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Summer Visit Has Long Term Consequences


At first I was annoyed that my cousin Kirk was coming to stay for the summer.  I certainly did not want to be a babysitter for the summer and share my room with a baby.  Then Dad had the talk with me about being a family.  Even my best buddy, Nick, got into the game by pointing out that Kirk would be like a kid brother and that they are useful targets.  "I bash Wayne all the time and he still looks up to me like a kid brother should." he said with a smile.

Over the next week I began to realize that it would be fun being in charge of a another guy even though he was only a tween, two years younger than my most grown up fourteen-year-old self.  I looked back in my rule book that the folks made me keep and decided that I could make him follow the rules that I out grew a couple of years before.  I suddenly saw everything with a new prospective.  Yes, this would be a good thing and fun.

Then I realized something else while hanging with Nick and Wayne.  Being in charge can be fun because of the power.  And it not just the boss that can be happy as Wayne explained and reminded me that Nick spanked him.  "We have agreed that Nick may spank me if I mess up rather than telling the folks.  Dad would probably spank me anyway and maybe even ground me so this is better." he explained.  After that they explained in full detail and even showed me how to spank.  That came at a price however – I had to get spanked.

Nick sat on his bed and made me stand in front of him.  He told me that I was a very naughty boy and that I was going to get spanked.  He slowly opened my pants and explained how it was best done slowly, for maximum effect, as he lowered them to my ankles getting a look at my crotch.  Then he pulled me over his lap and gave me a few spanks with his hand.  He discussed a few things about holding the spankee in place.  He got me locked in tightly with his leg over mine and my wrist jammed up to my nape.  Then he gave me a few stingers.  They hurt a bit but I made light of them.  "Your dad doesn't have to hold you down so well because he is much bigger and stronger than you but that not true for you and your cousin." he also explained.

After that, it was my turn to practice the lesson.  Wayne made me promise only three stingers before he would let me practice on him.  I agreed and we got going.  I started to lecture a bit but they both laughed.  They coached me and I did a lot better on the next try.  I got a real surprise when I lowered Wayne's undies for he was far more developed than I was.  He was well on his way to having a man-sized bat and balls and already had a thick mess of hair.  Now I had seen some of my classmates in the gym showers and they were also developed but Wayne was much younger.  I realized that they both had now seen me and knew how far behind I was.  It was an embarrassing fact but there was not anything I could do about it now.  Fortunately, neither of them had commented.© YLeeCoyote

Well, I got Wayne into position and gave him a spank.  Wayne laughed and said I had to spank a lot harder than that.  After delivering a few spanks I realized that my hand was hurting but they said to spank harder and more.  Wayne escaped and they made me practice holding him in place.  Eventually, the lesson was over and I thanked them.

They agreed that I was a much better spankee rather than a spanker and insisted that I practice more (which we did several times during the week) so as not to embarrass myself later.  My hand hurt for hours which surely was longer than Wayne's butt did.

* * * * * * * * * *

Kirk surprised me when he arrived.  He was not a little kid like I had imagined but was practically as big as I.  He did not act like a baby but was well poised.  Even his voice had changed and he said he shaved at least once a week.  (Hell, I did not like hearing that since I did not even have a razor.)  After dinner he wanted to discuss his rules with Dad and I was there.  He had worked them out with his dad and right up front he said: "Uncle, Dad and I agreed that you could modify these as you see fit."  Dad showed some surprise as he studied them but did not explain why but after he had determined that Kirk had already been living under those rules for several months, he agreed that Kirk could continue with them.

Dad then asked us if we should have the different rules, and Kirk replied that would be reasonable since I was two years older.  I even said that I would keep my rules.  Kirk's list seemed much longer so I assumed they were more restrictive. That, I would find out later, was a big mistake.

When it was my bedtime, I tried to set a good example and got into bed on time.  Kirk was doing the same thing but then he asked why I was going to bed early while explaining that he was doing so because tired from his trip.  When I looked puzzled, he showed me his rules.  I was appalled!  They were far better than my rules – more privileges and a later bedtime and curfew for example – although more wordy.  I showed him my rules and he thought that I was kidding him for they were like his when he was younger.

I also noticed that he did not put on jammies like I had but commented that I was wearing them "like a little kid" as he tossed his boxers onto the laundry pile explaining that he slept in the nude.  I sure felt like I was a little kid right then because he was even more developed than Wayne was and to make matter worse he noticed that I was staring at his manly equipment.  He groped himself as he said "Goodnight, Cuz." with a big smirk and turned out the light.

The sandman took a long time get the image of my cousin out of my sight and to seal my eyes for the night.

