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Summer Surprise


The official reason was economy.  I had just graduated college and I was going to take a couple of graduate courses for the summer to get a head start on my Masters' degree.  By staying with Uncle Robert and Aunt Nina I would save the expense of a dorm room and have TLC like at home.  It was also convenient for they lived in the same city as my college making for an easy commute.  My uncle and aunt had another reason – I would be able to keep a watchful, mature eye on their son, Sean, who is known as Tiger.  My cousin was just fourteen and was the wild, I can take care of myself adolescent well into puberty that parents worry about a lot.  They were particularly concerned about their upcoming three weeks vacation which Sean was most adamant that he did want to go with them, like when he was a little kid.  (The tuition was not a problem since that was just cost shifting.)

Tiger and I did get along very well and we were friends.  When he was younger I often took him to places for then we lived in the same city.  We both liked doing that and I expected that we would do some of that during the summer.  I was in for a surprise when I first saw him.  I had not seen him during my senior year at college because I was working very hard.  Tiger had shot up like a weed and he now towered over me at six-two (188 cm) while I was just five-eight (173 cm).  He had put on a lot of muscle also and certainly was a young Adonis.  Things went on pretty much as one would have expected for the first week.

It was Friday afternoon and my uncle and aunt were off for the weekend.  I got home and checked my email.  There was a reply to the personal ad I had posted a few months previously.


I know exactly what you require and I'm just the MAN to take care of you.  You soon shall be MY obedient little boy.  Any misbehavior shall be dealt with quickly using traditional methods.  Any and all sex shall be safe.© YLeeCoyote

Respond immediately.


My heart was racing.  My cock was hard with anticipation.  I quickly wrote a reply and sent it.  I then jacked off.  Then I waited.  Although it was only three hours before Master replied it seemed like it was forever.


I shall quickly train you to be my good preteen boy.  A good obedient boy who does his school work and chores and pleases his Master.  Failure or disobedience shall result in spankings of various sorts.

You are to strip and respond if you are interested.  You are not to jerk off until I give you permission.


I replied that I was most interested in meeting him.  I sat there naked and hard as a rock not daring to touch myself.  I prayed that he would respond quickly.  I tried to surf but I could only think about HIM.

Suddenly my door opened without warning.  It was Tiger and it was unusual for he normally knocked.  He was wearing a tight T-shirt and tight short-shorts that showed off his muscular body.  The way the shorts fit left no doubt that he was packing significant man meat.  If he hadn't been so young and my cousin I would have followed him like a puppy anywhere.  He spoke before I could.  "Well, Boy, I see that you have obeyed me."  I was stunned.  He walked over to me and wrapped a chain (from a dog leash) about my neck and snapped a lock closed to hold it securely in place.  "Boy, I know everything about you.  I've checked your 'puter and I really do know everything.  You're my boy now."  With that he pulled my head into his crotch where I could feel his hard cock through his shorts and smelt his intoxicating musk.

A quick digression.  This is how I found out that Tiger had been in and found stuff on my computer.  It was one of my graduation presents and I had foolishly not realized that I should have put passwords on my stuff but I hadn't needed them at home for my parents realized that I was an adult and they were not the snooping type.  Tiger, evidentially, was quite different.  I was well on the way to learning a lot more about him and even myself.

My heart was racing and my cock was throbbing and ready to explode as he held me tight.  He explained that he was totally in charge and that I had best obey him completely and without question.  He pointed out that it would be better to be his boy rather than having the family knowing about my wanting to be a slave boy.  He was quite right.  My dad would have surely disowned me for either being gay or being a sub.

He took hold of the end of the chain and led me over to my bed.  He sat down and pulled me down next to him.  "Boy, it was most naughty of you not to put any password protection on your 'puter.  That's why I'm going to spank you now."  I could not really believe how totally take charge dominant he was.  Master was but fourteen and I was almost twenty-three but he had just usurped control of me by sheer force of his personality.  Master pulled me over his lap and locked me into place.  Master had put one leg over my legs and had one of my arms in a hammerlock.  I couldn't move for two reasons.  First, I didn't have any leverage to even lift myself and Master was both bigger and stronger than I.  Master was certainly right to call me a boy.

