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This is a continuation of Summer Vacation which introduces the main characters and events as told by the youth.  Here the story is told by Eric in the first person starting with a reprise of the summer including some previously undisclosed activities.

The following story is fiction.  It contain scenes of spanking and sex between a youth and a man.  If such subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

The author would appreciate your comments – pro and con, including constructive criticism, and suggestions.

Summer Vacation and Beyond


Today, Labor Day, is the first time since the Fourth of July that I'm sleeping alone (not just in bed but in the apartment) and in my own bed.  The past few months have made quite a change in my life and I expect (hope!) that will continue.  I have set the alarm extra early and set out my clothes for tomorrow so that I will punctual for my new job in the morning.  As I lay here, physically alone, awaiting sleep I feel the presence of my fifteen-year-old cousin, Mike, who is just half my chronological age.

First, there is the endless gold chain that now encircles my neck which he fastened on me this very morning.  I'm sure that others will see it a simple, manly and tasteful necklace just as my aunt and uncle did this afternoon.  Mike even boasted to them that he had given it to me in appreciation for watching him when they were away.  They both said that it was most thoughtful of him but they have no idea of its real significance.  Mike secured it about me as a sign that I am his.  That thought makes me feel good, no – even better, elated.  I can not even think that I would consider removing it.  Second, there is the way that I look now that Mike has shaved my pubes off.  Being small, ok, being a runt and shortchanged in the genital distribution lottery also, I could be mistaken for a boy.  This is not an assumption but a fact for I have been already taken for Mike's kid brother by strangers.

Things started to change back on the Fourth when I accepted Mike's parents', my aunt and uncle, invitation to stay at their house near the beach for the summer until my new job started.  The catch was that I would have to baby sit my cousin while they were away on a month long trip.  I got my own room, my own Internet connection (a super fast one); in short a plushy situation.  What I hadn't realized was that my cousin was no longer a baby but an big, strong, intelligent youth well past puberty.  Even though he outweighed me by 48 pounds (22 kg) and was 5" (13 cm) taller we roughhoused quite a bit.  There was no doubt that he was much stronger but he always played nicely and never was disrespectful.  We became like brothers but it was not clear who was the "big brother" and who was the "little brother".  We talked about how things would be when his parents were gone and I was quite satisfied all would be well.  I will admit (confess) that if he had been a little older and not my cousin, I would have gone for him.  In simple terms, he was a hunk to me.  I even admired his body when I could.  That was one of the great part of roughhousing – I got to touch and stare without any risk.  It was a definite delight to finish up on my back with Mike sitting on my chest with his boner trying to escape from his Speedos in plain sight.

What I did not know was that Mike was a hacker.  He had learnt how to spy with his computer and getting to mine was really a piece of cake as my Internet connection was through his PC.  He observed what I did on the web and learnt all about me.  The most significant bit was that I was gay and definitely a submissive.  He, like many adolescents was highly sexed and out to prove that he was a real man.  Real meaning being dominant and in control.  Of course, he had to be deferential to his parents but the day they left he pounced.

I have to give him credit in his planing.  He wrote a story that centered about my fantasies of having a Master like I had described in my ads.  After I posted a response in which I wished I was the guy in the story he even suggested to actually wish upon a star which I did.  Then he walked into my room and treated me as father would treat a naughty pre-teen son.  He was big and strong enough to do so easily.  In just seconds after walking into my room, he had me across his lap and was spanking me for not doing his chores like he had threatened.  He spanked me really hard.  While I was still stunned, he paused long enough to take my jeans and briefs down and continue spanking me on my bare butt until I was a crying, well chastised little boy.  I knew it was wrong, but by the time the evening was through, I was obeying him both in and out of bed.  I became a convert quickly learning how to worship his ever hard cock and welcome it into me.© YLeeCoyote

It was also clear where what I was short changed in the cock and ball department was; he had it and it functioned extremely well.  Since that first time, his cock has been in me several times each day.  So that I would not forget that he was the man and I was the boy, he shaved me below the neck.  Now hairless and as a runt I look pretty much like a boy.

