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Summer Vacation


Eric was delighted with the invitation that his aunt and uncle had extended.  He was thrilled to stay with them and his cousin Micky at their house near the beach on the Island.  He was between jobs with the new one to start right after Labor Day.  The catch was that he would have to babysit his little cousin while his parents were in Europe for more than half the summer.  He was sure that Micky would not be any trouble and certainly was big enough to wipe his own butt.  His parents just wanted to be sure he did not get out of control as teenagers are wont to do.

The setup was just great.  He would have his own room, the place was just a few blocks from the beach and he could even hook his PC into their high speed cable Internet connection.  As a bonus, just a ten minute walk away was the most notorious gay bar for a hundred miles.  Cruising would always be available.

The first thing that he learnt was that it was not the little kid Micky that he knew from family gatherings.  Mike (and you'd better not forget it!) was already ​5′ 11″​ (​180 cm​) and ​176 pounds​ (​80 kg​) of hard muscle at fifteen and still growing.  He was on both the swim and football teams at his high school and that was not just the Junior Varsity.  He was a young man who had a well developed body and mind and was proud of it.  It was quite obvious when he walked about in his boxers that he had already passed puberty.  There certainly were the other signs also – sex was always on his mind and his voice no long broke but was definitely tenor – low tenor.

As July progressed, Eric was enjoying himself more and more.  Although Mike was not quite half his age they did play around a lot.  They would roughhouse on the beach and in the surf when they did not sunbathe together.  Of course, Mike often went with his own friends and Eric would read.  In the evening, when they did not have anything else to do they would surf the net.  Eric felt very secure going to all sort of sexually oriented sites, just as he did at home, because he was using his own computer which he had password protected.  He was able to download many more pictures, particularly of hot red male butts, than at home because of the speed of the connection.

What Eric did not know was that Mike was monitoring everything he did and what he had done in the past on his PC.  Eric was total innocent about spy programs and that his link to the web was through Mike's computer.  Mike quickly discovered that Eric was a gay submissive and that he had even placed a personal ad looking for a Master.  Curiosity led Mike to read many of things that Eric downloaded and to further explore the adult word of domination and submission.  Long ago Mike had learnt how to circumvent the NetNanny program his parents had installed to protect our little boy from perverts and other horrors of the Internet.© YLeeCoyote

Eric enjoyed the roughhousing and was certain that Mike did also.  It only took a couple of days before they both proved that Mike was the stronger and always overpowered his much older cousin.  The task was made easier since Eric was barely ​5′ 6″​ (​168 cm​) and a skinny ​128 pounds​ (​58 kgs​).  Mike was proud of his body and had gotten to like wearing brief Speedos while on the swim team.  Now, on the beach he also wore them so, he said, to get as much of a tan as possible.  Eric never tired of admiring (envying?) his cousin's body.  What he particularly liked was the view he had at the end of a roughhouse session.  He would be flat on his back with Mike on top pinning his arms – then Eric always had a great view of Mike's erection that strained against his Speedos.  To his great credit, Mike was always a polite young man to his older cousin.  He never let his physical superiority be anything more than a game.  He never even hinted that it was anything more than a youth testing himself with an adult man.

It was the first time they were roughhousing after the adults had left for Europe that Eric noticed a couple of changes.  Mike had gotten him in a full Nelson, which was not uncommon at all, but then rather than release him promptly as he usually did, Eric could feel Mike repeatedly grind his crotch into his ass, something he had not done before.  As he felt his cousin's hard young cock rubbing against his butt, Eric could not help but to think how nice it would be if they were both naked and Mike actually fucked him.  Then Mike proceeded to conclude the game in the usual way.  But again there was some variation.  Mike was much more forward than usual with his bulging crotch practically in Eric's face.  Also, his rod was at max and even poking out of his Speedos.  Eric was mesmerized by the view of the tip.  In fact he was too bewitched by it to notice the knowing smile on Mike's face.

Things took another step after dinner.  Mike announced that he was going out for a while and Eric reminded him that he was supposed to do the dishes.  Mike just laughed and said: Oh, you're going to spank me if I don't?  Well, if they are not done by the time I'm back, there will be a spanking: I'll spank you, Eric.  Then I'll take pictures so you don't have to get them from the web.

Mike then just dashed out leaving Eric to ponder it all.  Was Mike totally joking or was he serious?  Did he know about his interest in spanking – particularly as the bottom?  And that he was also gay?  Could Mike know where he had been browsing on the web?  He was sure that his computer had never been touched and that it was password protected.  He left the dishes undone, went upstairs and logged in.  He'd have to talk with the lad in the morning.

He was reading stories on the Usenet newsgroup.  There was a story by a new author, Mike85, who wrote in the first person as a teen who topped his older cousin, Erik.  The story was poorly written but the scenario was extremely exciting.  The names just had to be a coincidence.  The ending was strange for it said that fantasy was going to change to reality starting tonight.  Excited, Eric70 posted a reply.

