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Summer in the Wilderness


The summer I was twelve-years-old I was exiled to the wilderness.  To be precise to Aunt Margaret's house in the country to stay with her and my cousins, Stacy and Billy.  My fervent wishes to stay in the city with my friends and tons of stuff to do were ignored.  I was told a lot of things – many sounding like threats and of dire consequences if I did not accept the decree.  I already had hair about my cock but that was not any help in my struggles with my parents.  A year or two earlier – before my balls dropped – I would have been more docile but not now.  It seemed strange to me that I was old enough to take a six hour train trip by myself but not old enough to hang out in my own neighborhood.  I did love that part as I felt so grown up traveling by myself.  Incidentally, the scenery along the river was fantastic.  Of course, I had to ignore the fact that I was practically checked like my bag had been although I rode in a passenger car rather than the baggage car.

I was picked up by all three of them as it was some ​twenty miles​ (​thirty two km​) to their little village.  Their trip to the "big town" was not just to pick me up but to shop.  My cousin Stacy was a pretty young lady of seventeen with curves in all the right places while Billy looked like a rosy-cheeked little boy in shorts rather than a manly fourteen-year-old country boy who could survive weeks alone in the woods with just his Swiss army knife for company.

It was after we had finished dinner that I got my first shock.  Auntie casually said: "Stacy take Dylan upstairs and give him his bath.  Billy you can wait in your room for your turn."  Both my cousins got up so I did also.

"Aunt Margaret," I said politely, "I'm been bathing myself for years now.  I don't need to trouble Stacy any."  I got snapped at even before the words could echo in the small room and immediately it got worse!  Auntie jumped up, grabbed me and sat down again.  In a flash she had opened my jeans and yanked them down and flipped me over her lap.  Before I know what was happening she was spanking me hard.  She was a tough country woman – not a weakling (like I though cousin Billy was) – and her spanks hurt.  It took great effort not to howl and cry like a baby but I wanted to be a man about this.  Of course, my boxers did not offer any protection whatsoever except to my modesty.  It definitely was a red hot welcome to the family and, obviously, Auntie wanted everything her way immediately.

"Come along, Dylan." said Stacy sweetly taking my hand and pulling me towards the stairs as I pulled up my jeans.  Billy gave me a helpful push.  There was nothing to do but go.  Once in the bathroom, Stacy started the water and told me to undress and get into the tub.  I noticed that there was not any shower.  I was half washed when she returned and complimented me on that.  "See, I can wash myself." I said smugly.© YLeeCoyote

"I'll do your back." she said nicely taking the washcloth and proceeding.  Well, there are a lot of worse things than a pretty young lady washing one's back and I actually enjoyed it.  She then had me lift my legs one at a time to wash them and finally told me to stand so she could do my middle.  I tried to protest but I was soon standing after being warned how imminent another spanking could be.  She did my butt and then started on my front.  Well, you can guess what happened – my boner instantly turned into a major hard on when she started washing my dick with her soapy hand.  She certainly knew how to wash a guy's stuff.

I was about to apologize for being rampant but she spoke first.  "My – you are a BIG boy, Cuz." which brought a smile to my face.  Then she yelled to her brother: "Billy – bring your school ruler in here.  I want to measure Dylan's dick."  I nearly fell over.  In just seconds Billy was there with the ruler and she held it next to my shaft.  "​Seven inches​ (​Eighteen cm​)." she exclaimed while Billy was staring with saucer-like eyes.  "You're definitely man-sized already cousin." she told me and then added to her brother: "That's a way lot more than you got little brother and he's got a big bush also."  As she spoke, I could see Billy start to blush and even seem to shrink from embarrassment.  Well, they were surprised at my maturity and I was at that revelation since it explained why Billy looked like a little boy – he was a little boy!

I got out of the tub and Stacy dried me off while the water drained and was replaced.  By then Billy had stripped and was getting into the tub.  I saw with my own eyes that he was still just a hairless little boy, with only a boy's equipment and at fourteen still being washed by his big sister.

Although it was a rural house, it was not big, so because of the limited space, Billy's single bed had been replaced by a double bed for us to share.  When Billy had finished in the bath, Stacy tucked us into bed together.  Billy had only one thing on his mind as soon as we were alone.  He wanted to examine my man-sized equipment and he wasted no time getting started with his explorations.  Just like I had with his sister, I fully boned up for him as soon as he got his hands on me.  Of course, he was extremely jealous of my development as he was two years older yet years behind in starting puberty.