* * * * * * * * * *

I tried to get my rules changed but I was not successful.  It made for an awkward setup for as the oldest I was in charge.  It showed up very quickly.  The four of us went to the local hangout and very soon it was close to my curfew.  Kirk quietly reminded me that I had to go but said he was going to play a few more games with Wayne.  I hesitated but he reminded me that Dad had warned me about being late only two days before.  I didn't have any choice but to leave the others and rush home to avoid being spanked.  It was a good thing because Dad checked the time and noted that I had just made it.  He even added: "Another minute, you would have gotten a spanking, Joey."

I was still awake but in bed when Kirk came in a little later.  "I see that the good little boy is tucked into bed wearing his cute jammies just like he supposed to be."  There was nothing that I could say.  I did not like it but I was trapped – everything he said was the truth.  All I could do was to hope that he would mess up and I could exercise my authority as the oldest.  We had made sure that Kirk had seen Nick spank Wayne once so he would know it was normal.

That weekend, Nick and I had a party to go to although neither Kirk nor Wayne was invited.  They decided to go to an early movie together.  The folks had their own shindig and said that they would be back very late but reminded us that they expected us to be mature enough to follow the rules even in their absence.  Of course, we both promised to do so.

Right after dinner, Kirk told me not to wait up for him since they planed to play some games after the movie.  Of course, that was exactly what I planed to do hoping to catch him coming in late and having a good reason to spank him.  Alas, that's not what happened.  The party was great and I got home late.  I figured since it was not yet Kirk's curfew, I was safe.  What I would soon learn was that there had been a fire and the arcade was closed so he got home early.

When I walked in our room, he greeted me: "So you decided to come home after all, Joey."  I was flippant back.  That got Kirk riled up and he immediately snapped back at me.  "That's a pretty bad attitude, Joey.  I'll bet that Uncle will not only spank you but even make your curfew earlier for betraying his trust."

Suddenly, I was on the defensive.  After a couple of minutes, he had backed me into the corner.  "I won't tell your Dad about your lateness … if …" he said with a huge smirk, "… you are properly punished with a good hard spanking … now … by me."  Reluctantly I agreed.  This was definitely not the way things were supposed to happen.

Soon I was standing in front of him and getting lectured.  He was even better at it than Dad was.  I was feeling pretty shitty as he took my pants down before pulling me over his lap.  Just like Nick had explained, he locked me into position and started to spank me.  I could not believe it.  He even spanked harder than Dad spanked.  Over and over his hand came crashing down on my butt and each spank generated a pain wave that reverberated through my entire body.  I was howling like a little kid until I broke down and began to blubber.  I'm ashamed to say that soon I was bawling.  By the time he stopped I was a very well spanked little boy with a red-hot tail and a great deal of respect for my cousin.

When Kirk evicted me from his lap, I dropped to my knees and found myself face to face – but with his little head.  His hairy manhood was erect and, close up in my face, huge.  It was hypnotic.  I was staring and my mouth was agape (or so my cousin told me later).  He didn't have any trouble guiding my head to engulf his hard rod.  Soon I was sucking and being face fucked.  I had thoughts that I didn't want to do this but absolutely no will to resist.  It was not long before Kirk exploded sending a sweet load of hot youth cream into my mouth and down my throat before I knew what was happening.  "That's my good little boy." was all I could hear as this was happening.

A little later, in bed I tried to understand what had happened.  It was not very clear except my cousin had turned me into a bawling baby and cock sucker.  As I gradually drifted into dreamland, the horror was that it seemed like this was the way things should be – with Kirk in charge because he's much more of a man than I.

I could hardly face him in the morning but he forced me to.  He first asked how my "little red bottom" felt.

"And that is how it going to feel every time you mess up, little cousin." he said with a big smile.  "Now I understand why you have rules like a ten-year-old because you act like one.  From now on I AM IN CHARGE!  Understand, little boy?"  He paused and then like he suddenly remembered added: "Oh yea, you're to take out the garbage everyday from now on."  Hell that was the baby's job which I had shifted to him the day after he had arrived.

I nodded weakly just like a little boy being reminded how things are.  Then he went on to explain that I would have the great pleasure of his cock in me as often as possible.  Strangely, that did not sound horrible.

* * * * * * * * * *

"Joey, Sit still.  You're fidgeting like you were just spanked." said Dad at the breakfast table.  I turned red and didn't have the vaguest idea of what to say so I tried to sit still.

Unfortunately, Kirk was just bubbling over with words.  "That's because he was, Uncle.  He came in late last night so I spanked him good and proper."  Dad was shocked and did not speak for a while and then asked me if that was true.

"Yes, sir." I said softly.  What else could I say.  One look at my tail Dad would know that I had been spanked and who else could have done it.  It was clear that Dad was confused by the situation and just gave a noncommittal grunt.  Kirk looked extremely smug while I continue to sit on twin stop lights.  It was a little latter that Dad praised Kirk for being so mature adding that he understood why his rules were so much more permissive than mine were and was glad that he trusted his brother's judgement.