Then came the first spank.  Master used just his hand but it hurt. Master's hand came crashing down first on one check and then the other.  Master spanked me hard and fast.  I howled on the first spank and then on every spank that followed.  Master's spanks hurt as much as father's belt hurt when I was a high school senior.  I was in shock at what was happening and between my howls was begging Master to stop until I started to cry.  Through the pain I realized that Master was doing what he had said he would – making me HIS obedient boy.  Master had apparently looked at everything I had on my 'puter and saw what I fantasized and what were my buttons.  The only thing that did not fit was that he was so young although he certainly did not act like he was.

Eventually, Master stopped spanking me and got up leaving me crying like a baby on my bed.  A minute later he was lying next to me and caressing me.  I was not in any state to do anything except to lie passively as I cried.  Master's hands felt good on my fiery butt and I did not realize what he was up to.  He was probing my butt hole with his fingers and then, without any warning, he mounted me and was fucking me hard.  I was totally under his control as he thrust in and out while holding me under the shoulders and even biting my neck.  He came quickly and continued to fuck me.  I made a mess on my bed.  I loved that he had taken control.  "Go to sleep now, boy." Master commanded as he got up and pulled the covers over me.

"Yes, Master." I said and closed my eyes.  I fingered the chain about my neck with one hand and rubbed my hot tail with the other and drifted off.  I was quite overwhelmed.

In the morning, I saw that he had shutdown my 'puter.  When I turned it on, I found it was password protected and I could not start it.  After showering, I dressed and went downstairs for breakfast.  Tiger was making breakfast and asked me if I wanted French toast which he then made for both of us.  After we had finished, he said: "Boy, clean up the mess and then we'll talk."  Actually, it was a reasonable request considering that he cooked the meal.

He was sitting in the big easy chair listening to his music when I joined him.  His first question surprised me for he asked if he had gotten anything wrong about what I wanted/needed.  I had to admit that he hadn't but was worried about other things.  He told me to get on my knees between his legs.  I obeyed for I could not resist him.  He pulled me close using the collar chain  and took my head in his hands.  I could see his cock straining in his jeans just as I knew that mine was.  "From now on you are Boy and I am Master.  I make all the decisions and you shall obey me.  I will discipline you to make sure that you are obedient and do your school work and chores properly.  We will keep this private and behave as before when we are not alone but you are to be ever mindful that I am Master; your Master."

I was flabbergasted.  Tiger had not only pushed all my buttons but had jammed them.  I was helpless to resist him in any way.  While in college I had played with others but none of them had gotten to all my emotional buttons like my young cousin had in the last few hours.  I had loved how he had seized control of me.  My deepest, most hidden fantasies were happening.  I just nuzzled his crotch for I did not have words to say.  Master just stroked my head for a while.  "You may take it out, Boy." Master said after while.  "You may suck it."  He moved his hands to the armrest and I reached for his belt and opened it.  Since he was going commando I got my first full view of his thick crop of pubic hair that was more than most guys had that I saw in the college showers.  I studied his shaft for a full minute before I began to lick and suck it, ever mindful that it had been deep in my ass just a few hours ago.  Just like his bush, the rest of his package was definitely man-sized.  I sucked a while and then Master's hands were again holding my head and he was controlling me.  His cock got harder as did mine and he made me pleasure him in the way he wanted me to.  Soon he exploded and I happily accepted his man juice.  I even messed my own pants then without my prick being touched.  He allowed me to continue to nurse on his cock.

"What's still necessary to make you into a proper boy?  What's needed to make you look a proper boy?  What shouldn't you have, boy?" he asked in rapid fire sequence.

I hadn't thought about it until now but Master was, of course, correct; one more thing had to be taken care of.  "Pubes, Master.  A boy doesn't have pubes."

Master led me back to my room and told me to strip and lay on the bed.  Then with a small scissor he carefully trimmed my pubes to just stubble.  Then Master got me wet and covered me with shaving gel so that his sharp razor slithered across my skin removing the newly clipped hairs.  He repeated the shaving so that I was really nice and smooth.  When we stood side by side in front of the mirror, he took his shirt off and let his jeans fall down.  It was most clear who was the man and who was the boy.  Master was not only taller but he was much more muscular.  Even without any pubic hair to cover it, my pee-pee was clearly much smaller than his with its thick bush.

