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The following story is fiction about a spanking demonstration in a spanking club.  The story contains scenes of spanking, caning and paddling.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

On the site, the artist Zekel established a community project "48 Spanking Positions" described at  The object was to illustrate many spanking positions.  This is my second story about the Traditional Discipline Research Club the first being "Spank Club Face Off".  Three candidates introduce themselves and get spanked.  This short story uses two of the created characters as spankers and two others as club officers and introduces four new characters.  You are welcome to draw these new characters and add them to the collection.  All the drawings are shown at

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

The author would appreciate your comments – pro and con, including constructive criticism, and suggestions.  Please take a moment to email.

Traditional Discipline Research Club
Being Spanked Is a Membership Requirement


Exactly on time, Club President Mariko Nooya called the meeting of the TDRC to order with about twenty-five members present.  "Fellow members this evening we have three classmates who to aspire to join us.  They each have attended the three required meetings at least two of which were not with guest speakers so that they have met many of you and are not strangers to us.  They are nervously waiting outside so as soon as we finish with the routine business they will be invited in."

A few minutes later the three were invited in by Yumi Ayano, a welcoming committee member.  "Don't be nervous or you'll be spanked." she told each of them with a little giggle.  Of course, Jade, Grant and Ryan had been forewarned that they would be spanked this evening to prove that they were truly interested in spanking.

The three, smartly dressed in their school uniforms, were nervous as they were lead to the front of the room right between the President and the table with a large collection of spanking implements.  "Yes, some of those will be used on your tender derrières.  But first, please introduce yourselves to the members.  Jade you are first."  This procedure was not a surprise to the candidates for they had been told what the procedures were and what was expected so that they could prepare.

Hello Everyone.  I'm Jade.  I got my first spanking before I was five.  My big brothers – they were seven and eight – went behind the garage to play with matches and I joined them.  Dad, then Daddy of course, was furious when he caught us and spanked us all.  My brothers each got several cuts from father's belt on their bare heinies leaving bright red stripes and teary faces.  Then it was my turn and I was petrified of that belt.  My big brothers had yelled from the belt.  But, fortunately, that was not my fate that day.  Dad got down on one knee, pulled my shorts and panties down and spanked me with his big hard hand.  I was bawling in no time.

Of course, it hurt but after a few hours it felt good.  Over the next few years I got spanked a lot and I got to like it more and more.  By the time I was eleven, the 'rents caught on and stopped spanking me.  Now punishments were terrible things like grounding and stuff without any redeeming features.© YLeeCoyote

I played some spanking games with my friends but none of them were really into SPANKING and thought I was weird so I had to stop.  I tried self-spanking with a belt and a paddle but that just did not work.  When I started here at The Academy I was thrilled to see the TDRC listed as an activity.  I immediately knew that I had to become a member and experience spanking once again.  Although I've been yearning for a spanking, since I come here and met you I've even been thinking about giving spankings for the first time.

I hope that you will let me be a member.  Thank you.

"That was very interesting, Jade.  Now please select an implement from the table and ask someone to spank you.  I will remind all the candidates that these spanking although real shall not be brutal."  Jade went over to the table and looked at all the items.  There were so many to chose from.  Jade grabbed a cane and turned quickly before losing the guts to continue.  Then, studying the group Jade walked over to one member.  "Celeste please cane me.  I've been very naughty."  Because Celeste Bonnet was so outgoing and aggressively promoted the club, Jade felt comfortable asking her.

Celeste smiled as she took the cane from Jade and flexed it.  "Jade, this is a senior cane.  You're too young and inexperienced for this.  Take it back and swap it for the junior cane on the table."  Jade, both embarrassed and relieved, did as directed and returned.  Then Celeste lead Jade over to the spanking area and placed a chair into position.  "Please remove your panties, Jade, and then bend over the back of the chair.  Hold tight to the seat."

The young girl hesitated and even considered fleeing before putting her hands under her skirt and complying with the request cum order.  She bent over the chair glad that her bottom was still nicely covered by her skirt.  This comfort was short lived as Celeste used the cane to lift her skirt and flip it over her back fully exposing her cute bottom (and more) to the club members and leaving it posed for the cane.

