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The following story is fiction about a spanking demonstration in a spanking club.  The story contains scenes of spanking and paddling.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

On the site, the artist Zekel established a community project 48 Spanking Positions described at  The object was to illustrate many spanking positions.  The first step was to create the members of the Traditional Discipline Research Club who would be used in the action images either by the creator or others.  This short story illustrates two positions and uses two of the created characters.  All the drawings are shown at

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

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Traditional Discipline Research Club
Spank Club Face Off


At exactly fifteen seconds after the hour, Mariko Nooya, the president of the Traditional Discipline Research Club (TDRC) banged her gavel for order.  The clubroom was full with an eager crowd because the guest speaker was not only well known but extremely popular.  Attendance was high so only club members had been allowed into the crowded room.  After a few routine remarks, Mariko immediately got down to the unpleasant announcement.  The eagerly expected guest speaker was not going to be there.  He had been up north and was now trapped on a train which was an hour away because the one and only bridge was stuck open.  Everyone was safe but, he would have to reschedule.

The members' feelings of a letdown was immediately palpable even as the audible sounds of disappointment died down.  Mariko had to pound her gavel for long time to restore order and continue with the meeting.  "Unfortunately, since we only learnt of his disaster an hour ago, it was not possible to arrange for a substitute speaker."  The group sighed once again.  Several started to pickup their backpacks to leave.  "The Activities Committee has decided that we shall have a spanking demonstration and then some discussion about it."  That immediately changed the atmosphere.  Demonstrations were always great fun especially when only club members were present.

"Let's see who the computer has selected." she continued and checked her smart phone.  The computer was programmed to text her so that everyone would be surprised by the picks.  "The first volunteer is…" she paused as she looked at her screen.  "The first volunteer is my fellow paddle lover and charter member – Felix Goldstein."  A happy murmur rippled through the room.  Everyone knew Felix.  A fourth year, seventeen-year-old who carried a paddle in his backpack so that he would be ready on a moment's notice.

Then the second thoughts rushed through many minds.  The smaller, younger and less experienced suddenly feared for their tender bottoms.  Refusal was not possible.  Actually, refusal was possible but then the spanking would be non-consensual and membership would be revoked.  As things got quiet again, Mariko advanced to the second text message from the computer.  "The second volunteer is Terry Saunders."  Terry was also a popular jaunty seventeen-year-old fourth year student with an iron palm which was his favorite implement.

Even before anything could happen, the mode of the crowed changed.  These two were heavy weights in the TDRC.  Whatever they did would be good.  There wouldn't be any little love taps like a guy might give his date.  They were both varsity rank not tenderfoots.  All eyes were on the two as they joined the green-haired president on the dais.  A couple of members quickly cleared the space leaving only a traditional straight back chair should it be requested and the podium to the side.  Several in the audience wished that they were off campus so that other props could be used but this was back to basics.© YLeeCoyote

Felix was, naturally, carrying his [in]famous paddle.  In fact, he was trying to intimidate the casual Terry for he was tapping his left hand with it.  Terry did seem to mind at all, for they both stood tall as they swaggered to the dais.  The question on everyone's mind was who would spank whom?  And, of course, how – hand, belt, paddle – and bare or not?  If the club rules had not required everyone to remain seated, there would have been a mob around them.  As it was many members had their hands in their crotches making strategic adjustments and scratching the itches.

The two stood nose-to-nose trying to establish dominance over the other.  Neither blinked and Mariko had them settle it with a coin flip.  Terry won and Felix was to get it.

"Bring that chair front and center, Goldstein.  And lose the paddle – it's for wimps anyway." barked Terry.  Felix knew that he had to take whatever Terry was planning or he would lose face and be in disgrace.  He walked to the rear and placed his paddle on the floor.  He then brought the chair front and center.  Terry was grinning like the cat digesting the canary.  Standing together once again, Terry got into Felix's face by 'lecturing' him like an irate father does to a wayward son.  He did, however, get to the objective quickly.  He yanked open Felix's belt and then opened his pants.  It was easy to slip them down to his ankles leaving Felix's undies exposed to all.

