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The following story is fiction about CP and sex between brothers.  The story contains scenes of spanking, paddling and gay sex.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

A premise in this story relies on a meme and stereotypes about how sailors and marines behave especially when shipmates.  The author does not endorse such gross generalities but found it to be a useful plot element.  Please do not take offense at a fictional story.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

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Sweet Revenge


I despise my older brother because he mistreats me.  Willie is three years older than I and because he has a larger body has always been able to mistreat me.  Last June he graduated (barely) from Union High School and enlisted in the marines as that was his best option.  Our parents are looking forward to his getting leave and returning home for a few days.  Frankly, I'm not anxious at all because he now knows all sorts of physical fighting things that they teach in boot camp that he did not know before.  Nasty things that he can use on me as part of his bullying.

I was chatting with one of my internet buddies, Drake, and mentioned how I was dreading my brother's homecoming.  "Maybe he has changed for the better." he said being very optimistic.

"That a delightful thought but I really doubt it." I replied and added a few LOL's.  It was not pleasant growing up especially since he always had a three-year advantage on me and it was worse once he started puberty.  As I hinted at above he was not the sharpest knife in the drawer and was not the jock of choice by a long shot on any of the teams either.  The label 'dumb jock' for him would be fair.  As you can imagine he made me call him "Sir" and "Master" and ordered me about whenever he could.

If I was too slow to follow his orders or he found fault with me (the one thing he excelled at) then he would spank me.

Before puberty, his favorite sport was spanking me.  He managed to get me alone frequently so our parents would not see.  If I could not run away, he would take down both my pants and underpants and haul me over his lap.  Then he would pound away at my butt with his hand.  All the while he would crow about how he loved seeing his hand prints and then how I was turning pink and eventually becoming apple red butt.  I eventually learnt that the best thing to do once I was caught was to cry.  That really pleased him and he would stop.  After puberty, he found sexual ways to torment me.  Although they never stopped, once I went though that change and grew a larger mantool he backed away.© YLeeCoyote

Of course, his size advantage diminished in the last couple of years but he has put on muscle in the marines as shown in the photos he sent to the 'rents which I can't match.  I can only hope for the best.

* * * * * * * * * *

Today the great 'war' hero returned.  He has not really seen combat (fortunately) but only a few months in boot camp with screaming DI's.  His unit was given a week trip on a cruiser as they needed bodies in uniform for some event.  One would think he participated at Guadalcanal from his (illiterate) emails about his hardships in training.  It was immediately evident he had not really changed from the way he was strutting about in his chevron free uniform.  Physically he looks great but he is still the same asshole that he has always been.

I tried to be nice but it did not help.  When it was lights out or should I say taps he yelled at me for not calling him 'Sir' as he was a member of the USMC.  He decided on immediate punishment which meant a spanking.  He grabbed me and I could actually tell that he was stronger and yanked me over his lap.  I yelled for him to let me go but he just laughed and yanked down my boxers while he held my wrists together to keep me in place.  It was immediately evident that struggling was useless so I stopped to minimize annoying him.

Then he started to spank me with his large hand.  He spanked hard.  Very hard!  Each and every spank hurt.  He found it funny.  "This is where we left off, little brother." he crowed and spanked me some more.  It was easy to cry as the spanks really hurt.  He stopped and said: "Good night, boy.  Go to bed."

I quickly scurried away and as I was getting under the covers, said: "Good night, Sir."  I tried to think of some way to get even or at least to stop the abuse but I just tossed and turned for hours.

* * * * * * * * * *

The next day I told Drake about how Willie had not changed.  He said I should not whine but was sympathetic.  More important he had come across a meme that might help.  "Your bro is a recent boot camp 'inmate'.  Well, I heard 'Sailors fuck, marines suck.'  Has something to do with the intense obedience training in boot camp which sailors don't get.  The result is that the new grunts go down and the sailors top and enjoy."

We chatted a while and worked things out.  I couldn't stop looking at my white hat from the Sea Scouts that was exactly like those used by the navy.  I had even worn the uniform to a costume party the previous week.  I made some plans assuming that the sailors had taken advantage of the new marines including my brother and had happily gotten their rocks off.

* * * * * * * * * *

I was glad that Willie wore his uniform when he went out to impress some of his friends for that was part of the plan.  I was in my sea scout uniform which is very similar to these of actual sailors.  I was waiting to pounce when he got back.

Here where I got a boost that I never expected.  He didn't actually come home but was brought home by one kind deputy because he and his buds were disturbing the peace and was tipsy.  He was lucky he was not arrested and since he knew that he was subdued.  I promised the deputy that I would tell dad everything.  But that was for later as now was time for my plan.

"OK grunt, it's time for some action.  Get down and open my fly, ASAP!  It's time for your protein snack."  Willie was confused and did not obey.  "You looking to spend some time in the stockade for insubordination?  You just got an order so snap to it, you worthless grunt." I yelled at him in my best imitation of a DI (based on movies I've seen).

Willie paused a few seconds but then those months of intense training at boot camp and the extra attention of the sailors on the cruiser took over.  He dropped to his knees in front of me and opened my fly.  My hard dick popped out and hit him in the face.  I was going commando so no skivvies to get in the way or be a distraction.  He recovered and immediately took my fuck pole into his mouth and began to suck.  He did a poor job but I helped by grabbing and controlling his head.

"NO TEETH!" I snapped.  It was much better after that.  Everything was keeping me fully aroused and I quickly released my load deep into this throat which rapidly slid down to his stomach.  I felt better for having taken his loads many times in the past.  I pulled out to recharge and deal with more aspects of the past which needed some payback as well.

"Drop 'em and assume the position.  You're getting paddled to teach you to remember about not to bite."

"YES, SIR!" he replied.  I was relived that he now had the submissive and obedient boot camp mind set.  Seconds later, he was bent over with his ugly butt up in position.

I picked up the paddle and went for it.  I swung hard and he yelled even for the first WHACK.  I was delighted and my cock hardened.  Over and over I swung the paddle and soon his butt was bright red.  I was delighted.

There is but one thing to do with a bright red target like I was seeing.  I easily tore open a condom packet and rolled it on.  I stepped up to his ass, grabbed his hips and pressed forward with my rampant spear.  There was some resistance but there was the lube on the condom.  I rammed in.  He yelled but took it.  I fucked hard.  After a while I exploded.  It was fantastic.  Willie came also even without jerking.

I went to bed knowing the rest of his visit was going to be good.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. October 30, 2019

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