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The following story is fiction.  It contain scenes of domination, spankings and sex.  If such subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

The author would appreciate your comments – pro and con, including constructive criticism, and suggestions.  I thank Mike Ward for help in getting my English British rather than American.

This story is set in a hybrid location.  The school my characters attend is located in New York (and is thus a 'private' school) but it conceived as a British public school.  Its mission is to be as British as possible so that the lads of the British (and other parts of the former empire) can be educated in the traditional manner and fit back into the British system on their return to the homeland.  This is not so far from reality since in September, 2006 the British International School of New York opened in New York City.

Some adjustments must be made in the calendar, however, since some of the pupils will have to transfer to American schools as parents get reassigned) or will finish (and leave for the university, i.e., graduate and go to college) it is also certified to American standards.  Following the local school calendar turns out to work best.  The school year has two normal terms plus a shorter summer term which is used, American style, for makeup and getting ahead.

The time is set close to a half century ago so the pupils are expected to dress in British style uniforms.  This is not so terribly different than what the local prep schools require of their students except that school shorts are required for the lower forms lads.  There are several slippers that reside in the classrooms and a cane lives in the headmaster's cupboard.

The Sellick's have been in New York since last summer and the two lads have just completed what is the first year of high school.

Summer Submission


Alexander was absolutely thrilled.  His stepbrother, Nicholas, was shocked and horrified.

This was the last day of the spring term which came complete with report cards.  Alex's mother and stepfather were delighted with his report – his worst mark was 81 and that was in PE.  On the other hand, Nicholas' father and stepmother were most disappointed with his report.  His best mark was only 87 and that was in PE.  Far more significant was the failure in maths and the borderline mark in English.  The school recommended that he attend the summer session.  The note that came with the report card explained that if he did not, then he would graduate late and college would be delayed if he stayed in the US.  While if he returned to the UK he would certainly not achieve the grades on the A-levels required to get into a decent British university and probably even have trouble with the O-levels examinations.  Nick did not like this situation at all.  He had looked forward to a carefree summer running about with his friends and now he was going to be stuck in school five long and hot hours a day, five days a week for seven weeks with homework.  He did not like this at all but he could understand it and could accept it.  He even promised that he would work hard at catching up so that next year he would do better.  He was intelligent enough to understand that his future was a stake.

It was the totally unexpected parental edict the next morning that he found unacceptable.  "Nicholas, it is clear that you need far more supervision than your mother and I can provide especially with the shorter summer school hours.  Therefore, we have decided that Alexander will be in charge of you.  He will be in complete charge.  This includes controlling your timetable (and curfew) and have the authority to punish you."  Alex was equally shocked although pleasantly.  Nick's loud reaction quickly aggravated this to an even worse situation.  Instead of the unwanted relationship to start with summer school (a week hence) it would commence immediately.

Alex was even more pleased and instinctively acted to solidify his new authority.  "Father, I'm afraid that Nicky is acting like a baby and needs a spanking."  Alex knew that Nick, like most teens, hated to be called by the diminutive so he used it to emphasize the childish behaviour of his brother and to bolster his own newly granted superior position.  As both lads had been spanked in the past for various misbehaviour that was the usual method of punishment in the Sellick family.

"Quite so, son." replied his father.  "Nicholas James Sellick you will go to your room and get a spanking from your brother – NOW!  If you don't I will use the strap on you and then Alex will spank you every day for a week."  Nicky was horrified for the strap was his grandfather's old but heavy razor strop that had been in the wings since they had turned thirteen.  Thus when his father gave him that look, he was ready to docilely comply.© YLeeCoyote

"Let's go to our room – now – for your spanking, Nicky, unless you want it here where mother can watch."  Alex said, taking his brother's hand and leading him away.  He sensed that any hesitation would be taken as a weakness.  Even in the few minutes that all of this had taken, he had decided that he was going to be the brother-in-charge from now on.  This was the opportunity to stop his stepbrother's increasing tendency to bully.