"Would he remove those as well?" all wondered.  The thin fabric would not make any difference in the spanking effect.  They did not have to wait very long for the answer.  Terry sat down and then quickly inserted his thumbs into the waistband and lowered the undies to Felix's shins.  All the club members could see Felix's hard curved buns and knew that soon they would be red thanks to Terry's administrations.  Terry, at this minute, was the only one who could see Felix's equipment and noted that it did not show any sign of fear.

A gentle nudge and Felix fell over Terry's lap and into the classical OTK position.  This time it was not big father and little son but two teen peers who were both friends and rivals.  Terry had a different view of Felix than he had in the past.  He had seen this most spankable bottom in the showers after gym but the two had never gotten together except in class and at meetings of The Club.  Not in any rush, Terry caressed the firm muscular buns for a while before raising his hand and bringing it down sharply on the target with a loud smack.  He admired his hand print as it formed.

Terry repeated the spank on the other cheek with identical results.  Felix was being stoic and remained silent.  Over and over Terry raised up his hand and brought it down on Felix's butt so conveniently located.  Soon the target was bright red.  Terry could not help wondering if his hand hurt more than Felix's tail did and he stopped.  Terry helped Felix stand and he showed off his well-spanked ass to the club members.  The two were given a rousing round of applause.  Many took advantage to note what Felix normally kept hidden in his pants.  Later there were disagreements as to whether or not he was fully erect.  However, there was not any question that the spanking had not taken the starch out of his rod.

After Felix pulled up his pants and the two shook hands, the President thanked the two for a fine demonstration of the most classical of all the spanking positions.  Then the Club discussed what had transpired.  It was noted that Felix sat as still as Terry did at the table.  As was the club's custom after an hour, they took a short break for refreshments.

* * * * * * * * * *

As soon as they reassembled Felix invoked Rule 39.  That allowed the volunteered spankee to turn the tables and to spank his spanker.  The Club members were ecstatic for this meant that they would get to enjoy another top grade spanking.  Terry, even if he had the right, could never back away for it would mean disgrace and expulsion.

The table was quickly cleared as Felix directed.  Once again Felix was toying with his paddle and it was he, rather than Terry, who was smiling.  Trying his best to sound like an annoyed vice-principal, Felix snapped: "OK, Saunders, that will be six pops.  You know the drill – drop your pants and bend over my 'desk' and grab the far side."

Of course, Terry did know the drill so he stood by the 'desk' and dropped both his pants and undies.  He was not going to let Felix win points by being evasive.  He bent over the table cum desk and gripped the far side.  He did not expect love taps and braced himself for the upcoming assault.

"Ready, Sir." he barked showing that he too was stoic.

Felix checked his position and raised the paddle.  Then he brought it crashing down on the pert target with a loud WHACK.  Everyone saw Terry's ass turn bright red where the paddle had connected.

"One, Sir.  Thank you, Sir." Terry snapped arrogantly.  That only made Felix smile as he delivered the second pop and then the third.  Each got the proper response from Terry who now had a very red left butt check.  Felix shifted positions so that he was on the other side of his target.  Still using his right hand to hold the paddle he delivered three backhand pops to the target that were just as hard as his forehand pops.

"That's it, boy.  You may get dressed now."  Terry stood up, resisted the temptation to rub his hot tail and raised his pants to their proper position.  Again the two shook hands exchanging strong grips as the dais was reset for the discussion.  "You took that very well."  The Club members were admiring Terry just as they had Felix an hour earlier.  There was another round of applause.

The President again thanked the pair for an excellent demonstration of an in-school vice-principal's paddling of an errant lad prior to the discussion.  Neither Terry's nor Felix's could concentrate for each sensed that he had unfinished business with the other.  As soon as they could they slipped away after the meeting for some quality time privately together.

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© Copyright A.I.L. June 21, 2013

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