Mike returned and quietly entered the house.  He noted that the dishes were still in the sink.  He went to his own PC and saw that Eric was online.  As usual, Mike saw that Eric had gone to his favorite places and had even posted a response to Mike85's story.  Both the smile on Mike's face and the cock in his pants grew as he read Eric70's reply post:

Good luck and I wish I was that lucky Erik.

Mike85 emailed a reply:

Thanks. You should try Pinocchio's technique of wishing very, very
hard.  Take a look out at the stars and wish:
    I wish I may
    I wish I might
    Have the wish of
    being Mike's boy.
Master Mike

Mike waited until he saw Eric get his mail.  He listened carefully and heard Eric get up, fiddle with the blinds and sit down again.  Mike easily imagined that Eric had done just as he was told and made his wish.

Mike went back to the door and slammed it as if he was just returning and he walked into Eric's room.  I told you to do the dishes, boy, or you would get a spanking.

It's your turn to do them, Mike. replied Eric.

Mike grabbed Eric and pulled him out of the chair and sat down.  While Eric was still surprised he pulled him over his lap and locked him in place with one leg.  He started to spank his thirty-year-old cousin.  Even over his shorts, Eric could feel the strength of his young cousin.  He was showing much more strength than Eric had experienced in the last three weeks playing around.  Mike was much stronger than he had previously realized.  Eric yelled that he should stop and Mike just laughed.  But he did pause long enough to stand Eric up and pull down his shorts and plain white BVD's.  (Gosh, only little boys still wore those, he thought.)

Butt bared, Eric was pushed down for the rest of his spanking.  Since Eric was now subdued, Mike now placed him across both thighs as if he was a little boy.  It was a long and hard spanking.  It was Mike's first and he was pleased that it went just like the stories said.  Eric's boy butt, or should that be bottom, was turning red.  Eric had shifted from protests to promises and then to crying.  As Mike paid extra attention to the crease at the bottom of his bottom Eric reacted more strongly.  That part certainly was more sensitive and soon Eric, broken, was bawling like a little boy.

Mike knew he was well on the way to totally controlling Eric.  He knew how all the guys he had fought and beaten in the past always showed a special deference and respect to him afterwards, even those that were equals.  He let Eric up and held him until he was just sobbing.  He was whispering to Eric: Naughty boys get spanked and that you had best do as you are told or there will be more and harder spankings.,

As Eric regained his composure, Mike removed his T-shirt and made him step out of his pants.  Then he took several snapshots of his cousin's hot red buns.  After which he suggested that Eric tend to the chore that he had skipped and Eric docilely did as he was told.

While Eric obediently tended to the dishes, Mike transferred the pictures into his computer and emailed them to Eric70.  Then he got into his parents' big bed and waited naked with his cock at full mast.  As Eric came upstairs, Mike covered himself with the sheet and called Eric into the room. 

Eric, I have something here that you've been lusting after for weeks now.  With that he flipped back the sheet, and watched as Eric's eyes turned into saucers.  You may suck it, Eric, if you want to.  Deep inside Eric knew that he should not do it, but Mike was right that he had been lusting for that beautiful cock.  He could not resist it.  Eric dropped to his knees, bent over and started by kissing the phallus being offered by the teenager.  Then he licked it and took it into his mouth.  He worshipped it for some time before he felt Mike's hands on his head taking control.  One more step, thought Mike, as he blasted the first load ever into his older cousin's throat.  Between the excitement and the stamina of a fifteen-year-old he remained hard even after shooting.

Mike pulled Eric up on the bed beside him and stroked his hot and tender bottom.  After a while he gently rubbed some Sportcreme into it to ease the pain.  Then he talked of the game they had played on the beach that morning.  As he did so, he started to rub some lube on Eric's hole and let his fingers probe into it.  In a little while, he had three digits inside without a word of protest from Eric. 

Eric was very conflicted.  Simultaneously he wanted Mike to continue and yet he knew that he should not let this continue.  He was pushed onto his stomach.  His own cock was hard with the excitement of being totally submissive to this young stud, just like it was whenever Mike beat him on the beach.  Mike knelt between Eric's legs and lowered his hard shaft to the prepared hole.  He pressed forward and drove in fully, then he paused a while before starting to vigorously fuck Eric.  As he was being fucked, Eric forgot about whether or not he should be doing this and just let himself slip completely into his fantasy world.  There he was an impotent boy totally available to be used by a powerful stud – just like in the poorly written story he had read earlier this evening.  The story that he had wished very hard upon a star that he was part of.