"Who's the boy?" he asked.

"I'm the boy, Master.  You're the man." I said.  Even a little kid could have seen that.  After we both got dressed, Master gave me the password to my user account on my PC – TigersBoy.  He explained that he was the administrator and would still have access to all my stuff even if I changed the password.

There was a shortcut on my desk top so that I would never miss the document: "Boy's Rules" that Master had created especially for me.  It was not very long but once again I had a curfew and bedtime like I had in high school, a few chores (including the one reserved for the youngest – taking out the garbage).  Master was going to monitor my school work.  Sexual encounters were forbidden.  In fact, I even needed permission to jerk off.  Master told me to think about my new status and to do my homework.  Also, we would be going shopping in the afternoon.

It was mid-afternoon when we went downtown.  Master kindly permitted me to wear my collar chain under my shirt.  We first stopped at Stacy*s Department Store so that I could get some underwear.  As a boy, I was not permitted to wear boxers or any of the fancy brands.  Master allowed me to select briefs from any of the traditional brands (avoiding the cheap ones).  Fortunately, none with cartoon characters were available in my size.  Before we left the store, however, he made me change my boxers for a new pair of tightie-whities in the fitting room.

The second item required us to go to one of the adult shops in the wilder part of town and Master now required me to allow the collar to show.  Master was immediately asked to leave when we entered the shop but he quickly gave the clerk his shopping list and told him to seal the package well.  "Very good, Sir." responded the clerk immediately obviously realizing who was in charge.

Master waited outside while the clerk got what Master had requested and I paid for it.  The clerk did not let me see the items before carefully sealing the bag and handing it to me.  "You're a very lucky boy to have such an attractive and caring master." he said with a big smile when he thanked me for my patronage.  "Please express the Shop's regrets to your Master that he is not permitted inside in compliance with the law."

Master most kindly let me have a say where to eat and which movie to see.  On the way home, I thought about how my life had changed in just the last twenty-four hours.  I thanked Master for it.  It was only after we got home did I realized that my collar chain had been on view since we had left Stacy*s and that the world neither imploded nor exploded.

That night Master honored me by allowing me to share his bed.  Of course, Master's most potent cock quickly buried itself in my butt hole where it stayed all night.  Master was most pleased that I came while he was fucking me hard.  It certainly felt very good.  We talked a lot and I completely allowed how thrilled I was that he had taken charge.  Master promised to be a good Master but he explained that he expected total obedience at all times.  I promised to be his good boy.

Master told me that he was delighted that I responded so well to his fucking me as to come each time and that was to be the only way I was to come in the future.  "It is strictly forbidden for you to jerk off." he proclaimed.  As he said this, he flexed his hips and I shuddered as his man shaft caressed my prostate once again.  He repeated this a few times and I came as he wished.  "You are truly my little obedient boy." he said kissing the back of my head.  Deep inside my soul I knew that he was right and I was glad that Master also knew it.

After we showered in the morning I found out what the special purchase was.  It was a modified narrow waist band, jock strap with cup.  All the straps were only partly elastic and the waistband had a connector (sort of a buckle) like a belt.  One needed to open the connector with a key or cut the waistband to remove it.  The cup was modified to be partly flexible and with some drain holes at the bottom.  It was completely hidden by my new briefs.  With it on my penis was inaccessible and I had to sit to pee so as not to make a mess.  My rear hole was unobstructed.  "Boy, this will make it easy for you for follow my order not to masturbate."

Before he went out with his friends, Master told me that I was permitted to go out after I finished my homework.  Of course, I thanked him and did as I was directed.  I felt great joy in knowing that I had a wonderful Master.

When Master's parents were around we could not play like we had during the weekend but Master made sure to check that I was doing my assignments, especially the readings since the term was much shorter than during the regular semesters.  The one time that first week that I missed part of an assignment, Master's parents were out so that he could properly spank me as I well deserved.  He also managed to fuck me with the Thing on and I came as he (and I) wished.