Celeste then gently tapped the target and admonished her to stay in position before raising the cane and bring it sharply down on her cane-virgin buttocks.  She yelped in pain although it was a light cut as cane strokes are reckoned, nevertheless, a bright red track formed.  It was with great difficulty that she remained in place.  Any concern that her privates were on display were quickly replaced by the pain of the cane stroke.  Celeste gave her almost a minute before repeating the action a bit higher up and still another minute before the third cut below the first two.  "That's all, Jade.  You may stand up now.  You took that quite well."  Celeste hadn't finished speaking before Jade was rubbing her marked bottom as a few tears ran down her checks.  Yumi came up behind her and neatly pinned up her skirt so that all could admire Celeste's cane work for the rest of the meeting.  Jade rejoined the other two candidates.

Grant was next.  He was a cocky lad who always seemed ready for a fight.  It was immediately clear why he was applying as he spoke.

My step-father has beaten me since forever.  He married my mom when I was five and has found false reasons to beat constantly since then.  At first the big sadist just used his hand but that was soon replaced with an old hairbrush with a big hardwood back until he got a real paddle.  I've also gotten it with his heavy belt and a tawse he got just last month.

Other kids expect a cuddle at bedtime but I learnt to expect a spanking.  I guess that I've gotten used to being spanked without any reason and, in some strange way, I find it a bit exciting.  That is to say the whole idea of spanking and being spanked.  I definitely want to be the spanker to see what it is all about.

"That an interesting story, Grant.  But as you know you have to start here with getting a spanking.  Now please select an implement from the table and ask someone to spank you."  After his boasting introduction Grant knew that he could not select a sissy item and also that a cane would leave marks that his step-father would ask about.  He selected the big heavy fraternity paddle and walked over to Felix Goldstein.  Felix, a tough senior was known to favor the paddle.  "Please paddle me, Sir."  He said most directly and, of course, cockily, offering the paddle.

Felix, with a great big smile, took the paddle and proceeded directly to the demo area.  He knew this was going to be fun for Grant had really asked for it and he could really lay it on.  "Remove your pants, Grant." was the sharp order and then "Bend over and grab your ankles.  Don't move until I say so."  Silently Grant complied and everyone saw that he had followed instructions and had worn a thong which exposed his rear even more than a jock strap would have but not his junk.  Felix found his place and let Grant feel the paddle gently.  Both knew the next touch would be very different.

The loud WHACK of the paddle reverberated through the room and left a large red area on the target.  Felix did not wait but promptly delivered the second pop.  Grant continued to be stoic and did not yell.  Four more times the paddle was raised and slammed into Grant's upturned ass.  When Felix told him that it was over, Grant stood up and thanked him.  Since Jade's skirt was still pinned up, Grant did not ask about putting on his pants.  It was clear to all that Grant took the harder than usual introductory paddling very well.

"Thank you Grant." said President Mariko.  "OK, Ryan, you know the drill."

A very nervous Ryan very slowly approached the podium.  Many in the audience sympathized with his apprehensive state having seen it before or in a few cases actually experienced it.  With some fidgeting and mopping of his brow with his handkerchief, Ryan began.

I'm Ryan and I'm very nervous about this.  Please excuse me.  I've hadn't had any spanking experience.  For years my neighbor and friend has teased me about never being spanked as he is and never even being willing to play spanking games with him and others.  My parents don't even mention spanking much less spank me.

I, in some strange way, feel left out or deprived or even (as he calls me) a sissy.  Then I saw his group listed in the school's activities and worked up the courage to come to a few meetings.  This was very different from how my friends taunted me.  You guys take it all seriously and never laughed or teased me and I thank you for that.

I confess that it has taken me a lot to come this far but I want to prove to my friends that I'm … well I'm not sure what and also to myself.

All those things on the table are a bit scary so I would like to start with just a hand since this is my very first spanking if that is OK?

Ryan turned to the President and saw that she was nodding her approval.

Would one of you like to give me my very first spanking?  He asked and several raised their hands.  Ryan chose Dale for he was the only guy to raise his hand.

