was here, your pants would be down already and he would have been giving it to you having heard how you – and only you – had been fooling around rather than working." said Gilbert strictly.  He was no nonsense about this.  Luke looked worried.

"Please don't tell, please." begged Luke.

"I won't have to report this if I spank you here and now.  Drop your jeans and then either give me your belt, one of your sneakers or get over my lap."  This was thrilling.  I held my breath as Luke decided what to do.

"I don't want the belt and I'm no longer spanked OTK like a little baby."  That hurt because I was spanked OTK.  Luke lowered his jeans and bent over.  Gilbert told him to lower his boxers also which he did and then went at him with the sneaker.  That generated loud and resounding WHACKS and made red ovals all over Luke's tail.  Luke yelled in pain obviously surprised at how hard Gilbert spanked and almost cried.  I was glad that my bottom was not turning red like Luke's was.  When Gilbert was finished Luke jumped about and rubbed his hot red bottom like we both did when we were spanked together by our dads.  "That really hurt!" Luke whined.

"Of course, it hurt.  It's supposed to, Luke.  Now, pull up your pants and get to work." ordered Gilbert and we obeyed.  After Luke left, I did my other homework before dinner. It was after dinner that I told Gilbert about the note from school.  "It has to be signed and Dad won't do that until he spanks me and it must be back tomorrow."

"I could tell him that you want him to wake you when he gets home or to spank you before school in the morning or I could spank you.  Your choice, Sammy."

Gilbert made me do the rest of my homework and get ready for bed before he gave me the spanking.  I was naked when I got over his lap and soon I was crying from the pain as he landed spank after spank on my bare bottom.  When he let me up I danced about and tried to rub the pain out.  I saw that he was hard again and got down on my knees between his legs and opened his jeans.  It was easy to free his cock and I quickly took his rampant cock into my mouth.  It was very comforting and I forgot (for the moment) how much my bottom hurt as I enjoyed sucking his hard shaft.  I'm sure he was enjoying it also for he quickly blasted his cum into my welcoming mouth which then slid down my throat.  I made him cum twice before he made me get into bed.

The signed note was ready for me in the morning when I went to school and I did not get another spanking for it.

Luke and I compared notes at school the next day.  I owned up to Luke that I had gotten spanked after he left because of the nastygram from school.  He was sorry he missed watching.  We inspected each other's bottoms in the john.  I saw that his butt was also still red from the sneaker spanking he got from Gilbert.  He also had to tell his dad that he got spanked at my house because he was fooling around when he should have been working.  "I let my dad assume that it was your dad that did it and not your sitter."

One thing I knew for certain now was that Luke would never tell that my sitter was only twelve since he had been spanked most effectively by him.

* * * * * * * * * *

Things went on like this for a while and then I realized that several things had changed.  Unfortunately, one of those was not my getting pubes.  The others were that Dad was rarely spanking me and Gilbert was doing it frequently.  Not so much in the last month as before I'm pleased to say.

What was most strange was that I could have avoided many of those spanking (other than being good) just by keeping my month closed.  What was happening, like I already described, was every time Gilbert sat me, I would get over his lap with my bottom bared.  Then he would ask me that simple question and I would freely confess my misdeeds (if any).  The thing was that I could not lie to him.  I tried it with my dad and easily avoid a spanking by not admitting to something.  A day later, over Gilbert's lap, I would confess both the original offence and the lie and get properly and justly spanked for both.

I had even been asking Gilbert to stop by after school on day when he was not scheduled to sit me because I knew I had earned a spanking.  This sure surprised Mom if she was home.

My behavior also changed.  Since I knew for certain that I would not get away with anything since I had a hard spanking confessor, my behavior changed.  This even had the nice corollary effect that my parents did not insist on my having a sitter as often, especially for shorter periods of time.

In one way Gilbert's compensation went up because whether or not he spanked me on any particular visit, I would always drain his balls.  I loved doing it and he loved having me do it.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. March 10, 2011

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