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The following story is fiction about a parental strapping.  The story contains a scene of a strapping of youths and of armed robbery.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

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Supermarket Heist Goes Awry


Keith and Kory were closer than twins although they were just cousins who shared a birthday.  They lived far apart – one near Alice Springs and the other in Melbourne.  They were both smart and athletic and although fiercely competitive totally sharing with each other.  For years they spent summers with each other, alternating yearly who would visit whom.

All summer they would teach and coach the other in the intricacies of all the activities boys do so they each mastered both city and country activities.  On the day in question, they had been honing their skills – with boomerangs and skateboards.

Earlier in the evening, they had been working with the boomerangs.  Actually, the non-returning kind, aka throwing sticks, which traditionally were used for hunting running game.  They were quite confident of their skills for they had been practicing using an abandoned, half-demolished shed.  The remaining wall of wood was the perfect target.  No one cared about it and they could mark it with targets to determine their accuracy with chalked weapons.  Although it was impenetrable by their weapons they did make marks to determine their accuracy without damaging them.

To work on their skateboarding skills they used the parking lot of the large supermarket.  After midnight, there were only a few customers so that the parking lot was practically empty and they had a large, well lite surface to practice on.

It was almost one AM when they decided to take a break from their intense practice.  They rolled over to the entrance, flipped up their boards and carried then inside.  They also held their boomerangs in the same hands.  They were too valuable to leave unattended.  They had gotten their snacks and drinks and were heading for the checkout when they learnt of the crime in progress.  Two armed and masked men had gotten the drop on the money collection squad and were taking the receipts.  They were ordered, along with the other patrons to stay back.© YLeeCoyote

Neither had any doubt what they should do.  Fifteen year old boys know that they are invulnerable.  Keith whispered to Kory to get ready to throw his weapon when the second hand of the large clock reached the two.  "You get the one in black and I'll get the other."  Kory nodded his agreement.  The instant came and they simultaneously launched their throwing sticks.

A second later, there were screams from the robbers as the two throwing sticks hit the targets hard enough to disable them.  The two yelled: "ARREST THOSE CROOKS!"

The store security and the money collection teams jumped into action.  They quickly overpowered the robbers and secured them.  The boys were still being praised for their heroic actions when the police arrived to arrest the robbers.  The officers immediately recognized the pair as the Nelon gang.  The police were delighted as the pair was wanted for committing several other crimes.

The boys' father/uncle was just as unhappy as Peter's grandfather when he heard the morning news.  "Do you remember the show that I took you to last month?" he asked.

"Oh, yes.  Peter and the Wolf.  It was lots of fun."

"What was the lesson from the Grandpa in it?"  Neither boy could answer.

Dad explained that at the end Grandpa said: "Well, well. But what if he didn't catch the wolf?  What then, eh?"

The boys began to understand.  Their father/uncle gave them some praise but a lot more grief for taking a big risk.  "But what if either you had missed.  The crooks would have shot you and others."

The boys suddenly were studying the floor having a terrible feeling what was about to happen.  Their fears were quite justified for they were ordered:  "Go to your room and get ready.  I'll be up in a few minutes."

Upstairs, they knew what was expected and immediately stripped and lay next to each other on the bed with their butts stuck out.  They were not kept waiting long.  The man first strapped his son and then his nephew.  They each got ten hard cuts from the thick, heavy strap which turned their butts fiery hot.  They were proud that they did not cry although they shared a cold shower to try to cool the internal fires.  "But we did NOT miss and they were arrested." they told each other proudly.  Their friends admired them.

A few weeks later, the boys' college funds got a big boost when they received the large reward for the capture of the pair: Leslie The Killer Nelon and his son, Junior.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. June 15, 2012

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