Dale walked over to Ryan and lead him to the spanking area and brought the chair into the middle.  "Just stand still while I do all the work.  I'm going to give you a naughty little boy spanking but without the lecture.  I'm sure you can remember something that you did wrong and got away with.  Well, now IT IS PAY UP TIME."  Ryan just stood there nervously.

Dale, contrariwise, was most confident as he began to undress the boy.  His blazer was easily removed and then slowly, Dale removed Ryan's tie and then his shirt showing that he was not very muscular.  "Kick off your loafers, Ryan."  Ryan complied and Dale then opened his belt and pants.  Lowering them, he had Ryan step out of them also removing his socks leaving hm in just his briefs.  Several members noted that Ryan had not followed instructions to wear a jockstrap and wondered how Dale would deal with this.  Dale chose not to mention that he was supposed to have been wearing a jock strap to 'protect his modesty' as Grant had done but thought that this was really going to be a little boy spanking.

When Dale put his thumbs in the briefs waistband, Ryan could not help but to stutter and make a weak objection.  "Please, not those."  Not only was he shy in the boys' locker room but there were even girls present here.

Dale knew the answer: "A proper spanking is always on the bare, YOUNG MAN.  You were told to wear a jockstrap."  Ryan blushed all over as his briefs were removed.  It was only a few seconds later that Dale pulled him over his lap into the classical spanking position hiding his front.  Ryan had to fight with himself not to flee from this horrid situation but even if he had tried Dale was holding him very tightly to prevent it.

Dale started very gently commencing with a little gentle rubbing and patting of Ryan's most spankable but totally virgin behind.  Then came the first real spank with a crash heard around the room and leaving a vivid red hand print.  Ryan yelped a bit but gritted his teeth determined to stay in position like a young man should until this was over.  A score of times Dale raised his hand and brought it down on the spanking target, turning it completely red.

When Dale stopped and lifted Ryan up, he was surprised that he had survived.  "That wasn't so terrible." he explained and reached to rub his hot red bottom.  Mariko announced that it was refreshment time and they would reconvene in twelve minutes.  All three candidates suddenly found that they were centers of attention as the members clustered about them.

* * * * * * * * * *

The real purpose of the break was so that the members could closely inspect the recently roasted tails of the applicants.

Jade got the attention that an attractive young lady would everywhere parading about with her stripped bottom exposed.  Most took advantage of the rule that allowed touching to caress the now marked buns.  A couple of the naughtier members let their fingers roam further forward than was permitted so it was fortunate that Celeste stayed with Jade to prevent serious improper liberties.  She was warmly welcomed although she still had a way to go before she became a full member.

Felix did not feel that he needed to protect Grant in a similar way.  The young man was tough enough to stand up for himself.  If he wasn't then that would be good for his education.  To those who were silly enough to ask about how it felt, Grant generously and immediately offered to paddle them so that they would know the full experience first hand (butt!).  There definitely were some takers for the club had few alpha males which many wanted as their spankers but that would have to wait for another time.

So many members gathered around the newest spanking non-virgin to congratulate him on his new status that he was overwhelmed.  Although he was obviously a young man, most saw him as a cute little lad who just had his first real spanking.  Many even gave him an extra spank assuring that the redness would persist.  Several offered their services to help him experience the richness of all sorts of spankings.  A couple even proposed that he could learn how to spank with them.

It was not until the break was over that Ryan realized that he had been the only one naked with his junk hanging out for all to see – even the girls – at which time he blushed allover once again.

When he tried to redress, Dale stopped him.  "You must stay naked until the end of the meeting."  Then trying to comfort him, added: "Everyone has seen your equipment already so it does not matter anymore."  Ryan tried his best but he still was uncomfortable.  He would have exciting dreams (and a few nightmares) for weeks after where he was naked in school and spanked.

After a few comments about the spankings the candidates received, the meeting was adjourned.  Jade's skirt was unpinned and she rushed to the lavatory to put on her panties.  Grant casually put his pants back on not caring if anyone watched.  Ryan hurriedly redressed suddenly feeling more naked than before the meeting ended.  All three were looking forward to the next meeting when they would be allowed to spank someone.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. July 1, 2013

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