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The following story is fiction.  It contain a scene of a classroom paddling.  If such a subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  Although I coded this Prof/student I wrote it as M/t but if you prefer you can easily change the genders to your own preference.

Recently there has been some discussion of the need to paddle some padawan butt and also that of Hogwart's students.  Perhaps things happen differently in those schools; at least in the higher forms.  I haven't explicitly set this story in either of those universes but you can easily do so if you wish.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

The author would appreciate your comments – pro and con, including constructive criticism, and suggestions.

Telekinesis 2.2


Ralph Phillips was not paying attention as the professor droned on about the finer points of telekinesis which in his youthful certainly he was sure that he knew.  Ralph's mind was far away on the other side of the ivy covered wall of the ancient building that held the classroom where he was a prisoner rather than out in the wonderful emerging spring.  At fourteen such mind wondering was common even with straight-A students.  This time Ralph was caught.

"Front and center, Phillips." came the order.  As Ralph made his way forward, the professor continued: "What is the prescribed reward for your transgressions."  The professor liked to be oblique and cute.

"Three of the best, Sir."  Actually the rule book stated it was two or three but Ralph knew how the professor thought.

"Let see how well you have done your homework first."  He did not even have to point to the table with the practice objects.  Ralph selected one of the medium sized wooden blocks and concentrated.  Slowly the block floated up and then over to the other table where he set it down with a thump.

"Last semester that would have been fine, Phillips, but this is the second course.  Something more appropriate, please."  Ralph shuddered inside for when the professor appeared to be being polite he was being sarcastic.  Ralph gathered his thoughts and picked up three blocks and shifted them from one table to the other.© YLeeCoyote

"A bit better, Phillips.  Let's see a lot more control.  Switch two different items."  This was a lot harder.  Slowly the pitcher and the vase rose and moved toward each other.  Ralph concentrated hard and stopped them midway.  Then, slowly he poured the water from the pitcher into the vase.  As he set them down gently on the tables Ralph and his classmates all give a sigh of relief.  Ralph was extremely glad that none of them had interfered.  He realized it was not so much out of love for him but fear that the professor would detect it.

"Not so bad." said the professor.  Ralph was very relieved for that was high praise from the professor and he even thought that there was the faint hint of a smile on the professor's face.  "And now get the paddle."  Ralph lifted the paddle from its hook on the wall and moved it to the professor.  "Position, please."  Ralph turned to face the front of the classroom and opened his belt and trousers.  He pushed them down along with his underpants and bent over grabbing his knees.  Then he raised his cloak and draped it over his back momentarily enjoying mooning the class and the professor.  He knew that would not be fun for much longer.

"Give yourself three of the best, Phillips."  Ralph was astonished.  The professor has always done the paddling himself.  This would be difficult.  Ralph took control of the paddle and let it touch his upturned butt and then moved it way.  Quickly he brought it forward.

A love tap that not even a pre-schooler would count.  "Does that count, class?" asked the professor.

"NO!" was response which, to his credit, Ralph joined in as loud as he could.

He moved the paddle again and this time it connected with his butt with a loud CRACK!  The pain was more than Ralph expected and he lost control.  The paddle fell to the floor with a crash.

"You should not lose control Phillips.  Start again." snapped the demanding professor.

CRACK!!  Ralph struggled with the pain to keep the paddle under control.  It was difficult.  The professor was silent.

"One, sir." said Ralph knowing this one was sufficient.

Again Ralph raised the paddle and brought it down on his own butt.  CRACK!!  It was easier to maintain control.  That was two; one more to go.

CRACK!!  This was harder than the others.  But it was over – unless he dropped the paddle.  He fought the pain and re-hung the paddle back on its hook.  The loud thump it made was not very cool.

It was another eternity before the professor told him to pull up his trousers and return to his seat and, of course, to pay attention as he made a note in his grade book.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L., February 24, 2003

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