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Taking Charge


Freddy, my wimpy big brother, and I managed to convince our parents to leave us alone when they went on a trip.  We had to make lots of promises and arrangements for dinner at least every other day.  Additionally, I had to agree that Freddy was in charge.  That meant that he had the authority to discipline, i.e., spank, me.  Since he is some three years older, I really did not want to do that but it was still better than being farmed out for a week or having a babysitter.  I'm proud to say that I took a long term approach especially since things worked out much better than I ever expected.

Dad gave us a long briefing like we were fighter pilots getting ready for a mission.  I, particularly, was required to reaffirm my obedience promise.  Freddy was required to promise to be strict with me.  Surprisingly, that gave me an idea.

I put my idea into effect the very first day by coming home late.  Just as I expected, Freddy did not even say anything much less pull me over his lap.  The next day I upped the stakes by not only being late but letting Freddy see me with a lit cigarette.  (Of course, I'm not stupid enough to actually smoke.)  When Freddy was still quiet, I skipped my chores.  The stage was set.

When we got to chat online with Dad the third night, Freddy told him everything was just great and that I was being good.  It was then that I took the big gamble.  I confessed that I hadn't been such a perfect boy and big brother was not keeping me in line.  They were both surprised and everyone was silent for a minute.

"I guess that I really should have been spanked but Freddy is not man enough and the statue of limitations will take effect by the time you get home next week, Dad."  I hoped that Dad agreed with that,  After a pause I continued with "I don't think that Freddy did his job."  I didn't immediately say I thought that he should be spanked and by me.© YLeeCoyote

Freddy made some stupid comment about being nice and not pushing his authority for minor things.

"Wishy-washy is bad." I keyed.  I knew that Freddy would never have the balls to spank me but I sure wanted to haul him over my lap and make him bawl.  Dad definitely liked prompt decisive action so I keyed:  "I know what happens when I don't do my job."  I could just imagine my wimpy big brother staring at his screen without a clue what to say.  I practically said that he should have spanked me that first time I was late and now it was too late.  Would Dad give him another chance – his fourth – or…I hardly dared to hope.  Then I saw that Dad was keying and it seemed forever before his text appeared.  He asked what I thought.

"You taught me that neglect of one's duty is a spanking offence."  It was a line I had heard often before my tail was roasted.

"Yes." responded Dad.

"I'll do my unpleasant duty, Father."

Freddy started to key something but Dad had disconnected before he sent it.  I happily went into my brother's room.

"I hope that you will cooperate, Freddy."  (He hated that I still called him that.)  "Dad will ask if you did and will not be pleased if you haven't."  He turned from the computer, the screen still showing that I was authorized to spank him.  He stood up but I was already as tall as him and actually stronger.  I looked right into his eyes.  Just like Mowgli's little brothers could not withstand his stare, Freddy couldn't withstand mine.  There was not a good spanking chair so I led him over to his bed, sat down and opened my brother's belt and jeans.  It was a joy to yank them down along with his briefs.  Then I got him over my lap.  It turned out that the bed was better than a chair since I did not have to support his entire weight.

"Neglect of one's duty is a spanking offence." I said just to be sure that he knew why this was happening.  Well, the official why anyway.

I raised my hand and brought it down as hard as I could on his soft white exposed little boy bottom.  There was a loud SPANK sound, my hand stung and for the very first time I saw my hand print form in pink on his bottom.  I was most delighted that he yelled.  What a wimp!  I spanked over and over for at least a score of times turning his entire bottom light red.  He was definitely uncomfortable and was fidgeting and whining.  I, on the other hand, was happy with everything except that my hand was being to hurt.  It made me glad that Dad was not a laborer with hard and calloused hands.  I was also glad that I anticipated this difficulty.  I pulled the short strap I had made from an old leather belt from my back pocket.  Without warning I gave Freddy the next spank with the strap.  I did not feel it at all but Freddy reacted a lot more than when I used just my hand.  The light red soon became a dark crimson red as I delivered cut after cut.  Freddy was really hurting and begging me to stop.  Fat chance!  I was determined to break him; to make him cry; make him remember this spanking for the rest of his life.  And in a few more cuts, he did as I wanted: he broke and the sobs changed to a little boy's bawling.

He was out of control.  I slipped the strap back into my pocket and gave him a few more SPANKS with my hand.  I stood him up and let him drop to his knees before me.  I held him tightly as he cried on my shoulder like he was a little baby boy.  We had both cried like that from Dad's spankings in the past but now I knew that I had broken him.  More important he would never forget that I had done so.  I undressed him completely and took him to the toilet like Dad had done with us both and told him to make pee-pee.  I made sure that it got into the bowl.  Then I put him into his bed.

A couple of minutes later I was back with the soothing cream.  I was going to be the nice brother now and ease his pain.  I gently rubbed some cream on his hot swollen tail while telling him how sorry I was.  Finally, I kissed him good night.  He was sobbing when I left and that gave me an idea.  I went into the attic and found his old Teddy Bear.  When I shoved it into his arms, he just clutched it tightly like he had years earlier.  I took a few pictures of this most endearing scene then and again in the morning.  He would surely be ashamed that he slept with his teddy in the morning but we would both know that it had been comforting.

In the morning, there was a very subtle change in his demeanor to me.  There was definitely more respect.  As we left the house for the school bus, I gave him a slap on the butt.  He winced and I said "Be a good boy today, Freddy."

That evening – and all that followed – I responded to Dad's inquiries first.  Unlike Cain, I definitely wanted to be my brother's keeper.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. September 29, 2008

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