Kirk quite surprised us by asking Dad if we could go to watch the major league baseball game some day during the week.  "It's quite easy to take the train and subway right to the stadium.  Dad said I might if you approved and I didn't go alone, Uncle."  I was, dumbfounded although pleasantly surprised when Dad agreed.  We worked out the details and agreed to return right after the game.  When I told Nick, he wanted to join us as did Wayne.  Their folks agreed but then Nick couldn't go so it was just the three of us.

It was great going without any parent-like grown up guys.  Nick, Wayne and I were amazed that we allowed do it and wanted to know the secret from Kirk of getting permission.  "It's just being grown up and being responsible." he explained.  The game was good and our team won.  Afterward I wanted to go to the interesting part of town to see it.  The two of them actually had to drag me back to the train station so that we would keep our word.  I sulked all the way home even though they were lecturing me and when we got there, they both yelled at me.

We had a couple of hours to be alone and they all insisted that I should be spanked for being irresponsible and jeopardizing future excursions.  Kirk gave me a final lecture as he opened my jeans with Wayne watching and quickly got me starkers.  They sat on two kitchen chairs with their knees alternating and got me over the double lap.  It was impossible to fall off and easy for them to hold me down.  Then they started to spank me.  They were quite angry and spanked very long and hard causing me to yell and bawl just like the first time Kirk spanked me.  Over and over they brought their hands crashing down on my unprotected and fully exposed butt.  They spanked me long and hard for trying to put at risk their expectations for more trips.  When they were finished, they parked me in the corner to contemplate my terrible behavior.  This time Wayne, as well as Kirk, saw me bawling like a baby.

I was sent to shower and bed as soon as I was released from the corner and Wayne left.  After Kirk showered he sat on my bed and pulled back the sheet and blanket and began to talk.  He reiterated his displeasure and told me that my hot red tail was affecting him just like it did the male adult baboons he saw on the TV so he had to fuck it.  I tried to dissuade him but he was most persistent.  He got between my legs and kept me down with one hand pressed on my back while he got his lube covered other hand into my butt.  Because he was gentle, I accepted what he was doing with only minimal objections which, to be honest, gave way to some excited anticipation.  When he mounted me he slipped in painlessly and then got a good grip on my shoulders before fucking me hard like he spanked.

It was a definitely a new sensation and I was loving it although I don't know why.  He did not take long before he exploded in me but immediately continued and then I had an orgasm even without playing with my peepee.  (That's what he said I must call it.)  After he came a second time, he went off to his own bed.

* * * * * * * * * *

Before the summer was half over, Kirk was officially in charge with spanking authority over me.  That was granted after the ball game fiasco as Dad was delighted that Kirk was keeping me in line.  In short, I had a babysitter who was two years younger than I and who had more privileges even before that.  I was not allowed to be alone very much and Kirk enlisted both Nick and Wayne as his assistants.  That did enable us to do more stuff but turned out to have an unpleasant long term consequence.

At the end of summer, Kirk returned home and I thought that I would be a free agent once again.  That was not, to my great sorrow, to be.  My folks had decided that I was far too immature to be without supervision so Nick was made my regular watcher.  That really was not a problem since we were buddies and did a lot of stuff together.  There were times that he wanted to do other stuff, so he enlisted his brother, Wayne, to take his place.

Wayne was delighted with this situation.  He had tremendous authority over a high school boy while he was still in middle school.  Although he was technically fair he was super strict for he delighted in taking my pants down and roasting my tail to a blazing cherry red.  At first he used only his hand but soon decided that I was getting too big for such a childish implement and moved onto a flip-flop.  These were readily available and enabled him to deliver a more through spanking without any risk to his own hand and all the pain and color would be in my little boy bottom as he called it.

The first couple of times he used that flip-flop I was howling within a couple of minutes from the pain.  He never had any trouble reducing me to blubbering mess in just two shakes of a lamb's tail.  He even stopped putting me over his lap if he was in a rush but just yanked down my pants and made me bend over for a good hard whacking.  Just like Kirk had, he found my red-hot tail most exciting and always managed to prove what a man he was by fucking me.

My folks were most favorably impressed by how much my behavior improved once Wayne was watching over me.  I apparently obeyed him better than anyone else.  He never gave me any slack in his super strict monitoring.  I guess that I knew that if I did not want a sore butt, I had better behave properly.

My delight in starting to grow pubes long after my classmates was very short lived.  Wayne noticed that I started to change and especially that I was claiming that I was becoming a man.  One day right after he spanked me, he smeared some cream on my little start of a bush before he had his way with me.  Once it was too late to stop its action, he explained: "Joey, you still act like a little kid, so you are not entitled to have any grown up hair."  I appealed to Dad but he decided that it was up to Wayne to decide the issue.  He kept me that way for more than a year.

It wasn't until I was sixteen that I was allowed to have the sort of rules that Kirk had when he visited and then I knew that I had better be very careful to prevent my tail being roasted.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. April 2, 2013

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