I was enjoying hearing his longing and admiring remarks about how big I was and that he was playing with my dick.  Most unselfishly, I quickly decided that I would let him enjoy it and gently encouraged him to lick it.  I expected and hoped, of course, that he would soon be sucking my dick.  I was right.  He was pretty good at it and I soon rewarded him with a big load of hot splooge which he greedily sucked down to my delight.  Then he thanked me for my generosity.  He explained that he often sucked his sister's boyfriends because they told him that "it would help him to get hairs and grow."  I promised that I would help him as much as I could.  He was most grateful for my generosity.  "Remember that we are family and it is my duty to help you." I told him.  You can be sure that by now I had changed my mind about having to share a bed.

Billy did not know much about human sexuality and when he saw that I was hard in the morning, asked about having some more splooge.  I barely said "Sure." before he was at my dick like he was a hungry calf just offered a swollen teat.  It was a most delightful way to start the day.

I learnt another lesson once we went for breakfast.  Billy did not get dressed explaining that he never did for breakfast and that I shouldn't either.  My aunt was not pleased at all.  She grabbed a big wooden spoon from the counter, pushed me over a chair and went at my bare ass with a will.  As she beat me with it, she yelled that I must never run about the house naked like a little boy.  "Yes, Aunt Margaret." I yelled.  As soon as she released me, I ran upstairs and dressed.  I hoped that she would treat me as a young man now rather than as a little boy like she did Billy.

After breakfast, Billy got dressed and took me out to see the village and to met his friends.  He asked me not to tell them of my special generosity as they might scoff and I agreed.  The village was extremely small with fewer people than in just a block in the city.  Of course, there was not anything to do.

After dinner we hung about for a while and when it was bedtime I learnt that although I was to big to run about naked I was not big enough to bathe myself so that Stacy would help me again.  I did not object as I now knew that Stacy would make it fun and if I objected I would get spanked.  She did not disappoint me in the least for this time she washed and washed my rampant cock until I shot.  It was great!  I immediately had thoughts of fucking her and realized that Billy would have to be satisfied with a smaller load this evening.

Billy was most enthusiastic about getting as much of my spunk as he could to kick start his puberty.  I sure had never heard anything of the sort (except from my cousin) but I certainly wouldn't deprive him of my spunk if that is what he wanted.  Admittedly, it certainly made me feel great each time.  After a few days, I made up a story of my own.  "Cuz, there's an even better way that my spunk can help you." I told him.  Naturally, he was super eager to know and I explained that it could be deposited closer to the target but still inside and I patted his butt.  "Some guys might think this was queer rather than a medical treatment so I was shy to mention it until I saw that you really wanted help.  It's completely up to you and I won't say another word about it."

I did not have to say another word to my lagging cousin.  He quickly got the petroleum jelly and was insisting that he wanted my spunk where it would be most effective.  So a few minutes later, I had my fingers covered with grease and stuck into his butt hole so I could fuck him without hurting him.  When he was very relaxed and dilated, I replaced my fingers with my rock hard cock and quickly drove it deep into him.  Then I slowly fucked him until I released my load deep inside him.  We lost our virginities together although I did not tell him this.  Almost every night after that, I generously deposited a load in my most grateful cousin before we went to sleep so he could get the maximum benefit.  We both felt very good about it.

Once I had began to feed Billy my spunk both fore and aft, he really couldn't do anything but look up to me as the leader for I was the stronger and dominant male, especially since he was pretty wimpy to start with.  Back home, I normally followed the lead of guys two years older but Billy was different.  I'm pleased that my aunt noticed her baby boy's admiration for me because she was treating both of us like ten-year-old boys.  My hope was that she would treat me as more mature than her son even though he was older.  It certainly was worth that spanking for her to see that I was well on my way to manhood.

Billy messed up frequently enough so as to get himself spanked every few days while I managed to follow her rules and avoid being spanked.  Sometimes my aunt would be busy and tell Stacy to spank him.  I had been there a couple of weeks when he displeased her again.  "I don't have time to spank you now, boy.  I have to finish this up for my meeting." she said sharply.

"Aunt Margaret, I can take care of that unpleasant chore for you and Billy won't have to wait." I said helpfully (and very hopefully).

Much to my delight she agreed.  "Oh, that would be good, Dylan.  You are so much more mature than Billy."

Seconds later I was leading a surprised Billy up to our room for a real male-to-male spanking.  When I ordered him to strip he did so immediately, just like he did for his mother and sister.  I sat on the bed and got him over my lap.  A few spanks and his little boy bottom started to turn red.  I kept at it for some time until he was sobbing.  That did not satisfy me and I continued to spank him very hard until he was bawling properly.  I found that it was most arousing and I quickly got a huge hardon.  I pushed him aside so he was only partly on the bed and then I let my pants down.  I had to relive that pressure and I did so by driving my hard rod deep between his glowing bum cheeks.  It was terrific.