Just the threat of the strap had put enough fear into Nicky that he was docile at least for the nonce.  Alex saw that this was the opportunity to make permanent changes in their relationship.  Once in their shared bedroom, Alex pounced.  "Nicky, either you cooperate with me or I'll have father explain that you should – with the strap."  Nicky was overwhelmed by all of this.  He never did respond well when his father got super strict and Alex's being so aggressive was new and frightening.  "Stand still while I strip you, Nicky."  That was the way their father did things and Nicky had been subjected to it for all of his fourteen years while Alex had been for the last five.  Being naked was not the issue for they had been sharing their bedroom and bath for five years but Alex's role was new this time.  Soon Nicky was naked and Alex realized that he was excited sexually in addition to having an elating power high.

Alex sat on the bed and pulled his naked stepbrother over his lap.  Their father always sat in the chair but Alex had realized that his way he would not have to support his brother's weight while controlling and spanking him.  Image was all important now and to lose control would be certain disaster.  Once he had secured Nicky in position, initially holding a wrist high up on his back, he started to spank him.  He spanked a long time for he was not as strong as their father and each spank had less effect.  Of course, both lads had seen the other spanked and knew just how it all should work.  He marvelled at how powerful he felt as he delivered each spank while being able to watch Nicky's buns turn red.  But, he realized, this was not going to be effective unless Nicky really felt it.  He had to change tactics and quickly.  Spanking was a bit trickier than he had thought.

He bent over and picked up the trainer he had just removed from his brother.  The first whack with that produced a far more significant reaction including a howl than had his hand.  Now he held his brother's waist tightly and proceeded to whack away hard and fast.  The bottom quickly turned deep red and Nicky was pleading for him to stop.  Then there was a change in the pleads as the spanking became truly effective.  Alex recalled watching his brother get spanked a few months ago – the same thing happened just before he started to cry.  That became his next objective.  Over and over the trainer connected with its target and then, to Alex's great joy and Nicky's sorrow, the tears started to flow and were soon gushing.

The whacks continued a little longer but they were lighter.  Both boys knew that things were forever changed.  Alex had broken his brother and that could never be undone.  Alex lifted Nicky up so he slipped to his knees between his legs.  He held his brother's head as he sobbed so that Nicky was nuzzling his crotch.  Alex undid his trousers and got his rock hard dick out.  Nicky continued to nuzzle his brother's now naked crotch.  There was not any way that Nicky could avoid inhaling Alex's musk.  It was easy for Alex to get his hot hard rod into Nicky's mouth.  Normally, Nicky would never have allowed such an intrusion but when you are still crying you tend to be very submissive to your spanker.  Alex, contrary-wise, was feeling really potent.  It felt fantastic to be face-fucking his brother.  He was sorry that he had exploded so quickly but continued until he came a second time.  Nicky had little choice but to accept his brother's cock and cum although he did not resist in the slightest.  It did not matter that neither lad understood what was happening but both knew fully well that their relationship was changed forever.

"Nicky, I expect you to be a good boy and to be obedient.  I will not hesitate to spank you again and again if you are disobedient or neglect your school work.  I've made you cry and I can do that again."  He paused and held his brother tightly still in the submissive position.  After a bit, he told Nicky to go shower and dress.  When he got up, he noticed that Nicky had cum while he was being face fucked.  Alex was delighted and quickly added: "After you clean up the mess you made on the floor."  Nicky, of course, was embarrassed at both coming in this way and it being noticed

Later, at dinner, Nicky was very subdued and meekly said he would accept that his brother was in complete charge.

* * * * * * * * * *

Alex spent some time working out rules for his brother and timetables for both of them.  They would both be going to summer school – Nicky to make up two courses and Alex to get ahead so that he would be able to take advance courses the following year.

Nicky was in for another unpleasant surprise.  On Wednesday, they went shopping for some school clothes.  The past year was the last form that their school required the boys to wear shorts and actually prohibited longs.  All the following forms, the students' (and parents') had their choice although no one chose shorts for more than one year more.  Nicky and Alex each got some shirts, underwear and socks.  Then Alex selected some school longs and both lads thought that they looked brilliant and, of course, so very grown up.  When it was Nicky's turn, he was stunned.  Alex said since he was repeating part of the year, he was still required to be in shorts.  Nicky protested that the school did not require that for the summer.

"But I do, Nicholas James Sellick." Alex declared as authoritatively as he could.  "Need I remind you that I AM IN TOTAL CHARGE OF YOU?  If you have any doubts, I will spank you to remind you – right here and now.  I'll bet we get a large and appreciative audience."  Since the store specialized in British school items, many of the other customers attended their school.