A couple of day latter I tried to get him to do some of the household chores.  That was a mistake for Mike strapped me really hard so that I would know for certain that he was totally in control and would not tolerate any rebellion.  I had long fantasied having a master and Mike was everything that I had wished for except for being younger.  In the same way that the war between the sexes will never be won because there too much fraternizing with the enemy, I could not resist Mike.  He had done his homework well and had the necessary personality to do the job.  He was very careful to keep our relationship private not even telling his friends and things worked very well.  I had more sex than I dreamed of accompanied by lots of domination and spanking.

I was really amassed at how well everything was working.  Mike, now in charge, did not need to rebel nor search for sex so he appeared to be a well behaved young man being watched by his older cousin.  I was able to totally relax into my own fantasies of being a boy again without any worries and also of being a sex toy.

Within a week Mike wanted to play outside in public and, in all honestly, I wanted to also.  One morning we took a bus to a beach about ten miles (16 km) away where we would not be known nor be seen by any of Mike's friends or neighbors.  Because of his size and physical maturity Mike could easily pass for almost eighteen and I could pass for a young teen or less.  On the beach, I followed his orders and did not obey when he called me.  Mike, as per script, came after me and easily caught me.  Then he administered a few hard swats on my bathing suit seat for all to see.

That was not faked.  They were hard and I yelped.  I then promised to be good and begged him not to spank me any more loud enough so that others could hear.  We played this game three times on different part of the beach and we both found it to be fun.  The last time Mike went further.  Instead of telling me to sit on the blanket until I decided to a good boy, he sat down first and pulled me across his lap.  He gave me some spanks on my bathing suit and then pulled the back down so that he could spank my bare butt.  I remember how I could feel his hard on and he mine as I laid across his lap.  Then he told me to be good.  When I was stilling on the blanket I could see a couple of groups of kids laughing while pointing at me.  I must confess that it turned us both on a lot.  We left for home immediately and when we got there had fabulous sex.

The second time we played in public was at the Zoo.  Mike got dressed in slacks and a dress shirt to look grown up and put me into a baseball cap, T-shirt, and short shorts with an elastic waist.  As planned, I was the brat and he yelled at me several times, occasionally giving me a couple of spanks on the butt.  We were surprised at the reactions.  Several fathers sympathized with his plight of being with an unruly child and a couple said that if I was their boy, I would be spanked.

I really got surprised latter.  We were in a quiet area and Mike was lecturing me again when the father of the one family nearby asked his ten-year-old son what would happen if he behaved like I was.  Stevie, the kid, answered immediately: "You would pull me over your lap, dad, yank my pants down and SPANK me real proper on my bare bottom right here in the zoo.  Just like you did two weeks ago and not wait until we got home."  Well that was all the encouragement that Mike needed.  He grabbed me, pulled my shorts and briefs down and flipped me over his lap in just seconds.  Then he really spanked me hard; hard enough that I sobbed and almost cried.  He then let Stevie and his little sister give me extra.  That was embarrassing even as a ten-year-old.  Then I had to apologize to those kids for their having the fun of watching me get spanked.  The girl giggled at seeing my little cock but Stevie just offered his hand like a little gentleman.  I'm sure he was checking me out and being embarrassed made me shrink which was even worse.

It was a few days before my aunt and uncle returned from their trip that Mike's best buddy returned with his family vacation.  After pledging Chuck to secrecy, Mike let him know that I was his boy rather than his baby sitter.  Chuck was a bit skeptical, so right there on the beach, Mike proved it.  I was between them, lying on the blanket, and Mike just pulled the front of my trunks down so that Chuck could see that I was a hairless boy.  By then I knew that I must never object to what Mike did so I stayed still and silent.  Mike was pleased that I was so docile and even said so.  Mike was very pleased at how Chuck was quite impressed.

