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Peach Learns About Team Spirit


Peach was yelling as she ran for the fly ball: "I got it.  I got it.  I got it."  But she did not.  It landed in the grass behind her and rolled further from home plate.  Her throw to the infield was as off as it could be going into across the foul line well past first base.  If she had caught it the game would have been over.  If she had thrown straight to second the relay to home would have been in time.  But she did none of these things.  So it was a home run with two on and two out in the bottom of the ninth so that there was not going to be a tenth inning.  Peach's team lost by 5 to 4.  To compound her shame, this was her third error in the game; the second of which had allowed the runner to third just moments before.  She dreaded to think how she struck out in the top of seventh negating her teammates spectacular efforts in loading the bases.

She was overcome with shame.  She bolted and ran into the woods near the field rather than joining her teammates in congratulating the victors.

It was hours later that she snuck back to her apartment.  There she continued her crying.  She bemoaned her lousy playing this day and her shameful behavior.  She even ignored the phone letting the machine take the calls.  She had even turned the volume down so she would not have to hear her teammates' angry voices.

She also considered the options.  She decided that she was not up to hara-kiri or even jumping off the bridge.  There were not many other options.  She finally decided that she would quit the team.  It was the only viable option.  She would miss the game, her friends – the other players – but it was the only thing that she could do.  She cried some more.

She stripped and put her uniform into the clothes washer.  She put herself into the people washer.  It took a very long shower to wash tears away.  When the uniform was washed, she dried it and ironed it.  It made a very neat package when she was finished.  She dressed in a sweat suit and went to the "club house".  The club house was the back room of the local tavern sponsor.© YLeeCoyote

She nursed a beer at the bar before she could get her up courage enough to go into the backroom and face the team.

When she walked in, the team surrounded her.  They made so much noise that she could not understand what they were saying.  Eventually, they stopped and she gave the neat package to Jen, the team captain and tried to explain that she was sorry and she was quitting.

"Young lady, that is NOT the way we do things and you well know that.  You tried your best on the field and that all that matters."  There was lots of applause and cheers from the others.  "Now your conduct running off is disgraceful.  Making us all worry was very naughty and inconsiderate.  You need to be punished for that!  Here and now."

The others soon had her sweat suit pulled off.  A quick snap undid her bra which was quickly pulled off.  Another one yanked her panties down and when she was lifted up they stayed with her shoes. She was starkers so fast that she did not even have time to blush.

"I got it." came a cry from Alice.  "It" was her old sorority paddle.

"Assume the position, Peach." ordered the captain.  Peach bent over and grabbed her ankles.  She was aware of how her pert breasts hung straight down and was glad that she was not like, er, that  country singer, er, … Dolly, who would have needed a crane to straight up again.  Of course, everyone could see her sex in addition to her butt as they paddled it.


The Jen passed the paddle.  Sue was a south paw so that the Peach's right bun got the worse of it this time.  The paddle got passed around to almost everyone.  Peach was feeling a lot better.  The emotional pain had been converted physical pain and she knew how to cope with that a lot better.  She knew she had a tube of Sportscreme in her medicine chest.

Peach could hear that there was a discussion going on but not the details.  One thing was clear though: "I'm not going to use a paddle on her."  After a little pause the deep voice said: "Yes.  That will be good."

Peach stood up and turned to face the crowd.  She was glad that her pussy had not gotten soaked in front of the team.  The captain spoke again.  "The guys have refused to take a paddle to a girl's bottom but they agreed to another method."

Peach watched in amazement as Tom pulled a chair into the middle of the room and sat down.  He patted his lap saying:  "Come here, young lady."  Oh no, he was going to spank her; were they going to spank her?  She wanted to flee again but she was naked and surrounded.  A couple of the other girls led her over to Tom who pulled her across his lap.  He caressed her nicely warned up tail before giving her ten hard spanks spilt evenly between both cheeks.  This hurt more than the paddle blows from the girls.  She was glad that he was not using the hard wooden paddle.  What she was not glad about was that her cunt was wet.

Then it was Dick's turn.  She wanted to run more than ever, but she found him sexy and was torn.  None of this mattered as she was pushed into position.  She could barely contain her tears by the time he was finished.  She knew that she had a problem – her cunt was so wet that it surely was dripping.  She thought that she saw a wet spot on Dick jeans on the side of his thigh.  She asked leave to use the power room.  Instead she heard another lap being patted.

Harry was the third one.  He played with her hot buns until the Jen told him to get on with it.  But he was a pussy cat not a tiger and just gave her love taps.  She was certain that he could have made her cum if he had tried but fortunately he did not try.  She thought about dating him.  She even thought that she had felt his bat warming up for a swing at her.

Robyn was the last.  He was the clean up man on the field and now for her in the club room.  There was something very different the way he held her from the way the other guys had.  He had clamped her right arm to her side so tightly that she could not move at all.  She felt like she was a little girl just when her father had spanked her and she was totally helpless.  He was definitely playing with her tail in front of everyone yet the captain did nothing to stop it.  With Robyn she was sure that his bat was more than ready to start swinging.  Jen had stopped Harry's sexual play, why not his. After a few spanks she was lost.  At the same time she about to cry and about to cum.  Before he had finished she did both.  This man knew how to spank.

When she looked a little latter after she stopped crying she noticed two things.  First there was definitely a wet spot on Robyn's jeans from her dripping cunt.  But there was also a wet spot from his cock.  She also wonder it she was imagining that his jeans were tighter than usual.

They redressed her in her uniform and told her she better be on time for practice the next day.  She hung with the team and later Robyn took her home.  There he explained that she had gotten off lightly and she made a stupid dare.  Such a challenge did not go unanswered more a couple a seconds.

A minute later she was stripped for the second time this evening and over Robyn's lap.  Now, without any audience he could let his hands roam.  Not only did they caress her red buns (and redden them more) but slipped between them to feel how wet she was.  His digital examination was far more than a dampness check  His caresses also included examinations of her lips and month with his and trying to determine if she was lactating.

She determined that he had brought a bat and balls of exceptional quality so they played ball all night and into the morning even though the field was wet.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L., February 23, 2001

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