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Telling at School


Ms. Hasselbeck is having a public speaking lesson for her second grade class at Logan elementary school this Monday morning.

"That sounds like you had a wonderful day at your family barbeque, Sally.  Now please select someone to go next." said Ms. Hasselbeck sweetly.

"Yes, Ms. Hasselbeck.  Last week Eric said he was going to go to the Planetarium and I want to hear all about that." said the very proper young lady.  Everyone watched as Eric slowly went to the front of the classroom.

"My daddy was going to take me and big brother…"

"My big brother and me." corrected Ms. Hasselbeck.© YLeeCoyote

Eric started over.  "My daddy was going to take my big brother and me to see the Sky show at the Planetarium but we did not go because Peter was a very naughty boy."  The class sighed in disappointment.  Not only would that have been interesting but Eric's reports were always a lot of fun to listen to.  "But I saw another show that was a lot of fun too."  The smiles returned to the children's faces and even that of Ms. Hasselbeck.

"After Pete did some homework (in the seventh grade he gets a lot more than we do) he went to visit his friend John.  He was supposed to be back at one o'clock and then we would go.  At 1:30 Mommy called John's mom and she sent him home.  I kept very quiet because Daddy was annoyed and it's not a good time to irritate him when he is like that because he is quick to spank."  The class giggled as they knew that Eric had been spanked in the past.

"It was already after two when Pete got home.  When Daddy saw him he started to yell.  First, because he was late and, second, because he had gotten grease on his good clothes.  Now my big brother is a tough guy and feared even by the ninth graders in his Junior High but he was cowering when Daddy was yelling at him.  Daddy made him take off his shirt and pants even though Mommy and our sister Julie were both there.  Pete does not like to be undressed when they are around because they are girls."

"So he was just in his underwear?" interrupted one of the girls.  Lots of them laughed.

"Children, please wait until Eric is finished before you ask questions." scolded the teacher.

"Yes, just his tightie-whites because he did not wear an undershirt.  He has to wear the tightie-whites because Mommy does not approve of boxers.  He does not like that because he says that all the other guys have boxers.  Well, Daddy was very mad and was yelling at him a lot.  Then he told Pete to bend over the chair and hold on to the front legs.  We all knew that Pete was going to get strapped.  Pete started to open his mouth but Daddy glared at him and he was smart enough to shut his big mouth without saying anything."

"Doesn't he get spanked over the lap?" asked Jack risking the wrath of Ms. Hasselbeck.

"He use to but last year dad said he was too big for that.  At first he was happy because he though he was not going to be spanked anymore but then he learnt he had just been promoted to being strapped.  By now Daddy had pulled his thick, wide leather belt out of his pants and was playing with it.  Pete looked scared for he knew that this was going to hurt real bad."

Ms. Hasselbeck let that pass.

"Then Daddy stepped up to Pete and patted his bottom which was sticking up waiting for it.  Then Daddy pulled down Pete's tightie-whites so that he was naked.  Totally naked in front of all of us.  Now me, er, Pete and I share a room so we see each other naked a lot of times but now Julie and Mommy were also there.  He turned red all over because he has more hair than last year and they never saw it before.  He also squealed a 'NO!'.  That caused Daddy to say: 'That's one extra, Peter.'  Then Pete bit his lip to keep quiet.

"Daddy folded the belt in half and swung it at Pete's ass."

There was a cough from Ms. Hasselbeck.

"Excuse me, Ms. Hasselbeck.  Daddy swung the belt at Pete's bottom and it hit with a very loud WHACK!  Pete squeaked a 'One, sir.'  There was a wide pink, turning red, stripe across his bottom.  Daddy gave him ten and then his bottom was very red.  Pete counted them right so he did not earn any more extras.  'Now, the extra.' said dad and he swung again.  This time he hit lower – across the thighs – so another red stripe formed.  Pete then had to stand in the corner naked for an hour.

"We never went to the Planetarium but I saw a fine show.  Julie had a couple of friends over and they saw the standing show.  Pete hated that.

"After the hour was up, Pete laid on his bed with an iced towel covering his red-hot behind until dinner time.  He took a pillow to sit on for dinner.  It was a very good show."

"Do you like getting spanked Eric?" asked Ms. Hasselbeck.

"Oh, no, ma'am.  Spanking hurts.  But I like to watch others – especially Peter – get them."

Betty had her hand raised and Eric pointed at her.  "My brothers wear boxers." she said.  "Do you wear tightie-whites?"

"No.  I wear SPIDERMAN briefs."  Then before Ms. Hasselbeck could say anything Eric quickly turned and lowered his jeans to show everyone the black with red trim briefs with Spiderman rushing to save someone printed on the seat.

Kenny raised his hand and Eric acknowledged him.  "Did Peter cry?"

"Oh no.  Peter is very tough and he never cries."

Eric looked around the room to decide who to pick to go next.  Ida looked a little red in the face and was rubbing her crotch under the desk.  He wondered if she got that strange feeling there like he did talking about spanking.  "Ida, would you tell us about your weekend, please." he said nicely.

The End

Note: Eric got an "A" for his speech.

© Copyright A.I.L., April 12, 2005

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