Master's parents went on their three-week vacation as planned, leaving me in charge.  They were a little surprised that Master did not object when they said I was in charge.  Little did they know that Master was in charge of me all the time.  The first week was dedicated to studying for the final examinations so Master was most kind and dealt with the chores and other things so that I would not be diverted.  After they were over, we played a great deal and I was a very well spanked and fucked boy.  Master made sure that the house was in perfect order before they returned.  They were most pleased and complimented us both.

Master started high school right after Labor day while my college had started the week before.  Master tried to get more liberal rules but his parents kept to their guns and he backed off.  Later he confided that the rules were reasonable but he wanted to try any way as a matter of principle.

Master waited until after he got his midterm report to discuss the matter again.  It is important to note that we both did very well.  I even did better than when I was an undergraduate.  Certainly part of the reason was that Master kept me on a short leash and I certainly did not want nor need to look for sex.  I even got so used to that special jock that I rarely had any desire to jerk off although I wanted Master to make me cum.

It was absolutely fascinating to listen to Master talk with his father about his rules.  First, he got him to agree that we were both doing well at our schools and out of them and then he hit him with the surprise.  "Father, I want you to know that since that first weekend that you left us alone I have been in charge of both Teddy and myself."  Uncle's jaw dropped in surprise.  As soon as he recovered, he asked me and I confirmed that Master had been in charge and added that he had even gotten me to be more diligent about my school work.

"What if you did not do what Tiger told you, Ted?"

Master had ordered me to respond to any and all of his father's questions fully and truthfully before we had started.  "Uncle Bob, when I was naughty or disobedient, Tiger either spanked or grounded me.  He was always fair about it."

Uncle took some time to absorb this information and then Master spoke.  "Father, I don't have any intention of going wild but I would like you and Mother to consider my request seriously in light of this new and significant information."  My uncle did not respond so Master asked (after a pause) that we be excused as we both had homework to do.

A few days later, Master had another discussion with his parents and negotiated a revised set of rules; my rules (set by Master) stayed the same.  I noticed that Master's behavior did not change and it was like he was following the original rules.  Apparently Master's parents also noticed this for they commented about it when they praised Master for his excellent final grades for the winter semester.  Master responded quietly. "I am most pleased, Mother and Father, that you could trust me with privileges that were more than I needed or wished to use.  Your faith and trust in me are really most important to me."

That conversation got me to contrast Master's behavior and mine.  He had never gone past his official boundaries.  In fact, he had not even exceeded the previous ones which he had worked very hard to expand beyond what he wanted.  On the other hand, Master had to spank me every three weeks or so.  I remembered how I kept pushing my boundaries (which were far more restrictive) in high school and even when I was in college in ways that got me into trouble.  "Could this be part of the reason that he was Master and I just Boy?" I pondered with conclusion.

During the spring semester, Master let his parents know more about our relationship.  They were correctly informed that I was a completely gay submissive and Master's Boy.  Master had not any doubts that he was a dominant but was not yet certain of exactly his sexuality.  "I'm not quite fifteen, Father.  I have to learn what I am."  These revelations did allow us to spend a lot more time with each other in private.

I also found that after some six months of wearing the Thing, I gradually thought less and less about my pee-pee (yes, that's all it was) as a source of sexual release but to Master's potent man cock especially when it was pounding my prostate.  When Master decided that he would remove it I found that it was nice to be able to stand again when I used a public toilet.  I also got a pleasant reminder that I was just a boy for when I reached in to take my pee-pee out, I would feel my hairless pubis.

By the time summer came again I had gotten my Masters degree and found a job to start after Labor Day leaving me a summer free.  Master and I went on a touring trip to see some of the country and to relax.  Except for the driving, I was a total boy and I loved it.  Master made all the decisions and, of course, we had lots of sex.  It was a wonderful trip.  My getting my own place was discussed and quickly rejected as Master and I wished to stay together.  I would pay rent however and save up for a trip to Europe the following summer.

Master's parents had decided that his being in charge of me meant that he was a lot more mature (being grown and responsible) so they were happy with our relationship.  Even my own parents felt this was good for me since I would not fall prey to some stranger.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L., April 8, 2008

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