The next day Chuck's Uncle took us out on his cabin cruiser.  This excursion was planned early in the summer as his uncle was doing a trip along the coast and had promised Chuck the day early in the summer so that Mike already had parental permission to go.  Chuck's dad had an urgent business problem so he could not go nor could the boat ride be delayed.  Thus it was just the four of us: Chuck and his Uncle Ted, Mike and me.  I immediately gained a title – I was the cabin boy.  I had the job of fetching everything anyone wanted.  As soon as we were far enough out to be "alone on the high sea" Ted told Chuck that it was "OK, we're far enough out now, boys." and I was sent for the sun block.  When I got back on deck, the three of them had stripped off their swim suits and were naked.  Ted took a squirt of sun block and started to smear it on his cock.   "Better put some sun block on, guys or you won't be able to jerk off tonight."

While I was giving the sun block to Mike, Chuck yanked my swim suit down and said that I should not be shy.  Every laughed.  I then gave Chuck a squirt and he started to put it on my little thing rather than his.  "We wouldn't want to let this burn before it has a chance to grow up."  Anyway we spent the day fishing, sun bathing (all over) and just relaxing.  After lunch, the water started to get choppy and Ted told me to put on a life jacket as a precaution.  I did not want to and objected.  Mike just grabbed me and led me to the benches aft and sat down.  You can guess what position I was in just seconds latter.  With both Ted and Chuck watching, he then spanked me hard and fast until I was crying.  Then he stood me up and let me cry on his shoulder until I could stop.  When I was just sobbing a little, he told me that I was to go inside, wash my face, put on the life jacket and in ten minutes return with four sodas, some apologies and a smile.

I ran right down into the cabin embarrassed as I could be.  I really wanted to stay there and hide but I knew that Mike would not approve of that.  It took a while but I did as I was told and Ted just smiled and adjusted the life vest a bit when I apologized to him.   About an hour latter, it got even choppier and they also put on life vests.  I did not feel so little then.

Ted dropped us at the dock in late afternoon.  When he shook hands goodbye with Mike he complimented him on how well he had spanked me.  Then he rushed off to keep to his schedule in his boat.

I surprised even myself by confessing to Mike that I had been a real prick about the life vest and he was right to have spanked me.  It felt so good when he hugged me so tight and called me "his good little boy."

But the best thing of the whole summer was this morning.  Not only did he fuck and shave me again but he put this wonderful gold chain about my neck.  I know that he wants me as much as I want to be his.  With one hand on my bare pubes and the other holding my collar, I slipped into dreamland with Mike.

* * * * * * * * * *

Mike and I exchanged email at least once a day and it was three long weeks before he was able to arrange a break from his school work, social activities and all that so that we can get together.  In order to really do things he has to come to the city so we can be alone.  He figured out that if he has to go to the museum to work on a project, his parents will let him visit.  I expect him to show up about 9 this evening.

The day at work is long because I'm anxious to get home.  When I get home, two hours late, at 7:30 I find Mike waiting for me.  We hug and he questions my lateness as he keeps a close watch on his boy.  "I had to stay late at work." I explain.

"You had a detention, boy!" he declares firmly.  I nod weakly.  "Why?"

"The report had to be sent today, Mike." I plead.  He smiles wickedly.

"So you did not do your homework on time and got a detention, young man."  Again I nod.  "I told you if you get a detention you also going to get a spanking."  I let my head hang.  He starts to undress me.  He pulls off my tie and then unbuttons my shirt.  He pulls it off and drops it.  He fondles the chain he fastened about my neck and tweaks my nips.  He sits on the couch and unties my shoes.  I step out of them as he opens my belt and pants.  He yanks them off.  My briefs follow.  He feels my pubes.  They are real smooth for I shaved real close this morning as he had commanded me.  "Still no hair, boy." he reminds me.  I can see that his shaft is full and pressing hard against his jeans.  He pulls me across his lap.  This is where I know that I belong and it feels good as he rubs my butt.  I am very happy.