When he had stopped crying, I made him stand up for while and after he stopped leaking, I sent him off to apologize to his mommy.  I was certain that she would check that I did a proper job roasting his naughty bottom.  She did not complain and that meant that she was pleased.  I was sure that Billy would look up to me even more.  I was hoping that Auntie would have me spank Billy a lot more since it was great fun.

One thing I was hoping to get to do was to decide on my own to spank Billy rather than just doing because Auntie told me to.  The opportunity presented itself one Saturday morning.  Right after breakfast, Auntie gave Billy a talking to which can be summed up in just one sentence: "Billy, I've been telling you for days to clean up your mess like Dylan has his.  Now, you better get it done today or you'll go to bed early – with a red hot bottom and miss your party."  Billy was left alone to tend to his chore while Auntie visited some friend, Stacy went to plot with her girl friends and I went jogging as I was planing to join the track team in the fall.

When I got back, I found Billy was watching cartoons and ignoring his chore.  "How childish can he get?" I thought as I turned off the TV and started to lecture him.  As obvious as it was, apparently he had forgotten that he had to do this chore in particular to go to the party rather than bawl after a spanking.  I saw three possibilities: Finish the clean up (fat chance that would happen as things were); wait for Auntie to return and give him as good hard spanking (almost a sure thing since I saw lots of them); getting him over my knee for a motivational spanking to get him to do the required clean up (definitely a wonderful idea).

Billy won't chose so I made the choice for him.  I sat down and pulled him over my lap and gave him a few hard spanks to get his attention.  As he started to complain (a.k.a. backtalk) I got his pants down and resumed the spanking.  It was great fun watching his butt turn red and hear him howl because of my spanking him.  I kept it reasonable and after stopping even pulled up his pants.  "OK, Billy, now get to work and finish before your Mommy comes home and really gives you a spanking and prevents you from going to the party.

I was pleasantly surprised at the result.  The little boy got to work and within an hour finished.  Later when Auntie returned, I made Billy tell how I motivated him.  I added to the explanation that I thought he should be allowed to go to his party.  Auntie agreed.  Later that evening, she showed signs that it might be good if I had more formal control over immature Billy.  I knew that would be a help if Stacy was in favor of the idea (and also good for her since it meant she would have less to do).  That agreement, however, was neither immediate nor without cost.

Stacy demanded two things from me before she would encourage Auntie to grant me authority over Billy.  First, I had to agree that she had full authority over me.  That meant she would set my rules, bathe me (with delightful extras) as she wished and, of course, spank me as required.  I asked her to promise to be reasonable and she agreed that was fair.  Second, I had to accept a spanking immediately.  It would be for being my being "uppity" and thus needing to learn my place.  I surrendered to her right away.  In truth, I really thought that I wasn't giving up much that wasn't already in the cards.

She promised me the rules for the next day and started by giving me a bath.  I was used to that already so it went pretty smoothly and I actually enjoyed it especially when she washed and jerked my cock.  I was feeling fine with all this and she took me to her room to spank me.  Even though I was cooperating, she decided to tie my wrists together behind my back before getting me over her lap.  "This way you will experience my control even more."  She was right about that.  I expected a hard spanking and she gave me one.  A few warm-up spanks with her hand and then she switched to using an old sneaker which was most effective.  It was a long spanking and eventually I broke and cried like a little boy.

She had me stretched out on her bed after that and as I sobbed she clipped off my pubes with a small scissors.  Then she put some shaving cream on me and used a safety razor to get the stubble leaving me baby smooth.  "I don't want you to forget that you are still a LITTLE BOY under MY CONTROL, Dylan." she explained.  I was sure that I would not have forgotten that even with my pubes intact but now I was sure.  She had one more surprise for she went down on me.  She was not experienced like her brother but she tried and I managed to reward her with my splooge.  Needless to say, I loved that she did that and she explained that she did not like it with hair.  It was a trade off I guess.  Of course, I had to play by her rules which made it more exciting.

The rules I got the next day were reasonable and she even supplied a suggested set for Billy which I adopted.  Billy felt better with me smooth like he was.  Stacy called us her two smooth boys.

After that things were pretty smooth.  Stacy left me alone for the most part although she bathed, shaved and blew me weekly.  Naturally, I still got plenty of sex from Billy.  I really wished that he would grow up and start puberty soon for his own sake.  I did feel good about being in charge of him and I spanked him several more times.

The summer wasn't as bad as it could have been.  It took a few weeks for my pubes to grow back but since most of the other guys at school didn't have any it did not attract attention.  I had lots of wonderful memories to jerk off to thinking about my cousins.  It was definitely thrilling to think about dominating Billy who was older but just as much so to surrender to Stacy.  I'm really confused now – am I a top or a bottom; am I straight, gay or bi?

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. April 11, 2013

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