Nicky knew just as well as his brother did that although shorts were bad, a public spanking would be total disaster.  He could tell his friends that his parents insisted on shorts but there would not be any way to explain a public spanking from his brother.  And then, always hanging in the background, was grandfather's strap.  "Please, sir," he said humbly, "let me have longs."

"Sorry Nicky, but you must earn the right to longs."  They went over to the school shorts section and Alex selected the shortest shorts available.  "This will give you more incentive, Nicky."  Nicky realized that things would be worse than he had thought.  He could not help but wonder if he had been nicer to Alex in the past, if things would have been different.  Actually, they would not have been for Alex was now following his own agenda which called for using his authority to the maximum possible without abusing it.

* * * * * * * * * *

The summer term started and Alex was on Nicky's case from the very first day.  They started the day together and walked to school together: one lad in longs and the other in short school-shorts.  They separated for classes and then rejoined to go home.  It was not reasonable for Nicky to complain that he had to study and do homework when he wanted to play because Alex was doing the same and additionally helping him and checking his work.  Although he would not have admitted it, Nicky actually enjoyed the extra attention he got when Alex worked with him.  Alex was a fine mentor/tutor.  Nick was well aware that his school mates saw that he was in shorts while his brother was not and knew that he still a little boy.  Of course, he never told them that it was Alex's rather than his parent's decision and said that he would have longs in the fall.

On Friday, Nicky was granted permission to play with his friends right after school.  Regrettably, he stayed out later than he should have.  When he got home, it was time for dinner so Alex had to bide his time.  "I shall deal with Nicky after dinner, father, so as not to upset mother's timetable." he said.  "I'm as disappointed as you are with my brother's most irresponsible behaviour."  Mr. Sellick glared at his son and praised his stepson.  Nicky again was well reminded of the pecking order in the house.  He did not enjoy his dinner.

Back in their room, Alex lectured Nicky quite thoroughly expressing his disappointment with the irresponsible behaviour.  That was, naturally, followed by a spanking and as the first time Alex slowly stripped his brother as he lectured him.  Being forced to wear shorts made Nicky feel younger and being stripped made the feeling far more intense.  He forgot he was the older brother by a few months as he now felt like he was years younger.  He could not offer any resistance as Alex pulled him over his lap.

Alex started with his bare hand so he could watch his hand prints form on the backside.  He had thought that was most exciting the first time.  It was even more exciting this time.  He had planned ahead how he would do this.  He had turned Nicky's checks dark pink with just his hand when he pulled out the sole he had cut from an old trainer.  It was a large trainer that he had found in the thrift store that very afternoon.  It was not so worn and it was like a flexible bat of heavy rubber.  It elicited an immediate howl when he first applied it to Nicky's buns.  The howl was followed by pleads of "No more, please!" but they were only answered by more spanks.  Nicky quickly succumbed – disintegrating into a blubbering, crying baby boy – once again.

Alex was elated.  His brother could not resist his domination.  A fourteen-year-old should have more guts.  Nicky remained in position even after Alex finished and told him to get up.  Nicky was crying on the bed but Alex had his own needs that required attention.  He expected to get another blow job especially since Nicky never complained about the first one.  Then some very primal instinct took over.  Alex quickly stripped for he could not resist the sexual allure of his stepbrother's baboon-in-heat, hot, red buns.  He quickly mounted Nicky and found relief.  Truth be told, he had thought about doing this but did not expect to do it so soon.  He had hoped that by the fourth or fifth spanking it would happen.  This was a most pleasant bonus.

Nicky was essentially passive and not only did not resist but actually spread his legs on command to allow his brother to take him.  Along with the long hard fucking, Alex also whispered to Nicky telling him that he was really a good boy.  He interspersed this with some licking and gentle biting.  Alex did not know all the psychological implications but nevertheless Nicky was being conditioned to be more submissive to his stepbrother although neither lad could have verbalized it.  Even though it was a bit early they stayed in bed and slept together.

Both lads were changing.  Alex loved the respect, deference and obedience that his stepbrother was now giving him.  He showed his appreciation by being a good mentor.  Nicky loved the intense care that he was receiving from his brother – even the discipline.  He equated it with love (at least partly true) and was glad that he was doing well in school.  He certainly did not want to fall behind his brother as to year in school even though he was not going to take the advanced courses.