Master starts to spank me.  Lightly at first and then harder.  Slowly at first then faster.  It is not a punishment spanking but a fun spanking.  I make promises to do my work on time.  I start to sob and then cry with joy.  Then I really cry.  He picks me up and lays me on the bed.  I watch as he strips.  He pulls off his T-shirt.  I admire the strong muscles in his chest and arms.  He kicks off his NB's.  He opens his belt and yanks the fly open on his 501's.  Quickly he strips them off.  His hard sword tents his boxers but they too are quickly removed.  Now I see his hard, large cock rising from his thick bush; things that I will never have.  I grip the sheet so that I don't reach out until he gives permission.  He lays down beside me and envelopes me in his strong arms.  "I missed you boy." he says as he kisses me.

I relax totally in his grip and know nothing except that he is holding me.  I lose track of time and details for a while.  When I return to the world, I am prone with him on and in me – thrusting in and out.  As he explodes in me he also bites my shoulder.  I also come.  He lets his full weight rest on me and it is hard to breathe but I am joyful.  I am with my Master.

We have dinner and then return to bed.  He is insatiable.  Eventually we sleep.  In the morning he resumes.  Eventually, he dresses me as a kid and we go off to the museum and park.  He is very serious about finding a project for school and I want to play.  I am bratty.  He often lectures me to behave, each time slapping my bottom.  It is only partly effective keeping me quiet for a few minutes.  Master is truly annoyed but I am not observant enough to notice it.  He finishes his work and we go into the park.

The is a large kiddy playground near the entrance and he takes me into it.  There is a distant corner that is empty and we go there.  He sit down and lectures me for sometime about my bratty behavior in the museum.  Then he yanks down my shorts and briefs.  In a second I'm across his lap and he immediately starts to spank me hard, very hard, and fast.  Just like yesterday it is with love but this time it is tough love.  It seems like just seconds that my bottom is on fire and I'm crying.  Master is very through and he reaches every part of my bottom with his large hand.  The extra sensitive bottom of the bottom seems to get special attention.  It is hard to tell because I'm am bawling.

Then I realized that I'm standing crying on his shoulder as he hold me.  I hear the giggling and snickers of kids and know that they doing that because of my glowing bottom.  When I stop crying, he wipes my face with his handkerchief.  He leads me out of the playground and the kids all snicker and laugh at me.  All the adults smile and several give a thumbs up sign.  A small, older woman speaks to us:  "Sir, could you help me, please."

"If I can, ma'am." answers Master like a gentleman.

"My grandson, Andy, has been rude, disrespectful and disobedient.  He really needs a spanking but I'm not strong enough to do it properly and his father won't be back for three days."  The ten-year-old boy sitting with a pout on his face next to her frowned.

"Andy, is your granny right?"  Andy just looked sad and gave the tiniest of nods.  "Come with me, young man." said Master taking Andy's hand.  We returned to the bench where I had just been spanked.  "Andy, you know why you're being spanked."

"Yes, Sir." he answered trying to be brave and staring at the ground.  Master opened his belt and jeans and pulled them down.  He was wearing cartoon briefs which soon joined his jeans about his ankles.

"How would your father have spanked you?"

Andy looked surprised.  "Lightly, Sir."


"Hard, Sir.  My father would have given me a hard spanking."

Master pulled Andy across his lap and began.  I was able to watch as Andy's checks changed colors.  First pink; then red; and finally a bright glowing red like an apple.  His other checks were also red and quickly covered with tears as he bawled loudly.  It was a genuine punishment spanking.  During it he managed to kick off his jeans and briefs so when Master stopped and stood him up there were not any pants to pull up.  Although I felt sorry for Andy, I enjoyed his punishment spanking much more than mine own.