Mike, on the other hand, was having complementary thoughts.  He was the all-powerful potent man subduing a rival and turning him into his fuck toy, taking full charge of the environment as he never had before.  Sure he had dominated his peers in the past, but this was very different.  He was becoming the alpha male subduing an adult while he was still just a cub in the eyes of the pack.  As he was about to come he took hold of Eric's neck with his teeth, as a cat does during mating, and exploded deep in his butt hole.  Soon after that Eric also came but with nowhere near the power of the conquering youth.

They fell asleep still coupled, each happy as they forged their new relationship.

In the morning, Mike was still spooned with Eric and poking him with his rod while idly fingering his boy's pubes.  How's my boy this morning?

Very good, Sir, Eric replied, still partly asleep and in his fantasy world.  Slowly he regained full consciousness and realized that he had been conquered by his young cousin.  A part of him was outraged but other parts put out the wildfire and brought more contentment.

I'll have to remove this, boy, Mike said very calmly tugging his boy's pubes.  He knew that Eric believed that his Master would do that.

Must you, Sir? asked Eric without any conviction.

Absolutely!  Get the stuff, boy.  Not only did Eric lack the will to resist this final affront to his manhood he yearned for it.  He collected the razor, shaving cream, scissors, water bowl and a towel and returned to his master's bed.  Mike placed him on his back and raised up his legs exposing the hole he'd used just a few hours ago.  He lubed it all up and then entered his boy.  He lowered Eric's legs and picked up the scissors.  Carefully, he trimmed Eric's pubes down to short stubble.  Eric watched silently, knowing that he was totally powerless.  Then Mike lathered him up and started to remove the stubble with the razor.  As he did, his shaft became harder and longer, while Eric's started to droop a bit.  Soon, Eric was as hairless as a ten-year-old boy.

Mike started to fuck Eric vigorously and blasted another load deep into his boy.  The boy also responded to the prostate massage and shot a load onto his own stomach.  Mike wiped up the boy's own cum and had him lick it off his fingers.

They shifted back into the spooning position and Mike again let his fingers wander to Eric's pubis.  I like it smooth and clean like this, boy.  I want to personally thank you for your good wishes that you posted in response to my story, boy.

You're Mike85? Eric said in surprise.

Of course, boy.  I wrote it especially to your tastes and you seem to have enjoyed it.  I hope that you like the reality as well for I surely do.  Mike paused a while to let that sink in, then he continued.  We'll have lots of fun and get along just fine if you do as I tell you.  If you don't, then I'll spank you until you're a repentant and obedient boy.  And when you're a good boy, I'll even give you fun spankings.  Just like you asked for in your ads.  Just like you wished for.  Understand?

Eric was definitely overwhelmed.  He had been looking for a Master but he was not really prepared for one who was only half his age and not for a 24/7 one.  But that was his only reservation.  Just like in his fantasies Mike had taken him and proved that he was the truly dominant one.

Mike sensed that Eric was troubled by his new status.  We'll keep this private, boy.  The family and the world would not understand how you need to be mine.  In his heart of hearts, Eric knew that was true.  He had long yearned to be owned.

Eric turned so that he faced Mike but was still entwined.  It took him a while to say it, but he did, totally freely: Master, I am yours.

Mike hugged and kissed his boy and they stayed together for a long time.  Eventually, Mike took his boy to the shower and there shaved his pits and re-shaved his crotch to be extra smooth.

After breakfast they went to the beach as usual.  Mike enjoyed the special deference that Eric now showed him.  It was like when he had vanquished his peers but more earnest, as there was no expectation of change.  Eric was happy that he had found a Master – a powerful stud who cared for him.

As the week progressed, Mike extended his control of Eric.  Eric quickly found that he was required to do all the household chores and that Mike was a very strict and horny Master.  When he was not taking care of the house or being the sex-toy of his Master, his status was like that of a ten-year-old boy with strict parents.  He quickly learnt to be obedient after feeling his Master's belt on his bottom.

That occurred just a couple of days after Mike started to exercise control.  Eric objected to having to do all the household chores and when Mike told him to be quiet and do as he was told, he talked back.  Mike told him that he was not going to have a boy who was insolent and talked back.  He dragged Eric to his bedroom and pulled down his shorts and boy briefs.  Then he threw him over the bed so that he was kneeling on the floor, his chest resting on the bed with his boy bottom up in the air.  Mike got his heavy leather belt, folded it over and started to use it.  The first heavy blow caused Eric to yell and then plead for mercy.  Mercy was not forthcoming until Mike had laid on another nine heavy blows and Eric was bawling uncontrollably with a hot red bottom.

Eric remained in that position, crying for some time.  It was more than thirty minutes before Eric came out and immediately went to do the dishes and the laundry.  When those tasks were done, Mike took him over his lap and gently rubbed in some Sportscreme to ease the pain.  They did not discuss the issue but after that Eric never objected to doing the chores or otherwise disobeyed Master Mike.