Neither lad could consider sex without the cover of the discipline where it became part of the power exchange.

The next spanking was because Nicky requested it.  He had received only an 82 on an exam and confessed that he should have done much better.  Alex thought that he had done acceptably but he could not resist the temptation.  He gave his brother what he wanted and needed – a thorough spanking.  He had long since decided that he expected that his brother should cry each and every time he was spanked so that he would really understand that he must yield to his brother in charge without any question.  Nicky was finding that being a good little boy was nice. He avoided lots of conflicts, got good grades and did not worry.

* * * * * * * * * *

After a few more spankings, the lads established a firm relationship.  Alex was dominant and Nicky was most happy to be under his brother's control. They had reached a good understanding without actually detailing things.  Nicky accepted Alex's discipline and rules happily even though it was far stricter than their father ever thought possible.  Nicky and his local friends became less friendly as they did not appreciate his better marks, improved study habits and restrictions.  Since they were not the best influences, Alex and even Nicky were happy to see them drift away.

Like most fourteen-year-old lads, Nicky was proud of his recently sprouted pubes.  Once, after he had gotten a spanking, he boasted about them to Alex.  Alex wanted his little boy to feel little inside his shorts just as he did outside.  As he held his brother from behind, and fondled the short hairs, Alex spoke.  "Nicky, you are just a little shorts boy.  It is not right that you have this man's hair.  I will shave it off.  You may not have pubes until you are permitted longs."

Nicky was unhappy with that announcement but by now he was well trained not to disagree with his in charge brother.  He responded as he had been taught: "Yes, sir.  You know best, sir."  After saying that, he was no longer sure that his objections were valid.

At bedtime the next day, Alex announced that it was time for Nicky's first shave.  They went off to the bathroom and got into the shower together.  Alex trimmed his brother's young bush and then after getting it wet covered it with shaving cream.  He managed to play with Nicky's cock so that he felt good as the razor slipped over his pubis shaving the hair off.  The entire operation took only a few minutes after which they showered.  Alex got Nicky to go down on him and tend to his mancock which still had its youthful bush.  As Alex took his pleasure, Nicky was also excited and also came.  He understood that he was just a little hairless shorts boy who was allowed to wank but not penetrate another.  He did, truly, enjoy pleasuring his brother as directed.

Some lads are meant to be leaders and others to follow them.  Alex was definitely an alpha-male and Nicky one of the latter.  As they both knew it as instinctively as every member of the Seeonee Wolf Pack knew his place.

* * * * * * * * * *

It was the last day of the summer term.  Again, both lads had their report cards but the feelings were different from the last time.  Alex had his usual 90's and was certain that he would be able to take the advanced courses he wanted.  But it was Nick who was really elated for he had an 84 and an 87.  True, not as good as his brainy brother but far better than ever before.  Perhaps even more important was that he felt good about himself.

At dinner their parents showed their obvious pride.  The summer had been trouble free, the boys had been getting along 'famously' and their grades were more than satisfactory.  They had discussed various options in advance and were prepared.  First, they congratulated them for their good grades.  Then they praised them for getting along and keeping out of trouble.  Finally, they thanked Alex for helping his brother so effectively and told Nick that he had earned the right not to be under his brother's control.  And they had a touring holiday planned before school would resume.

Alex was wondering if he had done his job too well for he liked it a great deal.  His brother's respect, admiration and, most of all, his total submission made him feel so good.  He wondered how much of that would continue. Nicky quickly answered the unspoken question.

"Father and mother, that's very nice but I would like Alex to continue to be in charge of me.  He has been ever so helpful and I'm doing so much better this way."

This was not something that their parents were expecting.  Neither had Alex although he was overjoyed.  "I would be most honoured to, Nicholas." he said quickly and proudly.

In response to his father's direct question, Nicky responded: "It's OK that Alex spanks me because he does only when I deserve it.  I like not getting into trouble and doing better in school."  So after a short discussion, their parents approved the arrangement.

That night, in bed, as Alex exercised his dominance sexually, he told Nicky that he would continue to be strict and would expect his continued submission.  And yes, he would stay shaved and continue to wear school shorts so that he would never forget that he was just a little boy.  "Yes, sir.  Thank you, sir.  You know best, sir."

Both lads were very happy with the arrangement.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L., July 27, 2006

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