Master lead Andy, still crying and pantsless, back to his grandmother.  She directed Andy to stand with his nose at a tree for ten minutes exposing his glowing bottom to everyone and she thanked Master for his help.  Of course, all the kids in playground were watching everything intently and Andy probably had a hard time about being exposed and spanked.  Fortunately, I was not there to be razed.

Master and I played catch and wrestled some on the grass.  Of course, he easily overpowered me and I loved as he declared victory.   I no longer had to sneak furtive glances at his hard cock for now I could look openly and even know that later I would enjoy it being in me at both ends repeatedly.

I tried to apologize to Master for being such a brat in the museum when he was trying to work.  He laughed and told me that he understood that I had needed a good punishment spanking since it had been so long since the previous one.  He must have been right since a was a good boy until he had to leave for home on Sunday.

It was just a wonderful visit.  Master was able to visit several times before the winter recess for school.  Those weekends that he was here were wonderful but I moped for the others.  I did visit him and his parents for dinner several times but we were not able to play very much with his parents around.

* * * * * * * * * *

For a few days over the Winter Recess Master and I took a trip to Washington.  He told me that I was going to be a twelve-year-old boy for the entire time; his little boy or brother or toy.  And that he was going to be very strict with me.  His parents thought that I was going to be watching him and making sure that he did not get into trouble.

He started when we meet at Penn Station with him getting off the LIRR to get the train to DC.  We went to buy breakfast to eat on the train and he made me get milk rather than coffee.  When I ordered the coffee, he told me that "We will speak of this later, Eric." and that "Remember that mom said I should spank you if you are any trouble at all."  The clerk and the other customers smiled and some even laughed.  Yes, he was going to be very strict, I though happily.

"Give the tickets to the conductor, Eric." he told me as the collector came though the car.  Then he explained about the seat checks just as if I was really a boy.  This was really fun.  We did not have to worry that others would see us play and be concerned any problems.  It was like being home alone.

We checked into our hotel and went to our room.  Then Master followed up on his comment when we had gotten breakfast and gave me a brief lecture about the proper foods for a twelve-year-old boy not including coffee.  The lecture was brief.  So was the spanking.  As always he lowered my jeans and briefs and then pulled me across his lap.  He did a fast play spanking not a real hard punishment spanking.  When my bottom was bright red, he made me kneel and lie across the bed.  He got behind me and quickly drove his rod into my butt hole.  Even though I had to clean up my mess from the bedspread, it was fun.  We washed up and went out to explore to sights.

We looked at the capital from a block away and started to walk down the Mall.  It all looked very interesting but we were immediately enticed by the Air and Space Museum.  Neither of us had been there and it was full of great things for big and little boys to look at.  It seems like we had just gotten there when the guard threw us out at closing.  Back on the Mall, we headed west to the brightly lit up Washington Monument and then on to the Lincoln Memorial.  By now but Master and I were really living our roles of man and boy.  I just let him lead me around and make all the decisions.  When we stopped for dinner he made sure that I was a good boy and ate my veggies and all that.

Back at the hotel, we showered.  He shaved me real close and we washed each other's backs and a few other parts.  It was all great fun.  I expected that we would play in bed immediately but Master wanted to watch a TV program.  I started to be a little brat while he did not want to be disturbed.  He just got some sports tape from his bag and turned me prone on the bed.  Then he taped my forearms together behind my back and my legs together in three places.  He put a piece of tape across my mouth so that I would be quiet.  He sat with his back leaning on the head board and while watching his program caressed me.  At mid-program he turned me around and put me across his lap.  Then he let his hands play with me.  He played with my hair and with my ass.  Sometime he caressed and sometime he spanked me.  Two things were certain – he was exercising total control of me and we both loved it.  After the program was over he gave me a hard spanking for being a brat.  I cried but could not yell because of the tape over my mouth.  Only when he wanted me to suck his cock did he untaped my mouth.  When he was satisfied he removed the tape so that we could sleep.  But I was not unbound for the night for he held me very tightly – the best why to be bound.