Most of the time was good time that they both enjoyed together.  Several times each day, they had sex.  Actually, it was more than Eric wanted but his always horny fifteen-year-old Master would not be denied.  These sex games included spanking, but they were fun spankings which left Eric feeling like a spanked little boy which he loved.

Mike eventually figured out how to play in public safely.  They would go to the zoo dressed like seventeen- and ten-year-old brothers.  Mike figured that would let Eric pass as a twelve-year-old.  Eric would behave like a spoiled brat in the charge of his big brother.  Mike would play the angry brother and threaten spankings.  What Eric did not know was that Mike really intended to spank him publicly if the opportunity presented itself.

They were both surprised at how easy it was to pass like they planned.  Since they were unknown and not trying to do anything that required proof of age, nobody gave them a second glance.  Mike enjoyed the interchanges with adults that commiserated with him for being in charge of a naughty brat.  Many thought that Eric should be spanked right away rather than wait until they got home.  A couple of times, Mike took hold of Eric and gave him a couple of whacks on the seat of his jeans.  This drew snickers from amused bystanders.

Then the opportunity presented itself far better than Mike expected.  They were in a very quiet area with just one family group nearby.  Mike had just given Eric a lecture which included the ever popular threat: Just wait until we get home, young man. punctuated with a couple of spanks on his jeans while he was standing up.

The father of the family asked his ten-year-old son, Stevie, What would happen if you acted like that boy?

You would pull me over your lap, Dad, yank my pants down and SPANK me real proper on my bare bottom right here in the zoo.  Just like you did two weeks ago and not wait until we got home.

Out of the mouths of babes. said the father smiling and winking at Mike.  Stevie was grinning at the prospects of seeing another kid get it.

With that encouragement, Mike grabbed Eric and yanked down his shorts.  Then he yanked down his tighty-whites and flipped him across his lap.  Then as everyone in Steve's family watched, Mike spanked Eric.  He spanked him hard so that Eric could not help but to sob a little.  Then he invited Stevie and his sister to give Eric a few extra.  The shy girl did not do much with just four light spanks  Stevie really jumped at the opportunity to be on the giving rather than the receiving side.  He hit as hard as he could delivering ten spanks until his father said Steven, enough.  Stevie stopped instantly realizing the likely result of any disobedience.

Mike stood Eric up and turned him to face the other family.  Following whispered instructions Eric spoke:  Thank you, Steven and Suzy, for helping to teach me manners.  Suzy giggled and ran to her mommy when she saw Eric's pee-pee.  Stevie was not interested but extended his hand like a gentleman.  After the handshake was over, Mike pulled up Eric's pants, to his great relief.

The rest of visit to the zoo was quiet.  Eric was a very well-behaved little boy for the rest of the day. Both Mike and Eric really were happy with the way it turned out.

The summer progressed.  The two played many games based on the ideas that they got from the web.  All too soon, Mike's parents returned from their trip.   Of course, the young men's activities had to be curtailed because of the adult eyes but they did play as much as they could.

Mike's mom praised the two for having obviously managed so well together.  After all the house was in pretty nice condition and all that.  She then mused about two young guys alone that there might have been some, shall we say, mischief occasionally.  Mike smiled and said jokingly: Well, any time Eric was naughty, I just spanked him, Mom.  Everyone laughed, but Mike and Eric knew that it was no joke.

Mike's parents were also pleased that Mike and Eric seemed to really like being good friends.  They felt that Mike was being more mature after spending time with his cousin.  On the Labor Day weekend, when Eric was to return to his own apartment, Mike said that he would go with him to help with his stuff.  So he would not have to drive back and forth and then take the train all on the same day, he would even stay over.  When his mom left the room, he kidded his dad that he would be alone without hotel people or an adolescent son being around and to have fun.  Of course, he wanted time with his boy alone.

In addition to the usual activities of sex, shaving and spanking, Mike had a special surprise for Eric: a small claspless gold neck chain which he secured by closing an open link with pliers about his boy's neck as he fucked him.  Like the One Ring of Power, it was unadorned – a simple masculine chain.  Only Mike and Eric would know what it was and what it meant.

In the morning Eric gave Mike the spare set of keys to his apartment.  Mike really felt good as he added them to his key ring knowing that he was always welcome.  Mike also gave his boy strict instructions that he was to shave his pubes every time he showered.  Midday they returned to Mike's home with the car and for dinner.  Later Eric took the train home.

Both Mike and Eric loved the extra weight they now both carried around.  Mike's heavier key ring gave him tangible proof that Eric really was his.  Eric was more secure with Mike's collar always reminding him of his Master.

After school restarted, Mike's parents even encouraged him to visit and even stay overnights on the weekends with Eric (rather than with his more rowdy teen friends).  During these visits Mike was totally dominant and Eric was totally submissive and they really had fun.

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© Copyright A.I.L., June 17, 2000

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