The next day went about the same.  By day we explored the museums and saw all sort of strange things as brothers.  Then back in the hotel we played differently – this time as Master and boy toy.  Master told me that I had to learn not to fidget so much and to be still.  So after my shower he had me lie on the bed all spread out.  Then while I was doing my imitation of an "X" he tied me in the position with the rope he had brought.  Then as he taped my mouth, he told me that he did not want my tongue to wag either.

Then he gave me a hard WHACK!! with his doubled over leather belt which he left laying across my bottom.  I stayed this way as he watched a TV program for an hour.  At first I wiggled but I quickly learnt that there was not any give in the rope and I should be still to avoid chaffing by rubbing the ropes on my wrists and ankles.  Also, it was apparent that he was going to strap me if I did not obey.  The TV seemed to go forever.  I so wanted to move but I was restrained by word and rope.  When the show was over, Master spoke to me.  "Boy, I'm going to untie you but you are not to move at all.  You will get five if you move before a minute; four if before two minutes etc. until five minutes.  If you make seven minutes, you get a special reward."  Then he untied me and I desperately wanted to move and stretch but at the same time I want to please Master by obeying him.  The he announced "One minute, boy."  Just six more to go.

Time was creeping.  I did not even have a clock to watch and I could feel Master sitting and watching me and his watch.  "Two minutes, boy."  No more than three more whacks with that belt now.  I must not move, I kept telling myself.  "Three minutes, boy."  More than half way to avoiding the strap any more.  That one strip he gave me sixty-three minutes ago was a very painful reminder of last August when he laid on ten very hard.  "Four minutes, boy."  My nose started to itch.  Just like one's cock does in public and one can not scratch.  I tried to will the itch away but it seemed to get worse.  I will not move. I will not move.  I will not move.  I kept saying that like a mantra.  Then the magic words.  "Five minutes, boy."  Master removed his belt.  I was not going to be strapped any more.  Well, not for this anyway.  "Stay still." he encouraged.

Time dropped to a crawl.  Would I make the challenge he set for me?  This sixth minute is so, so slow.  Then he spoke.  "Well done, Eric.  That's the seven minutes.  I knew that you could do it.  I had stayed still.  Could I stay until he told me to move.  Was he going to tell me or was it implied.  Then he spoke.  "OK, boy.  You may stretch."

I started to move but it was hard for I was stiff.  Then  he was on the bed with me and helping.  He moved my arms and legs back to a normal position and gently massaged my stiff muscles.  It felt so good.  He was smiling at me and telling me that I was a good boy and that he was proud that I stayed still so long.  As soon as I was relaxed he was going to give me my reward.  I still could not speak for the tape was still across my lips.  I did not care, for I was in the hands of my Master.  He would do what was right.  What he wanted.  And I wanted to do what he wanted me to do.  I just relaxed as his hands worked their magic on my stiff body.  Except for the gentleness this is how a lump of bread dough must feel pounded by a baker.  I totally lost track of time as the stiffness and tension was squeezed from my body.

Then there was a breeze on my cock.  Master was blowing on it.  It was cool and I responded.  He played with it a little until it was very hard.  Then, for the very first time, he took me into his mouth.  His nice warm mouth and was sucking my little boy cock.  Back and forth went his head and around and around went his tongue.  It seems like just a few seconds from when he started that I climaxed explosively.  When I had finished he removed his mouth from my cock and then the tape from my mouth.  Before I could talk, he kissed me; his tongue darting deep into my mouth.  Along with that, flowed my own seed.  He kept his mouth on mine and I had to swallow in order to breathe.

When he finally stopped and I could talk I thanked him for the blow job and the massage.  The he kidded me about coming without permission and said that I was a naughty boy.  Then he gave me a nice play spanking and a nicer fucking.

It was a great day.  So were the two more days we had.

On the trip home, it was late and I fell asleep leaning on Master as we rode through the night.  It was a wonderful trip.

During the spring we managed to get to together several times.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L., July 7, 2000

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